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CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / CEDU lifeboat
« on: October 10, 2010, 01:51:52 PM »
The lifeboat experience was very hard for me.  I would never wish for anyone in my peer group to die.  This experience made me very sad.  I would never want to say goodbye to friends if I were dying.  I did not like to sort out in my head whether people should die or not.  I have a special compassion for people.  I don't believe that anyone should have to die.  When I had to say goodbye to people like my grandmothers, sister, brother, friends, and put a rose on my mother's grave and one on my father's grave, it shows how much  I love people.  I was also thinking about Shiela's little girl when I went around to her, I don't like thinking like that at all.  I began to think that when the boat was drowning it is was my turn to go to sleep and wonder if my mother felt this way when she died.  I now understand her, I think just from experiencing this exercise.  This exercise is a very important lesson because it teaches me that I have to tell people how much I love them.  I felt small when I was done sharing for one minute why I think I should live.  Because I kept on babbling the same thing over a few times.  There should have been more reasons why I should live - why I felt small.

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