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Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers
June 3 at 4:48 am


I'm not sure of her genuine intent. Is she doing this to rid the family stain her father created or is she really sadden by his actions and it has motivated her to make a difference, will see.

Feed Your Head / DSM-5: Psychiatry's Contested Bible
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:55:29 PM »
DSM-5: Psychiatry's Contested Bible
The new 1,000-page psychiatrists' Big Book will redefine addiction. Critics are already demanding a boycott. The Fix guides you through the highlights. ... ective8083

Interesting is the new labels for addictions and abuse.
I found this interesting, maybe with the new labels we can keep more substance abusers from having to go to treatment.

(My Internet is out at home and my IPad is going down at the local McDonalds. I will comment further later.)

Wayne this is a thread solely dedicated to you and your lies. We will also get into your misogynist behavior with the women you have encountered on many sites. You remember how you treated that young girl from the Aspen T/C, Lee G., your ex-publisher from your writers blog and have a mouth and on you with a latent hostility towards women and people in general. You also love to insult African Americans and Jewish people. We have an encyclopedia here in the OFFA.
Mark Babbitz and yourself have given us much to document your disgusting behavior. Yes we have the proof we need to validate it was you posting under various names. No not by IP address but by one of your past cronies that can not stand you now.
So participate if you want or just sit back and read about yourself.
Take care.

Wayne Kernochan is the only member here who has actually molested another child. He discussed the incident in the sequel Return to Elan the Game. He blamed it on his brother. Funny thing Wayne got sent to Vitam because of it not his brother. His jealousy of his brother is evident in his memoir.
Without getting all into your warped twisted sexual world, which I was dragged into. I would like it if you could see to it to let me back out. Just let me go Wayne. It is easy instead of saying my name use your own name, it is appropriate. This is your universe not mine.

Open Free for All / A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:14:03 PM »
Quote from: "Matt C. Hoffman"

none-ya wrote :
> No Wayne! Nobody here wants you to share anything!GO AWAY! STAY AWAY!

 Yo  None -Ya I have to say buddy that I don't really understand your deal here on this forum . You seem to want to simply stir the pot here and enjoy the mayhem that follows .

Danny wrote:
No he doesn't he asks honest questions, tells it the way it is and calls out liars like you Matt. Which is what I have been doing since I got here.

You started a defend Danny Bennison thread that only Danny and his sock puppets replied. I don't believe if memory serves if anyone really defended him .

Danny wrote:
Plenty of people have defended me Matt, you choose not to see it. Most of the Elan members on facebook and other sites have absolutely no problem with me. You, Matt have a problem with me because I called you on your sick twisted shit you pulled in Elan and since you have gotten out. You are a liar and a very sick old man filled with a life of hate. As far as sock puppets...nope these posters are not me. They support me and you can't stand it.

Honestly I  don't know why you post on this forum you didn't go to Elan (unless you are another sock of Danny's) and I really don't care if you are a sock of Danny Bennison's ,it doesn't matter anyway .

Danny wrote:
If you don't care than don't post about him.

I was in Elan , and let me tell you None-Ya ,the book that Wayne wrote called A Life gone awry: My Story about the Elan School,  portrayed the ambiance of what it was like during my time which was two years before Wayne got there. And no, None-Ya I had nothing to do with the writing of that book. As some fool suggested, and no None-Ya there was simply not enough info on this forum or the web to fictiously write about a place like Wayne did unless he was there ,Sorry.

Danny wrote:
Yes Matt, we all know you were in Elan...bla bla boa!!! You use it as weapon to beat up on other people. You aren't special Matt and your Elan experience is not unique. Plenty of people were there t/o the 70's and many people we both know were there with you in Elan 2A with Marty and Ronnie. We know you Matt.

The Fear , the homophobia ,the lunacy and all the violence was there when I was there and None-Ya it was sick.

Danny wrote:
Yes it was but the homophobia was no worse than any high school locker room. Elan biggest weapon was the violence they would force on you if you did not comply then came the psychological abuse.

None-Ya look dude you don't speak for me in your attack against Wayne Kernochan when you say that no one wants him to share anything. I believe what Wayne has shared about Paul Morantz thoughts on the Aftermath of the Synanon legacy  blog, is quite interesting and valuable  to the Elan story.

Danny wrote:
Ok...I will speak directly to you, "NO ONE WANTS HIM TO SHARE ANYTHING"
Matt, you weren't even talking to Wayne for about a year when he was my co-admin on our facebook site. You cried and cried and attacked me at every chance because you were so mad that we had joined up with one another. You went on Elan Facebook sites and Reddit sites just bashing the heck out of me. More or less you threw a tantrum all over the TTI sites. Now since you are all buddy buddy with Wayne AGAIN you want to lie for him. Paul Morantz's claim to fame is the attack on him by residents of Synanon. He isn't an expert on Elans history.

I don't know what program you were in but it behooves you to read Paul Morantz's blog  just to see  how impacted your were by Synanon thru your  particular program. And attacking the speaker like you did Wayne is just the continuance of the game, that your program taught you ,it offers nothing. I am glad Wayne posted what he did, because it is very valuable in the history of Elan  and offers the survivors of Elan more than you could possibly understand  because you were not in Elan, Right?

Danny wrote:
None Ya's been here for years posting and you don't know what program he once attended...shessh? You really are a self centered angry dude aren't you? He went to the Seed, pay attention before you run around here running off at the mouth.
You really think that defending Wayne who is a fraud THAT YOU KNOW IS A FRAUD MATT, THAT YOU HELPED WRITE THE BOOK THAT HAS MORE INCONSISTENCIES IN IT THEN TRUTH. Matt, you wanted to get back at me because I told everyone that you stabbed Robert A. while at Elan and then tried to attack him again after you two got out in Portland Me. I was just down the road at a woman's apartment that night that was in Elan 2A with you, as a matter of fact there were at least 3-4 people in that apartment who knew you well. This is the truth whether you want to accept it or not.
That memoir he wrote is garbage and was based upon a vindictive lie which you spearheaded along with Mark Babbitz, Felice Eliscue, Sharon McCarthy, KLynn Corning and Albert Beauchane. You know exactly that this book was plagiarized from fornits and made up by you and your friends. Yes it does have somewhat overall flavor of Elan but he unnecessarily fabricates lies about me in the book that you know are lies. They are lies that you endorsed because you are vindictive.
Matt you are disgrace to all Elan survivors and I am personally disgusted to know you are even one. You embarrass us all.
Your still there and haven't grown up at all.

Therfore None-Ya since you didn't go to Elan and since your behavior here is more of a nusance and simply seems to feed your need. I want you to stop posting here on this Elan forum  because  it is really  none ya business.

Danny wrote:
No he won't stop posting here, why?? Because you don't represent Elan survivors nor speak for Elan survivors. You have been told this before too, Matt. You seem to think you hold this reverence from survivors, Matt most of the survivors I have talked with think you are a drunk, seriously. We have read your long incoherent deliriously written posts on the Orange Papers (aka John-Barleycorn), Elan Facebook sites, Reddit sites and on Fornits. You stalk me around the internet thinking I am on sites...lmao!! when in reality I have never even been there. I just learned about this maybe about a month and a half ago. You are writing to a poster you really think is me.... :rofl: You not only do this on one site but multiple.
You and your friends are sick, obsessive and are stalking me.
Matt I am not where you think I am and I don't live where you think I do.....lmao!!
Don't respond to this in your usual egotistical manner by saying you are not doing this, you don't care bla bla boa...the evidence is out there.
You, Mark and Wayne are three very sick 50 year old men.

Matt Hoffman

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
This was a media trial. Mike was convicted by public opinion and the media pushed the confession. Frank Garr wanted me to testify and sent me to see John Benedict because I told him that everyone heard Mike confess to the crime. When I saw Mickey Sherman, I told him the reason why, which is that he was beaten and he said it every time he entered or left a room. It was on his sign. Mickey Sherman said that Mike never admitted it, which was false. He said it many times. Anyway, neither side wanted to hear the truth.

Because Elan routinely beat and coerced false confessions from us, nothing from an ex resident or staff should have been admissable. The fact they were messing with thought reform and indoctrination as therapy should render any information garnered from Mike's stay at Elan null and void

But hey, Danny has a gut feeling. Everyone can go home. Nothing to see here.

Actually, I think Danny's feeling is the greatest piece of evidence that Mike is innocent. That moron couldn't pick the winner of a one horse race are on a one man insulting run, aren't ya now.
I thought most people go by their gut instinct. But I guess if you are sitting on your butt all day waiting for others to do for you what you could do for yourself, I could see you making such foolish comments. You are not getting any younger Wayne...go outside.

I did not rape or sodomize anyone at Elan. Anyone here who chooses to continue this disgusting slander should really take a look at yourself and question why you would support such rubbish.
We have all witnessed what Wayne Kernochan will do to someone that disagrees with his perspective. He manipulates Google, multiple sites and blogs to discredit the person with bogus posts.
He feels if he saturates the internet with lies about you that at least 10% of the 100% will believe the bullshit he is pushing.
I take responsibility for my actions on this site. I have had many fights in the past, many here dislike me for my attitudes and the fact I was once an employee at Elan, 34 years ago.
Wayne by all means please go on and provide us with your fabricated stories that you worked on for god knows how long. You took the prize when you accused me of raping you. You are the lowest piece of scum there is.
I wrote this to finally answer your libelous immature posts.
I have no illusions that what I wrote here will stop you from your desires. Narcissistic people such as yourself never see themselves as they really are.
Wayne, you are not hurting me. You never will.

Elan School / Waynes Meltdown Memoir!! Reviewed honestly for the 3rd time.
« on: February 23, 2012, 07:56:41 PM » ... t_ep_dpt_2

By Michael T Pedone - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School (Kindle Edition)
The author seems to have an interesting and important story to tell. Prior to reading this, I was not aware of the Elan School, the horrible things that allegedly occurred there, or the abuses that apparently occur at other similar programs. These are undoubtedly things we should seek to understand and prevent from reoccurring.

But here's the problem: The writing just isn't very good. This book really illustrates how digital self-publishing is a double-edged sword. It gives us access to stories that might otherwise be ignored by the big publishing houses, but it forces us to muddle through writing that needs editing and, in this case, could probably have benefited from a co-author. This book was a bit hard to follow in some spots (I'm only about 90% clear about what was involved in a "shot down", and it took most of the book to get there). It also includes a couple of sub-plot lines that aren't fully explored (I'm sure it was traumatic, but it would really help to know what happened in that basement). The epilogue almost reads like stream-of-consciousness -- it raised more questions than it answered for me.

Unfortunately, I think the author's credibility is undermined by the weak writing and the fact that he is apparently self-published. The accusations in the book are pretty harsh. It feels like a rant sometimes, and a rant without corroborative support from an editor who insists on fact-checking isn't entirely credible. To be clear, I'm not taking a position about the truth or falseness of the book. I'm just saying it's difficult to know one way or the other with confidence.

Bottom line: It's an interesting story, but a mediocre read. A moderately fast reader should be able to bang it out in one night, maybe two. It's priced right at $2.99.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Froderik and Reddit TTI Pixie!!!
« on: February 20, 2012, 10:00:42 PM »
Dragging His Relatives Into It

Postby Froderik » Yesterday, 17:58
As most of you know I'm no fan of Danny Bennison, but I don't see the purpose of any of this. What good is it going to do to post pics of his relatives, and all of this? Not much that I can see (other than maybe stooping to his level). I wish he would go away too, but I doubt that stuff will accomplish that. This shit has gotten so old -- the constant posts about him here saying pretty much the same thing over and over, the numerous sockpuppets of both Danny and Wayne.. and the sockpuppets of those sockpuppets (which, btw, are stupidly obvious anyway, with the fucking PERIOD after the name, like no one is going to notice that ::) )

Again, I am no way trying to defend Bennison or any of his horrible actions here, just wondering "what the fuck?"

Enough already....Maybe try a different tac, or something...

How dare you post something like this, Froderik. Really......are you really this lame. I have never posted a pic of any member or their family. I have never physically threatened or even insinuated I was going to cause harm. I have never called, emailed or tech messaged anyone here with death threats, threats of any kind, or sent nasty filthy messages. My family in the last 3 months has gone through all of this.
You know this asshole. You stood by while Wayne Kernochan posted pics of my dead nephew and posted newpaper accounts of his mothers grief. You sat back and watched Wayne attack my sister and her daughter.
The audacity for a piece of shit like you to act as if you have the respect and admiration of this site that you could start your own thread talking about what is right and what is wrong. YOU SAT BACK FOR MONTHS LETTING WAYNE POST DEATH THREATS YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE......YES YOU ARE A  HYPOCRITE.
Who gives a shit if you want to hang on to shit that happened almost 2 years ago. Why because they were Straightlings, your buddies. Froderik you are fucked, if you haven't noticed you are the only one here from Straight running your mouth and supporting this lying fraud who calls himself Wayne? He never went to Elan, get that through your head. The only reason you are supporting him is because it is me. You really think no one here knows that? That everyone is blind?
My only problems I have had here in the last year is fighting with Wayne and I try very hard to stay out of that. I also laugh my ass off watching you post that the friends I have who post here are all me. They are not and everything in due time will be revealed. Till then say what you must.
I am not the problem here nor will I allow someone like you to relate to me in such a way that is disrespectful. I don't care if you like me but I have earned respect. I have never visited the levels this guy Wayne can go. All of my actions I have made against Wayne were a counter his attacks. I have never initiated an attack on Wayne.
BTW......go back 18 months and you will see a pic who everyone thought was me...remember? Sharon McCarthy thought she was posting a pic of my house....the list goes on. You want to talk about levels people stoop too. Why because I finally lost it and got so angry that Inculcate, Seiko, Anne and other Straight friends of yours caught shrapnel from my explosion. Dude if you want to hold that over my head fine.
Concerning Wayne, Matt ect....fuck em. That is my business not yours. I will not be held to the fire anymore because I was staff/Ass. Dir./Staff again, from 17yrs. till 19 yrs. old. This is ridiculous.
Froderik I really at one time had a lot of respect for you because I thought you were fair and honest. What the hell happened?

Open Free for All / Wayne Kernochan, Matt, K lynn and their sock puppets.
« on: February 19, 2012, 12:49:06 PM »
This is what Elan has been reduced to. Elanians used to post there names even if they were trash talking. But then Wayne, Matt and K Lynn changed all this. Wayne is trying to sell a fake memoir and his two friends are desperately trying to help scrap up what ever friends they can get to buy the crap. I am sure many people have stressed to Wayne to stop abusing, harassing and threatening people on the internet, especially me. But as Wayne says he can't.
First there was Mark, Sharon and Felice coordinating with Wayne and they produced all the fake manifestos which Wayne told us were fake also. What you see on Google that was designed and produced by the three.
Now today we have the latest compiled list of posts arranged in a way to shed a negative light on me. I will say this Wayne stuck with his calling card...lying. The dude is a pathological liar hell bent on making sure he doesn't get caught.
Am I the only one to noticed that Matt, Mark, Sharon, Felice, K Lynn, Art, Joicelyn or any other Elan poster we know has not come out and really endorsed this guy, EVER.  We have had anonymous and Wayne impersonating himself but we have not had a overwhelming show of support from Elan at all.
Guys let me bring you in on a secret most of the Elan community can't stand him, they talk behind his back, they find him thoroughly offensive, very hard to believe. Not that the entire book is a sham because it is not. As I have always said, "what was written concerning the every day occurrences is for the most part true" but pointing out a specific person (ME) and slandering me for the purpose of humiliation is wrong. Wayne says he was at Elan for two years, I know I was at Elan 7 for possibly 3 1/2 months in 1978. According to Wayne these 3 months were his first months there. he went on to live there another 21 months without me. But he tries to bring the focus totally onto me....everyone else who worked there from 6/78 till 1980 at Elan 7 were just great people. Sorry I know who worked at Elan 7 from 1978 thru 1980 and some of these employees are talked about on these sites for committing horrible abuses. This is why I know Wayne wasn't there. Because after Albert  Beauchane left in Nov.1978 the whole memoir drifts around. Why do you think the memoir is only 146 pages and has very little information after 1978.
Come on people o back and read his memoir...he has very little real concrete information. Oh, yes he has Danny did this and Danny did that. He says he was there for 2 years.....
Albert Beauchane fed Wayne the information because the little shit in Vermont didn't have the balls to come forward himself. I know Albert Beauchane personally and he knows I do. He isn't afraid of me, Albert has never been afraid of me because I never brought him harm. Margaret Devlin knows that this story Wayne wrote is from Albert. The story stops after he leaves. Margaret was the one to point this out. Wayne I have had at least without exaggeration a dozen or more emails or phone calls from Elan survivors who were there while I was there telling me your story does not represent the facts as of 1978-1980. You fucked up right from the very beginning of your story, when you said you were flown to Maine and you falsely described the pilot. You also blew it when you mentioned M.Scott Peck. I had a man call me from Ct. that was recommended to Elan from M.Scott Peck and it wasn't you. Would you like to tell everyone who this person is?
Wayne like I said you are liar. A very bad liar at that. You have disgraced every Elan survivor even the ones who are to stupid to recognize it right now. I understand the anger flowing around here with me and several Elanians but it pales in comparison to do the damage you inflicted by writing such a false memoir.
For all you Elan people who were involved I hope you squared this right. Because this memoir had no effect on my business, family, friends or myself. All it did was reinforce what everyone knew already. You can figure it out.
So long as Wayne Kernochan is allowed to misrepresent Elan that will be how long Elan will continue to be stained and tarnished. Guys get rid of him and allow for this Elan forum to move on.

This is the shit that Wayne Kernochan brings to the table. For christ sakes the fucking guy wrote in another book he had accompanied local gangsters of John Gotties on the Paul Castellano hit. WTF!!:

e: Danny Bennison raped residents while Elan School staff

Postby Horatio. » Today, 15:55

    Troublemaker wrote:I'd like to know why Wayne left the sexual abuse out of his book.

    I was raped at Elan by a staff member. I'll never tell my name because of Danny.

    I'd like to know

Because most male victims are afraid of what Danny is doing to him right now. Abuse upon abuse, and calling him a faggot.

Danny belongs in jail, and they won't even ban him from this site like Face Book just did

Since it's been deleted:

    Troublemaker wrote:

        Wayne Kernochan wrote:In the beginning he was posing as a survivor in a survivor group

        In the end I got Danny to admit to raping one resident, and beating four more into false confessions that ruined Wayne Weaver. Danny says Peter McCann made him do it. My friendship with him was very successful. But I wasn't fooled by him for a second. I swear by everything that is pertinent to his crimes against us in 1978, and his continuation of abuse online

        Take the time to read this and you'll see that Danny is still a stalker and abuser. He does it online now.Believe what I say or don't, I can't change that. His sexual language prior to my accusation is very telling. Anyway, let's not skip over his admission to raping Yvette

            Wayne Kernochan said:
            While I was posting chapters on the book page I was taking out the sexual abuse because I saw what a clod and abuser he still is. It's embarrassing enough talking about being raped without your abuser being an internet joke.

            Think about what he would have done to Anne in the middle of the woods of Maine, with the power he had

            He wasn't a joke in 1978. He was a nightmare

            Paul "I" am not in a tight spot because "I" am not in your world Paul. Why do I care at this point what Wayne says, if it is not factual then it is easily dealt with. Yes I was caught off gaurd as I'm sure anyone would have been but what doesn't kill you only makes ya stronger. I've have all my ducks in a roll now, so life moves on.

            Paul realize I am not here for the social party so therefore I don't concern myself with my exchanges. example; You started it, you finsh it, I'm in a tight spot ect..... WTF.

            I am just going to try to get this clear. You are not here for the "social party", and therefore you are not concerned with exchanges( those things you constantly participate in)

            and your example is " you started it, you finish it" - a universal idea, that spreads far outside of forum exchanges.

            Indeed, you are so against exchanges, by which I mean a conversation, and against finishing what you start, that the idea of it makes you exclaim "What the Fuck!", while rolling on the floor laughing.


            I always seem to have trouble understanding you.......

            If you folks want to run around crying about how a 17 year old kid/staff member abused you, by all means go for it. But ya see that is not what your doing, (lack of integrity) you know damn well I was no more a staff member for a treatment center then I President of the United States[/u].



            December 8, 2009
            Wayne Kernochan
            Hey, you have Danny Bennison as a member. He was my director. What's his story?

            December 8, 2009
            Sharon Gaines
            omfg i knew he was a lair
            please go get him and expose him at

            December 8, 2009
            Wayne Kernochan
            I have no anger towards the man anymore Sharon. But he was one of the worst abusers. He took pleasure in it.

            He tied Mary Jones to the back of a car and dragged her around the grounds. He was the one who drilled holes in the paddle for spankings to draw blood.

            I would leave him alone for now to see what he's up to

            Wayne Kernochan wrote:From Reddit

                –]CryerZ 1 point 1 hour ago

                I wish who ever is deleting my posts would stop it. You don't seem to have a problem posting that I raped and sodomized people. What I am posting is factual backed up by evidence. These messages show the true character of Wayne Kernochan. How could any survivor do this. He is not a survivor and I am sick and tired of being abused by him. My survivor status is clear and documented.

                Liar liar liar lair

            These have been reported, don't bother deleting them Dan

                16 minutes ago
                Danny Bennison wrote:

                How can you say you are impartial when you PM me from a facebook account that says Wayne and you.
                Susan, Wayne is after damage control, period. You are one of his pawns. I would of thought more from you but as I can see his charm has you smittened too.
                This guy has spenty the l;ast week threatening me, accussing me of rape and sodomy, threatened my sister and her daughter and spoke very unkindly of my brothers murdered son. This all in the last week.
                All because I rebutted his book on fornits.
                Now you ask me to have a conversation with a guy like this, you don't even know him or who he really is.
                Wayne is a liar, not one person has ever in two years come forward and said they know him, ever.
                Many folks no me and know about me while I was there and not one has ever characterized as Wayne has in that book.
                No Susan, I will not have anything to do with Wayne trying to capitalize off his Book of fucking lies.
                Here are some emails this manipulating, lying twisted fool sent me on Fornits. Now know one thing that as fast as Wayne does something his reaction is faster.

            I never accused you of sodomy Dan. But you do seem preoccupied with my ass

                Re: Lies Told by (Wayne K) that went Awry of Elan!
                ... never mentioned that. You also said at that very time you drove Cabs in NYC. How the in the heck can you do both. Wayne I am going to be up your ass from here on out, everything you try people will know that you are the "James Frey" of the internet. Until you come clean the campaign ...

                Re: The rape of Yvette P by Danny Bennison
                I will Wayne because there is nothing, I mean nothing, you can pull out of your ass that will convince any one here that you can tell the truth. So please go get somebody call them Yvette or whoever you want and parade them around. Have the Attorney General ...

                Re: Defending Danny B.
                ... about the procedures concerning the boxing gloves, getting the boxing gloves, setting up the ring ect.... As usual you are talking out your ass and someone is feeding you this information. Oh and anyone can google the Prison in Enfield.

                Re: Lies Told by (Wayne K) that went Awry of Elan!
                ... way, I can not say what will happen to your image and reputation you have worked so hard to fabricate. Your thumbdrive is usually right up your ass along with what you call your brain. Trust me no body cares about your thumb or the emails.

            Why? Because you want to embarrass me into shutting up about what you did to me. The day Danny sent me the private message saying our friendship was over he finally realized who I am. He was on the phone talking about Tracey Robbin's ass and I went silent. He sensed something and hung up

                I do remember the whole Wayne Weaver screwing this girl and that girl and Peter McCann dogging me about doing something about it. You know that Peter was the official Director of this house when I first got there.
                Denise had a fit over that whole fiasco.

                March 28Danny Bennison
                Yvette Portella
                Just some inside information, Yvette and I had a thing while we were residents, while I was in re-entry and while I was staff. Which is one of the reasons why I left E-7 so abruptly. Yes we did hook up after she left, her brother almost killed me along with her cousins they did not like white guys in New Haven.
                This is the truth, I loved her a great deal. I got my heart broken big time.
                Hey I don't want to fight with you. I am asking for forgiveness for crimes I can't remember, honestly Wayne. I have had sleepless nights trying to remember you, I don't. I have a family and a business so I am very careful about things that would harm them. I know you can understand this.
                Lets just lay the swords down and let this go for a while and work at shutting Elan down. Maybe in time we can see more of each others souls through our writings here. Many of the people that support your book are my friends some are not. But they asked me how I felt about them supporting your book, I said go for it this is between Wayne and I. Ya see Wayne no one else has wrote a book we could show people so they could read what went on in Elan. Not as explicit as yours. You know your not done writing there is so much more to tell. You are a great writer and Elanians need someone like you to tell their story, please collaborate with others get the real info and get it out there. I believe until Sharon, Jeff and Marty see their names written out their they won't shut down Elan.
                Thanks for reading if you did,

                Take care

                Yvette was an underage resident in your care and you had the power to beat and torture her. She had no choice but to be "in a relationship" with you. That's called rape you fucking piece of shit.

                In your mind it might not be, but in legal terms it is.

                The same as your "relationship" with Cathy and Willie

                Go ahead and deny it you child molesting turd. I reported this PM to Face Book when you sent it.

                Who else were you "in a relationship" with when you were the ass director?

                Is that why you won't call the 108 precinct and report me for criminal libel?

                If I'm lying they'll throw me in jail and your name will be cleared Dan.

                You're guilty. There's no doubt to anyone reading

                For those who don't know, Danny stood Yvette in front of a GM and asked the men "If I walked out of here and let you people do what you want, who would rape this bitch? The guys all raised their hand, including me, because if we didn't we would have gotten tortured and beaten

                This was also shortly after the rumor that Joe Ricci and Jeff Gottlieb let a girl and a gay kid get raped and beaten by two convicted sex offenders.

                So, Dan, where did Yvette live most recently? Mark can find her and clear your name

                We can get to the bottom of this

                Wayne Kernochan wrote:To sum up

                    Douglas Hannah
                    when i was in elan i was there from 1972 -1978.yes i do know yvette portella,she was in 7 with me.i do remember her.

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    How old was she?

                    Douglas Hannah
                    when yvette portella ,came to elan 7 she couldn't be no older then 15ys if some one had sex with her its called "RAPE ".how do i no because pam told me if i had sex with her i was going to jail,she was to young.
                    Unlike · · Share · 8 minutes ago

                    Douglas Hannah

                    there no reason to thank me those are the facts,she was to young hell i was just about 18ys i knew better,plus she from right here in Bridgeport .

                    Douglas Hannah
                    what grown ass man would want to have sex with a kid,now if a person held a position in elan as staff an did this they would be in big big trouble with the law because that resident was under there care.
                    49 minutes ago ·

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    Danny Bennison would and did. There are more victims. Now, maybe they'll speak out.

                    Thank you again pal
                    14 minutes ago ·

                    Douglas Hannah
                    HOLD UP,what are you saying.

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    Danny admitted to it
                    13 minutes ago

                    Douglas Hannah
                    there has to be a mistake,i will try an ask Danny myself did he rape Yvette.i was wandering why he told me i did not no her.when she was there with me.i need to show this to her people .
                    8 minutes ago

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    He admitted it three or four times on Fornits. But he said she was 19.

                    Douglas Hannah
                    there is no way she could have been 19,not in way.

                    Douglas Hannah
                    wayne i thought you an danny were best of friends.together fighting the good fight,willing to take on rapist,kids that are being,WOW just blows my mind.

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    Doug, I was playing him. I was after information about his sex crimes and I got it. I sent you a private message, check it out

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    Hang on, what do you mean by "I have to show this to her people?"

                    Douglas Hannah
                    well don't you want her family to know what was done to her.

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    You know her family?

                    Douglas Hannah
                    Edwin rodriguez,knows yvettes family,willie bentenzes,knows her family,an they were both in parsonfield when danny was they both live in P.T.Barnum apts.right here in Bridgeport.

                    Wayne Kernochan
                    Edwin was in 7 with me. He left when I was new.If the family can get you in touch with her, have her call me would you? Danny put her in front of a GM and asked the house if he let the house do what they wanted, who would rape her?

                    I raised me hand. We all did because we knew he would beat us for not raising our hands.

                    She looked scared out of her mind. I never forgot the look on her face. I want to say I'm sorry. Yvette was one of the few good things in that fucking place and I've never forgiven myself for that. If she doesn't want to talk to me, tell her I'm sorry.

                    Douglas Hannah
                    i will be out in the streets so i will run into some one who can put a hand on this .so lets find out were she is .tuesday is a good day to start.

                Danny sexually assaulted two residents in Elan Seven and they want him to take me to court so they can say so under oath. One is Cathy Collins and the other is Willie Garcia

                I didn't see it, but II believe it

                I believe them, but I don't care if they're making it up, I want to see your face when they say it Dan

                Let's face it, you'll never take me to court you worthless rapist piece of shit. You knew they were waiting to nail you

                I shouldn't have mentioned their names in that discussion

                Now if you don't sue me everyone will know its true. I'm accusing you of a sex crime

                You know where I live, please serve me. I'm waiting. I look forward to it

            My opening for Susan's show

                Thank you Susan,

                When I was on your show last time, I spoke about my book, A Life Gone Awry: My Story of the Elan School, which is a true story of my time there from 1978-1980. At that time I was friends with my abuser, Daniel Lee Bennison, and he gave me permission to have my publisher release the book in e-reader and paperback on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and on my publisher's site,

                When I became friends with Danny people questioned my sanity because he is an internet stalker and abuser, and his actions in the past have ranged from bad to criminal. If you Google search Danny Bennison and Elan you will understand what I mean. He hasn't changed one bit from the days he beat and abused us in Elan. My friends were worried about me and rightly so.

                What they didn't know is that I had become friends with Danny to gather information. I hadn't told the whole story in my book. There was much more.

                Together Danny and me started an Elan survivor group on Face Book, and to the world we looked like the epitome of forgiveness. People told me how much it meant to them that he and I were able to forget the past and fight abusive programs like Elan together. Danny seemed like a changed man, and my ego took over. I began to believe that I had helped to cure him of the sickness that was inside him, but that came crashing down one day.

                Danny has repeatedly told me that he doesn't remember me, and my therapist told me that was very possible because to him I was an object. That changed when we spoke on the telephone. He hung up on me abruptly one day, and sent me a private message on Face Book saying that our friendship was finished.. He wanted to keep it private, but I posted it on a few of his favorite groups and blogs, and Danny began his campaign against my book. After having given me permission to print the book, he then said it was a lie, and that I had never been to Elan. This is important because he sensed that I may actually come forward and tell the stories of his sex crimes against children in his care. Before Danny hung up on me that day he hesitated, and stammered, when he finally realized who I am.

                On the website fornits, Danny admitted to raping one resident, and didn't deny raping another, and that was because he was too busy denying that he forced a young boy to give him oral sex. His admission to raping the girl wasn't really an admission. He said he was in a relationship with her. I pointed out that a 15 year old girl cannot give consent, so he claimed she was 19. When I brought a witness who knew her forward who said she was in fact 15, he started a thread saying that Doug is a liar, and titled it “Wayne K's witness to Rape and Sodomy, Doug Hannah”

                This is important because I never accused him of sodomy. I accused him of rape, and I accused him of forcing a young boy to give him oral sex. Sodomy was never mentioned. The title of his discussion on fornits is Danny's second admission of guilt, and it means he remembers me because I was the one he sodomized.

                I was ashamed to say what he did to me but after he realized who I am he became particularly vicious. His attacks became anti gay, and very sexual. Search the fornits site and you will see subtle innuendos like, “I'm going to be up your ass,” and “What are you going to pull out of your ass next” and “I'm going to strip you naked,” and more. Anyone who is familiar with Danny's attacks will agree that this is his way of trying to embarrass me into not saying anything about what he did to me.

                Today I could care less. Danny won't go to jail or be sued because the statute of limitations is up for his crimes in Elan. I'm not saying these things for money because there won't be any. I also don't say this to defame him. He can't be defamed. I confronted him about the sex crimes he committed on fornits and the people there weren't surprised at all. His reputation is such that I couldn't make him look worse.

                Danny's language is foul. He's been reported on Face Book for calling me a faggot, a bitch, a cunt, and a punk, among other things. He has threatened to send people to my house, and when I said online that I was going to the celebration in NYC for the closing of Elan he was reported for posting that new York is dark, and bullets are cheap. Danny doesn't scare me but I have private messages from women who are. He has threatened many of them.

                Abusive ex staff members troll the internet looking for their victims, so they can bully them and shut them up. One such example is the Face Book group, I survived the horrors of Aspen Ranch, a fake survivor group that ex staff member like Amber Speiss and Steve Burr use to bully survivors who come there in an effort to keep them from connecting and corroborating the statements of other survivors who have lawsuits against Aspen Group. They should both be investigated for tampering with possible witnesses. This is a serious crime.

                Unlike Danny, they haven't been accused of sex crimes, but the 2000 violence against women’s act, made internet stalking a part of the federal stalker law. Yet it goes on with impunity. It needs to be enforced.

                Thank you

            You have no idea how much I have on you Dan. I've been watching you for years

            Enjoy the show you rapist piece of shit

            Wayne Kernochan wrote:

                Danny Bennison said

                When Michael finally came back to start his residency and was subjected to the abuse he went through at first I felt he deserved this (I know this is sick on so many levels) because I believed he knew who killed Martha (I still do)

                Wayne Kernochan wrote:
                So, because you "believed" he knew who killed her, Mike deserved to be abused.

                Then you were ready to testify against him even though the statement was beaten out of him

                You were a piece of shit then and you're a piece of shit now


                This speaks volumes about Danny Bennison. He thought Mike Skakel deserved to be abused because he knew who killed Martha. He raped Cathy because he believed she was a slut and a pig. He forced Willie to give him oral sex because Danny believed he was a faggot and a freak. He also knew (like a good predator) that they would not be believed.

            From 26 Mar 2010, in Name that Abuser/Director:
            "Anne this post will be one of my worst probably to date because I find you very disgusting down to your filthy avatar, which speaks volumes about you.
            No I will not talk to you about anything to do with Mary O'Brian, nor do I really want to discuss anything else with you.
            Your a douche bag, ya know the kind that provides a service and then when your done ya throw it away. Your time is over....bye. Only in your case the repulsive smell never goes away.
            You don't give a shit about these kids, you care about your 15 mins. of attention. How you look on Fornits, you make me sick. Your a publicity whore. You and Felice.....
            So please stay away from me...just fuck off.

            Please repost this over and over and stick on your bedroom mirror.

            K Lynn, Albert, Jerry aka Wayne K. cont. attacks.

            by DannyB II » Yesterday, 00:27
            K Lynn nothing more has to be printed because I will tell you exactly what I think of you right here in front of everybody. I truly believe you are a spiteful, angry lonely 50 year old woman who is over weight and considered by any body other then her family to be a unruly bitch. That's right I called you a bitch. You are a vindictive immature brat who has been trolling me for ever. All because I told you in a email (privately) that you were full of shit when you said you knew me.

            I don't know what else to say. I am fucking young girls, making boys blow me and fucking Wayne in the ass. Shit this is better then Sodom and Gomorrah. I had a real Roman orgy going on.
            I just wonder who will play Danny in this adaptation of "The Orgy of Poland Springs".

            DannyB II wrote:
            I'm creeping you You spread your legs in the open and you have the mouth to go with it.

                What the hell are you talking about? I get the potty mouth reference, but wtf is the spreading the legs deal? This is why people are seriously starting to wonder about your sanity.

            Annie darling you have no concept of just how crazy I am....LOL. That is what most like so much about me is my insanity. Your avatar Anne spread it wider.

Elan School / Horatio sorry!!
« on: February 05, 2012, 09:05:49 PM »
"Horatio" wrote:
Nice going Wayne, got everyone riled up again.

Listen Wayne and Froderik it is over. The gig is up and all this jerking around is accomplishing nothing. Froderik you will never prove to any one here that Wayne Kernochan is nothing more then a opportunistic asshole who got busted for lying.
Guys it is over, go the fuck away.

Killing yourself or beating up one another does not unring the bell. Wayne you lied and continue to lie.

Right now posing as YP23 this is a lie. Wayne it is you. The cat is the same cat in Jerry Torres avatar as it is in the photos on your facebook site. That was no coincidence you damn fool it just shows how unaware you are. Wayne/Rodrigo you are desperate.

YV23 wrote:

Speaking of lying

Felice, why are you calling Danny a liar. Let me see you are DethGurl, Felice, Eliscue II, Anti-Troll, Cum guzzler should we go on. You were banned from this site for abusing a women for her sexuality choices. If we go to the OFFA we will find hundreds of posts from you where you have verbally slandered, harassed and out right posted the most revolting crap I have ever read someone say to another and you want to cast stones at Danny.
Felice you were primarily responsible for shutting down this site because you posted someone's IP address. You are not in a position to say anything.
Which is why you hide behind a mask Anti-Troll. You are a fraud, hmmmm.....just like your buddy Wayne.
Nobody is coming to your rescue, you are sick.

Froderik and Felice Eliscue (Anti-Trol) have no idea who Danny or Wayne is. Felice has spoken on the phone with Wayne and myself on several occassions. What they are doing right now is simply posturing for a friend.

Froderik no one is coming because you are a fraud just like your (make believe friend) Wayne Kernochan. Over the last 4 months right here Wayne was exposed as a fraud, a man without proof, a plagiarizer and a liar. Everything Wayne has said he would do he has not. No testimonies, no witnesses, no lawyers, no police, no attorney generals, no Yvette Portella saying I raped her ect....ect.....ect......Oh we do have Wayne on the radio saying I sodomized him.
Whatada say Froderik ya think I did that?? Wayne has said he was going to kill me, he posted my murdered nephew picture and details, he posted his mothers information, he threaten my sister and her daughters,.Jesus Christ where have you been.

YV23 wrote:

You lying bitch

This is totally my bad. Horatio and several friends of ours are over here at the house for the Super Bowl and we are just loving fucking with you losers. I did pop in and write at times and so has a couple of others folks that are familiar with this band of merry assholes. Please don't take it out on Horatio he did caution us on typos happening. But then again Horatio can take care of himself.
Guys my only problem is maybe 25 pages of Waynes (or whoever he is) memoir where he is lying about the physical abuse. Other then that we are cool. Well almost he also has to explain Rodrigo and Arkom. Why he was calling me from these numbers. Why he lied about Jeffrey Tores, Jeffery Weintraub (he likes the name Jeffrey), the black cat, and his Latin infatuation of Rodrigo.

Open Free for All / Be Aware!!! Elan kids impersonating Danny Bennison.
« on: November 27, 2011, 05:21:07 PM »
Wayne Kernochan is attempting to impersonate me again. Problem is he had to make an alteration (in this case) he had to put a period after my username (DannyB.II)
Plus he just joined 4 minutes ago... :rofl:.
Listen I'll be in NYC this Christmas around the 16th of Dec. same place I always go in Manhattan.
You can meet me in person if you haven't had your balls removed yet and gone with implants.
No No!! That's right you are a "pan sexual" these parts of your body are interchangeable.
This deviant has such a crush on me he just loves to be me.

(Here is Wayne Kernochan)
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(This is me DannyB)
 DannyB II
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I am done arguing with you. As I find things that contradict what you have said either directly or indirectly I will post them. But all this back and forth accomplishes nothing. Whatever I post if
it doesn't jive with what you wrote then you go nuts. You are so insecure with your convictions concerning the book and yourself that you go berserk and over react.
I am tired of being attacked and ridiculed because I want to defend myself. You ramp up the perverse accusations and flood every thread that I start with nonsense.

People will read my rebuttal in full here shortly and they can form their own opinions. I think I have convinced enough people to at least stop and think about your motives and lack of integrity.
Who ever you are, I have not lied about anything all I have tried to do is tell folks what I was doing from 2/78 till early 6/78 at Elan 7. I have a very good memory of what I was doing in 1978,
I had already been at Elan for 3 years at that point. You had just arrived in 1978 and you are trying to tell me what I was doing.
I believe many of us here have punched enough holes in your stories to allow people to see you are not as credible as you come across.

I don't really have anything more to say. In the future a few of my friends will be posting the information we feel is important.They will not feel compelled to argue since they have no dog in the fight.
I am bowing out again and headed in another direction for a while, dental work then vacation and then on to start another project.

I am sure most here will not miss the stupid bickering that went on here.

Take care everyone and thanks to the folks who took the time to look very close at the imperfections we all have and expose them fairly.
None Ya, you showed me some character I would like to adopt myself. Thanks!!!
Not because of what you said to Wayne but because you were fair to all parties involved. I really believe most people missed that.
Paul as always you are a man of integrity and I do admire that.
Thanks humorme for your insights and the little things you uncovered.
Thanks to everyone else who gave me a chance to set the record straight.


Thought I would plug this Dentist clinic.
I am headed to Costa Rica, San Jose to get a implant (much cheaper there $750.00 with crown) and then on to the pacific coast of Costa Rica to the coastal town of Jaco about 2 hrs drive west for a much needed vacation. ... llery.html ... 791?ref=ts
Ask for Dr. Marco A. Muñoz Peralta (Tica) he is the son. If you want you can mention my name. (lol...I don't get a discount if you do)

This is where I stay when I am in San Jose. right on a main st. called Paseo Colon. Walking distance from the dentist office. This Hotel/boutique used to be the Mayors estate
back during the 20's. You have to see it to enjoy its ambiance. Since you are close to the equator the weather in the upper elevations is a constant temp of lower 80's.

San Jose is a bit filthy for my liking so I never stay long. Downtown San Jose is like one large flea market, they do have some great native products to buy, the species of wood called Rosewood is beautiful. I bought a
a jewelry box made from this wood as a present for someone, it is absolutely beautiful. The have a Museum and a Classical Theater combined downtown which is absolutely beautiful. The surrounding suburbs of the city
are OK. If you are interested in Dining the one thing that must be understood is Costa Rica doesn't really have their own staple of foods they have borrowed foods from surrounding countries. One I like most is Peruvian
and Argentinian comes in a close second.


Elan School / Wayne Kernochan worked at Elan as Staff???
« on: October 18, 2011, 07:34:16 PM » ... opic=14484

Wayne Kernochan
I posted this in another discussion

"I don't remember you from Mike's trial Danny, but I do remember you rom Elan. You're here trying to find out who's talking about you because you were one of them and you were a cruel scumbag. You abused your power and I have sworn statements to that effect from five former residents. My publisher demanded them.

Remember Wayne Weaver? Jane Tolar? Willie Garcia? Cathy Collins?

They were more than happy to say that you beat them into saying they had sex with Wayne, and then you shipped him off to Parsonsfield.

They all retracted thiose confessions when I ran the house--after you left.

Fuck off Danny. You're not a victim. You're a victimizer. I believed your apology in Sharon's group until I saw you on other message boards.

You'll be hearing from me.

Good day"

Danny is here to make sure no one talks about him. He was one of the worst or the worst. Now that I have corroboration I can say these things publicly.

I don't say it to hurt him, but to help you guys. There's a troll among you and his name is Danny Bennison.

He wants you all to think he's a victim, but he's not. I was there. I have his thesaurus to prove it. I have victim statements. I have my own experiences.

How is this group safe with the abusers here?
over a year ago · Report

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