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get right with god? what home were you in. i was in anchortraz from 82-85. staff members abused boys and 1 even did it sexually! ALL IN THE NAME OF GOD! how did that verse go? the truth shall set you free?

not sure about green pastures, but anchor was just moved from montana to missouri again. im eric sharman i was in anchor from 82-85 when it was in corpus. i left only a few months prior to the move to missouri.

oh yea we had it easy, its so easy when children are raping other children, its so easy when children are taking 1x6 bed boards and beating other children, its so easy being 5 feet away from another child outside inour compound and all of a sudden he is bleeding all over the place cuz he got stabbed because he didnt want to give up his peanut butter sandwich to a bully.yes we at anchor had it soooooooo easy.yes im an angry man.who would be after experiencing these atrocities.staff memebers would take a kid out to town and he supposedly ran, when what really happens is he got thrown out of our van that we had on the side of the highway. yes we at anchor had the best treatment. im glad u clearified this for me.  thank you for showing me the light.there was a reason why we were at the end of the farm.

4 ... ........... heres the web address. and fuck u cunt dont get all high and mighty on me.didnt u leave that group?so now u come here for yer sympathy and pity party.what a laugh.

actaully there are crack addicts that will do anykind of dirty work for 20 bucks

being in the homes were shitty,but for me better then being home.we all have the strength. some find it quicker then others.we were taught to love another, all i learned was hatred.this primal emotion, boiled in all of us while attending the, lets says "schools"( only to be polite).the thing to learn is how to direct it.i have met up with many now adults from the homes, anchor, lighthouse,city of refuge and some rebekah.i talk to many still to this day. they all went threw the same stuff. dont sit there, do something.courts will be in their favor.why, because they sent us, and our parents sent us to these homes.what about the kids that had to be raised on that farm? think of them and how bad they had it.what about the adult homes? being in anchor for 2 1/2 yrs, i knew many. the light house would hospitalize their runners. grant it, it is ALL wrong. all i say is stand, dont sit. we are better then them

you r so funny,im just tired of people who whine about the abuse,we all were abused in the homes, just get over it. all you can do is make sure it doesnt happen to any of your own family. that is what matters. friends that were staff,lol, thats a laugh.just to let you know, i found a staff memeber in florida once. i did to him what he did to me.i showed him what it was like to have the fear of god in his eyes.and if i ever find the other staff memebers they will pay also.retrobution i think it was preached to us and retrobution it is.  i have always been an attention getter because i am an action taker and not a pacifist.

first off my name is eric sharman, i was in anchor from 82 to 85.if u dont identify yourself DO NOT RESPOND TO ME!!!!! i know most of the people that were thee from the time that i was there. even the rebekah girls remember me, so people if your to chicken shit to indentify yourself---> GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!! :flame:

being in the homes for 2 1/2 yrs gave me insight to many of the home lives prior to the homes.the homes were worse for many.i myself would have rather been in the homes then be at with my family. i have met up with many lets call them grads of the homes, and i talk to many online, we have discovered that the past is the past. i witnessed many things while in corpus, and the main word is witnessed.i have been approached by a few lawyers and NO MATTER WHAT COURT YOU GO TO, YOU WILL LOSE THE CASE!!!!! fuck the courts! get even the way they abused you. i have,so ya'll might as well get on the band wagon.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, we have all been in the roloff homes, so fucking what! how long has it been? me over 20 god damned years, i've gotten over it, have you? yes we were all abused. are you abusing children now? so whats the point? do ya'll need this pity party?get over it. yer not in the homes now, all we can do is make sure kids dont get put in homes such as these. homes r sprouting all over the states in the name of god, what god? dont whine about the past shit we all went through, do something now! dont be a panzy. search for those that hurt u and bring retrobution to their eyes.
                               eric sharman
                               anchortraz 82-85 :flame:

hey all my name is eric sharman i was in anchor from jan 82 to jan 85. thought i would cum in and say hey all

New Info / The Lighthouse - Corpus Christi
« on: August 29, 2004, 09:58:00 AM »
hey guy,
     my nickname is hoof.i was in the anchor home which in my time there was right doen the road from lighthouse. please go to the yahoo groups and type in roloff. we have a group there. if not email me at [email protected]. there are many of us in there mostly rebekah girls and a few others.

NO SHE DOESNT LIE!!!! I TOO AM A SURVIVOR OF THE ROLOFF HOMES!!! I am a former roloff attendee. I can vouch for most of the stories that have happened and can add many more since i was a particpant from anchrtraz from 82-85
               hoof to those that know me

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