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I was very sad to hear calo's runaway committed suicide- can anybody confirm.  Tom was so lost and searching for something.  So sad...

CALO has been sold!!!!  And I bet Ken Huey just loves that his new owner has an office right next to him!!!!  Why did proficio sell a thriving business... you gotta ask???  So Ken how does it feel that the people under you are constatnly reporting your moves to the outside???  Are you still sending false bills to the local school district and stealing money from students???  I heard your quasi acad director put an end to that!  Do you still pretend CALO is broke so local business give you discounts??? My source says you are bringing in $500,000 gross a month... what a waste.  God has a "special hell" waiting for people like you- you better enjoy your riches now- you will always have money ken, but never wealth.

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