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Well, where's the difference?

Kidnap, child abuse and neglect and eventualy murder

So why the different verdict?  :evil:

MIAMI -- A judge sentenced a man to death Monday, nearly nine years after he left a 5-year-old girl to be eaten alive by alligators in the Everglades and tried to kill her mother.

Harrel Franklin Braddy, 58, attacked Shandelle Maycock and daughter Quatisha after he was released early from prison in another case for good behavior. He was convicted in July of first-degree murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, attempted escape and other charges.

Judge Leonard E. Glick also sentenced Braddy to three consecutive life terms on the kidnapping and burglary with an assault charges. He also got 30 years in prison on the attempted murder of Shandelle, 15 years on child neglect causing great bodily harm and five years on attempted escape.

Prosecutors said Braddy tossed Maycock in the trunk of his car in 1998 and drove her to a remote sugarcane field, choked her to unconsciousness and left her to die. She never saw her child again.


Sorry but that file is asx. and I can't find a converter to change it, the link is dead - me thinks this has been done to stop peole like me spreading it al over the net  :lol:

I've downloaded it to my pc Deborah but it must have some sort of restriction on it, it just comes up as being unavailable, I'll keep trying  :)

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 06:51:56 PM »
Sorry hun

Thought that's what you were asking for heh


Consider it done

Quote from: ""hanzomon4""
Lord exhausted, I think folks who were beat as kids would disagree with you. Substituting one kind of abuse for another is not Progress..
Yes I can see why it came across that way, it's not exactly what I meant .. I was more thinking along the lines of disciplined children are generally more well behaved (not true in all cases, including mine!) I am more getting at the point that we have become so PC when it comes to kids and their chidren's rights charter crap that it's no wonder many are going off the rails, they just don't know where they stand, everything is abuse as far as kids are concerned nowadays, if you knew how many times mine said in one day "you can't do that! I'm going to get you done!" m...kay, wanna use the phone  :roll:  My point is that chidren need, thrive and are generally happier when they have limits and boundaries, parents are too scared to look at them the wrong way nowadays because they live under constant threat of being fined or having them taken away etc

In reply to Niles, i hear you, this is why I am so filled with anger in this particular case, because I too, fear this is the way it's going to go, ... a child was murdered on camera, and his assailants got away with it, this is not about a black kid being beaten, it's not about what he did to aggrevate the situation, it is about the murder of a child, a defensless child who could be mine, yours, the lady down the street's, that is what we somehow have to keep fresh in people's minds - how to go about it? Who knows? Flyers? Posters? Getting other kids to talk to the media constantly about their treatment there? Whatever it takes, it is vital the reality of what happened is kept alive, make sure THAT drowns out the hoo har of racist cops kill black kid, the world is shocked, how shocked would they be to learn this is not an isolated incident, that's really what needs to be worked on to make sure those who have suffered the same fate are remembered & more importantly to raise awareness to a level that no program would dare let it happen again

I'm a great beliver in things happening for a reason and I firmly believe this child's lfe was taken in order to wake the world up to what's really happening.

Quote from: ""Deborah""
Could someone who has the skill embed the hearing in a new thread called Watch GAO Hearing, or some such, please.
Some people haven't been able to view it with either link.
Windows media never opens.
I've embedded what i can fid Deborah, as stated, I'l update as more becomes available, is early days yet

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:14:35 PM »
That's all I  have for now - will try to keep updated  :(

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:10:10 PM »

The reaction in the black community

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:08:20 PM »

A random piece

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:06:15 PM »

The verdict

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:04:29 PM »

Part two

The Troubled Teen Industry / Martin Lee Anderson Trial
« on: October 16, 2007, 02:03:31 PM »

Part one

Quote from: ""Anne Bonney""
Quote from: ""Guest""
Quote from: ""Anne Bonney""
I've been sick over this all weekend.  This is the kind of shit that makes me want to chuck everything and move to some island somewhere.  WTF is wrong with people?  

I give up.  Its on tape this time and still no one gives a fuck.

 :flame:  :flame:  ::noway::  :cry:
That's not true, we give a fuck, the jury didn't

Hope you's feel better soon


I know, I know.  WE care but so far, that doesn't seem  to matter much.  I'm fine, just a little discouraged.  It happens.  Who knows?  Maybe the verdict itself will cause an uproar.  Hell, even the attorneys in my building are freaked out about it and that's saying something.
Exactly why it is so important that this does not become a race issue.

It's a child murder issue, if you go home and do this to your kid, you are going to spend a long time inside for it, or the death penalty in some states. Don't bother going down the discipline route or the trying to control your child's unruly behaviour route because that route does not work for you, you are not exempt unlike these proffessionals'
Which brings me to the whacky law and the fact they send kids to these places because us parents aren't allowed to discipline them, if we did beat our kids, they'd be too scared to behave in a way that ends them up in a program.

So yes there needs to be an uproar, which leads me onto .......

Another thing to be wary of concentrating too much on is what MLA died of, we know this kid died - be it from sickle cell, suffocation or a good beating, or maybe a combination, the focus has to remain on the fact that he was beaten, kicked and punched, had ammonia shoved up his nostrils, even if he survived that, the fact still remains that those animals did that to him as we watched in horror, the evidence is there, they really did do it, and they got away with it, the world needs to concentrate on that fact.

« on: October 15, 2007, 09:26:04 AM »
Who are they to ask for trust?

They can only expect the same trust as the parent's of these kids should have put in them. (zero, zilch, none, etc etc)

The Troubled Teen Industry / How to save a life
« on: October 15, 2007, 08:54:49 AM »
Alot of the hits were on the Grey's anatomy version

Isaac Slade might be someone Psy might consider contacting, if it moved him to write a song, he might back up Psy's cause, a bit of celeb status carries soooooo much weight

Great song, sad circumstances as to why it was written

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