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Wayne this is a thread solely dedicated to you and your lies. We will also get into your misogynist behavior with the women you have encountered on many sites. You remember how you treated that young girl from the Aspen T/C, Lee G., your ex-publisher from your writers blog and have a mouth and on you with a latent hostility towards women and people in general. You also love to insult African Americans and Jewish people. We have an encyclopedia here in the OFFA.
Mark Babbitz and yourself have given us much to document your disgusting behavior. Yes we have the proof we need to validate it was you posting under various names. No not by IP address but by one of your past cronies that can not stand you now.
So participate if you want or just sit back and read about yourself.
Take care.

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: "Horatio."
Do you mean this post, by Danny Bennison?

"Re: What Are You Looking At?
by DannyB II » 16 Dec 2011, 16:17

Wayne brings up the most interesting question I had heard in months. Who the hell gave Elan permission to have a ring, spankings, haircuts (screaming at another), GM's. Every state and many parents knew.
I can only speak during the 70's on this. Please don't don't let state of Illinois, R.I or New York fool you by their actions. They knew exactly what was going on. Marvin Schwartz (Ill.) played a big part in comforting parents that Elan was a great place during the fiasco in 1975. The powers to be wanted to save their asses.
There is a large population of legislators both state and federal who believe the abuse that goes on in these programs is justified. Much has not changed IMO in 40 years with this sentiment.
Exposer is the only way. The politicians in Maine who approved this abuse need to be named publicly and so on with every state

I have had success and peace of mind. I'll take peace of mind over success, always

.DannyB II


Would you please copy and paste the accurate link to this post, please. Wayne it has been proven many times that you are a liar and love to fabricate stories about people.
Thank you..... :spam:

Wayne loves the power he feels when he can call me a rapist. You should have heard him on the radio show, Susan Schofield...he put on an academy award display in drama. He even threw in the choked up voice must of had a bag of cocks handy for that demonstration.
Wayne, please do tell??


Lmao......How much longer are we going to have to read about how you are conversing with my family. You have gone down through my entire family and if contacted all would call the police and lodge a complaint. You are doing this all because your brother contacted me, then introduced me to your sister. Wayne I didn't initiate the contact, but I definetly found the conversations I had with them interesting.  
Now you dodged a legal bullet one time before where you came very close to being arrested. I promise you push your luck again and what Art's lawyer did to you will be a walk in the park compared to what will happen.
Just so everyone knows Wayne harassed and stalked a number of my neices online. I will not mention there names if course but every legal procedure is in place in case he acts again. Wayne will not be let off easily this time.
 The only person Wayne Kernochan and Albert Beauchane (they are both the same person) are talking to is my brother's ex-wife out in CA.
Last but not least...Wayne is the author of the Bennison Bitches thread (we all understand that Mark Babbitz helped him) in this thread Wayne post pic's of my neices and nephews in pornographic scenes. He has been extremely disgusting when posting comments about my family. Now in his delusional mind he wants us to believe he is conversing with one of them. Wayne you are a sociopath and you need help.
Please get it and soon.

Wayne Kernochan is the only member here who has actually molested another child. He discussed the incident in the sequel Return to Elan the Game. He blamed it on his brother. Funny thing Wayne got sent to Vitam because of it not his brother. His jealousy of his brother is evident in his memoir.
Without getting all into your warped twisted sexual world, which I was dragged into. I would like it if you could see to it to let me back out. Just let me go Wayne. It is easy instead of saying my name use your own name, it is appropriate. This is your universe not mine.

Open Free for All / Re: Feeling guilty?
« on: May 18, 2013, 10:02:58 PM »
:P "I have Rick P. Joe G. Alan R. Mark Q. and Jesse L. who will all vouch that you are and always were an abuser and a piece of shit. Ask any of them?"

These are names you made up or are Elan survivors who have contacted you on your blog to congratulate you fir your memoir but they do not actually know you.
The names I wrote are people you know from the sites Joicelyn B., Peter A., Kerry Lynn, Mike O. etc....they all have spoken of my character. Unlike yourself I am not bringong names here that no one knows but yourself. Why not bring back Doug Hannah to lie again for Wayne you know no one at all from Elan...give it up already Pimp.
You never answered the question either from a while do you like it....lmao!!!!

Open Free for All / Re: Feeling guilty?
« on: May 18, 2013, 08:51:59 PM »
As far as me accepting responsibility......all anyone needs to do is ask the people that personally knew me while I was at Elan they all know how I feel.
Wayne you are a pimp who uses survivors as his whores to make money or at least tries. I have absolutely no respect for you so as far as taking responsibility for your fraudulent claims...... piss off.

Open Free for All / Re: Feeling guilty?
« on: May 18, 2013, 08:41:42 PM »
This is great, we have two of the most disgusting posters to have ever written posts on this site crying to an admin about another poster calling you out on your past. Che if more people knew who you were and howvyou have treated survivors in your padt especially women thry would run you out of town. Wayne you have been proven to be a first class liar and a fraud and yet you still come around at any chance to beg for support. You are not supported by anyone who actually knows who you are now or when you say you were at Elan.
I was never your staff member and I don't recongnize myself as a staff member.
As far as making rape joked about your repugnant claim that I fucked you, you are right I did and will continue to make jokes about your immature accusations you level at me. The only person who raped you Wayne was you. I understand you have this attraction for me but sorry I don't like duded especially people like you who would screw anything that stood still long enough.

You have harassed and abused many more survivors than I could ever, Wayne. You have been kicked off just about every Elan site including the one you started. Please tell us how you accomplished that....Oh that's right you also got banned from your writers blog on the very forum you started.

Wayne your attacks against me are old news....very old. They have no proof and absolutely no corroboration.  So please STFU unless you have the actual people who were at Elan when you say you were to validate what you are saying.
I have my people on various web sites who back my character up while at Elan. Just ask Joicelyn, Peter, Mike F.  Mike K., Donald H., Diane H.and Margaret D. There are more if you need more names but these people you can contsct rather easily.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: Straight, Inc. Copouts
« on: May 15, 2013, 09:41:17 AM »
Quote from: "Che Gookin"
Ginger's older brothers and sisters were in Seed, she being the youngest iirc, went to Straight.

You beat me to it, Che. You are exactly right but I think more specifically it was her older brother that introduced Seed and the T/C method of controlling a child to Gingers family. At least that is what I got from conversations with her.
Her parents took to it like babies to the breast.

Elan had a room on the second floor of Elan 3. They placed mattresses around the walls and on the floor, this is where I spent my first 4-5 days kicking my heroin habit. There were two others in with me also. I was 16yrs old and the other two were 15 years old. I bounced back much easier at 16 then I did at 28yrs when I kicked heroin for the second time and last time I might add. It is pure freaking hell to abstain from that drug. Thank god they have drugs today that can deal with the withdrawals.
They actually have a name for the effects of withdrawals today PAWS - Post-acute-withdrawal syndrome. ... drome-paws
These T/C's and Wilderness Programs need to held accountable, science has progressed to the point that the "withdrawal treatment plan" for the drugs these kids were taking is clearly outlined now. I don't believe it includes a 5 mile hike up a mountain in the desert, sparsely hydrated...WTF!!

Open Free for All / Re: A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz
« on: May 01, 2013, 08:22:31 AM »
Quote from: "psy"
Danny.  I ask that you leave this disagreement between you and Matt and Wayne alone.  I realize those posts made accusations towards you and that you feel obligated towards responding, but in the future, if you're going to do so, please leave it to the offa, especially if such postings involve calling other posters "uneducated nitwit", "one sick dude", "Maybe if you would stop lying and come around to being a responsible mature adult", "You are a liar and a very sick old man" and so on and so forth.  You can say, "you're mistaken , I was never an assistant director", but calling somebody a nitwit, a sick dude, irresponsible, and so on, is not appropriate outside of the Offa.
I've given you a warning in the rules thread.  Consider this your first official warning.  Try to ignore old threads, and accusations if you can't respond to them without throwing around insults.  OK?

Also, in the future, you might want to use the quote tags differently to make it easier for others to read.

Psy, sorry about that my man. You are absolutely right, my responses were unnecessary.

Open Free for All / Re: A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:51:56 PM »
Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
You want me to talk about my feelings and Danny and Art? Okay. Danny and Art didn’t report the abuse because they didn’t see it as abuse. For a lot of years I didn’t either. I accepted it, like I had been told to do.
I spoke to a person who was there in 1984 last night and he said Joe used to threaten to keep people longer, and said, “I can take away your childhood.”

I didn't report any abuse at 19 years of age for the same reason Matt, Mark, Felice and you (at your program Vitam) didn't because we were more interested in leaving and never looking back. Jeesh I would wager that 95% of the people on this site never reported anything either.
Wayne you seem to think I was a staff and or Ass. Director at Elan. No I was not I was a kid they used to over see other kids. Sorry I don't look at myself as staff and never will. I stayed at a TC because I really had no place to go and once I had an out I left and never looked back. I have been gone since 1978. I would bet that you committed more damage to kids at Vitam as a resident than I did at Elan. You have always come across to me as being one sick dude.

He did that and more. They robbed us of a lot of things. Danny and Art and people like them were the worst victims. Affection makes their skin crawl. It did that to all of us. Talk about feelings much? I don’t and never did. Neither did many of you.
Lots of us figured it out or blocked it out and made lives for themselves. I was in the middle of that when all of this shit happened. I was happy and productive and people liked being around me. Since I’ve been away from the internet, I’ve gone back to that life.
All I hear in the way of Elan success stories is how much money you people made. I’ve done a few things in my life too. I’ve worked in homeless shelters and soup kitchens and given generously to charity all my life. Even when I was on drugs, I used to put money in the bread box at St Francis church.

Wayne you are projecting your issues onto me. Please never attempt to pyscho-analyze me, you come across as an uneducated nitwit. Since I have been away from the internet, you haven't left....what life are you living???? You can't even tell us the truth when we all ready know the truth. You life this delusional reality only you get. What!! You think because you are off the internet (usually because the library is busy that day) for 2 days this means you have stopped
I don't have problems in my life and haven't for decades. Maybe if you would stop lying and come around to being a responsible mature adult we could finally talk honestly. But of course I am dreaming.

I give away money to the local soup kitchen, mostly mentally ill Vietnam Vets, and am getting ready to do a writer’s course for the library to raise money for the children’s program. I roll twenty cigarettes a day and go to the park to give them away to the homeless.

Wayne, really. I believe you were one of the homeless getting the benefits but I am sorry I sincerely doubt you are selfless. Why??? Because you continuelessly boast about it. Most people I know just do they don't talk about it (bring attention to themselves).

Elan should be proud of me.
Like Danny, I wasn’t prepared for the flood of emotions that I went through when this all came back in my life. I didn’t know I still had that kind of viciousness still in me. I was ashamed. But the fact is, that was my Elan mind, the one Art and Danny are trapped in, and I can control that by just walking away

Wayne, you keep trying to compare myself to you. I am not you at all. I have never met a person like you in my life. You have no identity and how you go about creating your identity is by supplanting someone's world. You come into their lives unwanted and just run roughshod all over them. Because in your sick righteous mind you think you have the right.
Elan did nothing to you because you were never there. Plus for all the people who were there you are a disgrace. Plenty of people who went through Elan have gotten the help they needed and moved on.
Once again, don't assume I am trapped within Elan because you would be very wrong.

Everything bad about me was put there by Elan. I don’t take the blame for any of it. I wasn’t a monster, they were. I wasn’t bad, they were. With them gone from my life, people love me. People admire me. People want to be around me.

Wayne, you molested a young boy in your back yard and tried to blame it on your brother in your memoir. Just like you called him out to be a drug addict. You were an admitted crack head for crying out loud. Did you fail to mention this because of short term memory or it made you look good. You have lied repeatedly about being at Elan. YOU NEVER WENT TO ELAN!!

Elan robbed people like Art and Danny of their entire lives. I thought the people who disappeared after they closed their doors were fucked up, but they were the smart ones. The thing about Danny and Art and the rest of them, is they need to get in your head, and they can’t do that when their only existence is on the internet.

Lmao!!! I love this the "POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK". Wayne you can try to turn this around on two people who went through Elan, a program you have lied about being at.
Why are you so freaking sick....I really don't know??
Leave us alone you keep saying go....just go away and stay away.

Except for promoting my books, the only time Elan occupies in my life, is my continuous effort to find a lawyer to sue Elan for sexual abuse.
Anyway, have fun screaming into the wind guys. No one cares. They didn’t then. They don’t now. And, they never will

Well since your books aren't doing anything than you should be able to get the hell out of here and forget all bout the fraud you tried to pull off here.
Bye Bye and good riddance.


Open Free for All / A few thoughts about Elan by Paul Morantz
« on: April 27, 2013, 11:14:03 PM »
Quote from: "Matt C. Hoffman"

none-ya wrote :
> No Wayne! Nobody here wants you to share anything!GO AWAY! STAY AWAY!

 Yo  None -Ya I have to say buddy that I don't really understand your deal here on this forum . You seem to want to simply stir the pot here and enjoy the mayhem that follows .

Danny wrote:
No he doesn't he asks honest questions, tells it the way it is and calls out liars like you Matt. Which is what I have been doing since I got here.

You started a defend Danny Bennison thread that only Danny and his sock puppets replied. I don't believe if memory serves if anyone really defended him .

Danny wrote:
Plenty of people have defended me Matt, you choose not to see it. Most of the Elan members on facebook and other sites have absolutely no problem with me. You, Matt have a problem with me because I called you on your sick twisted shit you pulled in Elan and since you have gotten out. You are a liar and a very sick old man filled with a life of hate. As far as sock puppets...nope these posters are not me. They support me and you can't stand it.

Honestly I  don't know why you post on this forum you didn't go to Elan (unless you are another sock of Danny's) and I really don't care if you are a sock of Danny Bennison's ,it doesn't matter anyway .

Danny wrote:
If you don't care than don't post about him.

I was in Elan , and let me tell you None-Ya ,the book that Wayne wrote called A Life gone awry: My Story about the Elan School,  portrayed the ambiance of what it was like during my time which was two years before Wayne got there. And no, None-Ya I had nothing to do with the writing of that book. As some fool suggested, and no None-Ya there was simply not enough info on this forum or the web to fictiously write about a place like Wayne did unless he was there ,Sorry.

Danny wrote:
Yes Matt, we all know you were in Elan...bla bla boa!!! You use it as weapon to beat up on other people. You aren't special Matt and your Elan experience is not unique. Plenty of people were there t/o the 70's and many people we both know were there with you in Elan 2A with Marty and Ronnie. We know you Matt.

The Fear , the homophobia ,the lunacy and all the violence was there when I was there and None-Ya it was sick.

Danny wrote:
Yes it was but the homophobia was no worse than any high school locker room. Elan biggest weapon was the violence they would force on you if you did not comply then came the psychological abuse.

None-Ya look dude you don't speak for me in your attack against Wayne Kernochan when you say that no one wants him to share anything. I believe what Wayne has shared about Paul Morantz thoughts on the Aftermath of the Synanon legacy  blog, is quite interesting and valuable  to the Elan story.

Danny wrote:
Ok...I will speak directly to you, "NO ONE WANTS HIM TO SHARE ANYTHING"
Matt, you weren't even talking to Wayne for about a year when he was my co-admin on our facebook site. You cried and cried and attacked me at every chance because you were so mad that we had joined up with one another. You went on Elan Facebook sites and Reddit sites just bashing the heck out of me. More or less you threw a tantrum all over the TTI sites. Now since you are all buddy buddy with Wayne AGAIN you want to lie for him. Paul Morantz's claim to fame is the attack on him by residents of Synanon. He isn't an expert on Elans history.

I don't know what program you were in but it behooves you to read Paul Morantz's blog  just to see  how impacted your were by Synanon thru your  particular program. And attacking the speaker like you did Wayne is just the continuance of the game, that your program taught you ,it offers nothing. I am glad Wayne posted what he did, because it is very valuable in the history of Elan  and offers the survivors of Elan more than you could possibly understand  because you were not in Elan, Right?

Danny wrote:
None Ya's been here for years posting and you don't know what program he once attended...shessh? You really are a self centered angry dude aren't you? He went to the Seed, pay attention before you run around here running off at the mouth.
You really think that defending Wayne who is a fraud THAT YOU KNOW IS A FRAUD MATT, THAT YOU HELPED WRITE THE BOOK THAT HAS MORE INCONSISTENCIES IN IT THEN TRUTH. Matt, you wanted to get back at me because I told everyone that you stabbed Robert A. while at Elan and then tried to attack him again after you two got out in Portland Me. I was just down the road at a woman's apartment that night that was in Elan 2A with you, as a matter of fact there were at least 3-4 people in that apartment who knew you well. This is the truth whether you want to accept it or not.
That memoir he wrote is garbage and was based upon a vindictive lie which you spearheaded along with Mark Babbitz, Felice Eliscue, Sharon McCarthy, KLynn Corning and Albert Beauchane. You know exactly that this book was plagiarized from fornits and made up by you and your friends. Yes it does have somewhat overall flavor of Elan but he unnecessarily fabricates lies about me in the book that you know are lies. They are lies that you endorsed because you are vindictive.
Matt you are disgrace to all Elan survivors and I am personally disgusted to know you are even one. You embarrass us all.
Your still there and haven't grown up at all.

Therfore None-Ya since you didn't go to Elan and since your behavior here is more of a nusance and simply seems to feed your need. I want you to stop posting here on this Elan forum  because  it is really  none ya business.

Danny wrote:
No he won't stop posting here, why?? Because you don't represent Elan survivors nor speak for Elan survivors. You have been told this before too, Matt. You seem to think you hold this reverence from survivors, Matt most of the survivors I have talked with think you are a drunk, seriously. We have read your long incoherent deliriously written posts on the Orange Papers (aka John-Barleycorn), Elan Facebook sites, Reddit sites and on Fornits. You stalk me around the internet thinking I am on sites...lmao!! when in reality I have never even been there. I just learned about this maybe about a month and a half ago. You are writing to a poster you really think is me.... :rofl: You not only do this on one site but multiple.
You and your friends are sick, obsessive and are stalking me.
Matt I am not where you think I am and I don't live where you think I do.....lmao!!
Don't respond to this in your usual egotistical manner by saying you are not doing this, you don't care bla bla boa...the evidence is out there.
You, Mark and Wayne are three very sick 50 year old men.

Matt Hoffman

The Seed Discussion Forum / Re: This forum, Now and then
« on: April 27, 2013, 12:28:16 PM »
Quote from: "none-ya"
He's the reason I havn't outed my oldcommer. (Semi prominent figure) He also knew him. Greg and I were in the seed at the same time,but did not know each other. And as far as me being a voice of reason, that shows just how low the bar really is!

 :rofl: Come on my old friend they smashed the mold when they made you.

The Seed Discussion Forum / Re: This forum, Now and then
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:12:58 PM »
This Greg fella sounds like a real special guy. Man it would be great if we all could follow his lead. It seems a way people could heal together. Maybe you can continue Greg's legacy None Ya.

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