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Hmm... Good Idea! Well what I did was make the Troubled Teen Industry site Myspace page, quite possibly we can do as you stated to split it up into various groups... but for now all I'm interested in is sending out friend requests. I think there are many more survivors on Myspace, but the groups are somewhat unsuccessful that's why it would be best to just find them on Myspace and invite them to join us on the forums.

I would be interested in making multiple Myspace's for a more school specific approach to gathering survivors, if that sounds more agreeable... what do you guys think?

Please take a moment to check out the Troubled Teen Industry Myspace Page and send us a friend request!

Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "please stop embarassing survivors with your stupidity"
Quote from: "Femanon4Che"
well one things for sure, your an asshole, but we can all sleep well knowing your OUR asshole.

Well, one thing's[/b] for sure, you're an asshole, but we can all sleep well knowing you're our asshole.

You missed one.

Embarassing is spelled embarrassing. However, you're still a cunt.

well one things for sure, your an asshole, but we can all sleep well knowing your OUR asshole.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: U R IDIOTS
« on: December 18, 2008, 07:48:33 AM »
Quote from: "ugh"
You guys have the intelligence of an old shoe and the maturity of a fichus plant. Hosting ads is not the same as referring. And if you disagree with hosting ads, the verbally abusive way you deal with it is so counterproductive, juvenile, and unethical that your points are lost.

Like Oscar says, there are better ways to handle disagreements. Your black/white thinking, your high-schooly, slipshod personality-focused methods of dealing with each other is embarrassing. Grow up. Stop embarrassing survivors.

Thank You Kev, again for trolling as usual.

I agree whole-heartedly with Psy. If we didnt make a stink those ads and content would still be there leading parents to WWASP and other programs. Its a nice concept that we might somehow forgive and forget because those links were taken down, but that doesnt change the reality that had we NOT made a big deal about it, nothing would have changed. I support Psy's decision to remove antiwwasp from his site's links, I think the fact that he gave kev a fair chance and he made some of the dumbest moves possible and purposefully screwed it all up is proof enough that he doesnt deserve another chance.

You people need to understand that it is the mentality to say "FUCK THAT" that gives us the the will to have created this movement in the first place and if you think we will back down for this little prick you are sadly mistaken. Look, as long as kev stays in his little corner and doesnt do stupid stuff like this, none of us will care even in the slightest about what he does. But he just keeps giving us more and more ammo! I am not a fan and I have many more reasons for that than any of you will ever know, but honestly, Kev is so insignificant and I have time and again just laughed at the rumors and moved on. BUT THIS... this is way more than personal this is a direct assault on everything we have been fighting for and that is not something I am willing to forget.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: heal--your site doesn't work
« on: December 18, 2008, 07:21:36 AM »
what the eff are you talking about?

Fornits works! and I dont hear any song.

Hey everyone!
My apologies, I am having some software problems and waiting to hear back from the technical support guy before I can retrieve my data (in order to present it to you) In the mean time I thought I might tell you guys about the networking Im doing. I have made a myspace page for TTI and I am sending out friend requests to anyone I can find in groups like WWASP. Can you guys give me an idea of where I can find more groups with survivors? Do you think I should make individual myspace pages for the individual schools?

could use some help on this as well if anyone wants to run your own survivor myspace I can help you design it. In fact I think I might want to get a team together who are willing to do manage multiple survivor myspaces. Anyone interested? Even if your not interested I would appreciate everyones advice, espeically if you know what schools to do and where I can find survivors. Thanx!

Why are there people willing to excuse this little shit just because he has slowly but surely taken down the ads you found to lead to programs? what makes you think he wont put them back up?... what makes you think he hasn't been refering all along. I swear a friend of mine called it, said his behavior lately has been fishy, hes up to something hes not telling us about. And just think the only reason we know about this Teenhelp site is because he was stupid enough to post a link on antiwwasp. Futhermore if we hadnt throw a fit about it, those links would all still be there and a kid would be on there way to a program right now because of Kev at antiwwasp. Fuck That, he gets NO excuses in my book, this was like the last straw here I may have excused the drama around him as worthless bullshit before but THIS is NOT ok. I honestly cant believe you guys keep giving him the benefit of the doubt. The only reason his site offers any good resources is because there are a few key members who contribute. Kev doesnt even talk about his experience in the program, (I'm not even sure which one he went to) and he sure as hell doesnt do the grunt work around there, so I wouldn't give him that either.

Quote from: "Che Gookin"
I'm at the point where I don't give a shit what you say.

Dooooooode attitude check! There's no need for it! We got enough drama around here. I like you che, and Im patient with people who are naturally critical but I dont take shit from anyone. If you have an issue with me or something I said or did, contact me personally.
Remember, Fighting online is like running in the Special Olympics, Even if you win... Your still retarded.   :beat:

Thanks Oscar!

I will put a few more materials together and post them here as well as email Covergaard.

My only issue with linking my work or my name with Antiwwasp is that kev and antiwwasp have a reputation i would like to completely seperate myself from and since I was the one who took hours to manually comb google earth for that needle in a hay stack property I think that anyone who is looking for more information on High Impact should come find me at  Antiwwasp no longer has any active members who went to high impact so I want to make sure the source leads back to the individual instead of blanketing credit to a website. A website in fact that is skimming dangerously close to referring programs (again), and you all stand very strong on that issue so I would assume that would be your concern as well.

Quote from: "Che Gookin"
There are so many things wrong with your post Lady-lucix that I don't know where to begin.

Good luck to everyone with all of this.

My hands are washed of it.

I cant think of one thing in this post that looks wrong, looks like Kev got a talkin to.

Quote from: "psy"
Check out our new project management software on troubled teen (requires registration) ... &Itemid=69

From there you can start projects, set tasks, invite anybody to help on those tasks, upload and share files, and lots more.  I suggest making it an integral part in the creation of many program-specific websites.  One thing we lack right now is organization.  This software can help us to do that if people use it.  If you haven't already, make sure to register at after which, if I know you, i'll upgrade your account to submit articles and participate in the project manager.

Your so sexy when you talk organizational.

lol :P

I agree, and I plan to... nothing will be forced upon anyone, not that I could anyway lol. As well, I hope you all dont see my stepping up as an insult, the last thing I want to do is micro manage anyone. If you guys can understand, I am so used to NOTHING getting done at antiwwasp and HAVING to be the one to take charge. I in no way intend to step on your toes, Im the kind of person who loves working in a group and I DONT like to establish pecking orders. I also am always open to feedback and greatly appreciate it so if you work with me you wont have to worry about walking on eggshells. Not that you guys would anyway lol. and btw, I do appreciate a sense of humor so do your worst.

I just needed a day to rest I was up until 9am the other morning got 3 hours of sleep before i needed to catch a conference call and then went to bed at about 6am that next morning. this seems to be a pattern with me ever since I started this project... my biological clock is all mixed up.

I have outlined in our project manager that I plan to prepare an extensive explaination of my ideas and submit it to everyone to review and decide upon. the only thing I feel strongly about is organizing the information so that no one wastes their time making multiple entries and makes it easier for us to store and upload this database online. If anyone has changes to or wants to try another method I am totally open to that.

If you dont mind guys Im going to head to bed, (its almost 9 am again) but I will make a detailed outline/ discription and submit it to you tomorrow.


I wanted to get some feedback from you all on this tho, I know that most of us dont like being micro managed, me included so I want to let you all know that the only "direction" I will be offering are simply some suggestions to point you in the right direction. My only strong hope is that you use the database template that I will provide in order to keep your research articles organized. I will explain more later about this system and why I believe it is important that we all use it, but for now I will just let you guys know that Im doing this to make sure no one wastes their valuable time. There is a lot of work to be done here, way past this project we have many MANY more to tackle and its important that we dont burn ourselves out. How each team decides to structure or unstructure their time and sub projects is comepletely up to what you all agree on, but it would help to get an idea of generally how everyone prefers to work so we can recommend that you get hooked up with a project manager and team members that appreciate the same operation style. That being said, do you think you could all give me a quick summary of yourself, and how you would prefer to assist this movement (special talents, experience, resources and such) as well let me know if you work well under specific instruction, general guidance or self motivation. As well, feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions that might help organize our teams.

Just a lil background, I have been active with another organization for a few years now, I first had my experience story published by ISAC in 2004 feel free to give it a read if you would like to know about me and my experience in the program. ... cd=3&gl=us ... lsea_Filer

Darrington. Id like to focus on Dace Goulding's involvement and of course his past.

I think a lot of parents think this is one of those "Good Programs" only because they are not aware that they are still WWASP affiliated.

Ive also been working on the myspace to network with survivors, once we have a decent amount of survivor stories I think we should start focusing on this website.

Troubled Teen - Program Website Division / Re: News
« on: December 16, 2008, 02:12:05 AM »
I think things all tend to happen for a reason.
I'm really glad they did happen because things are heading in a really great direction right now.

If kev hadnt stolen my ideas and brought psy into the project we wouldnt be anywhere with this project right now.

BTW... can I tell my story now Psy?... Che, will you punish me later if I do?.... lol

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