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How about I send you a photo of my dog's butthole so you can fapfapfapfapfap


You fail to realize that even tho you proxy up, you can still be pinpointed. You put too much faith in your "security". Now because I don't believe in sharing ip info I will not reveal what I already know about who you are, where you are from and who you are friends with.

Start a war, you won't win. You are obviously the same troll creating different accounts both here and at WWASP Survivors and frankly you aren't scaring anyone. You want to end it?... Stop arguing with yourself! Because no one else gives a shit. Obviously.


Look I did not say anything about you "attacking" fornits, I am pointing out how you are reading into things, and rehashing apparently "false information" you heard in a deleted thread, and now posting everything on a public forum where regardless if you are defending her or not, will still be available for people to see and come to their own conclusions about.

Try, try reeeeeeeally hard not to post anymore information about Lillian and you might be surprised how easily this will end.

Keep arguing your moot points and there will be yet another thread for Lillian to rage about.... Don't know how many times I have to repeat myself for you to get it.

MY personal opinion that this "accreditation agency" could do more harm than good. That is an opinion I have every right to hold and to express. Now if you want to hold yours you are free to do so but don't start threatening people for disagreeing with you. What a pussy move on your part... Simply cannot state your opinion intelligently without threatening to hack someone and release their personal information.


If all you want is for people to stop talking about Lillian, you are doing it wrong. The more you talk about Lillian the more people will talk about Lillian... LOL can't believe you dont get that by now, YOU are digging HER grave with YOUR arguments.

Most people here on fornits are smart enough to make up their own minds, they dont need your input. You are only doing Lillian a disservice here by repeating her arguments for her... Most of us don't buy it and we don't buy it because we've seen it all before.

She isn't doing anything any different than any Edcon, or any of the various trade organizations that support this industry is doing. Reporting the "bad and the good" was exactly the platform Sue Scheff ran on when she opposed WWASP and referred to the "good" programs that she toured and reported on. Same shit, different Sue.

You could probably learn something if you stuck around so I implore you to go "dig" through these forums and find the patterns yourself. I don't care to waste my time trying to convince you as you seem hellbent on your being nieve and assuming everything Lillian told you is true, or somehow will be true... someday.

You want to prove that you aren't a stalker?... Stop getting so involved with something that doesn't concern you. Stop threatening to release people's information and "wage war" against someone who likely doesn't give two shits about this person you are defending nor your opinion on the subject.

Give it up, no one cares.

I don't care either way honestly, I just think it's fucked up for you to go after an whole organization after a conversation that you had with one person.

You and Lillian and any anon that support her can go ride into the sunset for all I care.

You just haven't been around long enough to know how these things go wrong, and how those programs will use her "reports" as advertisement. Her "good intentions" will only be used by the programs to to convince parents that their schools aren't abusive when they clearly are if they aren't willing to do away with restraints and seclusion.

It's okay tho, you obviously have a lot to learn about the troubled teen industry so I wont hold your ignorance against you.

You want to end this yet or what?... Because I'm leaving it at what needed to be said was said, and it's over with. So unless you want me to go into more details about why Lillian's business will fail, I suggest you leave it at that.

I'm sorry but I don't take your threats seriously...

Especially since I know for a fact that there are much more Anon AGAINST the abuse of children in programs then there EVER COULD be for, or even remotely care about someone as insignificant as Lillian and her tentative plans to advertise for her husband's program...

That statement was simply hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh!

This isn't a conspiracy lol far from it. It's just some poor girls looking to make a "career" for themselves. As you stated and they also bragged to me in order to put me down for the fact that I do my advocacy work for free and they are making money off it.

I wouldn't have had to say ANYTHING, not one word about this if you hadn't come here to bash people for telling the truth and claimed that I somehow was jealous that she was making a career out of this. So you got the information you wanted whether you liked what you heard or not. I banned you because I am sick and tired of arguing back and fourth with someone who was obviously sent here by Lillian to rile me up so that she can turn around and threaten to sue me for slander. You got what you asked for, the truth... or at least what I have been told, and you are right, I can't ensure that Lillian and Whitney weren't lying to me when they said these things.

I only said my piece because I struggled with keeping the secrets of two people who wanted to pretend to be my friend only to use my kindness and intentions to give them the benefit of the doubt against me. They are not friends, and they haven't been for a long time. I just wanted to stop the drama because they were constantly going on rage threads about survivors being whiney little bitches, and dragging me into the problems they created with the way they deal with people.

I was defending myself and my position as an advocate. If I was never brought into question about that, I wouldn't have had any reason to tell the details about why I felt it necessary to distance myself from Lillian and Whitney's "plans". So they can all thank themselves for jumping the gun to blame me ONCE AGAIN for their own big mouths. I just said, fine, you want to know what I know, here it is... You make up your own mind.

I think this clearly sums it up... WWASP Survivors has no intention of "going after" anyone so if you want it dropped that's all you have to do... DROP IT.

You are the one rehashing the details of a thread that was deleted, just like you were the antagonist of the entire thread in question in the first place. You really do seem like the creepy stalker type to me, and all over some really insignificant bullshit.

If you have issue with false information being presented, feel free to find that CURRENTLY EXISTING information and correct it if you know the facts to be different. The admin clearly said she was only repeating what she was told, not speculating, not attacking, simply giving her side of the story and reasons why she did not want to be associated with these people when you accused her of being in-cahoots with them. I guess you suspected that she at some point wanted to be involved or was jealous of them, in order to set the record straight she told you her position.

Why does a conversation on an empty forum give you any idea that this organization is coming after anyone? Are there any public statements made by this org that they intend to take Lillian or her business down? Are there any public statements as to WWASP Survivors position against Lillian or her proposed plans? Are there any public records of them posting personal information that they didn't immediately retract when they found out it was posted anonymously by another member? No, there isn't because WWASP Survivors has no interest in "going after" Lillian. Futhermore, WWASP Survivors and Chelsea, are two different entities. Chelsea is a person, one in many advocates who are involved with this org. This was not an acquisition or a conspiracy theory on behalf of an orgaization, it was a personal spat between two persons, Lillian an Bill. Chelsea simply defended her own personal position and she was completely entitled to that under the constitutional rights of free speech. I thought that was clear, but apparently not.

Like I said... If you don't want to see Lillian's name brought up, then stop bringing her up. If you do not want the truth to reach public ears, stop trolling and baiting people into defending themselves. You want to protect Lillian or stop the spread of false information, stop posting things that have already been deleted. If you want this to be over, stop bringing up things that have already been and settled. It's already over yet you are the only one continuing it. Lillian, Whitney and Chelsea spoke last night and Chelsea agreed to delete the thread and that's what she did. Starting the drama over today was on you, just as it was in the original thread to argue publicly about this in the first place. So kindly take your leave and all will be over and done with, at this point you are only making it worse for the people you are trying to defend.


Quote from: "Xerix"
And once again Chelsea, you prove that you are nothing but a lying two faced bitch. What happened to "OMG I'm sooo over this *cry cry cry*" I WILL remove you from anything on my site and I will leave you alone as long as you agree to leave me alone... So now you go START looking for people to support you..

Wow.. just wow.. you guys should really get rid of this lying, deceitful, person.

You forget Miss Chelsea, you don't know who you're fucking with. I am watching you and I will keep watching you until you wise up and knock your childish shit off. You want everything to end? How bout YOU end it then....

Obviously you dont know how to read timestamps... This was posted when it was said it was going to be posted here.

The post that is linked here is now deleted.

Keep up the wild accusations but you are grabbing at straws here. If WWASP Survivors was going after these people they would have released an official statement, not just commented on a thread you were the only poster on. As well I'm sure since they banned you that they already have your ip address, your location and that of your mobile phone. So I'd just leave it alone before you put yourself in the middle of something you don't need to be implicated in, something that has nothing to do with you and something you are purposefully blowing out of proportion.

Oddly enough, if it weren't for your accusations, no information about Lillian would have even been released. You got the information you were looking for, and you made it clear who you support. Don't see how there is anything more to it than that... Certainly not an attack, or "going after" anyone. If anyone is being dramatic here, it's you my friend.

If you want people to stop talking about Lillian, stop talking about Lillian, and no one will give a flying fuck by tomorrow. It's really that simple.

Seriously... How is having a conversation with you, who made wild accusations against this organization for a post that was posted anonymously construed as an attack? Because it seems to me that what happened here was a deliberate set up. You were obviously sent to troll this forum by Lillian Speerbrecker. You asked the admin what she knew and she told you. That is not an attack. From what I read she only mentioned that HEAL and CAFETY don't agree with Lillian's plans and will explain their respected positions, as has already been done on facebook and through their respective websites.

I support WWASP Survivors because I think they are willing to take the risk to expose the truth, whoever that may be about. Industry trolls are industry tolls which ever way you want to represent them. Notice that any industry troll will tell you how good their program is, how the restraints are for the kid's own good, how there is no abuse at all. All so they can protect their own interests. Believing those lies suggests you must be new here.

If you are really against abuse as you have said you are, you wouldn't be fighting against this org for something so insignificant as a conversation about someone you know, that only makes you an accomplice. Be careful who you associate with because if they go down, you might find yourself going down with them.

Well I just wanted to raise a question here...

How does Fornits feel about a WWASP survivor, who currently lives and works, and has a husband that works full time at a previously WWASP affiliated program (Midwest Academy) starting her own "business" to start accrediting other programs as "better" programs, and referring kids into those "accredited" programs...

Neither of the websites once operated by the CS Landre Foundation/ Star of Life are in operation. Also little is to be found online about their dealing with WWASP in the present day.

Anyone have any updates/ News on this organization... Possibly a number I could call to get more info.


News Items / Re: Anonymous warning to JUDGE ROTENBERG CENTER
« on: March 30, 2012, 06:36:55 PM »
There is much more than just site tampering and prank calls happening here. Survivors and Anon are working together to attack the Troubled Teen Industry from all sides, the tactics we tell you about are only the tip of the ice burg. We will put these crooks out of business. The public will soon know the names of every child abuser known to have worked with an abusive RTC. Their credibility will be challenged with the multitude of allegations against them, No one will work with them, no government agency will license them and no parent will trust them with their children.


I knew Randi in Casa By the Sea, I also lived in San Diego and I have spoken to several people who went to school with her, and were her close friends. There is a conflicting consensus on what may have been the real cause of Randi's death.

All of the people I spoke to say that her parents were very strict or "programized" and that caused quite a bit of stress on her.

One person said she was using drugs.

3 people have said that she was arguing with her boyfriend and that he may have had some involvement with her death.

One person said it was an accident and she only attempted it as a way to get people to feel sorry for her, and that she didn't really plan to go through with it.

In any event I can personally conclude, that this certainly was a cry for help. She was certainly struggling with the psychological effects of the program, being controlled by her parents and added to all that she felt rejected by her boyfriend. All this combined into a depression she didn't know how to deal with. Suicide and possibly drugs may have been the cause of her death, but what caused her depression was certainly not any of those things alone. Her struggles were simply overwhelming, trying to cope with with culture shock you feel when first coming out of the program and being dumped immediately back into school, jumping into a new environment, with new friends and a new boyfriend... That can be a little too much stress for someone who just spent the last two years locked away from everything, and denied a proper adolescence. Because of the program she was ill prepared to deal with real life issues such as peer pressure and relationships, without proper treatment, her life quickly fell apart and having no one she could trust with her stuggles with suicidal thoughts (because of her fear of being sent back) she was unable to deal, and work through her depression. She just gave up. She thought death was a better option than living the life in shambles Casa had left her with. Honestly I get it, I struggled a lot when I first got out, and it wasn't until I had time to examine the psychological effects Casa caused me before I realized why I felt so overwhelmed at the time. I think Randi was going through the same kind of social anxiety all the other casa survivors went through when they got out, and I understand how hard that could be for someone to handle alone especially with other contributing factors, it can be too much to handle. She will always be remembered as the sweet bubbly girl with the voice of an angel. RIP Randi.... We will love you and miss you forever.

I was so happy when I read this... It just invigorates me even more to keep working to make a difference, even if it's just for one kid, one family, it's all worth it! Kudos to the Dad for caring more for his sons welfare than his own comfort. I know raising a teen can be difficult but it's really only a few years, compared to the grudge that a lot of us carry the rest of our lives after our parents sent us away.

Job well done Pixie, Fornits and Maia, Thank you for all that you do!!  
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