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Title: Why doesn't Scheff hire someone to proof her shit?
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She starts off writing in third person, then changes to first person, then goes back to third person again.  She really could benefit from some professional help.

About Sue Scheff

Sue Scheff is a parent that has struggled with a teenager and who has been at her wit's end - she know first hand what parents go through when they feel their teen is taking over the household.

When she decided to seek outside help, after exhausting all my local resources, she was completely scammed into a group of programs that misrepresented themselves - harmed my daughter and defrauded her.

Sue Scheff fought back - she defeated them in a jury trial in 2004- and further defeated them in the Supreme Court of Appeals. In 2006 she won again in a jury trial and set legal precedence with a jury awarding me $11.3M in damages due to Internet Defamation and Invasion of Privacy.

Almost 7 years later, Sue Scheff has literally helped thousands of families by sharing her experiences and promoting safe alternatives for helping troubled teens.

Sue Scheff's Book, "Wit's End", will be released in July of 2008 by the same publishers that brought you the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. The book is available for pre-order now by visiting

With all the bad that has happened - the emotional roller coaster - the stress, invasion of privacy, defamation, slander, as well as threats made to Sue Scheff, she has prevailed and is here for you to learn from her experiences and gain from her knowledge. It is not about textbook -it is about reality - the reality that in today's society the new generation of teenagers can be difficult and frustrating - that can leave you at "Wit's End!"

Please visit these external sites for more information on Ms. Scheff, Parent's Universal Resource Experts, and dealing with troubled teens.
Title: Why doesn't Scheff hire someone to proof her shit?
Post by: ConstentGardener on January 03, 2008, 10:20:10 AM
Why doesn't Scheff hire someone to proof her shit?

Because she can not tolerate any kind of criticism?