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The Troubled Teen Industry / Breaking News: Aspiro Group
« on: August 10, 2013, 11:55:56 PM »
Breaking News from Jilliestake regarding Aspiro Group. You must read the court complaint. Now we know the real reason Randy Oakley left Aspiro. Embezzlement, Fraud, Adultery, Blackmail/Bribe.... Reads like a trashy reality program. It's laughable!!


Salt Lake County, Utah -  August 10, 2013

On May 03, 2013, according to court records, Aspiro Group, Inc. filed a lawsuit (case # 130903097)against former President, CEO, board member, and co-owner Mr. Charles Randall Oakley.
Aspiro Group, Inc. owns Aspiro Adventure Wilderness, Vantage Point Wilderness, and their newest venture, Pure Life in Costa Rica.

The plaintiff, Aspiro Group, Inc. asked for relief  to recoup over $1,000,000.00 and treble damages… ... ts_10.html

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Diamond Ranch Academy
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:11:51 PM »
The Osmond's are friends with the owner, Rob Dias. Marie sent her son there and he later committed suicide. I would not be surprise to learn that Dr Drew made this referral. I wonder if the JW family knows that they will be sending Paris to Mormons, that she will be given The Book of Mormon and subjected to their dogma.

2006 Marie Osmond (Miracle Network Founder) wins "Anasazi Foundation's Turn of Peace Award'

2007- Osmond sent son, Michael Blosil, to program- Diamond Ranch Academy, run by friend Rob Dias. He was reported to have long-term depression, but it was also stated that his parents had a problem with his sexual preference. After program he legally changed his last name and then committed suicide.
Bryce Zundel - President & CFO
Rob Dias - Founder/Owner
Sheri Dias- Executive Director
Maurie Simons - Admissions Director

Dias has connections with Sojourn Wilderness.
Dias is an ex Exec Director of Melaleca MLM

2010- Marie's son commits suicide ... el-blosil/

2009- resident James Shirey dies in Sick Bay- another needless death due to medical negligence. ... ch_Academy

2012 Schofield interviews DRA survivor, Alex about his experience there. Addresses 'thank you' letters to parents for sending them to DRA required to progress.
On the death of Shirey. One of 2 friends Alex had there. Specifics on what happened. Was vomitting the night before- excessively and had a high fever.
Staff made him get off his bunk and clean it up while he was still vomiting. Staff gave him a citation for using too many paper towels.
No medical attention until the morning. Made him do morning chores, saw Med staff after breakfast.

Troubled Programs News on Drew's endorsement of DRA ... treatment/
On Shirey's death.

CAFETY - The (Re-Education of Dr Drew) -Violations of Patients Rights
Open letter re Dr Drew promo of DRA ... treatment/

Heal Online DRA

DRA Survivors Site- Dr Drew endorses DRA
Survivor Testimony- everyone given The Book of Mormon ... 8-2009.txt

Tuesday, July 2, 2013Pennsylvania - Prominent Special Needs Educational Consultant Pleads Nolo Contendere to Simple Assault on a Child in Plea Agreement
Thomas J. Croke
Early Saturday morning, Jilliestake received a disturbing email regarding a prominent U.S. Special Needs educational consultant, Thomas J. Croke, owner of Thomas J. Croke Associates, Inc. DBA as Family Light in Greensburg, Pennsylvania; which in turn alerted Jilliestake staff to a comment posted on Jilliestake. ??
Jilliestake removed the comment post, until further investigation would confirm or disprove the allegations leveled upon Mr.Croke in the comment post. In addition, it was understood and apparent that the post’s author might have had personal motivation for revealing the aspects of a recent criminal case brought by the State of Pennsylvania against Mr. Croke.

After careful consideration, independent consultation, reading of court documents (charges, plea, and adjudication), including discussions with officials knowledgeable of all information related to the case, confirmation was provided.  

Due to the nature and ramifications (known and unknown) of this criminal case, Jilliestake, a children’s rights advocacy driven blog, made the decision to publish the following as children’s rights and safety must come first - forever ensuring child advocates give voice to those children who cannot speak.                            

Posted by Anonymous to Jillie's Take! at June 29, 2013 at 1:13 AM :
"In June of 2012, the grandson of Thomas Crokes wife, alleged that he had been sexually abused by Mr Croke, the president of Family Light of Greensburg, PA. After subsequent investigation by the Pennsylvannia State Police, Mr Croke was charged. In April of this year Mr Croke plead guilty to assault against a minor with menacing intent. He was formally sentenced this month, June of 2013. He was required to undergo psychiatric evaluation and is on two years of supervised probation. He is not allowed during that time to be alone with a minor. You should take these facts into consideration with respect to any endorsements of Mr Croke that appear on your website."

No one should argue that due diligence and restraint is called for upon receiving this kind of information.  According to officials, this incident took place when the child (complainant) was 8 years old. The complainant is now in his 20’s.

Court documents attest to the following:  
Note: [M1] [M2] [M3] refers to the “Grading” of the indecent assault.

Mr. Croke was originally charged with two counts on April 23, 2013:
Count 1 - Ind. assault on a person less than 13 years of age - 18 § 3126 §§ A7
Count 2 - Corruption of Minors - 18 § 6301 §§ A1
On May 10, 2013 – Added by Information Count 3
Count 1 - Ind. assault on a person less than 13 years of age - 18 § 3126 §§ A7 - M1
Count 2 - Corruption of Minors - 18 § 6301 §§ A1 - M1
Count 3 - Simple Assault - 18 § 2701 §§ A3 - M2

On June 17, 2013 – Common Pleas Court of Westmoreland County PA
Counts 1 and 2 dismissed.

Mr. Croke plead Nolo Contendere to Count 3 (18 § 2701 §§ A3) which has the same immediate effect as a guilty plea. [Plea agreement to Count 3 “Simple Assault” Grade M2 – “(A3) attempts by physical menace to put another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.”]  [1]
The Court of Common Pleas Westmoreland County PA sentenced Mr. Croke.

Order - Sentence/Penalty Imposed

“Ct. 3 Supervision for a period of 2 yrs with County; Mental health eval; Actor to have no direct/indirect contact with victim or unsupervised contact with minors; Pleading Nolo Contrendere; Cts. 1 & 2 Dismissed; Defendant permitted to travel for business with prior permission from PO.” [2]  

Officials state that since there was no physical evidence, a lengthy time frame had lapsed, no prior offenses documented (the prosecution did not have knowledge of other cases as no other child, parent, or guardian came forward over the years), the plea agreement was accepted by the Court.

Mr. Croke’s sentence satisfied the victim in this case. In addition, because the case was pleaded out to Count 3 above, Megan’s Law does not apply.[3]  Mr. Croke was able to avoid having to register as a child sex offender.

Officials appear surprised that Mr. Croke earns his livelihood as an educational consultant predominantly for Special Needs children and their families.  Often situations arise that require travel to various facilities/programs to address the needs and meet with children already attending programs. Unless Mr. Croke advises the various facilities and programs he calls upon of the restrictions the court has imposed on him regarding his probation, the facilities will not be aware of the fact that by order of the court, he cannot be alone with any child under the age of 18. Non-compliance of court-ordered restrictions could endanger children enrolled at the facility/program, and expose said facility to legal damages. One would assume Mr. Croke has restructured his consulting firm, as with Skype, and hired additional educational consultants for travel issues that may arise.

Many states require a program/facility to check arrest record histories of their staff. However, educational consultant’s arrest records are not a pre-requisite – placement of a child in a residential treatment program/facility and the generation of funds created by that placement is the primary incentive.

Jilliestake does not offer moral judgment on Mr.Croke, but does takes issue with the transparency obviously lacking on the Family Light website. It is understandable why Mr. Croke is less than forthcoming, but his rhetoric is cagey at best and dishonest at worst. Readers are encouraged to look at the Family Light website, read the reasoning offered by Mr. Croke for staff not wanting to be alone with minors, and reach their own conclusion. There is no reason given for policy changes at Family Light other than “in the current climate we are increasingly uncomfortable…”

Thomas J. Croke and Associates, Inc. DBA Family Light was a member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) and utilizes facilities affiliated with trade organization NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs), which self-proclaims no oversight over their members (Miller Bill Congressional Hearings 2007 Director Jan Moss testimony). ... al-hearing .

On July 1, 2013, Jilliestake contacted Mr. Croke through a representative. Mr. Croke declined to comment or speak with Jilliestake regarding this expose’.
Please find pertinent information, references, footnotes, and links below.

Excerpts quoted from the Family Light website indicate policy changes. ... /index.htm

"While we greatly regret this, in the current climate we are increasingly uncomfortable with our consultant being an adult alone with a minor child riding in a car and otherwise being where a parent or other adult caregiver cannot observe. The vulnerability to false accusations has become an increasing concern. Therefore we need to modify this procedure when the client is a minor child. We are leaving a grace period for families already in dialog with us to proceed as we have promised, but as of June 1, 2013, we are requiring that at all times that our consultant is with your son or daughter under age 18, parent or other customary caregiver be in a location where interaction can be observed.”

"Please note: As of February 13, 2013, we are adding flexibility to our home visit procedure. In some cases, we might conduct similar meetings by Skype but not travel to your home. This adjustment is experimental and is subject to change. Not all of the information below reflects that change. What follows describes the in-person home visits accurately. Skype and phone "home visits" will follow these procedures as closely as the situation permits. We do not believe this will be as effective as actual in-person work but will consider this alternative in selective situations. "
"Due to our policy change requiring a parent or other customary caregiver to be where their son or daughter is visible at all times, this must be modified for those under 18, but for now we continue this for clients age 18 and up. This provides a relaxed setting to discuss the young person’s basic concerns and to see how the young person views his/her role in the solution.This is a flexible routine that can be adapted as needed."

"For those under 18, we ask parents to help us come as close to the traditional "lunch out" as we can while staying with the new policy (on and after June 1, 2013). We have several alternative approaches:

PA –  TITLE 18 - Crimes and Offenses ... /18/18.HTM
COUNT 1 – Ind. Assault of a person under 13 years of age Grade M1 18 § 3126 §§A7 ... 8-3126.pdf
COUNT 2 – Corruption of Minors Grade M1 18 § 6301 §§A1 ... /0069..PDF

[1] COUNT 3 - Simple Assault with menace Grade M2 18 § 2701 §§A3 ... 0.027..HTM

[2] PA Westmoreland County Common Pleas Court Docket – Criminal - Public Record
    Docket Number: CP-65-CR-0001641-2013

[3] Megan’s Law -

Note: Grammatical errors left intact for authenticity.
More reading: "Educatinal Consultants for Dummies" : ... mmies.html
Copyright © 2013 Jilliestake -  All rights reserved.

Sweet Vindication!
For all those who would prefer the public think we were a couple of hysterical mothers... this one's for you!
GAO report summary of its investigation of HLA/Ridge Creek and the agencies that failed to listen or protect children in this program.
This industry has to radically change, or be brought done. If this level of abuse was happening at the "Cream of the Crop" program, what the hell is happening in the 100s of others?
Heads Up to the others! God willin', we'll be coming for you soon.

Harkin needs to hear about restraint/seclusion of kids in the industry.

Share Your Restraint and Seclusion Stories with Senator Harkin

I think all of you will agree that this is important for all of us to do and share with our friends and relatives.  I will post it on my MindFreedom Alaska Facebook page and my website. Begin forwarded message: ... arkin.html
Share Your Restraint and Seclusion Stories with Senator Harkin
Last week, U.S. Senator Tom Harkin introduced the Keeping All Students Safe Act, S.2020, to protect students nationwide from dangerous restraint and seclusion. As the GAO (U.S. Government Accountability Office) has found, restraint/seclusion are dangerous, resulting in deaths, injuries, and trauma to children nationwide. WE ARE SEEKING LETTERS IN SUPPORT OF THE BILL FROM PARENTS THAT CAN BE SHARED WITH SENATOR HARKIN’S STAFF AND PERHAPS OTHER SENATE STAFF. WE ARE ALSO INTERESTED IN STORIES OF CHILDREN WHO WERE RESTRAINED OR SECLUDED AND WHO MIGHT HAVE BEEN HELPED IF THE BILL WAS LAW. You do not have to have a story to send a letter.

Please email Jessica Butler, [email protected] . For those on yahoo groups and other systems that cut off email addresses, my email address is jessica (at) jnba-dot-net

Thank you,

Jessica Butler
Congressional Affairs Coordinator
Autism National Committee
21 years of advocating for the rights of people with autism and related disabilities
email: [email protected].

The Troubled Teen Industry / "Educational Consultants for Dummies"
« on: January 31, 2012, 09:19:11 PM » ... mmies.html


Quote from: "Tproc"

It seems I may have struck a nerve with you. This was my thought, there had been NO new posts on a RCS topic feed in atleast one month. I needed to post something here to get peoples attention. However, it seems as though you were more scarred by RCS then me, i do not see you posting your relation to the school anywhere. It seems very easy for you to point the finger at someone and get all 'upity' that a 20 year old guy "insulted your hard work" hmmm, thank you for sitting at home, in your nice computer chair, drinking coffee and riffing on this forum. TOUGH LIFE. Boo hoo, but you are right, i do appreciate that, just don't think of yourself as a hero. You followers did make a difference on this forum, and i am truly grateful for that. But i did not post on this forum to be barraded by you. Who are you? It makes no difference to me what you think about me or my post. You have obviously taken it to personally. And let me be clear, MY facebook is private, as you can see by the number of other people on that Facebook thread, theirs is not. One of the few things i learned at RCS, is that your almost never going to get your way. I do not see you as a hero or a martyr, stop acting like one. Please put me in contact with anyone who worked THOUSANDS of hours on this website.

In closing "FreeofCC," I would really like you to try and put yourself in my shoes. Would you put a lot of trust in people you do not know, sitting behind a keyboard all day? As far as this forum goes, i hate to break it to, but there is a wealth of knowledge about things that went on at that school you will never hear the light of day about. Please, get down off your pedistal and just gain some humility. You are not a saint, you are not my savior, you are not a hero, you are a blogger, who mayed a valiant effort and may have had a small contribution in something.



Cynical Asshole #1. Thank you.

Sweetie, you're making some huge assumptions. If you only knew......... Your antics to draw attention to the truth of RCS would've gone unnoticed if not for those who continued to draw attention to them. You think the ORCC gave a shit about the riots and suicide attempts? You think the new station showed up out of care and concern for the children? The madness would still be happening if not for the allies you perceive to be useless. LOL May you some day know the truth. Or not......

Quote from: "Tproc"
I came to this forum in a rather strange and unfortunate way. There is some information on this forum posted about me. I am indeed a former student. Now what i am going to first say is that, shame on all of you. I have read the majority of these posts, and the most common thing you speak of is NOT the kids that were put through this trauma. But you argue about who is right and who is wrong. This forum brought you all together because you all had a common interest. Allow me to be the first to say, ALL of you, have no idea what you are talking about. Coming from someone who lived there for 1+years, your all seriously delusional to think that you were the one harmed. I am going to ask Guest 3, to remove their post of Facebook threads and pictures. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer.

I went through something awful, and it was something i did not go through alone. Hundreds of kids were harmed by this school and the faculty. This is not all that was done though, family members too were affected. The damage that RCS did runs deep. I do not see any testimonials to how great this school is, we are all of the same mind that it was awful. Most of the kids did not come out a drastically different person. It was tough to. I was lucky enough to have been motivated enough to make the changes i needed to. It was difficult. I am asking you all, to please, let us kids that were harmed by this tragedy move on and forget. The school is gone and done, and will not be around ever again.


With all due respect for your suffering, the "School" (which it never was) would not be "gone and done" if not for this forum and a number of advocates who found each other on this forum. Buccellato has stated publicly that his program failed due to this forum and subsequent actions of the few.

You haven't read the majority of posts or you'd know that there is a dedicated group of advocates who are primarily here for the children. Advocates who have fought for the children for 10 years, spent thousands of hours researching and documenting evidence, spent their own money preparing evidence for agencies that didn't use it, never giving up on the goal to close this program. Had their early efforts, a decade ago, been successful, we wouldn't be having this exchange. They are and have always been very sympathetic to any survivor who ventured onto the forum to tell their story.

Until you are familiar with the participants, be careful of lumping everyone together. Otherwise, you just might offend someone who fought to ensure children would no longer be abused there under the guise of therapy. Someone who might deserve a thank you.

Have you considered making your FB private? How can you sue someone for sharing information you made public on the world-wide web?

Most would probably like to honor your request to "let us kids that were harmed by this tragedy move on and forget", if they had a clue what You are actually requesting- not only for yourself but apparently for all survivors.

If you're asking people to stop discussing this disgusting hell-hole and how they were deceived and harmed, it's unlikely to happen.

If it's difficult for you to read, you certainly don't have to return. It's your prerogative, strictly under your complete control. Some don't choose to "move on and forget", hence the end of RCS as we know it. And that is their prerogative.

Sure he doesn't have friends there too?   :on phone:

Quote from: "Guest3"
Hell yeah! A "fire" sale (insert sarcasm)! I can't wait for the "yard" sale. Maybe Lenny will have a white bread and cheese sandwich stand to raise $$$. Hell, ihf there's a fire going he could offer up a grilled cheese stand!  Maybe we can get some artwork he tried to hawk at those chapel fund events. Oh, I'm sure that's on the list of stuff to sell too.

Maybe we can buy some of those degrees that everyone else paid for - I hear they're worth a few pennies! Throw a Lifetime certificate in there and I just might actually donate $5.00.

How much are those fake psych evals worth? Can I buy those for 10 on the dollar? If I can my butt is going to be RICH!

Lenny - we have no pity for you. You are a coward and a fraud. Now everyone knows what we've said for YEARS!

Warning: Those sandwiches are made with faux cheese, aka poopo'geese.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Re: Where's Whooter?
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:01:40 PM »
Quote from: "DEE"
Hey, Phooter! Where you been, pal? Why the uncharacteristic silence? Surely, you have some positive spin to put on all this news of Hidden Lake/Ridge Creek going down, and taking Bucchi and his bunch of gangsters with it. Let me hear it, Phoot.

Shhhh. Don't evoke the name of Evil.

Quote from: "Jill Ryan"
Full commentary on "Ridge Creek School Closing Email to Staf from Leonard Buccellato" at http://

My apologies that this needs to be done like this.  I do not expect things will calm down any time in the near future, but I cannot keep up with both blogs and the investigations.

Thank you for all your support all these years for "The Children Left Behind."

No apologies necessary my dear. Take some of those irons out the fire. Delegate anything that doesn't require your attention.

There's at least one Ed Con not listed. How far back will they go? Elizabeth Hall in Texas should be added. She referred based on the "owner's reputation". Never visited the program and knew nothing about it, or the kids she referred for that matter.

Edens needs to go down with the ship. As a mandatory reported, she breeched her professional duties. Acted unethically, and there should be "consequences". She broke the agreement.
Let's see.... Restrictions for all.... white bread and cheese sandwiches. No mail or phone contact with friends and loved ones, for, um, the rest of their lives. Pick up trash off the roads around Dahlonega. A daily dousing with hot urine? Or would that be going a little too far? Ok then, sternum rubs.

Are the party invitations in the mail?  :birthday:  :cheers:

Quote from: "Inculcated"
Quote from: "Jill Ryan"
Quote from: "Dysfunction Junction"
This was a pretty good piece.  I think it didn't convey the the degree to which children are endangered not only by the population there, but also by the program itself which is pure quackery.

Len looked like he was a hundred years old, fat, bloated and unwell.  Man, he has gone downhill fast.

Agreed, but this story took months of work and years to bring forth as you well know.  It will all come out now. The third week in June, Georgia's GAO went into Ridge Creek.  They are federally mandated and have access to all state-wide records...  

Quote from: "Guest3"
If you are a current/former student, parent, or employee of RCS or HLA and would like Fox to hear your story, please email Randy Travis: ... 711_.shtml

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