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Open Free for All / Have to find $41,000
« on: October 09, 2014, 02:29:13 AM »
Yesterday I got bitch-slapped by social services at the Egedal municipality in Denmark where I live.

I have to pay every month for the next 8 years until my youngest child will turn 21. (The age of majority is 18 in Denmark but that is this particular law known as 498 from 2011.)

The reason is that one of us parents has infected our children with depression. Before we decided to have children we should have considered the risk of infection. After the parent who was hospitalized with depression was released for home treatment, this parent should have purchased a stick with a bell on it so the children could have removed themselves from sight reducing the risk of infection just like people infected with Leprosy did in the old days. Having been poorly counseled I have to admit that we failed to do that.

After 3 years of appeals we lost our final appeal yesterday. Every month for the next years I now have to pay this fine caused by of course our failure but also as result of poor counseling making a total of $41,000.

Had the illness which run in our family been physical we would not have to pay. However as depression is a mental illness the present situation in Denmark is that mental illnesses are kind of degrading and the people suffering from it had the choice to do something about in time, just as people who choose to smoke or become overweight had a choice.

I happen to disagree.

However I live in Denmark and have no plan of living in another country despite the fact that my mother comes from another country. I have to accept the verdict and our customs regardless of how unfair I find it and the suffering it would inflict upon us for the next many years.

I am not writing this to ask for money, just to explain our present situation.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Victims list update
« on: January 12, 2009, 02:54:53 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"

you missed a number of cedu deaths. the above is about a boy who hung himself. There is a woman here who says her daughter hanged herself largely because of CEDU. Go througth the forum you will find others
We will continue our investigation and have alerted other boards as well.

The boy who was found hanging from a waterpipe in the ceiling is mentioned on the 1990 subpage. On a parent board a volunteer from spft asked a parent to look for the pipe  as I have been told that they didn't fix it because they wanted to remind themselves to keep eye on the kids instead of just warehousing them (According to our sources the pipe was still bend in 2005).

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Victims list update
« on: January 12, 2009, 02:46:39 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
Quote from: "Oscar"
Quote from: "Guest"
I'm wondering, do you get  permission from the families to use their dead kids to promote an agenda?

No, we didn't. However all the dead kids are on several lists already. Teen advocates list is properly the most well-known but there are 3-4 more as you can see in the lists references. Second of all the media has written about them and we are only quoting articles already online.

There are some, who is listed as unknown. I guess that a part of the settlement the parents have made is that they are so ashamed of their own flesh and blood that they just want to forget they ever had him or her. If I lost a kid, I would shout out in the world until it is known how it did happen. Even if it did happen in traffic where we accept that mobility has a price of death.
thank you

of course, the families wants in this are irrelevant.

it's not about them its about the kids
If you bother to read the links in the references, you will find article after article with parents, who want safety and that is shouldn't happen for other parents and their kid - of course.

Of course I cannot interview the mother who took her own life and the life of the remaining son due to grief after a lost son, but I think that even she would acknowledge the need for these deaths to stop, even now where she is in a better place.

News Items / Re: Troubled Tampa Bay Academy lays off most of its workers
« on: January 03, 2009, 03:19:24 PM »
An old Scandinavian saying is: "Dont throw stones when you are living in a glass house".

It is about time that Florida fix their broken juvenile health care and prison system. The boot camp death started.

But I guess that James Evans, the executive director of Tampa Bay Academy had no idea that his request for an overhaul would backfire and close his firm.

One citizen's quest for justice - The Tampa man wrote a state board after seeing a tape of a teen's boot camp beating.

Can it be? Is Florida about to do a complete cleaning?

News Items / Re: More programs shutting down
« on: December 28, 2008, 05:56:38 AM »
TB is up and running, but they have changed a few things.

The reason they were shut for a period was:

1) An investigation from the authorities on Jamaica. Some has held their hand over them for years (for money) but maybe a new sheriff was in town.
2) The lease on the hotel came to an end. It was not clear whether they could get a new one.

So all the kids ended up at Gulf Coast (The old Bethel) in Lucedale.

The buildings was in very poor shape after the Hurricane and because there was no ocean some of parents dropped by and was very angry with the so-called housing standard. They believed in the marketing material based on photos from the 80's. A lot of youth did also escape and the staff was not trained to deal with anything beside drinking beer on the shifts.

An informant has told be that the campus in Lucedale is almost empty. However, I have not been able to have it confirmed.

Back on Jamaica the lease went through and TB was up and running again. However the total number of kids in the WWASP system has dropped so they were in need of new customers. So Tipton/Meadowlark in Kansas are threating their detainees with TB. A couple of other non-WWASP school are doing the same. Cayman Island has made a deal so severely troubled youth are sent to TB, so they can close their eyes and state that troubled youth are not to find in their country.

So TB is up and running.

But our work have made a difference. Now people know what TB stand for and what why people near Hillary Clinton was able to help a family with a plane so they  could fly out and free a boy. From a blog:

Those involved with freeing Isaac Hersh include, Joshua Ambush, Attorney; Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe, executive director of the Torah Outreach Research Center of Houston and who is also one of the foster parents for Isaac twin brother; Rabbi Avraham Wolbe, Monsey, NY, David Pelcovitz, Phd of Yeshiva University, Mr. Zvi Gluck, Hatzalah, New York, NY; Isaac Klein, Far Rockaway NY and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately a lot of the youth in the system doesn't have as powerful friends but the tides have turned from 1990's where even celebs used the BM industry  and in fact was promoting them. (Ryan O'Neal and wife used it for Redmond, The parents of Aaron and Nick Carter used it for their sister Leslie)

Open Free for All / Re: this place is dead
« on: December 27, 2008, 05:34:32 PM »
Regarding the Darrington survivors. Maybe Fican could be the answer. The only thing is the present html syntax. Maybe I could talk with Kathy about that. Her new webpage is good, but the old forum was better.

Please email me. It is 23:29 here in Denmark so I would be in bed before long, so I can answer in 6 hours (I cannot sleep longer because then my neck starts to hurt and I am against medication when it comes to treatment of my neck injury.

Open Free for All / Re: this place is dead
« on: December 27, 2008, 05:28:33 PM »
I believe that Fornits has a mission, but in order to remain a tool against the BM industry, changes have to be made.

I think that the answer is to lock the sub-forums targeted against specific programs, so only registered users can post there. Thread after thread is lost in bashing.

Next we all want to close down the BM industry. However we dont agree of the strategy. Can we at least agree on the fact that we disagree and go back and work instead?

Psy: While I respect you I see things different than you. I wont go into details but I wouldn't have used haft the time on Sue Scheff that You do. Of course she is not harmless, but a single page about her would have done the job. I warned you and Antigen repeatedly about how vulnerable the hosting situation would be and we lost a huge part of 2007 and 2008 to various movings and dataloss. Time where we could have been in the offensive. I know that I lost a lot of info inserted on the wiki and that's there are three copies online today. As some know I work in the IT-business and backup is the main issue. Today Fornits is one of main boards we are on and if the vandalism of threads can be minimized it would continue so.

Kev: I would appeal to you to to redraw to anti-wwasp. You are doing a very fine job over there. Jens is so happy with communication. I wish that you can come to a somewhat agreement with the owner, so someone can help keeping it free from spam. I don't believe in consolidating. There should be room for both websites. I havn't been around but my google-alerts keep finding info from it regardless of the fact that it is password protected. On the other hand keep in mind that it is better to maintain a few websites which we can afford keeping in the air instead of a lot of websites, which is periodically down to a tight economical situation. While you are at it please put  FemanonFatal2.0 rep. power up again as an act of good will. We are not back at the school. We dont need to dump peoples levels just because they are critical at the system. It didn't help people being dumped back then. It certainly don't anyone now.

FemanonFatal2.0: I have reached out to you before and that offer still stand. But don't waste your time anyone parenting strategies regardless of the fact that little chick needs to grow its wings and fly. I disagree with Pam's strategy while I 100% understand the motivation because I see it in my house every week where I can tell my wife that her illness doesn't make her a bad parent and that she don't need to compensate the kids with gifts. I also think that the parents strategy of your mom was wrong when she denied you the possibility for a loan when she knew that the only reason you was pulled was because they didn't have a clue about medication when your grandmother called them (as stated in one of your previous posts and on wiki). While I have never asked anything of my mom after I left my childhood home in good standing, I know that she would have given me anything if I asked for it. I have put Klaus on your board so we can help kicking it up in gear.

We are also working with Fican. Unfortunately the message board works with another syntax making it difficult for us to send textfiles with posts to our contact so it could be posted without a lot of reformatting. We will engage in a dialogue to solve that problem.

I cannot tell you how tired I am of all these fights between the boards and it would not improve my motivation to return from my sickleave and return as an active poster.

But what are spft up to right now?

1) We are going to redesign our webpage. We have not a large amount of money for that. While our search engines are not exactly our but someone else working for an official domestic cause here in Denmark, we have to pay for our website with our own money. We would never ask for any so this is not begging.

2) The Wiki would be expanded with a new time consuming category. We would like others list the teens who have died in programs, but we will also list the names of teens who have lost their lives 1-3 years out of the program. Our research indicate that the mortality rate is higher among survivors than among ordinary youths in their teens. Beside all the paid surveys from the BM industry, parents should be informed that programs also carries the risk of loosing their son or daughter even when they take on the mask of the Stepford child and graduate the program.


We believe in a future of Fornits and the other boards. Without Fornits the fight against the BM industry would be put 5 years back. We only need to remove some of the vandalism which have cost us a lot of posters in the past, who have done so much for the cause. Maybe the answer is to contact them and introduce them to one of the other message boards where the tone and language are more polite.

Anyhow this was the word from Spft. My neck is beginning to hurt again and I have to lie down.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Web forum hosting / Re: Have you considered...?
« on: November 30, 2008, 03:45:13 PM »
On behaft of Secret Prisons for Teens:

You can take our advice or don't, but here it is:

I think that each website and the organisation behind them should take their own path using whatever strength they have.

All the website have strengths and weaknesses. We at Spft have learned to live with them. We have tried to suggest that Fornits should moderate. They won't and we respect their decision. But because the Fornits message boards have periods being flooded with spam and trolls and internal wars, we have decided to take another approach in our work than before.

We kicked Fornits Wiki into gear. A couple of months ago we decided to make each edit on our local server first and then let the persons in our group copy it to the wiki's which use our structures. Notice wiki's. That means several. Some public, some in torrents networks hidden. We are not picky and don't care about copyright regarding our contributions. All we ask of websites using our pages are that they don't refer children. We don't care if they only use a part of our database. We acknowledge that a page about a program in Denmark or China don't have a lot of interest for American readers.

This is how we work for the time being:

1) All the volunteers are investigating through their own internet connections.

2) When they post something, they use a VPN connection to a machine here in my house which have two Internet providers active and one in spare. From this machine they access our wiki and let the people responsible for copying to others wikis know that new info are ready. All edits will be made from these three IP-numbers and from a single machine if some wants to backtrace them. Maybe we have people inside the States, maybe not.

The persons responsible for posting to Fornits is Rotsne and Oscar. Wiki Researcher are working with Fican and I to help them through a crisis. Jensp has anti-wwasp, KentD cafety, Paulu Youthright. Communication with Heal-online and Isac are ongoing from case to case whenever we feel that we all can benefit eachother. We also have people watching and posting on conductdiscorders and several other places posing as parents with problems kids and sometime giving anti-program advice and cultural lections in the superior culture in the nordic countries.

Kev: I know that you are trying to give them advices based on good intention. Leave it. This board works in another way. If they want to have these periods of total anarchism, let them have them. After all when they are functioning, they provide valuable information.

What your board is doing is also good. WWASP aka whatevertheycallthemselvesthismonth needs to have your board on their back. I have been thinking of contacting the owner of TBfight in order to offer him or her our help, so they can get the spam out of their board and renew it a little without removing its purpose.

We believe that there should be room for both general boards and targeted boards in the Anti-BM movement. We feel that our purpose is to gather all these small pieces every single board diggs up and exchange them. Here is perhaps your finest role regarding the anti-wwasp - Fornits cooperation. Sharing with an open heart whenever your board diggs up. On the other hand, I urge the Fornits members to do the same whenever they find any information, that could benefit anti-wwasp.

I hope this message clearify what we are doing at Spft. We are not interested in closing doors, but establishing a wide network.

Secret Prisons for teens
Carsten Overgaard

Web forum hosting / Time for moderating the forums ?
« on: October 14, 2008, 04:00:23 PM »
Once again fait have given the victims a chance to hit the industry hard. The previous times it was the GAO hearings. Now it is the economical situation. The programs are closing in larger numbers.

I think that it is time to put an end to all those threads where good time is wasted on personal attacks and discussing porn.

I know that several of you have been through hell. No question about that. But we have several posters waving a read cloth in front of you to provoke a personal attack. They do it so good that they could be working in the industry with knowledge about exactly what button to push. What about ignoring them. They are doing it once we give them hard questions. Rotsne had a thread where he asked TheWho about quick changes when students are sent abroad. TheWho gave a song from the warm countries instead of an answer.

Now where there is a reason to be in the offensive, it will be a shame if the posters waste time on fighting each other. I experience that the trafic is low right now. One way to improve this to moderate the forum. I know that there is an opposition against moderating the forum, but it should be clear for everyone that some posters working for the industry seem to have found a way to destroy good threads by provoking people to derail the threads into a general for-against argumentation and name-calling. There is like +10000 threads everywhere in advance on this subject.

So please moderate all forums for threads about personal conflicts between posters and remove all posts with some general sexual content. I am a Dane and cannot be provoked by such sexual statements but other can and if Fornits want to be another nail in the industry's coffin issues about sexual statements should go if they are not about the alternative sexual environment in single gender programs.

I hate to say it, but most of the links my people are putting on the wiki are from other message boards right now.

Second of all avoid fights with other NGO's even if you disagree with them. Let the attacts be on the industry and their referral businesses alone.

Just my 2 cents.

Sometimes I am tired of what I am reading here on Fornits. Then I devote some time to Fornits wiki and improve it by finding info somewhere else than Fornits.

Fornits used to be the place where news about the abuse in programs were uncovered. Survivors came to tell their story about good and bad in programs. There is good in any program - there are other survivors, who know how you feel and in some programs this is the only thing.

But lately Fornits have been more about trying to shot out those people who have a different view than your self. It is OK to disagree with people and then you argument with facts. That is the way I work addressing politicians in the Danish parliament. I disagree with most of them but I can still write to them civilized and even talk with them in person without getting angry.

Programs are in general not something that can benefit people if they don't agree to the treatment before entering and the information channels to the outside remains open.

There is nothing wrong by dealing with a problem and what works for me doesn't work for everyone. So what I could find as execellent treatment could be something other would leave after the first word is spoken and then they should have this right.

But you have to ask your self some questions:

Who buys the program? Would they read threads on this forum?
Who ends up in the programs? Would they read threads on this forum?
Who would seek deprogramming here if they are bashed just they think that there was good elements in their programs?

Parents won't seek advice here if they are bashed before they explain how some of them are forced by authorities to banish their own child to a program.

I will continue my break from the forum and consentrate to uncover any dirt which is sweaped under the carpet on Fornits Wiki only.

Maybe one day you are finished bashed each other instead of fighting programs with every legal mean possible.

Maybe one day you are prepared to accept that we are not living in a dictatorship and respect that some people can be misguided and they need to be talked over with respect.

Until that my break will continue.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: StrugglingTeens changes their tune
« on: February 14, 2008, 02:10:41 PM »
Sometime the changes are forced. Look at Aspens Excel Academy.

They have always issued orange jumpsuits to newcomers and they have always taken them down to the local jail for a little scare.

Suddenly they state that they no longer want to treat conduct problems, but addicts alone. Why?

Answer: There is a new sheriff in town.

A boy had been through the mandatory jailtrip where the inmates were allowed to put a little Vaseline on his backside after he had been ordered to strip. Suddenly the new sheriff arrested one of the staffmembers and ordered this practice to stop.

They had no choice to alter their program, because the new sheriff had removed the key-elements in it.

Here is the press release: The new Excel academy from the Fornits wiki page. and here is something about the incident: Deputy Charged Over Alleged Discipline

Some critics may say that it was a political stunt on the behalf of the sheriff, but I think he hit the target very well.

Aspen Education Group / Scared straight forbidden in Conroe, Texas
« on: February 13, 2008, 04:48:32 PM »
For many year it has been a part of the program to drag newcomers down to the jail and let the inmates scare the teenager a little.

They seem to have some kind of selection and a new sheriff in town, because a deputy and part-time employer at Excel academy are going on trial because of these visits.

The inmates had been allowed to undress a boy and apply Vaseline on his backside.

The sheriff has decided that it was not good garage humour:

Deputy Charged Over Alleged Discipline, By Carl Willis, KPRC Local 2, january 25 2008.

Fornits Wiki is updated

There is a new sheriff in town!

Facility Question and Answers / Mt. Sheba Christian Boarding School
« on: February 13, 2008, 03:12:22 PM »
It is not very much I have been able to find out about this particular program. Here is the  link to Fornits Wiki

All info are welcome.

Facility Question and Answers / Accendo Academy
« on: February 13, 2008, 02:37:36 PM »
This is a thread about Accendo Academy

A short page has been created on Fornits Wiki

If anyone knows this program, please help out by stating following:

Living conditions
Exact location.

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