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Title: Get Motivated Boot Camp - has it flown under the radar?
Post by: Oscar on February 02, 2020, 03:26:17 PM
It is located in Aubrey, Texas

The owner seems to have taken a military title without ever earning it in the military:

Here is a parents review:
Monica M. wrote in 2014:
I contacted this group to help me get control of my teenage daughter. The programs seems great but as I got further into it, I feel they are unorganized. I expressed my feelings of being unorganized and "The Major took it as a personal attack rather than the truth. The "Major" gave me information to report my daughter as a runaway even though I knew where she was. I read other reviews that said he has not even served in the military, but  demands the title as "Major" .  I decided to take intervention into my own hands. I was able to get her home.  I did have to call the police for assistance, but they told me that I would be in trouble if I reported her as a runaway because I did indeed know where she was. No, no, no: That's not what " The Major"  told me. There was another situation, which we got into a big disagreement about, but I will just leave it as they don't have all there ducks in a row. I can't trust  them, so I can't trust my  family going there. The day I got her home was hell, but the days since then have been a work in progress. Things are looking up for us.......

Koda S. wrote in 2018:
Get Motivated is the worst decision you can make for your kid and or kids. I attended this place because my grandpa had run across Major Dankowski during a family battle to "take me down" they fooled me into getting there, I slept all the way there just to have 3 men in military uniforms pull me out of a car and make me take almost everything off. The "projection" method is just another word for them to use to make you think they don't actually yell at you but that is the biggest bullshit lie ever. Major Dan can and will forever rot in hell for the things he does to kids.

Ethan P. wrote in 2015:
This place is hell on earth for your children. Do not take them here. This place promotes abuse and instills unnecessary and extreme fear into children. Do not go here. If you are having issues with your child, there are many other viable and more helpful options to help you and your child.
Title: Re: Get Motivated Boot Camp - has it flown under the radar?
Post by: Oscar on February 02, 2020, 03:33:30 PM
Found another review on Google:

you know im going to have to be honest here. I am a camper here right now as of 8/14/19. So far i dont like it obviously. But i have to deal with it. There is lot of things i disagree with and i cant lie. Like me having to mow 14 acres of land it gets boring after a while. But it teaches life skills. I have learned alot here. But i still disagree with a lot of things. He should put God into the picture. I had to spend the night there my first weekend i went there. On Sunday he said to go to church and, we did. But something was not right. I felt like Major Dankowski wasn't there. He says hes a man of God. But he dosent act like it. In my Bible theres a page in there that says 100 things real men dont do. Half of those things he dose. Especially the first one "Real Men dont grumble and complain". I see this alot in him. Now im not saying thats all he dose and hes a bad guy. I just think he dosent under stand what he is doing especially the way he talks to me and other kids. I have made friends there but i always was shut down saying we cant bond or interact with each other which made me upset. I made friends with this kid named Jason he was pretty cool we worked together. But i do under stand why Dankaoski split us because we would get distracted. But i really think Dankaski should really put God into the picture. Another one in my bible says, "wanting to be rich or want money all the time". Thats another problem he has. Now lately he has ben nice a little for than he has since im by my self(which sucks im bored all the time no one to talk to really). But its not a bad place. I mean hey you know i dont like Dankawski at all. But he helps. I'v seen improvement in myself. This is really all i have to say. This is whats in my heart about Dankaski and his program.

A parent wrote:
get motivated boot camp is the worst place to send your kids because my son when there for two weeks and they charge us five thousand dollars and they threaten us by putting cps on us for my sons ROOM NOT BEING CLEAN. Bottom line dont go to this boot camp or else your kids will become worse

Another parent wrote:
I wish i would have beleived the reviews on how bad of a place this is to bring ur kids.   I was wrong for not listening.  They r crooks.  All they care about is ur money.   And if they get u to sighn those bootcamp papers.  Then at that point they have ur money whether u leave or stay the minimum time required.  So therefore they could care less about u and ur kids.  As long as they get u threw them doors.  And if u think ur not goin pay them think again they will sue u.   This has been the worst decision i could have ever made for my family.  I hope no one has to go threw this b.s.    we as parents always want better for r kids and sometimes we look for help anywhere.  Because at times where vulnerable.  I made a decision i regret because i was vulnerable.   Please dont make the same mistake.     God bless u and ur family. 

A student wrote:
Does your teen have self esteem issues? does your teen have issues forming relationships with his/her parents? If so, then send them to Get Motivated Boot Camp, because then, their last hopes and dreams will be eternally crushed. Any bit of self respect that he/she holds will be eviscerated by this Boot Camp's insane and totalitarian program. Have you ever wanted to see an insane, ruthless, maniacal, sociopathic dictator in action? Then get your hopes because Mr. Dankowski is the closest thing to an actual dictator.