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usually its the same response benchmark applies by one rule and one rule only *Carrot and the stick* half the kids i see that graduated either come back to the program cause they messed up again or do not be succesful unless they have someone beaten them with the long stick

btw 51/50 is suicide watch i did this 3 times. benchmark took me there.

1. What percentage of students who enroll end up in Motels? 45%
2. What is the average stay of students in Motels? 4 months to 6
3. Do students in Motels ever return to State St. or whatever the primary living facility is nowadays. Some doo but no. they like it at the motels from what ive seen
4. Is Friendship Workshop still going on? no
5. If yes, when did you participate in it and has it changed from what was posted on my website?

Dear fellow benchmark students I john took the time to write about my experience at benchmark.

 ::deadhorse::  I use this cause thats what it was like during my time there.

When I first arrived from wilderness everything was going well i met the OverPLastic surgery Jaynie and how she told me everything is perfect about this program and i was like wow this is actually really cool. Then i met some really cool people who will remain nameless to protect them while they our under 24/7 watch as i call it lol. For the first 2 to 3 months i was doing alright then I got put on "Woman ban cause I told my life coach i was going to introduce her to my girlfriend at the time" so then i basically revolted and my friend and I decided to pick on a girl and make fun of her with T-Shirts and more. Word got around to staff and i was told not to wear the T-shirt and was put on ITO *I was also put on ITO Cause i had a negative attitude towards the program and i was a Disease apparently.... but Joelle dont you put people like that in motels.... Ironic...* So Knowing me i started figuring out what this program is really about which i will go more into depth about what they really tell your parents and why they tell your parents this.

During my time at benchmark i started realizing that everyoen snitches on everyone dont trust anyone. I also learned that when your on ITO make sure you bought  clothes from walmart before so you can later return them :) and actually eat cause dont think staff is actually going to come around and feed you... there was days i would go without legit food. MOurning as i recall would be a nutrigrain bar and water if im right don't prisoners get fed better then that. There was only one staff that actually took the time out of his day to bring me a legit meal which was anthony garcia *Coolest guy i know.* I spent 5 to 6 months in a tent or on a street or living in a house if you think its scary yeah sometimes it is if you our not resourceful, One thing benchmark taught me to do is be resourceful they gave me all the right tools to survive being on the streets lol they took a kid who came from a very wealthy family to a kid who could live 2 years on the street if he wanted....  So during my time on ITO i was told multiple times by my life coach that i would be taken off this week or give me one more week of consistency which i did and look what happens *Benchmarks Wants you to be patient with them cause they dont even have licensed staff handing out your medicine*  I was living on the streets of redlands for about 5 to 6 months i would attend AA meetings multiple times during the week but that was never good enough for Benchmark lol. I even manage to find a house to stay in with a car to drive everywhere but finally that fell through cause Benchmark Unwillingly *even with my parents permission refused to give me my ID back in order for me to get a job* So if any of you students think that you can make it out there i know of only two ppl that actually have done stuff with there lives when they left but came back cause of family reasons or Work Visas etc.  If you wanna know how to make it pm and i will tell you the steps.

Step 1: Bus pass monthly

Step 2: Friends

Step 3: CLothes bought from walmart

Step 4: Bring your ID and stuff you can pawn a greyhound ticket is very cheap these days :)

Step 5: Know where to get food

Step 6:  Map the area

Step 7: Trust No one from benchmark Cause Rumours end up being the truth here  :jerry:

                                                                                                                 Unfair oR Fair you Decide
            So their was this kid (I call him a kid for what he did) who didnt even wanna be there staff knew it the owners knew it god damn ppl not in program knew it he was caught cockslapping people never following rules or anything. But did anytihing really happen to him no not really instead he was giving more privaleges which is ironic as hell. No one liked him cause you couldnt even trust yourself sleeping in the same room as the kid me however i had to spend 1 night in the tent thank god but when the cockslapping incident happened they failed to notify the victims parents and let them know that their son had been sexually harassaed by another student and the staff told the police that they were not going to press charges Wait a minute*Jaynie arent you all about tough love*  

                                                                                                                   Was I Depressed or Insane

When I was at benchmark i attended 51/50 3 to 4 times trust me if you dont know what this is you will if you or our a student have heard the saying. My parents know that i was never depressed or suicidal but after being at a program where nothing makes sense your constantly working to better your life but even when you ask for someones help you dont trust yourself out on the streets anymore.... and you wanna come back to program  they tell you *Theres the door all i can say is come back tomorow at 8.00 am* is utter bullshit...
The weird thing was is everytime i talked with my parents on the phone it sounded like they had a list of stuff to reply if i asked for money.... or they're help trust me my parents showed me this list that benchmark gave to them when i went AWOL the first time. And Parent seminar is just another way for your parents to either put you down or if you wanna do it how i did put them down for sending you to such a Open house prison sentence :)

I know there is alot im leaving out but it is for the greater good and this is the only place i know where people can relate to what happened to me in some ways.... but the main thing that really pissed me off the whole time i was here and why my parents came all the way out to california to get me to come back to georgia was the day "Mike.V" Gave me a list of stuff to complete which was highlited still have the paper and he told me "Now john follow these exact things and you can be back in program on monday mourning... Then i get a call saturday saying i didnt check in which i was like wtf. So i called RLT and told them i was never informed of this information which ivan said well if its on the sheet you gotta do it our you dumb ? If stuff is highlighted and he tells you DO these 3 things. which were Drug test/writing assignments/Meetings which i did all of them then after i was aware of the mistake they made apparently i followed it to the teeth i was checkin in on time drug testing and everything then monday mourning came around and they said that i need to be out on the streets for a couple more days which then i said screw this i followed everything to the teeth, as mike says no you didnt. And i thought to myself really.... you tell us all the time to hold people accountable and you cant even hold yourself yea mike maybe you need to go back to the "M   E   t    H " Game buddy. After that i called my parents and told them what had happened and i asked my mother for 10$ for pizza which she bought and i had a place to stay with a friend. The next day i was not feeling well so i signed myself into a hospital again. Which i told them all about benchmark and the lady said" Ohh yea that place has alot of problems we get alot of kids from there either cutting or holding their breath your not the first this was the 3rd psy ward i have been on where benchmark adults were known. Finally my parents came to california took me back to georgia where they said they have seen more improvement then before and now i am in west Virginia doing my true passion and pursuing my carreer and enjoying life

If you have anymore questions please PM me.... :)

P.S If you say michael crawfords name its like you said Valdomoars name from harry potter... and you will get labeled as a negative attitude which michael was right about. And when you talk to your parents DO NOT MENTION anything bad about the program cause staff talks to your parents after you do to see how your phone call went. I found this out later on and bullshitted my conversations. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE EVEN STAFF THEY WILL TURN ON YOU IN A MINUTE AND Stay away from Stage 5 Clinger :) Peace :jerry:

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