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Aspen Education Group / Delamar gone from Island View
« on: September 14, 2008, 12:00:14 AM »
I was thrilled to read that earlier this year Kimball DeLaMar left Island View after 13 years there.  That guy was a pain in everyones ass.  The only nice thing I could say about him is that when my dad came for one of those seminars I asked the house parent if I could go say hi and they said no.  I saw Kimball walk by and I asked him and he said sure.... haha I think the houseparents name was Chad and he was piiiiissed!

I was there in 1998 and things were a lot different from what it seems to be like now.  Different level system, different rules, mostly different staff.  Same crappy experience though, I bet.

The facility that was Brightway Adolescent Hospital is now a residential treatment center called Eagle Ranch Academy....   http:// At a quick glance I can see no connection to WWASP.  
The 2 founders are Paul Arslanian and Dave Arslanian who are both former (high school?) football coaches.  While both of them appear to have degrees they are not exactly true mental health degrees.  Paul has a BS in Special Education and a Masters in Public Administration.  Dave has a BS in HPER  (Health, Physical Education and Recreation) with a focus in psychology and a Masters in HPER.  At least the program director, Kelly Miller, has a mental health background with a  BA degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Psychology.

Many of the direct care staff were formerly employed at SunHawk Academy (an Aspen program) and Red Rock Canyon Academy.  Both facilities are members of NATSAP (not that says much since NATSAP is run by the same folks that run the programs)  Most direct care staff seem to have mentioned in their bio's that they attended college somewhere but few actually appear to hold degrees.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: The Brown Schools
« on: September 10, 2008, 05:05:12 PM »
I was at Laurel Ridge in San Antonio.  It was part of the Brown Schools along with San Marcos and The Oaks...

I never went to CEDU but I did go to a Brown Schools treatment center in San Antonio Texas.....  Before that I was at Island View in Utah.  It wasnt owned by Aspen back then so I dont know if it still sucks or not.  It was basically a place set up to take money from parents who were desprate to get their kids some help.  Every  now and then I have wierd dreams about Island View. I really hated that place.  The program was a joke (to me at least) and I totally manipulated myself through the levels for 6 months.   Then I got caught in a compromising position with another resident(whoops! haha) and got sent to San Antonio.  I didnt mind that place at all.  Well ya, I didnt care to be on a locked unit and it wasnt home thats for sure but I have never once had a dream about that place.  Just Island View.  

My Island View dreams usually have something to do with me leaving there and then I end up back there somehow.  Usually I get sent there because I do something dumb like getting caught speeding or someting.  I wouldnt call them nightmares but they sure arent fun!   ::poke::

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