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Elan School / Re: FOI request about Elan
« on: August 14, 2013, 04:47:02 PM »
He's the one who turned it off. I'll send him a pm and you guys have a nice life.

I stated a complaint with a valid point. There was no crying involved, but you went straight for the program shit. Insult, degrade, belittle anything that you don't like.

This place is now a cesspool with rules

Elan School / Re: FOI request about Elan
« on: August 13, 2013, 08:49:31 AM »
Posts in this forum don't show in the new posts. That way none of the other members have to soiil themselves by reading them. All for the actions of a few during a time those actions were not against the rules because there were none.

I don';t know how to contact psy directly, but if this bias is to continue, I would like my profile deleted. If the moderators want us out, then get us out. This is insulting and blames us for the inactions of the moderators of the past

Oh, BTW, Psy can't see this because we're segregated and herded into the Elan forum ghetto, where the world doesn't have to be bothered by us

Second BTW, the only person banned so far is a seedling, why not banish them all to hell?

This stinks and it's prejudice.

Elan School / Re: FOI request about Elan
« on: August 12, 2013, 08:18:25 AM »
I've already contacted him. The documents he got don't amount to anything. Could that be all they have? Is there another agency who would have been in charge of investigating Elan?

Honestly, I don't know why I bother asking questions that no one will see. Being banned from new posts is more than avoiding Elan annoyances, it kicked survivors out of this community. There were no rules during the time, and there are thousands of Elan survivors who didn't participate in it. There are many who will never find this forum. You guys are punishing people you've never met.

Finding this place made my life worse, but there are some who may find healing and they won't have to suffer because the attacks will not be tolerated.

I've admitted my part in all of this and make no excuses or apologies for any of it. There were no rules. I'm not asking for myself, ban me for all I care, actually, why not ban the offending people? You've kept us and pretty much locked out the ones who did nothing

I ask that the moderators please allow this forum in new posts. I can assure you'll not have a problem from me, and from what I've seen so far, I don't foresee a problem from anyone else

Elan School / Re: FOI request about Elan
« on: August 10, 2013, 07:56:21 AM »
I wonder who this person is and why they're willing to spend the money?

The M.E. was never told that Phil was beaten in  the head for a half hour before his death

Elan survivors witnessed it. I've only heard about it

Quote from: "Che Gookin"
What prompted the change from the ultra-violent 70s to the less violent yet more creepy cedu-esque 80s?

Do you think this played a long term role in the eventual closure of Elan?
I believe the death of Phil Williams in the ring (murder) scared them into a less violent approach.

Muppeteer, good to see you   :rose:

Open Free for All / Re: A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz
« on: May 19, 2013, 09:44:08 PM »
Quote from: "DannyB II"
Quote from: "psy"
Danny.  I ask that you leave this disagreement between you and Matt and Wayne alone.  I realize those posts made accusations towards you and that you feel obligated towards responding, but in the future, if you're going to do so, please leave it to the offa, especially if such postings involve calling other posters "uneducated nitwit", "one sick dude", "Maybe if you would stop lying and come around to being a responsible mature adult", "You are a liar and a very sick old man" and so on and so forth.  You can say, "you're mistaken , I was never an assistant director", but calling somebody a nitwit, a sick dude, irresponsible, and so on, is not appropriate outside of the Offa.
I've given you a warning in the rules thread.  Consider this your first official warning.  Try to ignore old threads, and accusations if you can't respond to them without throwing around insults.  OK?

Also, in the future, you might want to use the quote tags differently to make it easier for others to read.

Psy, sorry about that my man. You are absolutely right, my lies were unnecessary.

The brother who you're referring to died almost a year ago Dan, so shut your stupid mouth

Next lie is the restraining order  :rofl:  no one can get a restraing order for the internet, let alone for an entire family  :rofl:  :rofl:

The truth is the one that is real in case you're wondering.


Quote from: "Horatio."
Do you mean this post, by Danny Bennison?

"Re: What Are You Looking At?
by DannyB II ยป 16 Dec 2011, 16:17

Wayne brings up the most interesting question I had heard in months. Who the hell gave Elan permission to have a ring, spankings, haircuts (screaming at another), GM's. Every state and many parents knew.
I can only speak during the 70's on this. Please don't don't let state of Illinois, R.I or New York fool you by their actions. They knew exactly what was going on. Marvin Schwartz (Ill.) played a big part in comforting parents that Elan was a great place during the fiasco in 1975. The powers to be wanted to save their asses.
There is a large population of legislators both state and federal who believe the abuse that goes on in these programs is justified. Much has not changed IMO in 40 years with this sentiment.
Exposer is the only way. The politicians in Maine who approved this abuse need to be named publicly and so on with every state

I have had success and peace of mind. I'll take peace of mind over success, always

.DannyB II


Quote from: "DannyB II"
Wayne loves the power he feels when he can call me a rapist. You should have heard him on the radio show, Susan Schofield...he put on an academy award display in drama. He even threw in the choked up voice must of had a bag of cocks handy for that demonstration.
Wayne, please do tell??

I get tired of repeating myself. People can read the truth right here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=37915

Quote from: "Wetbrain"
Lmao......How much longer are we going to have to read about how you are conversing with my family. You have gone down through my entire family and if contacted all would call the police and lodge a complaint. You are doing this all because your brother contacted me, then introduced me to your sister. Wayne I didn't initiate the contact, but I definetly found the conversations I had with them interesting.  
Now you dodged a legal bullet one time before where you came very close to being arrested. I promise you push your luck again and what Art's lawyer did to you will be a walk in the park compared to what will happen.
Just so everyone knows Wayne harassed and stalked a number of my neices online. I will not mention there names if course but every legal procedure is in place in case he acts again. Wayne will not be let off easily this time.
 The only person Wayne Kernochan and Albert Beauchane (they are both the same person) are talking to is my brother's ex-wife out in CA.
Last but not least...Wayne is the author of the Bennison Bitches thread (we all understand that Mark Babbitz helped him) in this thread Wayne post pic's of my neices and nephews in pornographic scenes. He has been extremely disgusting when posting comments about my family. Now in his delusional mind he wants us to believe he is conversing with one of them. Wayne you are a sociopath and you need help.
Please get it and soon.
Art's lawyer didn't do shit to me. Art called the police, not his lawyer, the officer said so, and he laughed when he found out who and what Art is.

Now, as far as your niece, she's a very nice person, I've never spoken to a sister-in-law. Was she the one who went into a domestic violence shelter and disappeared from the family for a while? I'll ask

You are the author of that disgusting thread and that was the one I wrote to your niece about. Which was right before you were busted calling one of your niece's kids a "Half nigger waterhead" (Your words) You can try to deny it, but your e-mail address was on the bottom of one of the pictures (Which has since been deleted)

As far as Al is concerned, this is the fifth person you've accused me of being. It gets boring listening to your lies  :timeout:

Open Free for All / Re: New Forum Rules
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:55:16 AM »
Quote from: "none-ya"
There you go. I wasn't talking to you. That's what you want right? What part of ok don't you get?
It was a suggestion. Wasn't meant as an attack. But it is a little annoying that as soon as you're told to leave me alone, you begin attacking another member. It seems the only reason you're here is to fight with people, and that's the definition of a troll

I would like to know why you're attacking an ex staff member who has made amends, yet are friends with a staff member who is considered one of the worst online abusers in history. It craps on your credibility

Danny the Child Molester wrote:
 I would like it if you could see to it to let me back out. Just let me go Wayne
Fuck you.

I mostly enjoy telling your niece about it because she believes me Dan. She hates your guts, as does most of your family, and is sick of your online bullshit and the attention you bring to her family

And bevore you start that "You'd be in real trouble" shit, she's an adult and can be friends with anyone she wants. The funny thing is she was angry at first because I've been copying and pasting your posts and randomly sending them to your family members. You seem proud of the things you're posting, so why not let them share the joy?

Anyway, she started the private message "Neither I nor most of our family even talk to him...."

She doesn't want her name mentioned because she's afraid of you.



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