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Sources mention that Farmers Christian Academy Girls Home might run under another name.

Mercy Mountain Academy aka Mercy Mountain Ministries located in Asheboro, North Carolina might be an attempt to hide from bad press so they can continue to detain girls in their religious nightmare of a school.

The address is stated to be: 2610 Cid Road, Lexington, NC 27292

More about the old facility:

More reviews waiting to be recommended:

Quote from: Tess F.
Horrible horrible horrible. I was a girl there for almost 5 months before graduating and I, 8 months later, still think of the horrors of this place till this very day. First of all, I was NO angel. I went there because i was crazy and out of control, typical teen stuff times 1000.. I come from a beautiful loving family,  so they were desperate.... First of all, the majority of the women here are in their early 20s and very unqualified!! Second of all, in order to get out, you must kiss up to them as much as possible! You are also NOT allowed to talk to any other, or stare or even smile at any other girl there. Snitching on eachother is expected. If you get caught doing so without going through staff you will get a hill run,(its not a hill) which includes running up a mini mountain with raddle snakes while staff times you... If u dont get up & down in 15 mins you must redo it . Third,  you run over a mile a day, up and downhill.... You are given no choice. If you feel sick or are injured that usually say they don't believe you and force you to run anyway..  Over the course of my nearly 5 month stay,  I got a gash in my head that almost needed stitches and broke my tailbone/strained my back because staff forced me to ride on an unruly horse. I was threatened with tacking on months to my stay and being level dropped if I got off, so out of desperation I did what they asked. Sure enough, due to staffs incompetence, the horse steps on sharp wire, bucks up, knocks me off and begins to roll on top of me .... The helmet broke.  Just as bad, the woman, instead of calling for help, forced me to walk almost a mile back to the ranch... When we fianally got to the cabins, i was told to go to the "wash cabin" where I, in terrible pain, had to tell the lady there I had just fallen off a horse. Finally, after delaying about an hour, they took me to the emergency room.  Of course, not before making me walk to the barn to get myself some dinner. However, I was so brainwashed by the crap that I didn't see just how messed up everything was. They have something called "Life Review" ( the name still gives me chills) that is basically you do something "bad", and are forced to sit facing the wall. All day. Thats all you do. You cant be around anyone, you sleep on the floor, cant participate in anything, cant talk to staff, and if u get caught doing something as minor as looking around the room, you get olives and beans to eat. This can last anywhere from a week to MONTHS. A 13 year old girl was on this for over 2 months before she left... She was so bored and lonely that she resorted to self harm & picking the skin off of her hands to occupy her time.. She wasn't perfect but wow I bet she suffered SO much. By the time she left she was pale and even more thin.

Quote from: Elana B.
If I could I would put this place called hell in negatives. But sadly i'm not able to do that. My names Elana, and I didn't get the help i needed. I stayed there for 5 months trying to kill my self every other week. That should be a sign. You're welcome. Please contact me if you want more details on the experience.

Quote from: Kelsie V.
I attended Trinity as a teen and have since tried to forget the trauma that happened to me while I was there but have found myself 5 years later, still tortured by the memories. I was your typical rebellious teen- experimenting with alcohol and drugs, defiant, hanging out with older boys, and depressed. However, the punishment I received at trinity for being this way is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. All Trinity did was confuse and lie to my family, and further traumatize me. I was sitting in a car one day after I got out drinking and smoking weed with my old friends 100 times MORE self destructive, alone, and sad than I was the day I went to Trinity. The affects of Trinity led me to be a serious hard drug abuser, something I was never destined to be coming from my loving and supporting family that was only trying to help me. I had no other way to numb the memories and pain. Every other girl I attended with had similar fates- either became serious junkies, or became promiscuous and had children out of wedlock because they were only searching for love and to numb the memories as well. I am being totally honest when I say this- I WOULD HAVE RATHER BEEN IN JAIL.

Why? Many reasons. One, in jail you actually know how long you are going to be there. Trinity is on a "need to know basis." So unless it is information you need to know in a life or death situation, it is withheld from you. The MONTHS never knowing when you will be able to see your family again or be treated like a human being are torture. Two, you can talk to other people in jail and rely on each other for support. At Trinity, the girls are not in any case allowed to be friends or talk to each other without permission. No one is allowed to know why the other one is there. Theyre encouraged to tattle on each other and punished if they do not. This creates a lonely and depressing environment versus having other girls there for support and to share similar struggles with. Three, if you are doing well you will get out sooner and vice versa. At Trinity, no matter what you do, you will be accused of faking it and lying and problems will be made up by staff for you, anything in order to tell your parents you need to be kept there longer. It is biased and decided by unqualified "life coaches" that have simply received an undergrad degree in something like psychology and has no training. I was once told by one of these staff members that I was getting too close with another girl and every time I looked or spoke to this other girl I was tacking on a few months to my stay at Trinity. My final reason is you are given adequate hygiene, food, and clothing in jail. At Trinity, every girl there even though we were all different sizes and body builds were FORCED to eat the exact same portion every single meal and if they didn't eat something on their plate? Punished. This was too much for some girls and never enough for others. Showers were maybe once a week in cold water for 5 minutes. And the underwear, bras, and clothing were reused by girls for over 20 years- it was ratty and disgusting. One girl came back as a staff member 10 years after she had been there and said she recognized her sweat pants and hoodies she wore at age 15. This is pretty amusing to me since TRINITY COSTS NEARLY $300 A DAY. Yet they spent none of this money on clothing or anything else really. Food was ordered cheaply in bulk and the girls made every thing themselves- low cost pasta and rice meals- and if anything started getting used to much and became "too expensive" it was immediately nixed. I was once reprimanded for using the too expensive avocados. 

Angie Woodward, the owner. How that name makes me cringe. She is the lovely lady responsible for harming so many teen girls and scamming hundreds of people into dumping her loads of cash for her multiple homes, vacations, and boats, cars, horses, ATVs, etc. that she parades around the girls and rubs in their faces while they are slaving away on her ranch. Angie's father owns the trouble teen boys ranch down the road and is where she learned all of these shaming and fear tactics for the clients and families. The only difference between the two ranches is that the boys one has been closed for abuse, neglect, and fraud, while Angie's is surprisingly still open! She claims to have years of experience and be our on staff nurse but I think I only saw her twice in the whole year and a half I was there- like I said she was busy vacationing. She hires 24 years olds fresh out of undergrad to carry out the dirty work instead who are too fresh in the world and naive to know they are doing something wrong- although a few figured it out and left and have written reviews here themselves that are negative but have been removed. Ill spare you the details of the abuse and neglect that goes on at Trinity- all you need to know is it is a scam with false advertising, AND YOU SHOULD NEVER SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE.

Quote from: Katy S.
My daughter attended TTS three years ago at a time when we, her parents, were desperately seeking help for our teen who was self-destructive to the extreme.

After 16 months on the ranch our daughter came home. We were no longer living in fear that we would receive a dreaded phone call that our daughter was in jail or dead. Initially we attributed this to TTS.  We now know that any improvement in our daughter was by default, certainly not due to the unprofessional, quack/psuedo therapy administered at TTS.

After three years, it has become abundantly clear to us that in the process of overcoming the former self-destructive behavior, our daughter was very emotionally traumatized by the harsh, punitive treatment at TTS.

As her mother, I had put my faith in the program but had misgivings. I heard of all the "challenges" and "consequences," the critiques at the peer and staff assessments - but where was the balance with any affirmation, or sign of love and caring? I definitely had the sense that my child was living in a fearful, not loving environment, even though I had been assured the girls lived in a loving, healthy, "family" environment.

My daughter is now in intense psychotherapy to deal with the trauma she experienced at TTS. She has been diagnosed by both a psychiatrist and a psychologist with PTSD.  TTS did a masterful job at tearing our daughter and her former ways down but she was not built up in a healthy, caring way, as we were led to believe she would be. No, she was intimidated, afraid to tell the truth, say or do  the "wrong thing".  She now lives in fear of being constantly judged, misunderstood, has nightmares and flashbacks.  Her already fragile self-esteem and identity were decimated at TTS.

For all the time, money, and emotional drain we invested with TTS, I believe we were misinformed, lied to and left in the dark about the harsh reality of our daughter's treatment.

Unless the program makes a concerted effort to balance the "Siberia-like" conditions with some loving compassion - I would strongly not recommend sending a daughter there.

This are reviews from Yelp waiting to be recommended:

Quote from: Emily D.
Listen to me when I say this place needs to be SHUT DOWN. The physical labor, abuse, and neglect that takes place there is absolutely inhumane and I'm not sure how it's even legal. The girls are forced to spend countless hours doing extremely hard, manual labor on the ranch in harsh weather conditions. They're punished over the most minuscule things like not smiling enough, talking without permission, being "attention seeking", or forgetful. The punishments are absolutely humiliating and a lot of time they're punished with something physical like doing 600 step ups or running miles up the side of the mountain. One of the worst punishments that goes on there is "the chair". The chair is when the girls are punished with sitting in a corner and staring at a wall the entire day. No slouching, no talking, and only being allowed to use the bathroom when they're told to (a lot of girls pee on themselves and suffer from kidney infections because of this). The chair can go on for as long as a YEAR which is sensory deprivation torture.  That's just the tip of the iceberg. The girls are sleep deprived and malnourished on the ranch. Most of the girls end up losing their period because of the stress that their body is under. The only productive thing that goes on there is all of the unpaid physical labor they do on the ranch to make the owner's life easier. They do NOT care about helping your daughter, they care about your money and all of the free dirty work your daughters will do for them on the ranch so they can sit back and relax. If you see the girls smiling in the pictures, it's because they are terrified of the punishment they will receive if they don't. Most of the girls that leave there suffer from ptsd, extreme anxiety, and depression and also end up falling into drugs and alcohol as a way to cope with the trauma they're left with. A lot of them also end up being behind in school because they're forced to prioritize their work on the ranch more than their education.  "Troubled" teens just need a little love and compassion from their FAMILY and they will become great people. The owners and staff consider themselves to be godly but my opinion is they're the antichrist. Not only is this company preying on young vulnerable girls and turning them into slaves, they're getting paid millions to do it. PLEASE do your research on the troubled teen industry and don't even consider sending your daughter here or any place like this.

Quote from: Yukon C.
So many accounts of child and animal abuse coming from this place.
They put the girls through hell and call it treatment, the abuse is the treatment. If there was any justice they would all be locked up for the rest of their lives.
There is an on going child protection services investigation for abuse, and a lawsuit from 21 young women.
The girls are worked like slaves, fed very little, and only crap food. Most of the girls loose their period due to malnutrition, overwork and incredible stress
They are not give proper gear for the winter cold, frostbite is common.
They don't have any mental healthcare professionals, there is no therapy of any kind. They use "humiliation therapy" or "attack therapy". Beyond disgusting.
There have been incidents of medical neglect, a girl was bucked off a horse into a barb wire fence and cacti, they would NOT allow them to stitch her up or give her anything for pain. She has horrible scars to this day. They lied to her parents so they wouldn't come an get her!
Another girl had her arm purposely broke in sadistic and prolonged restraint. A restraint is when they pile on a girl and hold her down applying great pressure to her pressure points putting her in horrible pain. They usually do this for an hour!

They made the girls go to the bathroom in a bucket, as part of the investigation they agreed to supply porta potties. But they watch the girls, and they watch the girls shower. Why do they do this? In the owner's words she said that they treat girls who are victims of sexual assault, and girls that have experienced sexual assault can have an obsession with their genitalia, and they need to be broken from this obsession.
Does this sound like any place for your girl? Will she really thank you? Will this demented place bring you closer? Look up what the survivors are saying on Tik Tok, Reddit and Fornits.
All the pictures of smiling girls on their web site are fake, there is no indoor yoga gym. They just force the girls to run up and down a hill until they drop
This has to end.

Edit, this is the state investigation for child abuse, they would not let the girls go to the bathroom so they would constantly be forced to pee themselves.
These people are monsters.

Quote from: Tess F.
Horrible! I was a girl there for almost 5 months before graduating.. I was 17 at the time, now I'm 21 and I still think of this place daily. First of all, the majority of the women here are in their early 20s and very unqualified!! They are definitely not equipped to deal with mental health problems, and punish by giving physical consequences. You are NOT allowed to talk, stare, or even smile at any other girl there. If you get caught doing so without going through staff you will get a hill run,(its NOT a hill) which includes running up a mini mountain with raddle snakes while staff times you... If u dont get up & down in 15 mins you must redo it . Third, you run over a mile a day, up and downhill.... You are given no choice. If you feel sick or are injured they say they don't believe you and force you to run anyway.. Over the course of my nearly 5 month stay, I got a gash in my head that almost needed stitches and broke my tailbone/strained my back because staff forced me to ride on an unruly horse. I was threatened with tacking on months to my stay and being level dropped if I got off, so out of desperation I did what they asked. Sure enough, due to staffs incompetence, the horse steps on sharp wire, bucks up, knocks me off and begins to roll on top of me .... The helmet broke. Just as bad, the woman, instead of calling for help, forced me to walk almost a mile back to the ranch... When we fianally got to the cabins, i was told to go to the bathroom to clean up, where in terrible pain, had to tell the lady there I had just fallen off a horse. Finally, after delaying about an hour, they took me to the emergency room. sure enough, my tailbone was broken..However, I was so brainwashed by the crap that I didn't see just how messed up everything was until I got out. They have something called "Life Review" meaning youve done something "bad", and are forced to sit facing the wall. All day. EVERY day. Thats all you do. You cant be around anyone, you sleep on the floor, cant participate in anything, cant talk to staff, and if u get caught doing something as minor as looking around the room, you get olives and beans to eat. This can last anywhere from a week to MONTHS. I saw girls lose their minds after being on this for months.
Also, they didn't diagnose me with any mental health issues, which turns out I have quite a few, like bipolar disorder anxiety and depression. After getting out, I immediately started cutting, ended up with an eating disorder, and also began to struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, so I've been in and out of rehab. I'm so traumatized by this place. Please, shut it down!!!! It makes teens worse,not better.

Quote from: Bridget H.
My experience at Trinity was torture for me. I was not what you would really consider a troubled teen. Worst grade I had in High school was a C, I did not party, do drugs, or have sex. I did have communication issues with my parents and that is what I was sent to Trinity to address. I felt that the information my parents found on Trinity before sending me was misleading and the issues could have been better addressed in family therapy rather than a residential treatment facility. I was there from May 2008-Aug 2010.

I was sent at the age of 17, after getting drunk for the first time at my oldest brother's wedding. I was there for 26 months. During that time I saw my parents twice. I was not allowed to see my brothers or my grandparents. My grandmother died during my stay and I was not allowed to attend her funeral. Communication with my parents was monitored very closely. If anything I said on a phone call was seen as negative by staff I lost my phone privileges with my parents. I felt forced to say what staff wanted to hear even if it wasn't the truth for fear of losing contact with my parents. If the letters I sent were not considered "positive or uplifting" they were returned to me to rewrite. This was the only contact I had with my parents over the two years.

I have done research since leaving on the behavior modification model, also known as coercive persuasion. I encourage parents to do some research if you are considering residential treatment for your teen. The environment of this center feels very similar to a cult and masks abuse (physical, psychological, and emotional) as "tough love". I have had many other girls confide the same feelings to me since leaving. I was left feeling isolated, sleep deprived, overworked, and desperate to get home. Even after I turned 18 I was told that I was not allowed to leave. I was never informed of my rights. I was terrified to even ask because I did not want to be knocked down levels for being "defiant" or "manipulative". It is a constant state of fear. The "challenges" were assigned to either humiliate or break a certain behavior. I felt that very few of the challenges I endured actually had any positive effect on me.

The program is run on a "need to know" basis. The staff never disclosed how long I was to be there. My parents thought I would only be there for a few weeks. The anxiety behind not knowing the length of stay or even when the next time I could see my parents was unbearable. Any "change" I believe was inspired by the stress and were not effective outside of the ranch. After two years I had only reached level 3 of 6. I can't imagine how long it would have taken me to graduate. My stay cost my parents about $200,000+ dollars. My relationship with my parents after was still a mess. I felt lost and confused when I left, even though the staff claimed I was in a good place. I was 19 which I believe played a major part in me being able to leave. In my opinion, the truth was that nothing about Trinity had prepared me for re-entering the real world. Everything they had "taught" me there I felt was a lie and had no real world value.

I felt like the exorbitant amounts of money spent to keep me here should at least have afforded us things such as clean unused underwear, and clothes.

The Government Accountability Office website has thousands of reports of abuse regarding the troubled teen industry due to the lack of regulations. Trinity claims on their website, "As a Christian based Residential Treatment Center, Trinity Teen Solutions uses individualized treatment plans to help your child be a functioning part of today's world with the least restrictive environment possible." I feel that this is a lie based on my experience. I feel that the ambiguity depicted on their website does not accurately depict the level of restrictions and discomfort that they are exposing teens to. I felt that I had no freedom, no support; only fear, deprivation and isolation. We as humans need to be loved and accepted and will adapt to the environment around us to survive. That is what I did here, I survived, but I am left with the aftermath of the abuse and it will forever be part of my life.

I want you to know that I'm coming from this with 11 years of perspective. I have worked hard outside of Trinity to repair relationships with my family, but Trinity did not help me accomplish that. I believe that any success I have had in life is in spite of it. I am now happily married with 3 beautiful girls. I could never imagine putting them through a place like this. It is my job as their parent to protect them. I still to this day have nightmares that I get sent back (10 years since I left). My parents and I are on great terms now that they have seen me reach my potential as a mother and adult. It took us years to reach this place and to leave the hurt that Trinity caused us in the past.

More reviews from Yelp (Link)

Quote from: Hailey M.
Please do not send your daughter here. I left Trinity almost three years ago, and suffer from the repercussions everyday I was barely 16 when I was sent to TTS and left at almost 18. Those are two vital years of a young persons life, in which they should be nurtured and be able to learn from their mistakes. Trinity is a verbally, emotional and psychological abusive program that you leave having no feeling of self worth or confidence. I know I do not speak for just myself as I am in contact with MANY previous Trinity girls. A majority of the reason I was sent to Trinity, was because of my adoption. My "counselor" and staff would never allow me to talk to them about my adoption and upon leaving they told me I was not allowed to talk to my birth family for a year. They refuse your basic human rights and treat you worse than if you were residing in a prison. I have many psychological as well as physical damage as a result from Trinity. While there I was told I was not allowed to engage in any extraneous activity involving my knees. However I was still made to do these and more, now at 20 years old I have the muscle, bone structure and fragility of a 70 year old woman. I also had many UTI's as a result of being refused to be taken to the bathroom while on chair. I suffer from social anxiety and PTSD, waking up screaming in the middle of the night afraid I am being sent back. If you want the best for your daughter, DO NOT send them here. They will come back with only more damage and hurt before they left.

Quote from: Michelle S.
This facility did nothing to address the problems I have communicating with other people. They told me I do not have any disorder. Turns out I have autism. I was there for almost two years and none of the staff there picked up on it. I have problems understanding other people, and learned nothing about how to deal with my disorder. I also requested to leave repeatedly when I turned 18 years old there, and was told I could not. I was held against my will for over a year. At no time was I showed paperwork that they could hold me against my will, such as a court order signed by a judge. I still have weekly nightmares and am in therapy with a PTSD diagnosis because of the abusive manner in which I had been treated. I underwent sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and mental and emotional abuse. If you really want to help your child, I recommend finding either a short-term place or putting your child in the juvenile justice system. Research shows no difference in outcomes for clients of these facilities and people in the justice system. At least in the justice system, there is a definite sentence. A person's behavior while inside determines if they stay longer or get out faster. If they want to get out faster, they will change their behaviors. Keep in mind Trinity Teen Solutions is a private institution, and can pretty much do whatever they want, legally. The things documented here by myself and other former clients really happened, and TTS is going to keep doing them as long as parents are desperate enough to send their daughters there. It would be nearly impossible to shut them down due to the abuse they have inflicted, since they are a private company.

Quote from: Sydney V.
honestly this was the worst experience I've ever had to be put through. i was only there for a little over 5 months and I only got to leave when i ran away while in town. My stay there was so horrible that towards the last month and a half all i could do was think of ways to try and kill myself to get out. I suffer from PTSD now. i went to two more residential treatment centers before going home truly better. My whole stay consisted of trying to kiss up to all the staff so i could get out. the average stay there if you wanted to graduate was around 2 years. most girls had to wait until they turned 18 to leave. You aren't fed properly. you are over worked to an extreme. the "care" you receive there is horrible and traumatizing. it would be less that a star if i could rate it that way. this place honestly made me worse than when i came in.

Quote from: Tarah B.
I went here for about six months, and while I don't think it was as bad as some of the other reviews here say, it was still pretty bad. For one, before I went there I had never done drugs, never drank, never partied, but when I came back I felt the strongest urge to get into this stuff. I learned about piercings, tattoos, parties, alcohol, and all this other stuff I didn't really know about and being so restrained it seemed so fun! The turn over rate is very low, most girls can take 2+ years to graduate. Nobody had graduated in over a year when I was there Jan-Jul 2014. Most girls either "age out(turn 18, like I did)", or they get pulled out by their parents for whatever reason. Most girls parents don't let them go home when they turn 18, but my mom did because she had been planning on pulling me out soon anyways because she didn't like how regulated and censored the communication between us was, mostly letters.

The staff are pretty nice, but there is definite favoritism. I've talked to a lot of girls who went there, and the few of them who I've met said they had to kiss major butt to get anywhere. I was only comfortable actually talking to only 2 or 3 of the staff there, many of them are just either awkward or tend to make me feel like what I was saying was wrong. Now, maybe that was the case, but I thought they were supposed to help me open up and learn to see my mistakes instead of making me feel shut down and guilty. All I know is that I had a lot more self confidence going in than I did coming out.

Another thing was the horses. I LOVED the horses. One of the main reasons my mom said she sent me here was because she was really excited about the horses, but unless you are on horse chore you don't get to see or interact with them very often. You go riding maybe once every few weeks if you're lucky, though sometimes at random you'll go like three times in two weeks then not go again for a month. Not sure how that system works, but my mom wasn't very happy with it and neither was I.

The therapy was alright, I loved Bernadette! She made me feel like a normal person and a lot less guilty. Not everything bad is my fault, turns out! The staff though is a bit harsh. I know the point of the place is "tough love", but there's a point where it can go a bit overboard. You can try as hard as you can but it still will not be good enough, unless you meet these standards you feel awful about yourself. I did learn a lot, but I think the "trauma" kind of negated most of it. I have nightmares about the place and I wasn't even there that long compared to most. I was pretty well behaved, so I didn't get in too much trouble, but the punishments for things are very unbalanced. Once a girl freaked out and made us all leave the cabin and she just didn't get dinner, while once I accidentally ordered an extra box of soap and got a hill run. I understand that people need different punishments, but good golly. Some girls would act completely awful and so the staff would coddle them, while some of us got completely ignored. Now this is how I saw it. I don't know the whole story, but all I know is that it made me feel very insignificant and frustrated.

The religion was also kind of shoved down your throat. I am a christian, not catholic, but I still got shut down when I tried to give my opinion during group discussions. If they didn't agree with you, you were wrong. Another thing about the "group therapy", I didn't even know that was supposed to be "therapy". Most of the time we watch videos about a saint or how to react in different situations(videos that were made in the 80's may I add). Those videos are hilarious and none of us take them seriously, they are just too dang corny. They call it "group therapy", but its more just something to keep us occupied for an hour or two.

Now, in my opinion, if your daughter is close to turning 18, has never drank, partied, or done drugs, isn't very religious, or anything like that, this isnt the place. I cant speak for others, but when I came out I think I was worse than when I went. Also if you actually want her to graduate expect her to be there for at least two years. I did learn some stuff though, like that you can put anything on a tortilla! Also patience and people skills because the girls there can be nuts. I love them though and I can't wait until they get out so I can talk to them without being constantly monitored. So anywho, yep. That's my opinion.

Various feedback on Yelp from former students and relatives (link):

Quote from: Emily A.
The trauma this program caused my friend and all of the people with her severe PTSD. absolutely horrific, completely untrained staff. the entire camp is designed as forced, unpaid labor for the farm there. not allowed to sleep in the winter, forced to run all day without any meals, and constantly humiliated by staff about anything they deem not to their standards. tons of physical punishment through long runs for miles and miles without any breaks to go to the bathroom or eat. girls frequently defecated on themselves because they weren't allowed to use the bathroom. CPS should have shut this place down over a decade ago. staff oversees all visits with parents and tells the parents that no matter what their children say, they are lying about everything and the kids need to stay even longer. get ready to pay for decades of therapy and medication to recover from the trauma of this place.

Quote from: Tammy B
don't send them here! they are brain washers! they abuse your children! if you think they don't love you now or they are at a level to want to hurt themselfs now just wait, i heard girls were drinking bleach to off themselves, ever seen the movie holes, its like that but 100x worse because its real, they lock children alone for months at a time, they can't talk to anyone or each other, they let them get harmed and do nothing they are monsters! they don't give the children even a bed to sleep on! its torture! even inmates are given beds and medical care close this place tf down before you also get tied to the abuse here! these girls are not lieing to you! they have lawsuits on them! kids having ptsd and straight trama! listen to your children before its to late and they resent you or when they finally get the chance kill themselves because you made them feel so unloved being sent to "fake camp of hell"! manipulation over parents and gult tripping you will happen and your child will never be the same and never forgive you, all those 5 star reviews are fake they male them do that to get more girls (aka) more money they dont gove a fuck!

Quote from: Lexi M.
So today I decided to stop caring and post an honest review of this business. I was sent here in 2016, and I can easily say this made that the worst year of my entire life. This place changed my life in the worst way possible, causing me trauma and PTSD. This place is not what it seems. It's built on child labor and abuse. If you don't believe me, read all the other reviews, or simply research this place and read about how they are in court for this.

I can truthfully say that I would have rather gone to a prison than here. At least in prison, your allowed to make eye contact with and communicate with inmates. That's right, at Trinity you received physical punishment (example, 25 push ups) for making eye contact with a girl or talking to her without ASKING PERMISSION. You actually received physical punishment for the dumbest reasons; once, I had to do 50 step-ups because I mentioned that I missed Krispy Kreme donuts. Yep. And there reasoning was, "Your not in the here and now." You also could not stand up or sit down from your chair without asking permission. If you did on accident? 25 push ups, or 50, or whatever they felt like that day.

I was forced to eat food even though I was sick and this caused me to become more sick. I had woken up the night before with my stomach in intense pain. I received no medical assistance, and was sent back to bed. The next morning I still felt the same way and refused breakfast. They told me I had to eat and if i didn't, at the next meal I'd have to eat the meal I missed and the new meal. (if you refused many meals, as a punishment they made you eat a mix of cold kidney beans and cold black olives) So I ate the meal, and then projective vomited it outside the schoolhouse. Also, I should mention I never had control of any of the food I ate, and each girl had to eat the same amount of food, despite them all being different ages (youngest girl when I was there was 13, oldest was 19) I remember one girl, who was much younger than me, got so full from her dinner (she had already eaten most of it)and they forced her to eat it as she sobbed, telling them she felt ill.

I was assigned to take care of this horned goat, named Franny. So each night I had to take the goat off her leash/cable tie and put her in a pen, One night I got yelled at for putting her dinner in there so she would walk inside. A staff member decided to watch me to make sure I put her back correctly. The goat became angered with me, and head butted me repeatedly, until i fell to the ground. (The goat had head butted me in the past, which was always scary, but no one ever bothered to help me.) I became tangled in her cable tie, and it wrapped around my leg. The goat trampled me, then started running. When the goat would run, this would cause the cable to become taut around my leg. I don't know the name for it but it was like a piece of wire coated in plastic or rubber of some kind. So when she ran the wire tightened around my ankle, causing me intense pain. It also raised my ankle of the ground so I couldn't get up to free myself. I screamed for help, asking the staff member to help me. She stood there and told me to free/untangle myself so I could stand. I couldn't, I was too tangled, and each time I would try to get up the goat would run again causing even more pain and restriction. I just keep screaming for her to help, but she just hovered above me, watching.  Finally after she watched me a bit longer, and the wire had tightened several more times, the staff member unclipped the tie from the goats neck. My ankle was in intense pain, swollen and deeply bruised. The next day, I asked to be opted out of the run (we have to run from the living cabins to the schoolhouse, about 0.5 mile)since I was limping, my leg was swollen so it was hard to put in my boot, and I was in pain. They said no, you have to run. they told me I would be fine, since "it was just bruising and my actual leg was fine." Meanwhile, a girl with blisters didn't have to run.

Overall outside of these events this place is just bad all over. The "staff", who watch you at every hour of the day, have no licensing and often just a college degree. You see a licensed therapist for one hour once a week, sometimes twice. You participate in "Holy Cowgirl" meetings, which is where everyone sits in a circle and comments about how you did since the last meeting, including negative comments. It was really unhealthy. I would get super anxious leading up to the meetings, knowing I was going to be analyzed and picked apart. They also didn't let you look in the mirror, or talk about your experiences, which makes you feel like you have no identity.

I saw Angie, the owner, ONCE the whole time I was there. She doesn't care about the trauma she has caused and is causing to so many of these girls. She actually thinks people are suing Trinity for the sake of money, and not for the fact that she changed their lives in the worst way possible.

Quote from: Maggie H.
I was sent to Trinity in October of 2011 and graduated the program in July of 2013. My struggles were with anxiety and depression primarily, as well as some behavioral issues. I won't downplay that I was having some very serious problems, but Trinity was NOT the solution. Trinity is a catholic based treatment center that uses a mixture of strict discipline and once a week therapy. Some of the "discipline" includes humiliating and degrading "challenges." For example, The Chair. The Chair is simple, you sit on a chair in the corner facing a wall for a minimum of two weeks without speaking to anyone, participating in any activities, or having any form of entertainment other than 3 hours of online classes a day. If you broke any of the chair rules, the punishment would be to eat a bowl of kidney beans and olives instead of a regular meal.

I got very behind in my school work at Trinity Teen Solutions, as did many of the other girls. Which is ironic, because we did school work 12 months out of the year, six days a week. We participated in online school, which served as a very poor education for two years. I had no physical teacher for TWO YEARS. When I finished my time at TTS, I struggled immensely during my last year of high school due to the poor education I received.

I could go on and on about the various things that I experienced at Trinity, but suffice it to say that I'm 23 years old and I still struggle with the memories that I have of this place, and I feel that if I spend too long ruminating over it, I'll end up in a very dark place. I have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which was something that I never struggled with before TTS. While I do understand that one needs a predisposition to exhibit this behavior, the expectation of perfection that was perpetuated at Trinity is what caused these symptoms to develop in me. I had to mentally ritualize in order to feel safe. In one particular instance while I was being assessed for their bi-weekly "Holy Cowgirl" assessments, I was so overcome with anxiety that I ended up vomiting.
Being there for so long, I obviously had a mixture of positive and negative experiences. In a way, I was forced to develop a positive attitude, because fighting the system would have gotten me no where. I feel that this review would be dishonest if I didn't at least mention some of the things that made my Wyoming experience more tolerable.

  • My therapist J.D. Although JD no longer works for TTS
  • The Animals
  • It is pretty there
  • We weren't allowed to be friends with the other patients while we were there, but afterwards I talked to these people over social media and have made some really great friendships

I felt that I did what I had to in order to survive this place. I became a different person while I was there, but not in a way that I liked. I hated the person that Trinity turned me into. And when I look back on my teenage self, I try to have some compassion for that girl, because I was doing the best that I could at that time. I needed to please the powers that be, we were constantly reminded that if we didn't behave and change, that we would be held there indefinitely. Before Trinity, I was very passionate about art and drawing, but that was stomped out of me. I was only allowed to draw on some Sundays, and given punishment if I was caught doodling during the week. None of our notebooks were private, so if I did doodle, I would inevitably be caught. So I had to stop. I only draw rarely these days out of some subconscious fear of wrongdoing or punishment. It just doesn't feel safe to me (OCD).

I supposed that I should mention the outcome. Trinity is a very controlled environment, you are not in any way exposed to the real world. We aren't even allowed to talk about our lives pre-TTS, not even in a therapy group. After Trinity, my relationship with my family was more broken than it was before. I had only seen my parents four times in my two years there. My former friends had moved on with their lives, and I've had a great deal of trouble establishing meaningful relationships with anyone. I was told to lie to people at school about where I was. So, within weeks, I had turned to alcohol. I've been struggling with alcoholism for the last five years. Again, I don't entirely blame Trinity for this, but they claim a high success rate, which is simply not true. I'm not sure how they are measuring their idea of a success rate, to be quite honest. I'm doing better now, I sought treatment as an adult at facilities that had a proper understanding of my mental illnesses and addictions, and were able to effectively treat these things. I am doing better now, it is in spite of Trinity Teen Solutions, not because of it.

Quote from: Kari S.

When I was sent to this place in 2005 I was terrified, dressed in rags, and broke my back as I exceeded the child labor laws times a million daily. Not saying it was a total negative experience, although most of it was due to MOST of the people running the program. I was there for about 8 months and I had only gotten 2 school credits (this is a fact). Kids and teens get hungry because they are constantly growing; my point is that the girls do not have access to the kitchen so if we are laboring in the heat or the freezing cold we only have water no Gatorade no gronola bars nothing to feed our energy, so now this is why some girls "steal" food (if you even want to call it that since the parents are paying the program more than enough money to feed an army, I shot you not) so anyways when they would do that they would give them ridiculous punishments, such as eating cold oatmeal for all 3 meals for 3 days in a row, yuk. There were all kinds of crazy stuff they did. I personally was told that I had to tie myself to this other girl with a rope and we had to be tied together with a rope connected to our belt loops all day long until bedtime. This went on for 5 months. Then at one time, I had to care for that Saint Bernard dog you see in the pictures, only when bedtime came along I was not allowed to sleep in my bed, they made me sleep on the floor with the dog without a pillow or a blanket. I did not get the sleep I needed during that time and I still had to labor all day, that is if I wanted to eat real food. They ALWAYS use food as a punishment even though it says right there in the cowgirl manual that they will NOT use food as a punishment. These people like to contradict themselves, and if you think for one minute that Angie and Jerry (the owners) don't know what's going on think again because they do know and they don't care. I was upset one night and so I just started running down the dirt road, they came after me in the truck and slammed me down On The ground. Now after this happens the staff preceded to tie up my entire body in a thick heavy rope and threw me in the back of the truck and drove back up to the cabins. I didn't know what the hell was going on and then I over heard them talking about locking me in the shed and they didn't do that because there were nails sticking out of the walls and so they thought I was going to kill myself ( and that's something I would never do, I was simply PISSED) but can you blame me? First of all I already had been traumatized before I went to this place and they just made things worse for me. I'll tell you all something, ANYBODY can go and get a job that's meant for helping people, just to go for the money, and OR to make others miserable because they are miserable. There are a lot of crooked COPS, and many other titles. I really hope I can get through to many parents out there. One more memory is about this thing they put us through called "Pig Shifts" which means; after the mother pig gives birth, the girls are paired up and every pair has a set time each day or night or early AM to watch the piglets to make sure the momma does not crush them. Each shift would run 3 hours at a time. My pig shift was from 2am to 5am mind you that us two girls had to walk across a huge field about a mile and a half long in the middle of the night in the pitch dark knowing that a mountain lion was spotted by the neighbor, and we heard this from staff. Now we were not allowed to go to sleep until 9:30pm each night we had the option to stay up a little later but I was always so exhausted I had wished I could have gone to sleep earlier, especially with pig shifts and then laboring all day. One more thing I forgot to mention is that they like to make us run everywhere on top of the pig shifts, the daily labor, and the lack of nutrition. Another important memory I must share; we went hiking in the mountains (very beautiful) anyways, once we had gotten to Deep lake we were to put our food up into the trees before we would camp for the night as there are REAL BEARS where they bring the girls. So I had put my food in the sack to go up into the tree and we were about to go to sleep and I had forgotten that I had a small Gatorade packet in my pocket ( yes the one time we actually got this type on stuff on hiking trips) so I was worried because I didn't want to get eaten by a bear so I told staff right away and it was a simple mistake but they got mad at me, so then I went to burry it away from the campsite to be safe. Then the next morning because of what happened with me and that Gatorade packet the night before the staff refused to let any of us eat breakfast, and this was the day after a very long and strenuous hike. Thank you God Bless

Quote from: Kyrie O.
I definitely do not support or recommend this place to anyone. I am writing this review at 4 in the morning because I can't sleep because of all the terrible memories that I've had of this place and I just want to put out there do not send your kids there. It's a scam for money the girls are mentally abused and brainwashed by very intimidating staff the girls have no alone time which is extremely unhealthy there are terrible consequences such as Life review where are you sit facing a wall for however long staff said so there was a 13 year old girl who was on Life review for 6 weeks the amount of trauma and depression she could have got from that or has got from that is disgusting this is not a healthy Place whatsoever they break you down until you have nothing not even able to express yourself in any way it's a cult practically and for what so the owners can buy fancy cars and giant RVs the expectations staff put on us was practically impossible I was put on silent challenge where I couldn't talk or say any unnecessary things and I suffer from depression and being antisocial so I don't understand how that would help me in anyway there is definite favoritism it seems you have to put others down in order to make yourself succeed in this place it's all based on how brainwashed you are if you act like a robot for however long you're there you'll probably get out faster but that's not how humans work I was definitely mentally abused there by staff and it keeps me up at night the amount of anger that I feel is very difficult to handle if you want your child to be at peace don't send them here because it doesn't give you any peace it is not a peaceful place it is all false advertisement it's not a boarding school you do school in a run-down trailer and are cooped up not able to experience anything that the real world has to offer it's in the wilderness so girls can run away

Quote from: Anna A.
I attended Trinity back in 2012. Not only was this place not at all what they said they were but it caused more harm than good to the girls that went there. My parents realized what a scam it was after much manipulation from the owners and they removed me from this place as fast as they could. I was diagnosed with PTSD from being there by my therapist when I returned home. After thousands spent on therapy to help me overcome these traumas I can say in confidence DO NOT send your children to Trinity. Please consider other programs. My parents were just trying to find a place of healing for me but were horrified to find out how damaging it was instead.

Many years later I saw a post on Facebook. It explained how her life had been since. She might have seen something in connection with the murder.

On Facebook a person connected to the dead girl write:

Quote from: Justin Zeus G Francis
She is our only hope for Justice for Teressa Vanegas.
She is on dope cuz she afraid of tha Reality she lives in. She was supposed to be raped and murdered by Alex, Mando and Oscar Cruz on Halloween of 2006. She escaped but her best friend Teressa Vanegas did not.
She is haunted. She is broken.
She is afraid.
She is also our only hope that Teressa Vanegas? story will ever be told by a survivor.

It seems that 3 killers are running around. She has now become victim of the war on drugs with tons of arrest (link). Drugs she need because she got abused in a residential program which might have scared her away form getting help after having become witness to a murder.

That is the real tragedy with some of the TTI programs. They scare people away from getting help because they were bullied and abused in the programs.

In 1980 two teenagers opted out of life while being detained at this facility.

  • In June 15-year old Tina Byrd hanged herself using part of her clothes
  • In November 16-year-old Russel John Hayden used bedsheet to hang himself detained for truancy issues

What conditions at this detention center brought not only one teenager to suicide but two?


A 25 foot sailboat sent out on the open Pacific ocean by Visionquest on a survival cruise became a death trap when lack of seaman ship and possible ignoring of weather forecast meant that the sailboat was caught in a storm the crew and students could not survive.

Among the deaths were:
  • 15-year-old Robert Doyle Erwin
  • Lyle Foodroy
  • 17-year-old Robert Zimmerman
  • 16-year-old Charles Lucas
  • 14-year-old James Lamb
  • 19-year-old Bernard Reefer
  • 17-year-old Eric David Schibley

Did that stop Visionquest from sending teenagers out into open sea? No. What was then learned? What is your opinion on that?


The Troubled Teen Industry / The tragic death of Connie Munson (1980)
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14 year old Connie Munson died when she was a detained so-called student at the    Bethesda home for girls. Some sources claim that she was in the process of running away when she was killed by passing traffic others state otherwise, but does it matter? A girl named Pam Pellegrini survived the accident but was properly unable to aid the authorities into what took place that day.

Had Connie not been detained at the Bethesda home for girls, she would have gone on to live a full life.

The program itself later got into legal trouble of other kind and was closed. The campus burned down to the ground some years later but it was too late for this poor girl.


In 1970 a fire erupted at Grove School. Two students lost their lives as result. The circumstances why they were in a part of the school where they were not able to escape were unclear at the time of the fire and never fully investigated.

But two families never got their relatives back.

Did anyone learn from this tragedy? Why can you go over fire inspections reports even today finding doors locked when they should not be? As long as rules and regulations are not followed the next tragedy is only a matter of time.


The Troubled Teen Industry / The tragic death of Joy Evans (1976)
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Forest Haven Asylum does not exist today. Force feeding we know about from Guantanamo Bay. However it is not a new invention. Women who made the choice to fight for their rights were force-feed 100 years ago.

So how could the employees at Forest Haven Asylum make such a stupid mistake to force-feed a child who were lying down instead of sitting up? Could it be that the methods never changed in the Troubled Teen industry to hire the cheapest employees were the decisive element that brought on the death of a 17 year old teenager?


The Troubled Teen Industry / The tragic death of Lorene Larhette (1971)
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She was not the only person to die during those tragic days in 1971. She did not attend a wilderness program as we know them today where muscle men get the teenager from the teenagers own bed using handcuffs and other kinds of restraints but made the "volunteering" choice to attend the wilderness program because it would look good on her CV when later applying for a university.

But as with wilderness programs in the decades that followed, the employees were not prepared to rapid changes in the weather and that led to the tragedy in 1971.

Nothing was learned from this tragedy and that is the worst part. Teenagers continue to die in wilderness programs. Why did nothing change?


Asheville Academy for Girls is located on 126 Camp Elliot Rd, Black Mountain, North Carolina. This address used to house Stone Mountain School run back then by Aspen Education Group. The campus was shared with Solstice East.

The target group is younger teenager girls aged below 15 at enrollment.

Some testimonies on Google state what kind of environment the girls are placed in:

Quote from: Hannah Schuetz
I am begging you with every fiber of my being not to send your child here. I was at AAG from August 12, 2013-August 14, 2014. I have never been more traumatized than I was while I was there. We were treated like garbage and while there was a handful of good staff the majority did not care and would put us into restraints for absolutely no reason. I also was sent to the basement and forced to do nothing and I was not allowed to have conversations. We were barely allowed to be near each other. To this day I have nightmares about this school and everything I went through. There are so many places that can help your child but this is not one of them.

Quote from: Kelly Montgomery
WARNING - DON'T SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE IF YOU LOVE HER!  The staff are rude and girls can get by with basically anything.  iF you act out you get restrained and staff holds you down until you agree to stop.  My parents sent me here when I was 13 and I will never forgive them for the 8 months of absolute hell they put me through!

Quote from: anonymous reviewer
*to clarify, this is about my experience with AAG, not solstice* My own PTSD regarding my traumatizing experience at this school years ago, has kept me from doing anything as simple as writing this review, in terms of speaking out. Somehow years later, I’m still so fearful of this place that I am afraid to speak out against it, and tell my story. But they don’t have any control over me anymore, they cannot punish me for writing an honest review.

In my and many other’s opinion, this school manipulates parents. Both in getting them to send their kids here, and getting them to stay. If you say anything negative about the school to your parents, they tell them that you are not “accepting” of the fact that you are here, and they make you stay longer. In the years following my stay here, my parents have recognized the many manipulation tactics they used, and have apologized to me for falling for them. Even if you have toured the school, and have had students tell you they are fine and dandy..... trust me. I was one of the students they paraded around during tours. I felt trapped into assuring parents that this school was safe, and was helping me. I feel guilty about that to this day, but I was emotionally trapped and had no choice (at 14 years old).

I witnessed a number of restraints that didn’t need to happen, people being taken to “the basement” for hours or even DAYS, with nothing to do except sit and get even more upset, as punishment. I witnessed a certain therapist scream at a student who was suffering, and the same therapist made fun of me while I was disassociating.

and while we are talking about staff, there were at least two staff members who worked at the school when i went there who, now that I am older, i believe may have been acting inappropriately towards students. in what exact capacity I’m not sure, but personally I know of one former staff member who would tell me and other students about her sex life in order to get us to do our chores, etc.

We were also forced to read “impact letters” from our parents, which stated explicitly why we were sent there, to a large group of other preteens. We could not skip words, and often had peers reading over your shoulder to make sure you weren’t leaving anything out. What purpose it served to be forced to read your parents words in front of the other girls, aside from shame and humiliation, I have no clue. Aside from my own impact letter, it was so uncomfortable for me to have to listen to other girls’ reading theirs, knowing how traumatizing it was. It was also just terribly awkward.

I have many other stories to tell, and I will one day. If anyone in charge this school is reading this, just know that I understand that some of you are well meaning. i get that. But in my opinion, at least a couple of years ago, you are/were not doing it right. This is not the nurturing environment you advertise it to be.

To use the words you so loved to throw in my face when I was there... me choosing to write this review, and in the future, tell my story, is my version of “advocation” and “authenticity”. I WILL advocate for the bettering of institutions like yours, as well as for the people who have been hurt by them. And I WILL be authentic, and eventually, unafraid, in honestly talking about my time here, in hopes to raise awareness and to help myself heal.

Quote from: Emily Trilling
When I was here at AAG it was when I was 12 I am now 17 and still think of the terrible expiernces I have been through at that place. I’ve been to over 5 programs and can reccomend good ones for parents looking to send there children here please do not!!!! I was consitnitly retrained and so was everyone else for the most ridiculous reasons, (getting to close to another peer) and I was also put in the basement with no peer interaction for 2 weeks before I begged my parents to send me to a wilderness program which I came from. I remember one time I was cutting myself and they didn’t notice till 3 weeks in the staff is a joke they want money the only reason there their.

Quote from: Flirtybird
I went to this horrible horrible place about 3 years ago. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD. My family and I have spent years trying to undo the damage and PTSD put on me by “therapists” and “trained staff”. I was locked in a room by myself for a full month! THESE PLACES DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!

Quote from: Madeline McKenzie
If you are reading this, and you are having trouble with your daughter, I just want to let you know that, what your daughter is going through is not forever and while it may be difficult and you are unsure what to do as a parent, the best thing you truly can do is be there for your kid and not expect some program to try and fix your child's problems. As a young adult woman now.. the problems I faced as a 12-13 year old girl surpassed as I got older and I got through the cruel phases of puberty that all women go through in their lives.

It's been roughly 5 years since I attended this therapeutic school program. I was sent here in continuation from another treatment center as a way to slowly integrate into a normal school system. This school is set in a beautiful environment, the house where solstice and AAG was in was very nice and whilst being there, it was going under remodeling so I can only imagine what it is like now.

The biggest problem with this  program I can share is, the lack of understanding between the staff and the students. The program was set in a level system where you can earn privileges as you increased in rank. You proceed in your rank by taking accountability, showing respect, leadership, progressing in therapy, and doing assignments, etc. I got to the 3rd highest rank within the program. In this program I felt trapped and I felt very lost. Music was and is my life but for the majority of my time there, my music listening was restricted to 30 minutes per weekend. Staff also put restrictions as to what the students can and cant listen to or read so being my 13 year old self, this only caused me to rebel and look for ways to sneak in my books, and my cds. Music regardless of genre and style or content, is extremely helpful in therapy and I was quite baffled as to how that was considered a privilege? It was the hardest thing about attending AAG. AAG put a new wave of defiance in me with all of the restrictions they put upon the students. No student is one and the same, what one girl may find helpful, maybe different for another. Therapy is personal.

The actual therapy wasn't very good, I couldn't relate with my therapist at all and I found that my therapist often rarely worked with me. I would have to send requests but even then, she wouldn't acknowledge them sometimes. I did Ptsd based therapy but I wasn't even sure that was the problem, the main problem was that I had no liberty and the only way I could escape or free myself from this institution was look to books and religion. I'd also work with a doctor who would prescribe me medication without my fathers discretion. I can't even remember all the different kinds of pills they put me on, now today my digestion is messed up from it all, young girls from the ages of 10-14 shouldn't be taking 60 mgs of prozac  or prescribed 20mg of ritalin. Its terrible for their health and any reasonable adult should know that this stuff is not good for developing bodies. I had no say, it was a "doctor knows best" deal, and most typically doctor dont always know best.

I found myself more depressed in AAG than I was before in my everyday life . I was suicidal, I missed my father, and more importantly I felt so disassociated with reality, reality isn't accountability groups and "I feel statements", reality is knowing your situation, and learning to make a mistake and take that mistake and learn from it. This school should've preached love instead of making these poor girls feel bad about themselves in front of their parents. What those girls wanted was someone to understand them through this confusing and difficult time, and all we truly had was each other. Sisterhood is very real in this place, I am still friends with the girls I met 6 years ago at AAG. They have all grown to be great strong young women.

This isn't trying to hurt the school, this is just some of the things I experienced while I was here. For some it might be a good fit, but for me, it really was a nightmare.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bluefire Wilderness program - Idaho
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On Reddit they are building a wiki database as replacement for Fornits Wiki and Secret Prisons for Teens Wiki database which sadly are no more.

Here are some testimonies from Google:

Quote from: Carter Kessing
Hi i am a past student of blue fire and I am writing this for struggling parents who feel like they have no option but so send their kid here DONT DO IT this place can care less if you come out better and even less that you actually go home. At my time at blue fire they used cruel punishments on me and the kids in my group we were constantly deprived of food when I first got there it was 8 kids when I left it was 16 kids and we were still getting the same amount of food it was used against us as punishment and what made it worse is the staff knew what they were doing because me and the kids would constantly say you can’t use food as punishment and even are therapist tried to help but once the therapist left and it was just the unsupervised staff with the kids they were free to do as they please and punish how they pleased so we were genuinely scared that whatever we said about the staff out of fear that it would be used against us or that our “privilege” of talking to our family be taken away much of the program is hiking and I remember an occasion when we actually ended up getting lost in the desert and they forced us to hike 25 miles all the kids had blistered feet and we were out of food but of course the staff still had food and they were eating beef jerky in front of us when they knew damn well we  were deprived of meat there I could write a whole other review talking about the food they fed us horrible beans and rice almost every meal also forgot to mention to have any contact with your parents you have to write them a letter saying how good of a program you are at and how much of an opportunity it is for you to be there and if you don’t your not allowed to talk to your parents these people who run this place are sick in the head and see basic necessities as privileges

Quote from: AmgLife
Get rich quick scheeme, you have a bad kid? Theyll make your kid good in just a few weeks? This is bs. I attented bluefire for more than 2 monthes and it ruined my entire social life it ruined my family life, how are they going to help your teen when they have only 2 theripists, and you only meet with them once a week. They have the say weather u go home or not. They have more than 10 other kids cases there working on too if and if its not working out how they see it they will just say your kid needa boarding school... this is how they make there money its sad. I stay intoucu with everyone i was at bluefire with and there lifes all went down the drain as did mine. One of the biggest issues is there website is a lie. We sleep on the floor eat out the same cup have no chairs nothing and during family spark they bring out tents and chairs and acual good food only when the parents come to visit than right when the parents leave its right back to sleeping on the floor no chairs or nothing. Everyone i was there with agreed it was a front. Please dont waste your money on this scheme, dont put your family thru what mine went thru, dont put your kid through what i went through. It made me worse off as a kid made me way worse i had to learn everything myself amd i had years of therepy because of bluefire and they all agree bluefire is a scam a scheme.. they literally have tents bur won't let you sleep in them unless ur familys there. This wont help your kid dont give them your hard earned dollars just to make things worse for your family

Quote from: Gavin Cruz
The staff were nice but the over all help they had with targeting certain kids including myself was horrible. The staff would mess up the re rash and we would have way less food and we were stuck barely eating. Also your pictures of blue fire on your website is completely false we had horrible quality clothes I was in there when it was five degrees and below and the gloves and layers of clothes were not meant for that environment they were horrible it’s basically cruel punishment for people trying to get help. What’s the point of putting someone with mental issues or drug or alcohol addiction in weather where they can’t feel there hand or body while having kids cook horrible food with horrible ingredients giving during re rash. I was there for eleven weeks I enjoyed my therapist a lot but I didn’t make any progress at all he was a great guy but didn’t help me at all. I went to a treatment center after and they couldn’t help me either I struggle with depression and anxiety i am the exact same person as before. There is no point of sending a struggling kid to a wilderness therapy especially one that does not give you the tools to be safe. If we didn’t bust a cold we were stuck sitting around the camp site freezing then going into a green wall which y’all said that we were going in a yurt every night on y’all’s website when we went into one only at three camp sites. I remember waking up in a fetal position and I used one of my nalgens filled with my urine and put it on my stomach to keep me warm. And they would only let you sleep in a long sleeve skin tight shirt and pants that matched the shirt with no jacket or anything so you would basically be sleeping in your underwear they also took your shoes so you would have to wake up and pee outside with no shoes and in a shirt and pants in the snow. This was punishment my parents still think it was a fun experience when in reality it was a living hell. I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart don’t send your kid here they lie to you. Just get a therapist at home and if needed send him or her to a mental hospital. Also don’t send your kid to a treatment center it’s the same process as wilderness but in a building it’s not helpful there at all. Don’t ever consider this.

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