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« on: June 20, 2002, 07:30:00 PM »
Okay as everyone knows this site is not censored like Zaretsky's .

I have read some very heavy accusations about Kruglik ,Roy and Rosenberg (I think I know Rosenberg :grin:ark hair ,thin face with many acne pock marks and an older fellow 24 plus years old  in 76.Is this the same person that you all remember )He was at 6 as a resident when I was in elan  (74 to 76)Meet him in 76 if its the same person . Dark Brooding man ?

Kruglik said he was a mongol Russian .He is not an Indian . I know him too darn well and thought he was a very sick person at one point (Chuck might agree with me ).

Since I feel that these are very heavy accusations , I would hope that you annon people will contact these people with your thoughts ( Complaints ):Buzz Kastuck  Phone # (207 )624-6776 is an investigator that works for the Dept of Human services ,Education part

Yellow Light Breen (this is really the mans name ) # (207) 624-6620 . Be persistant he is a very hard man to get a hold of . He is the Top dog of the Education Dept .(the receptionist answers commisioners office .)

Let him know of these thoughts and your complaints .I do not have a way of verifying these accusations nor can I do anything about them (sorry ) They are serious enough that I hope you all will follow thru .

Feel free to post your thoughts as to what you all felt your response to your complaints were !

It is important that you all do this . It has been my opinion that kruglik ,Gottlieb , McCann And Zaretzky are serious sick people who have caused major trauma to many individuals .

Please contact these people ,They have graduated from college and Buzz has a P.hd .

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Attorney General
« on: June 04, 2002, 11:40:00 AM »
This maybe a moot question ,i will ask it anyway .

Since John Ashcroft is all about going after terrorist ,why doesn't he go after these programs and the people that run/ran  them with the same gumption that he is the al Qada (sp)?

Afterall didn't these programs terrorize their charges ,in broad daylight here in our own backyard . or do we just not count ?

Elan School / article about Elan and Ricci NY Times 6/2/02
« on: June 03, 2002, 11:03:00 PM »
Yeah why was it buried in the back pages (lifestyles),where the wedding announcements are located , mothers and grandmothers read that part of the paper.Sure it was on the front of that section ,yet it should have been on the front page ....Why ....

Mr. St John can you give us an answer ?

Also since there is overwhelming evidence that coercive therapy ,based on negative reinforcement (as well as the many other nasty techniques that elan used)are really more destructive  than good ....How come none of this was mentioned ?

If you could give answers that would be great .(providing of course you won't get in trouble with your bosses for doing so .

Wouldn't you agree Mr. Mike Sweeney of the Greenwich Time that we deserve answers.Surely you remember my letter (that Mr. Jackman Wilson of the Registar Guard in Eugene Or.)faxed to you ,back in 1-27-00 (or around then .

This was the same letter that I read to Mr. Shannon Aldridge of NBC news .Whats going on guys really i want some answers please .

Elan School / Ex-students at Skakel trial describe Elan as horrific
« on: June 01, 2002, 09:49:00 AM »
Ginger thank you for posting this article.



Yeah in my opinion the king sadist was Joe Ricci (he took the easy way out and no longer dances on this planet )

Followed by Peter McCann (who I believe also no longer dances on this planet )

Followed by Gerald Davidson (who also no longer dances on this planet)

Followed by Martin Kruglik( he still walks amongst us and was the fellow with dark hair standing up in the front of the room in the dateline Nov 2000 tape . He is also quoted from the witness stand in the New yorker in an article written by J. Toobin as saying that Elan is not brutal) In my opinion a big FAT lie ) the issue 7-3-00.

Followed by Jeff Gottlieb ( still alive and once told the residents when asked  what would he be doing if he was not a director at Elan .His answer was that he would be selling shoes, which is what he should have been doing in the first place.

Followed by Ken -"I thought Joe Ricci was a God" Zaretzky (who still walks amongst us and has actually got an online version of Elan .In my opinion ,Zaretzky from my many nasty experiences with him a perverted ,pathological ,true sociopath who plays both sides of the fence in his many quotes about Elan .Details magazine october issue and the Duck Book.

These were the sick demented minds that in my opinion are responsible  for many people
being dead ,in prison ,and being emotional cripples after having come in contact with the Elan program from 74 to 76 .

These men that ran Elan had Absolute control and power over the residents.

Whenever an investagator (or parent came on the premisis) things were sanitized to the point that Elan smelled like a rose .We were totally  afraid to say anything contrary to the program.

With this power that the Directors had over us they also had the ability to control what went out to the media .

for example there was a Dateline segment Nov. 2000 (if memory serves me well) that showed a young girl wearing a dunce cap in a classroom setting . This person is being yelled at by a young boy in the front row amongst15 or so other kids. (I recognized the young girl and the young boy was her brother .)

This was totally set up  and a gross misrepresentation of what really went on during General meetings. This tape was made back in the later part of 1974 or the very beginning of 1975 .

The thing that strikes me as strange is that if these men felt that what they were doing (the directors)was top of the line quality care and totally non abusive ,then why did they try to hide what was really going on inside that hell hole

The only two answers that I can come up with is 1 they would have been shutdown pronto haste and probably sent to prison.And #2 the money would have stopped coming in from 5 different states as well as the money that was paid by such companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield as well as other

 insurance companies.

Absolute power over people .Total control of the information That was presented about the place and the money(lots of money)

And to top it off brainwashing at its finest

coupled with who in the hell is going to believe these people afterall we were the scourge of society ,Alcoholics and Heroin addicts and pot fiends.

Thats why I belive it has existed so long .

It is a shame that it took the murder investagation of Martha Moxely to shed a little light into a very dark place(in my opinion) that is Elan.

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Sorry  these computers sometimes bogle my mind .

It is sad that a man gets rewarded for abusing children (ambassadorship to Italy) in this day and age.

Yet I would also like to point out that Joe Ricci who split from Day Top Village to found The Elan Corp.ran for Gov.of Maine on the democratic ticket, Not once But twice.Thank God he lost .

Also something else we (the residents  at Elan ) also gave speaking Engagements about Elan to various schools in the real Community.

This was a way to further our re-education and make us feel that the abuse (insane physical and psychological abuse)was good for us and that we needed this type of treatment.(of course there were certain things that we could not talk about "because the real world would not understand") Pure brainwashing at its finest

Generally people that went on these false propaganda excursions were within 4 or 5 months of Graduating from the program .These were very well rehearsed  before we were sent into the real community as I am sure were Straights.

Elan School / Elan School
« on: January 19, 2002, 07:58:00 PM »
Hmm it seems that we have more in common than just Elan .My father disowned me when I was 9 years old .For my 7th christmas he gave me sticks and stones in my stocking for christmas (for being an evil kid) and no presents, nothing else. He shaved my head when I was 10 (just in time for 4th grade to begin ) and I can tell you kids are pretty cruel at that age .The beatings that I recieved(from my dad) were from another planet . The emotional abuse was equally on par with the beatings .

You would think that my father was a ditch digger ,yet he was a highly trained Doctor whose speciality was ob/gyn. He speaks 5 languages fluently and came to this country from South Africa .(a racist like nobodies business ). It use to blow my mind that women actually went to him ,then again they didn't know .

When my father came to this country in the early 50's he was a homosexual (he still is ) yet he felt that in order to suceed as a doctor he had to have the image of a hetrosexual .The family image ,we,  were simply personal effects just like a watch or stethoscope .

I believe that he was so brutal a human being because he was living the ultimate lie .Yet I aslo know that he really enjoyed hurting me,and that makes him a sadist.

The only good thing out of this was that he taught me how not to be a Father .You see I have a son and well the things that my son is teaching me is simply amazing .I think my dad really missed out

In march of 2000 I called him up after not having talked to him for 21+years .I t was a a very empowering phonecall because I forgave him .You see deep down in my heart I realize that even though dad speaks 5 languages and helped pioneer laprascopic surgery  in the early 70's is that he is a very sick man .I just happened to draw him out of the deck of father cards .

He had to lie to elan to get me in there in 1974 and it really is a shame on elan for not realizing that something was very rotten and it was not me .

At a confrence concerning abusive therapuetic communities someone made the comment that my father prepared me for the really sick crap that went down as therapy

at elan .Even though it is sorta funny they really have no idea how true it was .

There was 2 other kids that i felt had it worse, that I met at elan .1 was raped repeated by their father and the other kid 's mother use to tie him to a heating radiator and beat him .

Elan told me that I had it good .And that i should respect my father because he was so smart .

It is true that there were a lot of Doctors that did horrible things to people in the concentration camps in germany .Yet when these men came home to their families they were loving fathers . It was reversed in my house .

Sorry you all have to read this ,and remember I have really survived certain pains of hell .

I wonder though is it because of me or is it because the human being is a very adaptable creature ? Or if there really is a God .

It was't easy after leaving elan because of the things that went down there . And I really do not know how I have managed to not commit suicide lord knows i tried during elan and after elan (3 times )I can certainly tell you suicide is not the answer . If you suceed then Elan wins again and there is one less voice to stand up and say that that place was wrong with what they did to people


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Elan School / Elan School
« on: January 16, 2002, 11:12:00 PM »
Eliscu2 When Elan resurfaced in my life (I had put the whole 9 yards in some dark recess of my mind and I thought sealed it never to have to think or deal with it again ) in 1-20-2000 due to an item on national evening news .I had a flood of memories that started due to that trigger that I could not stop.

I mean i was reliving experiences and things that took about 2 months  before they actually subsided to a trickle .I was a complete wreck.Lost 20 pounds and i was in pure hell.

Called up everyone and their mother and babbled like a blithering idiot.I lost it so to speak .The strangers that I talked to were sympathetic yet had no clue about Elan.

I coud not get closure so to speak .I needed help .

What worked for me was that I went to a consuler and just let it go .I also took as many articles that I could find to show them that this was not a figment of my own imaginings.

The one consulor that I spoke with really helped me by sharing her outrage not only at Elan but also at the State of Maine for having allowed and for allowing Elan to continue .I took this woman a copy of The Duck wore A Raincoat by Maura Curley.

I mean this woman was furious and made no bones about it .She also probed gently for the details and explained to me what some of their techniques were about .The fact that this woman was so gastly appalled by Elan helped me feel not as much as a freak and also enabled me to speak to other people about this ,Folks with Phd'after there names and this was where the real healing began.

I have accepted that I will always carry these memories with me for ever.Though as sick as some of these memories are they do not rule me like they did 2 years ago.

I hope that this will help you ,and stay strong ,you will make it through this nightmare.


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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Obsidian Trails Wilderness program
« on: January 16, 2002, 10:30:00 PM »
Anyone out there know about Obsidian Trails of Oregon ?

It was in the Registar Guard (the news paper of Eugene ,Oregon) in 2000 or 2001 a child died as a result of being restrained by having people sit on him .Wondering if anyone has heard of this place .

Sorry I can't be more spacific about the year this incident happened.


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Another Teen Help Article
« on: January 16, 2002, 10:21:00 PM »
Tommy I think Todd related that his father was not happy with Hyde.

It seems kinda ironic .I was leaving a really twisted place and going to a really nice school,in 76, and you were entering Hyde.

My friend did not  really like to talk about Hyde ,though you could tell that when he did that it seemed like a dark cloud would pass over him.

I also believe that Waynefleet's class of 76 was the last time that Waynefleet played Hyde . There for you might not know of Waynefleet School.

Anyway take care .


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Another Teen Help Article
« on: January 15, 2002, 07:53:00 PM »
Tommy from Hyde .I got out of Elan  in july of 76.

I ended up going to a really cool school for my senior year. That school was Waynefleet School (off of spring street in Portland ) I graduated in june of 77 .Have you heard of this school?,I believe that Waynefleet use to play Hyde in sports. Did Hyde have a soccer field that had many holes in it ?

There were 13 people in my senior class 2 former Elan residents and a fellow from Hyde who was from Bath named Todd Prower (probably rusty on the spelling and my yearbook is not close at hand).Is this name familar to you ?

Todd and I talked about Hyde a little bit. I am lucky to have graduated from this highschool,(considering how poor the quasi education that was hastily put together for the younger residents by Elan).I should say the lack of education at the time proffered by Elan in my opinion was down right stunting. (since Elan was starting to take in minors with the adults ,Elan had to provide school for us to comply with state laws )

Elan's version of school did not begin until much later in  74 afterall it was a behavior modifacation center based on negative (in my opinion) reinforcement not a school by any stretch of the imagination.

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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Another Teen Help Article
« on: January 05, 2002, 11:15:00 AM »
Hi Tommy ,

Hey was Hyde in Bath Maine ?

Elan School / Elan School
« on: January 03, 2002, 11:56:00 AM »
Elan is still in business.They are located in Poland Springs ,Maine (administration office ) I do not know when they became a school,when I was there it was known as the Elan One Corp.When I left there (from '74 to '76) I recieved a piece of paper (quasi diploma) stating that I graduated from the Elan Two Corp. of Waterford Maine.

Gerald E. Davidson signed it as the Medical Director and Joe Ricci signed it as the Therapeutic Director. I still have this piece of paper.

Elan was in my opinion a very brutal and sick place that mixed hardcore heroin addicts and alcoholics with physically and emotionally abused children . A very bazarre and twisted place.

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