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The Troubled Teen Industry / Death at Skyline Journey 13 July 2002
« on: September 24, 2002, 07:16:00 PM »
September 21, 2002
The New York Times

Outdoor Therapy Camp Workers Charged in Hiking Death of Boy

DENVER, Sept. 20 ? Two employees of a wilderness therapy camp in central
Utah have been charged with child-abuse homicide in the death of a 14-year-old boy two months ago on a desert hike.

The boy, Ian August of Austin, Tex., was the fifth child to die since 1999 while in the care of such a camp in Utah, a state with some of the most stringent regulations for summer programs for children with
psychological, drug or alcohol problems.

Brent G. Berkley, the deputy county attorney in Millard County, Utah, brought charges against Mark Wardle, 47, and Leigh Hale, 24, and the camp that employed them, Skyline Journey of Nephi, after the boy collapsed and died of heat exhaustion in their care.

Mr. Berkley said Ian, at 5-foot-2 and 200 pounds, was in "very poor physical condition" when he entered the program and was ill-equipped for a long desert hike in midday summer heat.

On the hike, Mr. Berkley said, Ian complained of thirst and stopped walking. He was given water, but fell unconscious, prompting Mr. Wardle to call 911 on his cellphone. Because of the remote location of the hike, about 40 miles west of Delta, Utah, and wrong information given to a rescue team, an ambulance did not arrive for two hours.

By then the boy was dead.

Mr. Berkley said that Ms. Hale was a licensed emergency medical technician but that she either did not recognize signs of stress or ignored them.

"It is our intent to show there was a reckless disregard for his symptoms and signs of trouble," he said.

Each worker faces 1 to 15 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. The company faces a fine of $25,000.

Lee Wardle, the majority owner of Skyline Journey and Mark Wardle's father, declined to discuss the case on the advice of his lawyer. He said the company had been operating for two years, offering "therapy and emotional growth" to troubled teenagers, who generally participate in groups of nine.

Though the outdoor therapy camps have gained in popularity in the last two decades as options for frustrated parents, the camps have come under a cloud for the deaths of nearly three dozen youngsters since 1980.

Published: 08/24/2002
Page: 7A
Byline: DAWN MILLER ... tView.html]

State law requires any facility that offers behavioral health services, whether they are called a school or not, to have such a permit, called a certificate of need.

Alldredge officials referred questions to their lawyer, who could not be reached for comment on Friday afternoon.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Teen Help Programs
« on: August 28, 2002, 08:13:00 PM »
This is my working file on Teen Help. If anyone has links to add, please pass them along.  It is by no means complete, just began last week.

BOD: Bob Lichfield,  Brent Facer, J. Ralph Atkin
Executive Director Karr Farnsworth
Ken Kay Brightway Administrator
Jay Kay Tranquility Bay director and former hospital administrator

Teen Help is an umbrella name for a consortium of companies headquartered in the red canyonlands of southwestern Utah.  Parents training in separate multiday seminars, patterned after 1970s-era pop group-awareness sessions of est and LifeSpring. ... esp4.shtml

Psychologist Margaret Singer, professor emeritus at the U of C at Berkeley, says that Teen Help practices "large group awareness training," a technique designed to turn an individual into an instrument of a larger group. ... esp7.shtml

David Gilcrease, designed Teen Help's  BM  seminars ... esp9.shtml

David Gilcrease's bio, and a mother's account of the seminar. ... eaking.htm

Rules for Seminar ... rogram.htm

1/8/1998  TH Incorporated in Utah as a domestic non-profit ... _wwasp.htm

Conglomerate of programs and facilities

Shady business practices: unqualified staff, spamdexing ... exing.html

Participant referral fees paid ... pidnet.htm

Spamdexing is obviously a flagrant violation of all search engine guidelines," says Pursley. "But it is more than that. The whole site is a violation of advertising ethics. For me it's a lot more relevant than some abstract cyber-issue, because it affects real people's lives: It misleads people about what options are available for their kids. These schools are absolutely unethical and manipulative from beginning to end -- from search engine rules to how they actually treat the kids." ... ature.html

CRITICS: ... ture2.html

Reason for the convoluted ownership situation is to shield Bob Lichfield from liability ... ture2.html

0/2001  Political contributions to Rep Party  #3 Teen Help LLC $158,790.
Top Soft Money Donors  #3 Teen Help $125,000 LLC.   LICHFIELD, ROBERT B
ST GEORGE, UT  $500 ... &Year=2002

Adolescent Services International- Referral Service
Narvin Lichfield Owner

Promotes TH WWASP programs as RTC, but licensed as Res Service Prog.

Fraudulent Advertising
ASI presents as a "service" center for parents dealing with "teens in crisis," with strong implication that it is unaffiliated with particular schools. But Adolescent Services was founded last year by a man named Narvin Lichfield, who for the previous seven years had been the managing director of Teen Help, the marketing wing of the WWASP. ... ture2.html

Brightway Adolescent Hospital (closed)
18-bed adolescent hospital,  24-bed adult treatment hospital. Licensed by the Utah Dept of Health to the Utah Alcoholism Foundation, the units were in fact run since 1993 under contract to a group of Southern Utah businesses. ... nly_...htm

8/1997 Authorities restricted license,
facility failed to report suspected case of child abuse and repeatedly treated teenagers before getting both parents' permission ... N73509.DTL

2/1998  Utah officials said the hospital failed to report two cases of suspected tuberculosis and failed to provide individualized treatment plans for its charges. ... N73509.DTL

3/1998  Adolescent unit closed voluntarily after several disciplinary citations by the Dept of Health. ... only_..htm

3/19/1998 closed by its owner this week after numerous complaints by state
regulators over how it treated troubled teenagers, some of whom were later shipped to overseas boot camps. ... N73509.DTL

Carolina Springs Academy--Donalds/Due West, South Carolina, USA  (See S. Carolina Programs file)

Casa By the Sea--Ensenada, Mexico

Cross Creek Manor--LaVerkin, Utah, USA
Teen Help  WWASP program

CCM, originally incorporated in 1990 as a Utah Corporation by Robert Lichfield, voluntarily dissolved, March 25, 1997. Incorporated as an LLC 3/25/97 and owned by Recaf, Inc. and JILL-CO, Inc. both Nevada Corporations.  Officers, members of the Lichfield,Facer,Atkin family. ... etter.html

Staff members at CCM are "employed" by the employee leasing firm Resource Management, Inc. ... pidnet.htm

11/13/1998 Celece Dochterman (12) abused.  Parents file lawsuit, one week after Morava closed. ... wsuit.html ... 9811220397

2/1999 Marie Peart Adm Dir, part of WWASP, remodel ... een03.html

Linden House for Pregnant Teens--Saint George, Utah (See Utah Programs file)

Morava Academy--Brno, Czech Republic (closed)
11/9/1998   under investigation after the arrests of four staff members including the American Director, Glenn Roach for abusing children in their care. An unscheduled visit by American diplomats yielded evidence of
physical abuse and neglect. Czech police have filed charges. ... orava.html

Links to other articles ... uments.htm

Roach's were also involved with Sunrise Beach which was closed. ... beach.html

MAJESTIC RANCH    Randolph, Utah
Affiliated with Teen Help/ WWASP  (see Utah Programs file)

1991 Jodi Tuttle and Carol Gundry refer for retainer, not commission ... een01.html

6/1992  Majestic Ranch Review at Strugglingteens ... /np02.html

2/1997   Purchase of land from Steve and Nancy Cowdrey of Spring Creek ... ews04.html

Majestic part of WWASAP, opened in 1997 ... rate.shtml

Intrepid inquires about ownership, assoc with WWASAP ... etter.html

6/2002  Att General Press Release ... 014%202002

6/2002  Dir Wayne E. Winder charged with Sexual Abuse. Owners say their facility is a boarding school. However, the state classifies the ranch as a RTC. The Office of Licensing has sent a letter notifying the owners they need a Human Services license to operate

Paradise Cove--Apia, Western Samoa
Enrollment Agreement -Contract ... #Restraint

Randy Cook's account of being escorted to Brightway, then PC ... only_..htm

Randy Rogers account of being escorted to Brightway then PC ... only_..htm

Rules and Consequences ... e_cove.htm

Newsletter for parents with teens at PC

9/1998   State Dept  received "credible allegations" of abuse at Paradise Cove. Kay says he knew nothing about the investigation. ... esp4.shtml


3/21/2000 Corey Murphy commits suicide after 32 mo in TH Montana and Paridise Cove, W. Samoa. Ken Kay says that only two or three kids in the program have committed suicide, while hundreds have benefited. ... esp1.shtml

5/2000   TH ends its relationship with Paradise Cove. ... esp4.shtml

Redrock Ranch Academy--Saint George, Utah, USA
Teen Help WWASP  Program

12/25/2001 Katherine Lank dies.  Multiple violations of regs, state filed "notice of intent to revoke license", remains open pending protest hearing. Ratio 2:9 (law 1:4), hiking unsupervised in dangerous area, least experienced staff,

5/2002  Salt Lake Tribune, $6 million wrongful-death lawsuit by parents of
Katherine Lank, who fell into a deep crevice while hiking, also demanded a jury trial.

Spring Creek Lodge--Thompson Falls, Montana (See Montana Programs file)

1999  TH/WWASP's  ASI (referral service) lists SCL as a RTC, licensed as a RSP in Utah, no license in Montana. ... pidnet.htm

Sunrise Beach--Cancun, Mexico (closed)
Immigration officials at Cancun Airport arrested Glenda and Steve Roach as well as two Mexican Nationals on a variety of charges including depriving juveniles of their liberty. Because the charges included an ongoing investigation of sexual abuse the couple was held initially without bail. ... beach.html

Glenda and Steve Roach also involved with Morava (see below) ... orava.html

Tranquility Bay--Treasure Beach Jamaica
8/13/1997 David and Scott Burke abducted and sent to PC by Houston Stockbroker father, Stoney Burke.  Mother Donna wasn't told.  First stop, Brightway. ... _burke.htm

11/1997     David Van Blarigan  abducted. ... ture2.html

1/1998  Van Blarigan appealed to legal authorities to get him out ... ture2.html

4/20/1998  Social worker ordered to visit TB, her account. ... ty_bay.htm

9/25/1998  Justin Goen abducted, links to numerous Colubumia Dispatch articles at ... uments.htm

1/15/1999  A Mother's Account  Karen E Lile ... lile2.html


5/14/1999   Kathleen Thornton sues People Mag for article with picture of her son. ... .0514.html

11/1997 David Van Blarigan abducted. ... ture2.html

Youth Programs International (defunct)


Farnsworth, Lichfield, and Facer of Teen Help WWSAP are veterans of Provo Canyon (see Teen Help Utah) ... wsuit.html

Unofficial Alumni Website-personal stories

A personal account

9/1982  Lawsuit MILONAS v. WILLIAMS, violations of First and Fourteenth Amendment rights

8/1996 Celebrates 25 yrs ... een03.html

30 July 03
NOTE: If you have problems with any of the Intrepid Net Reporter links, type in
Notice that "reporter" is now plural, with an "s".

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The Troubled Teen Industry / Need Advice-Aspen ranch, Three springs
« on: August 28, 2002, 01:48:00 AM »
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The Troubled Teen Industry / Psychiatric Back to School Special
« on: August 23, 2002, 12:58:00 AM »
Dear Heloise printed an invite from a shrink in Boston, Sandra Jones.  She has created a tollfree ADHD number and they (experts) are set up to talk to callers on the 26th.

A suggestion from a friend: I think it would also be worthwhile to call that number and ask to speak to an expert, and then take the
opportunity to give them a piece of your mind. I think that would be a worthwhile guerrilla action.

Complain to Heloise at:
FAX: 210 HELOISE (435 64 73)
EMAIL: [email protected]

To give the "experts" YOUR opinion, call:
1-888-ASK-ADHD (275-2343)on Monday, Aug. 26, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.  I know they can't wait to talk to you.


I loved this analogy: I have found, as a school psychologist, that likening the use of Ritalin to attempt to enhance the academic performance of children with the use of steroids to enhance athletic performance, a particularly provocative
statement that gets many of the players to think more deeply about what is going on with this [bogus] AD/HD diagnoses.
Hope this helps.

Another had this to say, regarding the latest term being used (in the article) in an attempt to make ADHD sound legitimate:
"Evidence-based science"? In court they
call it "circumstantial evidence" and it is generally not enough to convince 12 people to sentence a defendant!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Death at Skyline Journey 13 July 2002
« on: August 21, 2002, 01:50:00 AM »

17 July 2002


It was hot in Utah last Saturday. Record-breaking hot.

In Salt Lake it got to 107. Down by Delta it got to 110.

Which was too much for Ian August.

He was 14.

He was 14 and apparently there were some troubles at home. Maybe he was misbehaving, maybe he wasn't living up to his parents' expectations. Who knows. But he got sent off to something called "wilderness therapy." Some kind of boot camp in the desert where tough love takes the form of a forced march, where struggling to survive in the mountains is somehow supposed to put a kid on the right track.

Sounds like idiocy to me.

And Ian August's parents fell for it. So he got shipped off to something called Skyline Journey and within the week he was dead.

It was some kind of "wilderness-therapy hike," a march into the badlands. On a day when all-time highs were forecast. In a place called the Sevier Desert.

That's where fate and the numbskulls at Skyline Journey come in.

They pushed 14-year-old Ian August where common sense said no one should go. Under conditions that would sideline most military maneuvers for safety reasons, on a day the TV meteorologists were warning people to stay inside, some kid was put on the trail.

Did I mention he was 5-foot-3? And 200 pounds?

That makes him short and fat. That makes him more susceptible to heat stroke.

And did I tell you he was from Austin, Texas?

Which is 501 feet above sea level. Which is relevant because the desert in which he died is 7,000 feet above sea level. Way up where the air is thin and where even people in the best of shape who have not yet acclimated can huff and puff at the slightest exertion.

And speaking of acclimation, Ian August had been in Utah for less than a week.

So that's the situation. Record heat, a little fat kid, high elevation. And a rugged overland hike.

And he started falling behind. Who knows how these "tough love" people handle that. But he fell behind and after two miles he said he was thirsty. Record heat in the desert and the 14-year-old cast out into the wilderness is thirsty. Then he says he's dizzy.

Two classic signs of heat injury. Of potentially serious heat injury.

You're probably wondering: Where was the law? Well, in Utah they allow and even license such stupidity as this. And though only meagerly regulated, quackery like this Skyline Journey is not allowed to put kids out under stressful conditions when the temperature goes over 95.

But the law only helps when it's obeyed.

And forecasts of above-100 apparently didn't matter to the brain cramps at Skyline Journey.

Ian August said he was thirsty and dizzy and he sat down. And then he just went over backwards. Five-foot-three, two hundred pounds, new to the mountain elevation, unaccustomed to the desert, sent off by his family to get "straightened out."

And he was dead.

It was a minute or two after 1:30 in the afternoon. In Delta, the nearest town, it was 101 degrees. Six degrees over the legal limit.

And the fanny covering began in dead earnest. First word was leaked out that he must have had a heart problem. It wasn't us, it was him. He would have been fine, but must be he had a defect or something. It was his heart.

Only it wasn't. It was the heat. That's what the coroner said. The heat killed him.

So the Skyline Journey people came up with another excuse. This time they blamed the EMTs. It wasn't the program's fault, it was the two-hours it took emergency medics to get to the scene.

Forget the fact he was dead before 911 was even called.

And about those two hours. These Skyline Journey people had this poor boy so far out in the wilderness he was 70 miles from the nearest ambulance. Yet it sped to be of assistance. Of course, after the pavement ended there were 30 miles of dirt road, then there was a long stretch of four-wheeler trail, then the medics had to load their gear onto their backs and hike more than two miles to where Ian August lay dead.

All things considered, getting there in two hours is almost a miracle.

Yet still the Skyline Journey people blame the medics.

Which is too bad.

But what's worse is that ridiculolus cons like this are even allowed. The notion of sending troubled teens off to wilderness reform schools, typically staffed by people of little if any significant skill, is immoral and ought to be criminal. If parents send their children to programs like this, it's no wonder their kids are screwed up -- with parents that stupid, it's only natural.

Parents and families raise children, even troubled children. Programs don't. These barbaric tortures are nothing more than a way for failed upper-income parents to pretend their money can buy them happy children. In a society that thinks writing a check fixes everything, this is parenting for people too lazy or uncaring to do it themselves.

The Utah attorney general needs to look into the death of Ian August. Someone must be held responsible for this boy's cruel death.

And the Utah governor and state legislature must explain how such barbarism can exist in their state.

This death must be avenged, and this practice must be wiped out.

There is no such thing as "wilderness therapy," except as a money-grubbing scam. These cruel and hurtful ripoffs must be shut down.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2002

The Troubled Teen Industry / Catherine Freer Wilderness Program Death
« on: August 21, 2002, 01:21:00 AM »
Portland Mercury responds regarding the death at Catherine Freer.

[email protected]

Thank you for the e-mail regarding the Catherine Freer program.  In fact, I did not know anything about the recent death.  Most of the news that we cover is within the boundaries of Portland.  In the past, however, we have written stories about wilderness programs.  I did, in fact, shadow one of C. Freer's program a few years ago and spent three weeks on a trek with the teens.  

I will give a call to Catherine Freer.  Any information that you have, I would greatly appreciate.

Phil Busse
Managing Editor
Portland Mercury

The Troubled Teen Industry / American Buffalo Soldier Camp
« on: August 19, 2002, 09:29:00 PM »
Kudos to the Arizona Republic newspaper for giving the RCCC no choice but to rescind the award they were set to bestow on Charles Long, responsible for the death of Tony Haynes at Buffalo Soldier's Camp.
Deborah ... 24-ON.html

Indicted boot camp leader wins right to travel but loses need

By Beth DeFalco
The Arizona Republic
May 24, 2002 02:20:00

A tough-love camp director charged with murder won court permission today to travel to Washington, D.C., to receive a national leadership award from a Republican congressional campaign committee.

But the Buffalo Soldiers' Charles Long might not be going, after all.

Immediately after learning from The Republic that Long has been charged in the July death of a teenage bootcamp participant, the National Republican Congressional Committee rescinded the award.

"We had no idea of the accusation," said NRCC spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride,
who added that any political contribution that Long may have made to the committee will be donated to charity.

The teen, Tony Haynes, died July 1. The boy collapsed from standing for hours in 111-degree heat at a Buffalo Soldiers' summer camp near Buckeye and nearly drowned as camp workers tried to revive him at a motel bathtub 10 miles away, according to Maricopa County sheriff's detectives. Long is
charged with second-degree murder, as well as aggravated assault and child abuse for what happened at the boot camp.

Long was selected as an honorary chairman to the NRCC's Business Advisory Council. The Council, which consists of hundreds of GOP donors, will meet this summer to discuss the party platform and fund-raising strategies.

"It is unfortunate that a man who has given so much to his country, his community, and who was embraced by this committee is now being shunned for political expediency," said Long's attorney, Ulises Ferragut, after learningthe NRCC is taking away the award.

In an April 13 letter to Long recognizing his efforts, NRCC Chair and Virginia Congressman Tom Davis said the group would use Long's name "in a national media campaign . . . designed to return more power and money to you."

On Friday, Long, who sought to continuing his work at a boys' and girls' club, was also given permission by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Reinstein to have contact with children with one stipulation: The children's parents must be present at all times.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Catherine Freer Wilderness Program Death
« on: August 19, 2002, 08:57:00 PM »
Catherine Freer Wilderness is doing an excellent job suppressing this story.
Please consider writing to major newspapers in Oregon and Nevada and demand, beg, plead with them to cover this story.

CF is based out of Albany, Oregon but the death occured in Tonopah, Nevada.

Portland Mercury

Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Review Journal

The Troubled Teen Industry / Death at Skyline Journey 13 July 2002
« on: August 19, 2002, 07:30:00 PM »
Surprising Hike   ... 07/31/2002
The Salt Lake Tribune
Date: 07/31/2002    Edition: Final    Section: Opinion    Page: A14
Keywords: Public Forum Letter
Surprising Hike  
   The idea of sending troubled teens to an outdoor wilderness program instead of an institution is an excellent one. However, after reading about Ian August's untimely death, I ask, who is supervising the supervisors? Are state authorities effectively monitoring the methods of these programs?
   As a social worker and experienced hiker I was stunned that licensed staff would send a 5-foot-3-inch, 200-pound boy on a three-mile hike in 95-100 degree temperatures. August had been in the program only nine days which is insufficient time to condition for such extreme physical activity.
   Mark Wardle blames the emergency medical technicians' slow response for Ian August's death and claims his staff "are not a bunch of idiots abusing kids."
 They may not have been a bunch of idiots, but did they realize how dangerous the situation was? Although emergency personnel should have been there sooner, Wardle needs to take responsibility for his and his staff's mistakes.

   Salt Lake City

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