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Three Springs / Re: Three Springs Veterans Questionnaire
« on: February 09, 2009, 08:52:12 PM »
Questionnaire For Three Springs Veterans

1) When and what facility did you attend in the Three Springs system?

PRV Boys 91-93

2) What justification was used to place you in the program?

Parents caught me drinking 2 times and huffing scotchguard once.

3) How were you transported to Three Springs(Parents, Escort Service) and were you deceived as to the nature of the destination or the type of program you‘d be in? (Parents, Escort Service)

parents and "escort" who later became a councilor there (mr Ragland sp?)

4) Upon arrival at Three Springs what was your first impression of the program and the staff?

when I got there it was COLD and snowing (was feb. 14th I rember because I was going to skip school with my girfriend who I am now married to and we have 1 great kid and 1 on the way!)

5) What is your best recollection of Three Springs?


6) What is your worst recollection of Three Springs?

a campus wide riot lots of fights 1 kid getting airlifted to huntsville and our camp sites being distroyed NO parents were ever notified!!!

7) Did you see anyone abused in a physical manner by Three Springs staff? By this I mean having food or medical care being with-held or even denied. Someone being restrained improperly or repeatedly for reasons other than safety of themselves or others being at risk. Someone being restrained with force greater than necessary or being hit or kicked by staff or peers with no resolution of the incident to prevent future occurrences.

I was on primitive 3 times and saw one kid that was on it for 3 months he was denied food for 4 days at a time and lost ALLOT of weight.  heard of sexual abuse but never experenced it my self with the exception of a councler that use to sit and watch us in the showers he never went into the councler side just sat and stared makeing comments and stuff.
8: Do you feel the program manipulated your parents at all? If yes please describe how.

OH yes they were not informed at all what was going on just told them it was part of the program and they could not visit me my first visit was for 1 hour on Christmas day!

Comments.. I'm not a big questionnaire writer so throw out your ten cents please.

Was your communication censored?

I was not allowed to get or send ANY mail for the first 8 months I was there and when I finaly was it was all censord I would get letters with parts blacked out!

Were you woken up during the night?

not at first but one councler liked to wake us up for nightly "ckecks"

Were you allowed to go to bathroom alone?

only in the school NEVER anywhere else!

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