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Title: Fellow Travellers
Post by: ajax13 on November 06, 2018, 09:52:32 PM
I recently came across this little gem, which might explain why Minister Larivee has been unwilling to make a single peep regarding All About Receiving Cash.  AARC's rubber stamp Peter Choda was on this panel with Larivee and AARC-believer David Swann.  Interesting to see Choda accused of having a non-traditional (wat dat is?) doctorate from the States.  Union buddies with the Wiz, Luciano and Miller Newton?

"Dr" Choate is not a psychologist - he is not registered with any professional body as such in any jurisdiction; nor could he be given that he received his so called "PhD" from a non accredited US "educational" institution (ie: diploma mill). He is a masters level sociologist. His approach, interpretations and assessments can be flawed and dangerous. If one should challenge him regarding his credentials he becomes extremely defensive. Caveat emptor."