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I wonder what your parents have to say about all this now?  I also wonder if you have contacted an attorney or law firm? If you have not already done so and think you would like to, firm me off a private message and I'll give you some contact info.

I've sent you a private message. Please copy and paste this and send to the address provided.


my experiences at Cross Creek and High Impact

Postby Acidrain85 » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:15 am
When I was 15 years old I was sent to Cross Creek Manor by my parents. My father transported me there with my sister. I just found out yesterday that he brought my sister just so I wouldn’t run. I was at Cross Creek for 3 months. They kept me in the isolation room most of the time, and when I was out of the isolation room they made me sleep in the hallway so they could monitor me at all times. Pretty much like suicide watch. I got restrained way more times than I can count. There were quite a few times that I was restrained in my own blood. One night I was talking to the lady watching me and I accidentally woke up one of the managers (tom). He came into the isolation room and restrained me and he jammed his elbow into my back and neck. I was maybe out of special needs for 3 weeks total out of the 3 month period. I was in there for thanksgiving and Christmas. I wasn’t allowed to open my Christmas presents until the morning I left for High Impact and I couldn’t take any of the stuff with me. . Ron Garrett kept threatening to send me to High Impact. One morning around 2am two people came to transport me to Mexico. I had no idea I was going until they woke me up and said lets go.
I recently found my “hope buddy” that was assigned to me when I first got to Cross Creek. I didn’t remember much other than being in the isolation room. She told me that the day I left to go to High Impact the staff were laughing because the isolation room was quiet again. She was assigned to clean the room I was in the day I left. She described it as pretty much scary. My blood was all over the place and she had never even been to the isolation room before.
When I got to High Impact I saw the cages and the fenced in area of land that we ran our laps in. the criteria to graduate were simple… or so I thought. We had to do 60 worksheets from listening to A.A tapes and 2,000 laps around the dirt track. Then I got introduced to the consequence sheets that take away laps. If you came to high impact from home, you needed 5 consequences to get 80 laps taken away. If you came to High Impact from another facility, it only took 1 consequence to take away 80 laps. The reason for that is because if you come from another facility you are expected to know what to do and have experience on following the rules. I spent the majority of my time there in the dog cages. Laying in R&R position. R&R position is basically like laying down in the position you would be in on a cross but laying on your stomach. I wasn’t able to move at all. If I moved any part of my body, chin legs or anything, I was restrained and had my chin grinded into the dirt and their knees were jammed into my back, neck and arms. A lot of the times I was kept in that position for hours and sometimes the whole day.
Papa Miguel (the manager) would come down to our campsite and basically torture us. While I was there I was raped by him 5 times. The first time was on my 16th birthday. When he was done he had a staff member escort me back down to the campsite. Before I left he said “happy sweet 16” then I got shoved into the shower with my clothes on. One night I asked for my sleeping bag because it was taken from me and it was a very cold night. The over night shift called Miguel down and he basically grabbed me, threw me down, put my head in the toilet, flushed, then he pushed me in the shower and he said I had to sleep in wet clothes and still no sleeping bag. We were made to do ridiculous amounts of exercises at night before we went to bed.
I was made to do the program over after I was done. I was there for 4 months. The average stay for High Impact was about 2 months. But Miguel decided to take all my laps away and I was made to basically re-do the program for another 2 months. Every day I would wake up and wonder if I would be alive to go to sleep that night… always wondering If it was ever going to end. I was restrained pretty much every day there. Lots of times I would black out because I couldn’t breathe. I was in the cage all day one day and sun burnt all over. I lifted my leg because the sand was extremely hot and Miguel told me to put my leg back down and I said “no”. He came into the dog cage and stood with all of his weight on the back of my knee. My skin was so sun burnt and sensitive that it just ripped open. They did nothing for my open wound. Just told me to remain laying down and not to move. I have several scars from that place. Not to mention the permanent mental scars. The day I left, the staff let me take a longer than 5 min. shower to scrub all the caked on dirt all over my body. I didn’t know I was leaving until the minute I left. Since we weren’t allowed to use our hairbrushes my hair was so gross I had dreadlocks. It took 6 staff to try and comb it out and when they couldn’t do it, it took 4 staff to cut the dreadlocks out of my hair. They basically did everything they could to make me look decent when I saw my parents. So they would think everything as ok. Ugh…
To this day I have nightmares so bad I wake up screaming, crying, shaking, and sweating. I have flashbacks so bad that I black out and don’t even know what I am doing. I just wish I never went there. Or Cross Creek.

Feed Your Head / Not the Bingo the clowno - really - not Bingo
« on: August 10, 2011, 09:10:08 PM »
Does anyone remember an animated you-tube clip on the topic of behavior modification / brain washing - might have been about public education - might have more explicitly about brain washing. twaz simple line drawings in black and white? I know I've seen it - and I am next to certain it was posted on Fornits somewhere - but long ago. I can't find it.

Here is the Bingo one tho, for those who haven't seen it yet:

Tacitus' Realm / Re: crowd control
« on: August 03, 2011, 12:39:08 PM »
I'll be right behind you......

LOL   - Waving your "I'm with stupid" sign?  :agree:

Tacitus' Realm / crowd control
« on: August 03, 2011, 11:59:02 AM »

". . .the first arms race in which the opponent is the general population.”. . .

". . .Perhaps these less-lethal tactics for crowd control do result in fewer injuries. But they also severely weaken our capacity to enact political change. Authorities have ever more creative ways to manage dissent, at a time when the need for change by popular demand is vital to the future of our society and the planet."

Open Free for All / Re: section 8 voucher taken away ?
« on: July 07, 2011, 05:59:12 PM »
Call your governor's office and ask for constituent services and explain the situation to them.  Also call your local state elected officials offices and talk to their staff; call your congressman and senators' office in DC and do the same. They need to know how their zero tolerance laws are destroying real lives and they can provide you with information on filing an appeal.

Aspen Education Group / Re: MT BACHELOR LAWSUIT
« on: July 06, 2011, 03:24:01 PM »
I googled a little and saw no mention of her. Doesn't Shelby still have access to Lexus Nexus?

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: What is a parent to do?
« on: June 30, 2011, 10:10:47 PM »
Thank you for the update. I have wondered at times how your family was getting along. I know what your living through is heartbreaking. It is cold comfort to be told it could be so much worse; and little else to be told things will get better in some distant seeming someday. I really wish you could see what my family was like ten to 15 years ago and how different things are now. It would give you considerable hope :) Not to say things are perfect - but no one and no family ever is - and how boring would that be anyway? Think of your friends with their seemingly (b/c it is an illusion) perfect families - dull as dish-water aren't they?  Try and keep a sense of humor about things and take lots of pictures of the wild hair and so on - they may provide some measure of revenge one day and will surely come in handy as reminders to suddenly very conservative daughters when your grand-children hit their teens.

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 24, 2011, 10:32:12 AM »
I imagine making you stand up was their way of maintaining some level of control. Had you been permitted to just sit there, pretty soon others would also just sit there which may eventually lead to some just walking out - b/c if you can do as you please and you'd rather not be there, why stay? and you can't have that, can you?

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 24, 2011, 09:37:00 AM »
Anne - this is serious now - there is a huge and very important difference in praying For the president, and praying TO him!

Christians are instructed to pray for their national leaders (and their enemies too BTW) but to offer prayer to none but God in Jesus' name.  Now, clearly those praying to Obama and using Messianic titles to refer to him are not Christian - but this is not the point. The point is, there are people who respond to him in a spiritual way - they cry and swoon at his public appearances; they sing anthems to him and pray to him; they not only fail to see any fault in him they become very agitated and even outraged if anyone else does . . . All this is very dangerous.  And you can not find an example of conservative voters responding like this to even their most respected persons.

I have no idea why you have the pledge of aligence thing posted here - if it relates to the topic you'll need to school me on how so. I will say tho, that nothing in the US Constitution says there can be no public prayer. Clearly the prohibition against the establishment of a church state has nothing to do with prayer in public places or government offices as until very resent history (my own life time) prayer in school was common and congress had prayer before every session. In our early history school children were taught to read using the Holy Bible.  What the Constitution forbids is establishing a state church - Congress can not pass a law declaring the United States a Catholic or a Protestant nation. It was never intended to strike God from the public discourse or reverence to Him from public life, but rather in recognition that Congress should never force a national religion on the states.

Let's talk about the weather... / Re: Israel and the weather -
« on: June 24, 2011, 09:10:05 AM »
Anne - you'll notice I did say there is a debate - not a consensus on the topic.  I also said I have no strong opinion either way. However, when looking at the timing of some of these major events in correlation with government policies toward Israel it does strike me as very possibly related.  Now, find me a source arguing Jesus rode a dinosaur - that is bound to be an amusing read.

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 23, 2011, 07:13:40 PM »
I'm very serious.

Find me a tape of a crowd of people (or even a hand full) in tears at the site of Dubya, (or any conservative leader) speaking of thrills coursing along their body parts when he speaks, singing worshipful songs of praise to him, using Messianic titles to reference him and lifting up prayer to him, and I might think you have a point.

Colter is not one of my favorite commentators. I don't have the low opinion you do, but she is not a favorite. I have never before read anything she wrote. I wanted to read this one because of the history she was said to have included and how well research it was said to be. All true enough; She did make a number of very valid and interesting points. I simply don't enjoy her snarky sniping. I think it is more degrading to the overall message than in any way clever or witty.  There is another book of similar theme I liked much better. It has a more scholarly tone with enough true wit to make it an enjoyable read: Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning by Jonah Goldberg

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 23, 2011, 10:13:05 AM »
Quote from: "Shadyacres"
Quote from: "BuzzKill"
I think I figured out the mormon woman comment. Your talking about the picture of the woman that says something about being a mormon under it? That is an add of some kind. I see these on FB and some of the blogs. I have never clicked on it to see just what they are advertising but I imagine it is the LDS in general or maybe a mormon match-making service or something like that. But anyway, it has nothing to do with the content of the blog.

Yeah, my mistake about the mormon woman, it was just an add.  9:30 am is early for me.  Comment about Reagan still applies though.

I understand why you'd make this argument. I expected someone would. It is true that the conservative voter remembers Ron with gratitude and respect. But really, this goes to my point better than you'd first think. As much as the man was admired and appreciated you never saw conservative commentators speaking of a thrill running up their legs (or anywhere else) when listening to him speak - and he did give some darn good speeches.  You'll never find any video of people crying and swooning in his presence. There were no parents or "educators" teaching children to sing songs to his glory, marching to his name, or evoking his name in prayer.  You can find all of this with alarming frequency involving Obama. In his case, the liberal tendency to deify their leaders has come to an excessive and disturbing extreme - and comparisons to the rise of various totalitarian dictators is very apt.  I am not trying to argue that we are on the edge of some sort of government melt down and take over (not at this time anyway) but I am saying this is alarming and needs to be honestly considered in light of all other such liberal love affairs in history. Blind devotion is dangerous.

Google Obama+worship  *

Slightly related but something all should be aware of:  

Now, I understand most 'roun here are more liberal than conservative. I realize most vote democratic if they vote at all. I understand your natural bias and sympathies. I hope that this will not keep most from understanding that there is no way republicans would respond this way to even one as respected as Regan. And if Dubya had been hanging out with rapid race baters and haters the republicans would have risen up in outrage.

* while marching in they are chanting: Alpha, Omega.  This is how Jesus refers to Himself in Revelation 22:13

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 22, 2011, 04:36:20 PM »
I think I figured out the mormon woman comment. Your talking about the picture of the woman that says something about being a mormon under it? That is an add of some kind. I see these on FB and some of the blogs. I have never clicked on it to see just what they are advertising but I imagine it is the LDS in general or maybe a mormon match-making service or something like that. But anyway, it has nothing to do with the content of the blog.

Tacitus' Realm / Re: In support of Obama -
« on: June 22, 2011, 02:07:16 PM »
I can't figure out what your talking about when going on about a crazy mormon woman.  I will say this does have the smell of satire about it and this might be what it is; however, I have read bits of this person's blog over the past few months and they do not generally seem to be using satire - they seem to greatly despise all Obama critics and to greatly admire the man themselves; That said - this could be someone pretending to be them, just as they sometimes attempt to pretend to be the whitehouse insider.  Still, the point that the left makes gods of a sort out of their leaders, (FDR, JFK, O) where as by contrast, the right might like and respect theirs, they do not view them as infallible or god-like is an apt and valid observation.

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