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Open Free for All / Not everyone hates Mormons....
« on: March 09, 2006, 03:42:00 PM »
Mormonism is a tyrannical cult. They believe they will become Gods. They believe their underwear protects them from illness and injury. They subugate women. The don't allow followere to read or think freely. I have worked for Mormons past and present --- Help me!!!!!!

In the three contaxts I experienced working with them they bugged my phones, listened in on private conversations, demanded absolute obedience to their world view and were and are generally dogmatic, dictatorial and unforgiving.

They have the highest rate of marital infidelity and sex addiction in the the nation. They lie, decieve and cheat with reckless abandon, then they turn around and shame or shun you for saying "damn" or "hell."

I am currently working for a mormon company. My phone is bugged with a tape recorder on the line. I am not allowed to make business contacts outside the office. I have to tell them and let them do it. My bosses sneak around and listen to employee conversations. I have to pretend I believe in their conservative treatment philosophy and instead of providing counseling make people conform to mormon social norms, conform to society, and insist they be good sheep and follow future Gods in lockstep. They are ignorant of their profession and have no idea what they are doing. If you dare prove they are wrong about anything, redirect or correct them in any way you end up in a inquisition like human resourse meeting. Then they turn aroung and ask why dont you talk to them. Yet taking to them about anything is guarenteed to elicit punishment.

You can have your mormons, and as far as I'm concerned jam them up your tight ass.

Open Free for All / Not everyone hates Mormons....
« on: March 09, 2006, 03:20:00 PM »

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / all the hurt
« on: October 20, 2005, 04:10:00 PM »
This conversation reminds me of a philosophy lesson in college about the "egocentric predicament" of man.

We all see ourselves at the center wherever we are and we judge others by our own experience without understanding the perspective of "the other."

The answer to this argument, and a good one it is, is that we live separate lives, are socialized differently, have diifferent experiences, and different biology and genetics, therefore, what applies to us - ie, the black-and-white projections such as "get over it" or "recovery from CEDU is very hard," usually do not apply to the other majority of individuals who fall within areas of gray. Often, for them, it is someting like "It really fucked me and my family up for a while, but I am doing my best now, and I can succeed because, God knows, I got through all that CEDU shit alive.

So in conclusion, don't be so arrogant as to believe that your reality is the same as the next fellow - just be empathetic and love one another.

Remember when Chuck Selent said that CEDU would never go broke or close down because "Brown Schools is a Big Corporation" with endless resourses.

HA HA HA HA HA HA - Chuckie is probably back where he started before RMA opened - a member of the elite Bonners Ferry Police Force sweeping all 27 yards of Bonners Ferry for minimum wage and food stamps.

"Naw, ta hilt," he's probably doing a "bread a butter case" for Magnum PI, or trying to get CEDU up and running again so people like us can enjoy shutting it down, again? -yeah!!!

Anyway, hats off to that dumb ass, money grubbing kidnapping, escort, psuedo P.I. PRICK WITHOUT A JOB. I, for one, enjoyed watching CEDU fuck him over. A deed for which I am indirectly quite   proud.

Dude, next time you think of taking "duh, snap shots," just look for two round barrels right next to each other that you can "duh see down." It would be quicker and less painful.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Ridiculous
« on: August 18, 2005, 09:13:00 PM »
Yep, put them out of business, How sweet it is? All those assholes out of work - and all the while they paid me a good wage to expose them for what they really were.

Ok the Guys and Gals who joined me and all my other user names are likely not here anymore as they have been replaced by older, and newer, voices - They are good voices - not whiners, but it takes one to know one - doesn't it?

But thank all of you ex staffers (uneducated grandiose child abusers with false personas) who call us whiners for allowing me, one more time, to rub your faces in the fact that all 7 schools were closed by the same hand that abused all those kids. All you dumb fucks who believed in that cult - gone

Please let me know where you go to work next, so I can meet up with you and see what your latest psuedo-treatment is. I'm sure that I can do away with that too. Then we can "smoosh." Maybe I can treat you for that post traumatic strees that they left you with after they fucked you. And, Hey, that pit in your stomach sucks, doesn't it. And, you all now know how you made those kids feel. From me, A special hug for all you false professionals I worked with, even the executives with fake PhDs from the Diploma Mill, California Coast College. If you feel too much pain, take my advice and go to Dr Ulrich and get the usual HUGE dose of Zyprexa so you can be Zombees and be thankful you don't have the added burden of all those bullies pushing your buttons and putting you at tables for weeks and brainwashing you with that psuedo-therapuetic bullshit you called therapy. Now - piss off.  

That little old maximus et. al.

"But I don't know that Büsh the younger is actually a Nazi. I think he's got a lot more in common w/ Terri Schiavo."

HA HA HA HA HA HA AH   ::cheers::

I too doubt that bush is a Nazi, but the family has an interesting history doesn't it?

And to Ashley. You go girl. Glad you are out there winning. And to your hubby, whom i dearly love, God bless. I always knew you would be a great one.

And dude, please don't take offense. Just because I don't like the Bush or the War does not mean I'm not fully behind all our heros who are serving in the military. My prayers go out to you and to all. And be careful and safe. I want to see you home. Are you a daddy yet?

You both remember me well. Well done. Well Done. WELL DONE. Some of us can't say who we are because CEDU promised to sue us. I is one of those there fellers Boss.

Well, there you have it.
Thank you annon.
[ This Message was edited by: Roy on 2005-04-05 15:42 ]

Ok I was wrong about Newton too. I thought it was F messing with N, and I should have picked it up a long time ago,  but I still don't think the satire is worth the price of admission for most people.

How long can you tell the same joke before you tire of it? So, we all should still ignore them and do somthing constructive instead. I don't know about you, but I am so bored with them that I just want to quit coming here and let the children call each other names until they rot.

Have you noticed how many people have lost interest since their rantings were exposed? Have you noticed the deterioriation of the content and quality of the posts?

If you want to get rid of quality writing, fine, I can contribute elsewhere. My job is done anyway - all ten of me.

"Ginger is right, there is evil in everyone, but there is one type of person who needs to be put down a garbage disposal tounge first. That is the person who acts like a good guy and never does anything about the evil going on around him."

And let's not forget lest we end up in the "caring" arms of another a blood sucking CEDU.

Call it darkness if you like, but it is there if you are not (IT), and, therefore have no reference point from which to see it except a faulty "looking glass self."  
[ This Message was edited by: Roy on 2005-04-05 13:21 ]

Thank you for that link overfresh. It should be distributed far and wide over e mail and all over bullitin boards on the internet. After all, exposing the truth about these places it usually what shuts them down.

Of course, everyone knows by now that fuctard is "trol bait" but Newton is real and scary. One thing that scares me is that somebody will go out there and kill Newton and have to spend life in jail. Even the people who post here could be made acessories after the fact. Newton deserves whatever he gets, but not people who have been his victims or people who are angry about being breinwashed. Fragile kids could kill themselves after reading these posts because they are so afraid if it happening again.

A lot of CEDU kids are being retraumatized by the troll baiting. I wish this fellow would let victims like himself rant about what is really bothering them, so they can get feedback and help from others on this board instead of diverting into a "grade school" pissing match that helps F only in the sence that he feels powerful again.

Take my advice and ignore them, if not for the sake of yourself, for the sake of ex students of CEDU who don't need to be reminded of how dark people can be while hiding behind the sign drug help or God.

Now that CEDU is closed it would be helpful for kids and victimized staff to talk it out instead of puting each other down.

The fishing is really good around here. and spring is right around the corner. There are a lot of cutthroat and bass out there. I catch them sometimes. Cloudy days are good, but not when it's raining.

Ski season is almost over. We did have some snow, but it wasn't near as much as we needed for good water supply.

There might be some fire this summer, but we've endured it a lot in the last few years.

I have a good rifle and fine scope for hunting season next year, and hunting will probably be really good bacause of the mild winter we had this year.

Your response made me remember that I was paranoid while I was working there and became more paranoid with time.

After I left people accused me of being parinoid for two years. I was always sure they were hacking my computer, so I got all of these router firewalls, spyware cleaners, the best antivirus stuff, and even a series of IP proxies to hide and switch my IP adresses so nobody could track my communications.

It all was because CEDU checked my computer at work and printed out people's e mails when they were going to fire them. They has staff finks who would come in to my office with a fake problem about other staff and try to set me up in a situation where I would compromise my integrity. It never worked because I had ethics and they didn't. But, you were always thinking of how to keep one step ahead of them. It created so much anxiety I couldent stand it. I never knew what they would do next.

I'm still a little paranoid, but way less than before. It's amasing how these cults can fuck with your mind, even if you are a therapist who they can't fuck with even close to as much as the kids get fucked with. And we went there voluntarily - we weren't abducted like the kids.

I, therefore, agree with Antigen that it is not the least bit abnormal to have these feelings long after being at that awful place.

Open Free for All / Cancel Your Credit Card Before You Die
« on: April 03, 2005, 11:24:00 PM »
I love it. The address of the dead person at a cemetary. What a moron. I'm paying all mine off this month and my mom is almost 90. Thanks for reminding me to fuck with these morons when she is gone.

On 2005-04-01 14:53:00, Roy wrote:

"It is as simple to get rid of these sub-human moron fanatics as it is to make a dog salivate.

Case in point: Pavlov rang a bell whenever he fed his dogs. The bell thus created a conditionsed response i.e., All Pavlov had to do was ring the bell and the dogs would salivate.

Miller and Newton - (Mut and Jeff) (pant pant) are just like Pavlov's dogs. They respond to the angry responses to their posts and come back for more power when you ring the bell by RESPONDING TO THEM.

Don't ring the bell. Don't answer any of their posts with any type of response - positive or negative.

They like the "dogfood" i.e. (the negitive responses you give them) as much as the dogfood of the positive posts, because, (The dogfood)is the POWER to piss you off (or POWER of any kind for that matter) - just like the sheep at any boarding school they are led around by the ring on their noses looking for afirmation of their POWER.

So stop reinforcing them and ignore them. Starve their inflated egos. Starve them. Don't give them any dogfood (POWER).

Ignore them untill they get so hungry for POWER that they go nuts and seek reinforcement of their weak ego's elsewhere.

Please, ignore them. This will really piss them off. You will take their POWER away, and it will drive them nuts trying to bait you to get you back. This is all these empty souls have. It is sad, but why waste your time on them?

Expect them to hang around for a long time.

Idiots fish empty ponds until someone leads them away - But stick with the non-reinforcement until they die of starvation or move elsewhere.

If you want to really piss them off, drive them nuts, give them pain IGNORE THEM no matter what they say.

It is up to you to fuck them this way. Unless you all have enough dicipline and reatraint to do this, they will go on bating you forever and feeling great about it. It is up to all of you to do this, if you can't, you can only blame yourselves that they are here diverting your attention from more important tasks.

Whenever IDIOTS respond to them - re post this at the top.



DAMN, here you are doing it again and people are moving away from fornits. Stop feeding Pavlov's dogs

On 2005-04-02 15:46:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Hey guys, I'm going to just talk about my situation for a bit and I'm hoping to get some responses about how to deal with some of the problems I've been having since I left Cedu.  

I went to Cedu Running springs from 99-2001 finished and graduated.  Cedu look good honers.  I felt great leaving cedu, but my attitude about myself and life deteriated quickly.  I started having nightmares about propheets and raps.  I became more recluse and isolitory.  I began acting like a skiddish abused dog.  I feel guilty about the things I did there and the person I was, ratting out friends, tearing the new kids apart in raps, doing everyting I was told and never standing up for myself, only for looking good.  My tharapist says it's depression and PTSD.  I don't know what to do, just throw everything out and say it was a compleat waste of two years and what I did and who I was there was meaningless, or is somethere in there that I can use and make myself somewhat happier.  Seriously, I'm kind of in a bind and at the end of my rope with this Ceud shit.  Thank god it closed."

The pain and humiliation you went through was not a waste. Now you understand other people who have been through abuse,and you can help them.

Things like PTSD and depression can be overcome and used as a gift. Take, for example, (and think about) how strong you were to come out of it, how long and hard your you built your patience, determination, tenacity, and character.

My parents, God Bless them, taught me early that hardship builds character. If not for that, I would not be alive today, because I've been to hell and made it back too - Only a hero can do that, and you are a hero. Now that strength and compassion will come in handy to all those kids under emotional tyranny. Tell your story again. This time, to shut down more of these hell holes.
Peace[ This Message was edited by: Roy on 2005-04-03 20:12 ]

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