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Let It Bleed / 2 questions
« on: August 16, 2009, 05:10:48 PM »
First of all does anyone have any idea of how I could go about removing hardened candle wax from a Carol King record ??

2ndly, I bought a armful of records at a garage sale today.  After I got home I began to look them over.  As I was examining Berlin's Love Life I noticed something sticking out of the sleeve.  Upon further examination I found that I had 5 of the 6 members of Berlin's autographs on what appears to be an extra album cover(just the front, not the back).  What I'm wonderin is what my find might be worth.  I tried to look at a few web sights but as usual with the internet I just got the run-around.  So I submit my request for assistance to the Let it Bleed crew.  I don't expect it's worth a whole lot, but I'd still like to know.


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / The Crimes of $tr8 Inc.
« on: August 10, 2009, 03:17:57 PM »
I thought the U.S. government was supposed to protect it's citizens from places like $tr8 Inc.  Where they take captured children and minors and keep them in little windowless rooms, 2 guards at the door.  Where they take your clothes and your wallet and your boots and your belt before they strip search you on your way into the group for the first time...I didn't realize until much later in life that I wasn't entitled to the protections of the constitution because I wasn't old enough at that time.  I was 16 when I went in.  What I mean is one of the things that's always angered me about that whole experience was the way I was brought up to believe in America because she would protect my human rights and dignity as a person.  We had the constitution after all and the declaration of Independence an' all...In other words if I'd a been 18 I could'a' protected myself, but since I was only 16 when I first went in, I could do nothing but watch myself fall.  I watched what was happening.

 My dad is a Vietnam vet.  So is my uncle, on my mom's side.  My grandfathers were all vets.  When I was 4 years old I was runnin around in a camouflage Airborne Army uniform brandishing a plastic machine gun, proper insignia and flag an' all. And me and my friends would play war in the back yards and the alleys of my Grandmas street, while my Dad was in Vietnam.  Maybe I was 5 by then.

Anyway to come up from such a patriotic background and then be shoved into $tr8 where every constitutional right I would have had, had I been 18, instead of 16 at the time, was violated, is enough to give a kid whiplash.  You see what I'm sayin ?!

Anyway, if an 18 year old needs so much protection, shouldn't a younger person have even more ?  I know parents need rights an' all, I'm not sayin that, but my parents were completely wrong to put me in $tr8 and there was nothing that I could do about it.

When Fred Collins sued $tr8 and won for whatever the charge was...unlawful imprisonment or whatnot, what that really meant, in a moral sense, was that $tr8 was wrong to keep anyone who didn't want to be there, unless you were court-ordered or something maybe.  In which case you're rights may have already been legally taken from you. I can't judge that from here, cept to say $tr8 still would have been some kind of strange and excessive punishment.  Some 16 year olds can be more mature than some 20 year olds so it's nearly impossible to set some age whereby one's right to defend one's self legally kicks in.  When your bein held by force in a program you need legal rights, constitutional rights.   That's why most of these programs keep children and minors prisoner instead of adults.  They can't get away with perpetrating such crimes against adults or in other words, those Americans who have constitutional rights.  I knew what was happening as I experienced it and yet could do nothing to prevent it.  I thought I had constitutional rights all along.  I never stopped to think that they wouldn't kick in til I was 18.  Nobody ever told me you had to be 18 for that shit to count. I thought it was just in the values of the people.  

It was only as I grew up and began to see the historical pattern of the Fedral gov't to oppress people that I began to question the relationship.  I thought about all that I had learned from my mother as we crossed the west, about Native American history, which seemed at the time to me, like an analogy of my own life.  I was too wild and free.  They wanted me in on the res. too.  So I begin to go off the res. to explore the world and it's myriad forms an' such.  But so I got outside of their reign of control and was discoverin things which they denied could be.  

The last thing they want are socially unconditioned adults unnatuned to their way of thinking and their values.  If we were to turn 18 still believing in our own transcendental natures and wielding our constitutional rights...well, that just might be damn scary for them ol' fat cats.  That is their nightmare.  That we might be empowered by our natures and politically free. Str8 Inc and the programs like it commit crimes against American citizens and America herself by denying the individual citizen the right to his potential both spiritually and socially.  $tr8 was a private entity and so it operated without regard to any semblance of due process.  In other words it wasn't any part of the penal system.  It was a private prison, where you had no representation, no voice, no identity, no way.

... Criminals.

$tr8 and programs like it are an oppression against American citizens.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Eye Contact
« on: August 10, 2009, 02:07:06 PM »
remember the big deal about eye contact when we were in there ??

If you were stood up in group and didn't look at the group, or the staff member, as you spoke,  you'd be confronted about it.  And it became such a big deal, at least to me, that when I got out of $tr8 I was always uncomfortable talking to people because I had lost my natural way and I knew it.  This was one of the key social coping mechanism $tr8 took from me.  I didn't know how to look at people who I was talking to. I always felt like I was lying whether or not I actually was. If I was in a conversation with someone I wouldn't know how to look at them.  I knew that the constant eye to eye gaze was unnerving to me, but whenever I looked away to avoid it I felt unnerved then too.  So I was unable to relate, so to speak.  That's a direct result of 23 months under the influence of $tr8 Inc.  

I have every right to sue those who kept me in there, not out of some need for justice, but for some compensation for the injuries they gave me.  Socially crippling me for life and significantly lowering my quality of life.  Sorry if I sound a little bitter.  I guess I'm getting older and I been watchin the dust settle long enough now to begin to see what's my own doin and what someone else has done to me, and shit that aint permanent damage don't bother me.  I'm tough enough, but the permanent social injuries that were inflicted upon me in $tr8 by a gang of hooligan adults, who should never have had anywhere near that much power over anybody, ceptin maybe if I was in there for attempted murder, but I wasn't.  I was in there for seein through their lies and wantin to know the truth.  When you're 15 those values can manifest themselves in delinquency from school and experimentation with marijuana etc.

I was seriously unable to socialize in the mainstream for about a decade after $tr8.  I drove illegally because I couldn't bear to have my vehicle inspected and stuff like that.  Didn't want to be caught in any social situation where I might be forced into conversation.  The grocery store was always dicey for me.  At one point I spent about 6 months trying to figure out how I could just end my life.

A lot is goin through my mind right now, as I write this.  The introspection is key but can also become a bog.

Hello.  I was in the Springfield $tr8 for 23 months, from 85-87.  When I finally got out I had all kinds of social problems.  You know the feeling of being separated from yourself and the terror of not knowing the way back and the nervous breakdowns that beckon you.  The separation from self that comes from being held up and stripped of your self.  By others. Strangers you don't know.

When I went into $tr8 I was shocked by the invasion.  I mean I was hit by it.  I remember studying what was happening to me, as it was all goin down.  The betrayal.  I went along with things at first, because it was obvious they meant to use physical force to keep me.  They introduced me to group as I looked for some weakness.  A way to escape.  I was on front row, sitting there in shock, disoriented and yet knowing I'd been right all along.  I'd found what I was looking for.  Proof that they'd been espousing lies as the truth, the whole time.  I was right and now I had no doubt in myself. I had strong intuition.  

They were somehow threatened by the way I wandered out and astray.  Threatened by my adult potential which wasn't far away.  I was a bold experimenter before $tr8. I wanted to learn things for myself, in my own way.  I didn't want to be like everyone else.  I wanted wisdom and adventure, in it's infinite form.

I wanted to know what would happen, and I found out.  They'll sneak up around you.  Conspiring to imprison you.  Where once imprisoned they will stand you up in the middle of the prison room and take turns psychologically analyzing your every move, your every word and secret thought, until all your social coping skills have been revealed and destroyed in front of you.  They'll even watch the way you defecate.  Finally you'll stand there wondering how the heck you're supposed to react, or behave.  What the F do they want ??!!  All the little ways you used to have tucked away, that you could pull out of your pocket and say had been taken from you by then.  All your cool little ways that were the things your friends loved about you were identified as druggie ways.  Your coping mechanisms were smashed in front of everyone in group.  You were smashed.  

And as you stood there, surrounded by the group, completely psychologically shattered with nothing to cling to as your identity you were offered the program.  $tr8 stripped away all our natural( you could say organic, I guess) social coping mechanisms and social filters and installed instead a foreign and artificial system of thought in our heads.

Even though I was hip to their ways and even though at times I copped out and misbehaved, I still spent nearly 28 months directly under their influence, or in the cult.  So the program is in me and is something I am always wrestlin with, even though I reject it outright.  It was beaten into me.  

In my dealings with people since $tr8 I've had a lot of trouble. You know.  A lot of awkwardness.  Not the way I was prior to $tr8.  Before $tr8 I could handle every social situation I faced.  Quite adeptly even.  What $tr8 did to me personally was to stunt me socially by stripping me of all of my social coping mechanisms and then into that void they tried to put the program, but I rejected that, and so am left with nothing.  This has been very unnerving.

I'm seriuous.  When you don't have the usual social filters that most everyone naturally has then you lose.  When you can't cope with normal social situations because all your ways have been beaten outta you, it  can mess you up.  This is just another reason why $tr8 was bad.  The psycho-trauma and duress is a whole nother thing...

So in the end, even though I got the answers I sought, what I found was the true nature of things... :beat:  My advice...Don't believe the things they say...After all the talk of "Freedom" and "Liberty" and Justice" they will force you anyway they can.

I'm empowered by the knowledge and crippled by the experience.

The Troubled Teen Industry / marijuana consciousness
« on: June 10, 2009, 02:07:54 PM »
The trouble is, as far as marijuana is concerned... the trouble is that adjusting or altering ones consciousness really does have a value in and of itself, that when approached with intellectual curiosity and humility is actually enlightening and healthy.  Of course marijuana is a tool, and like any tool, such as a television, a gun, or a hammer, it can be mis-used.  You know, you can let it run ya round some.  It works great as a coping tool, like say when you just need a lift to lighten the load for a bit, the downside is this can lead to psychological dependency.

Some folks who experiment with marijuana do so as part of an investigation into reality.  Some folks seek knowledge through the use of cannabis.  From my own experience this is completely legitimate.

There really is a different mind-set, or consciousness that develops from thoughtful, contemplative, responsible use of marijuana.

I fail to relate to the horror the Betty Sembler's(former Seed parent and founder of $tr8 Inc., current CEO of the Drug Free America Foundation) of the world must face when they confront marijuana.

I think keeping marijuana illegal just stunts our growth as a culture and a society.  We should make it legal for 18 year olds to grow, possess and smoke marijuana.    
I'm not talkin about other substances, just marijuana.(although I have a similar theory concerning psycho-active mushrooms.  Mushrooms are more intense than marijuana though so I'm still workin on that)

I post on this forum because I'm assuming that the troubled teen indusrty pro'ly relies heavily on minor marijuana users to support itself.  I think that the Betty Sembler's of the world need to grow up and be mature enough to realize that not everyone wants to limit themselves in the ways that they do, or that they shouldn't be forcing their narrow views on others.  Why don't we mentor young adults in the investigation of reality instead of systematically conditioning them out of their intellectual curiosity ??

Because the marijuana consciousness is outside of the realm of influence of the people who own everyone now.

Why must those who choose not to seek knowledge through the use of marijuana oppress those that do ??  Why is there an enormous social bulwark set up to prevent the marijuana consciousness from developing ??

Because it is a real state of mind.  A place from which, things look different, and complex subtleties can be studied, and the social conditions we cling to are revealed. The marijuana consciousness transcends the ego, and breaks the illusion the establishment uses to oppress us.  

I just think as a society we have the complete wrong approach to marijuana.  We should be embracing it and teaching those young adults who want to see reality from another angle how to use it wisely.



Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Now collecting...
« on: February 04, 2009, 11:44:09 PM »
...original material by $tr8 survivors for a music cd compilation.  Record your stuff and send it to me and I'll put it together and distribute it for free.  I already have a few things.  So any $tr8 survivors out there with any musical talent, record a song and send it along and we'll make a cd of original songs by $tr8 survivors.  To send your song pm me.

Fuck $tr8! :clown:  :poison:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Question regarding $tr8's finances
« on: January 27, 2009, 03:14:50 PM »
I have always assumed that the federal gov't, supported $tr8 financially.  Am I wrong about that ??  I wonder how much money came from federal taxpayers.  It couldn't have been all privately/locally funded, could it ??

Open Free for All / Just some critical thoughts on "justice"
« on: December 09, 2008, 05:22:57 PM »
I was reading the paper today.  Saw OJ was finally gonna do some time.  The article began with a definition of the word, "justice" from "the administering of deserved punishment or reward" ...

I don't know...don't seem to me that one can get "retroactive justice", which was the title of the article BTW.  I was actually surprised at that definition.  It doesn't sound like "justice" to me at all...more like social control or revenge or something other than justice.  Maybe "compensation" of some sort.  It seems to me, though, that justice is only available in the present.  One can live justly or not, but I don't think one can have justice for what has happened in the past.  The past is just a memory  There is only the present.  If you have committed crimes or been unjust in the past simply act with justice now, as you go about your day.  ...Anyway... :clown:

Injustice, like when someone is trampled to death by some mob made up of the individual egos that are all so focused on what they want for themselves that they are unable to recognize the man coming to unlock the door as a human being.  The key he held in his hands was all he was worth to the people who trampled him or could have.  It doesn't matter what punishment you give to the tramplers, that was an injustice and no action can change that.

A friend of mine and I were talkin about "Justice" once and he said something to me I'll never forget.  He said "Justice" is just not usin anybody for nothin, ever.  I think that's right on.  The implication bein if you are dealt injustice by some force of another's selfish ego, it is just an injustice and you cannot make it otherwise through violence or imprisonment or action of any kind.  That would just be more injustice, wouldn't it ??

I guess it just freaks me out the way the society or the establishment or whatever, most people out there, don't have any sense of what justice even is.  They leave that up to the law, like so many fools and suckers, and surrender their natural autonomy daily.  They have no intuitive sense of it coming from within themselves.  This is the problem that develops when people allow their government to regulate their own behavior.  Government and law cuts us off from our potential as human beings.

Oh well just some stuff I had on my mind today, thought I'd throw up a post..."...with words they try to jail ya..."-Sting

 :poison:  :peace:

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / One other thing too...
« on: October 25, 2008, 12:17:56 AM »
...that was really super-messed up about Straight Inc. was how you weren't allowed to defend yourself at all for even the slightest little thing that you might 'a' done questionable... ::) I'unno' but seems like being overly open to criticism in this harsh world would be a mistake.  Now, I aint no pussy, let's be clear about that, but I remember when I was in the 10th grade at Woodson high school, in the boys room, readin the wall above the urinal, and it read:"Straight is a pussy factory".  I don't remember what I thought at the time but now I see what was meant by that.  

The way the people in group are conditioned day after day to "open up" "surrender their will"...this is all a bunch 'a' mularkey.  If you were accused of absolute absurdities in group, there was no way to defend yourself.  The group and staff would not allow for any defense at all.  The person was opened up against their will and intensely criticized simply for the sake of the psychologic breakdown that would result.  There was no common reason for it otherwise.  Man that place was just no good!!  Man, they really mess you up.  I mean, even just now, this is comin to me...the way they disable you psychologically...

It's all just some illusion they wanted to attach me to though, some fantasy of theirs,...some manifestation of their fears...

If you were in $tr8 or one of these other programs, the  way that they attacked you had nothin to do with you, or who you were or what you did, it was just the way they got inside your head and manipulated you and chained you.

Power to the people!(fist in the air!)

Web forum hosting / What happened to the emotocons ??
« on: October 14, 2008, 01:37:08 PM »
The 2 emotocons who were clinkin their beers and all those other cool emotocons that aren't here anymore.  I think the available emotocon selection is a little weak. And I don't know what's goin on with the whole what's-her-name thing but isn't that emotocon with the 2 smilie-faces(with appendages!) strokin themselves off on that other smilie-face's face and havin it labeled as S. Scheff a little too crude(and personal) ??

Just wonderin...and maybe suggesting we could somehow get back some of the ol' emotocons we used to have around here.

 :blabla:  :bs:  :-  ;D

Web forum hosting / Help me get my avatar back
« on: August 14, 2008, 02:03:37 PM »
I wonder if anyone can tell me why my avatar doesn't come up when I post.  Or if someone can help me remedy this situation.  I rather enjoy my avatar and I'd like to see it next to my posts...

Thanks, -pirate

Let It Bleed / R.I.P Jeff Healy
« on: March 03, 2008, 02:35:18 PM »
I remember when I first heard of him.  He was on Letterman one night, not long after I was outta $tr8.  A blind, wailin cat.  He sat in a chair and played his electric across his lap while his band backed him up.  I remember how when it came time for his guitar solo he stood up and kicked that chair back out from under him and tore that guitar up!  Righteous tune too.  "Angel Eyes"..."tonight I light the stars did I ever win your love?...what did I do !?...what did I turn your angel eyes my way"!?  Really a beautiful song.  I always loved to hear that song when it would come on the radio unexpected-like.  The kid had heart.  Only 41.

pirate out.


Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / flygirl...
« on: June 18, 2007, 11:58:26 PM »
Sorry for snarlin at you.  I don't know why my neck hairs get all up like that, but I wish I did understand.  You don't even have to respond.  I just hope you get this message.  There are certain abstractions I still find very difficult to see.  Sorry.  I know it's on me.

Let It Bleed / GIGAROO IV, July 13th &14th, Indiana, PA
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:31:51 PM »
Gigaroo 4(hippys' annual music fest)

Friday, July 13, 7pm-12am & Saturday the 14th, 12pm-12am 2007, Iselin ballfield, just outside of Indiana, PA


Back Alley Sally
Kings Ransom
Absent Minded Blindness
4 Day Crawl
44 Mag
Jimmy James
The Mourning Sun(Hippys' band)

Free camping, BYOB, No glass bottles, please.  Food vendors on site.

Tickets are only $10.oo.  Free admission for kids under 12.

Come on, ya'll le's have some fun!!  Pm pirate for tickets.

For more information go to:

Aargggh... :-?

North Mississippi All-Stars_Shake Hands With Shorty

Beck_Mellow Gold

Robin Trower_Caravan to Midnight(v)

 :( ... :lol:

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