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Title: Forget-me-not
Post by: ajax13 on November 13, 2018, 02:47:35 PM
In light of the failed effort by All About Receiving Cash to ammend their lawsuits against CBC et al, suits that began in 2009, it seems fairly evident that the sect is engaged in a kamikaze stalling effort.  The 2018 ammendment included this:

"In addition to the Sensationalism, the Powerless Production contained a number
of other defamatory statements, allegations, innuendos and criticisms of AARC,
including, without limitation, the following:...
(d) AARC is connected to the Kids program run by Miller Newton in Bergen County,
New Jersey, USA (the “KIDS Program”), which was eventually shut-down due
to, inter alia, the abuses that occurred in that program;"

There is ample evidence that AARC is Kids of the Canadian West reorganized and operating under an alias.

"MR. NELSON: Mr. Speaker, AADAC has been involved with
assistance in developing the program of the Alberta Adolescent
Recovery Centre since its inception originally as Kids of the
Canadian West."
Alberta Hansard, March 24, 1992

This old gem outlines the role of the disgraceful Dr. Martin Atkinson, active shill for the original Kids abomination in New Jersey:

Atkinson remained tied to the sect from the late eighties until at least 2009, when he acted on behalf of the sect in the cover-up after the Fifth Estate program aired.

"Dr. David Swann – Previous AARC Board member Dr. Martin Atkinson will be approaching Dr. Swann to provide information on AARC-Dr Vause"

The most telling quote from these old Kids articles comes from fellow Calgary doctor Stuart Neil:

"We're trying to have people come and have a look at the program and talk to us and understand the rationale behind it rather than sneak it in and hope nobody notices".

Clearly Doctors Neil and Atkinson were not dissuaded from the sneaking part when their rationale proved to be a great steaming pile.