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The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: March 13, 2005, 12:07:00 PM »
hey robert,

i know you posted it before, but when were you there?

i worked there in 1994-5 and was curious as to who was there (staff) when you were there...

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Hidden Lake academy
« on: March 13, 2005, 08:03:00 AM »
if you knew everything about the hla program, you'd be glad you never sent your kid there.  if you desire a subpar (nearly nonexistant) education, isolation and emotional withdrawal for your kid, then you should be sure to place him/her at hla.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: March 12, 2005, 08:06:00 AM »
i think it's a good idea.  this place has lots of money and connections and drives a large part of the tc market.

On 2005-03-09 08:04:00, busted wrote:

"I was there in 97, spring and summer. I got fired. You were a little before my time. I wondered for a long time after I left what went wrong, then one day I realized that it wasn't me, it was them- I questioned myself for a long time and felt like a failure. It really hurt me.I still have a bad taste in my mouth when I think of those days. Do you live in GA?"

i live in ny.  i can identify with your feelings.  the system there just isn't set up to help kids.  if that was your goal, you would naturally feel like a failure.  it's just something you wouldn't be able to accomplish there.

what were you fired for?  who dropped the axe?  rudy?  len?  curious as hell...

i am a former employee.  i was there in '94 and '95.  were you there at the same time?

i don't blame you for not wanting to remember...

Daytop Village / This abusive cult must be politically connected
« on: March 09, 2005, 08:44:00 AM »
hey angela,

good to hear your news.  george always was a bright guy.  he pulled himself up by his bootstraps after about a 10 year bid for armed robbery and a terrible drug habit.  i always figured he would rise above and go beyond.

i was not there for the incident you mentioned and lanza was still "acting" director when i left.

i have departed the mental health field for good.  the system is just soooo broken that it's hard to do good work for one's clients.  i worked for a while doing mental health claims reviews for Wellcare (an HMO), but found the same sort of problems there.  i was told always to initially deny coverage and fight it out to pay as little as possible.  again, patients being cheated out of care they desperately need.  it's sickening.

if your friend speaks to george, please have her pass on my regards, ok?

i wonder if i know who your friend might be?  in any case, good for her!

take care,
steve[ This Message was edited by: Dysfunction Junction on 2006-01-24 13:02 ]

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / L.I.F.E.-Life Is Fore Everyone
« on: March 06, 2005, 03:56:00 PM »
On 2005-03-06 12:33:00, BSarro wrote:

"Yes, I am a school Aide. I work with Elementary School kids. As for my writing , for whatever reason it comes out differently than the way I wrote it.Unless you mean occasional typos. I know you are berating me because  you are jealous of me. You probably collect Public Assistance and shop at Dollar Stores."

wow. you avoid responsibility for everything from your typing mistakes to your child rearing mistakes.  ever thouhgt that you have taught your kid irresponsibility through modeling?

ad hominem attacks further reveal your insecurities.

On 2005-03-06 12:38:00, BSarro wrote:

"Ever heard of typos? And I sure as hell am not responsible for my daughter's recent actions. But I will be responsible for her rehabilitation, whether it be at home or in a progam."

you're not responsible for your daughter's actions.  that's correct.  however, you are responsible for the circumstances under which she was reared and therefore bear responsibility for where she is headed.

have you ever thought that raising your kid in a hateful, bigoted, narrow-minded way may have caused some of her developmental problems?  you really need to take a serious look at how you have contributed to her aberrent behavior (but let me state for the record that there is nothing abnormal about dating a jew or anyone from any other particular ideological or religious paradigm).

as for your being "high class," let me quote elvis presley: "that was a lie."  if you put a pig in a dress does that make it classy?  no, it's still a pig, just a dressed up one.

and, btw, typos have nothing to do with your severely truncated vocabulary and your absolutely abominable grammar.  are you sure you work in a school...?[ This Message was edited by: Dysfunction Junction on 2005-03-09 05:49 ]

On 2005-02-18 10:04:00, Anonymous wrote:

"I am a graduate of CEDU (RMA) in 92. I worked at Hidden Lake Academy in GA in 97-98 under Rudy and Jill Benz.

I knew Buccalatto ( owner of HLA), he is the guy who sent me to RMA and I don't know what I was thinking going to work for him. It didn't work out. All the staff there were dirty control freaks, with no intent of helping kids- they were there to fill the empty tanks that housed their meaningless and massive egos. I've been long gone, and heard Rudy isn't there too. There were sooooo many dirty staff there, Im surprised it's survived this long"

i'm glad to see your post.  reading it again, it occurred to me you might be patrick.  anyway, i'm not here to guess identities.  we all had a fucked-up time there and i guess it's reassuring to me to hear i wasn't the only one who left with scars.

i did hear from some of "my kids" after i had left (as well as some staff), and some of the things they told me were quite disturbing.

it seems that the staff that remained, in order to protect themselves from what apparently is only being legally dealt with now (10 years later) told incredible lies to the kids and to other staffers who were my friends in order to discredit me and statement i had made about them and the program.

for john lang:  it bothers me to this day that you were told some ugly lies about me.  i have always been hurt and saddened by the situation, and am troubled that i never had a chance to resolve it with you personally.  just for the record: i NEVER, EVER made any disparaging remarks about you or told stories "out of class."  i heard from one of our former kids that you were manipulated by rudy and others into believing i had made certain statements, which i never did.  

i freely admit to torpedo-ing kristen.  she was a no-good cocaine addict with really bad personal problems that she callously got me involved in and i have no regrets about outing her.  

but let me repeat: NEVER did i make any disparaging remarks about you to anyone, staff or student.

well, i feel a little better just saying it, but i hope that someday you may actually read this and understand what happened.  i valued your friendship deeply and hope you are doing well today.


The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: March 06, 2005, 01:09:00 PM »
On 2005-03-04 09:52:00, SHH wrote:

"The husband I am referring to that had to attend SEED in the 70s is not the same husband working at HLA. That is my EX husband who works at HLA. My new husband was a SEED survivor from Florida, and he already posts at the fornits survivors board. "

ahhhh...yes.  NOW i do remember you from hla.  fat bill was your husband.  as i recall, you're no beauty either (of course that makes no difference, but i thought i'd give robertbruce the heads up on it for his own personal edification).

that being said, i was there and worked with bill gray.  he had much more access than you did, as his office was in the admin bldg and with the door open, i'm sure he heard lots of things.  

i'm still not sure why you claim to have intimate knowledge of how the program worked, because i know for a fact that you do not.  

i was there before the very first kid from pg1 ("rising") arrived and personally did the intake for every kid that came through those doors for the first two years.  

I know what happened there.  you do not.

my suggestion is that you stop pontificating about matters surrounding which you have only rudimentary knowledge (at best).

robertbruce really does have your number.  and it shows.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / L.I.F.E.-Life Is Fore Everyone
« on: March 06, 2005, 12:32:00 PM »
On 2005-03-05 16:36:00, BSarro wrote:

"Sara can not tolerate anyone disagreeing with her views, Darren said he was helped and Sara refuses to validate his feelings. How can anyone take Sara seriously?

i saw from your profile that you are a "school aide."  thank god you do not work in my local school system.  judging by the way you write, you have absolutely no education or native intelligence (not to mention you're a bigoted sociopath).

hey, i've got an idea.  you should go work for hidden lake academy as a teacher.  you'll fit right in...

On 2005-02-10 12:18:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Hello. I am hoping someone could help me. I am having problems with our oldest 17 year old daughter. She wants to date a low class Jew.We are high class Roman Cathlics. We do not tolerate such behavior. I have no problems with our other kids. I even get complements calling them my robots because I only have to tell them once what we expect of them and they comply. The leader of our family wants us to disown her. Obviously, a $30,000 car, a 6 thousand dollar plasma TV, and a 3 thousand dollar computer system is not enough for her to be happy. This Jew Boy comes from a single mother on Welfare. We believe it is against God to have  kids without a marriage. We disowned  my sister for having a kid  with a Jew and out of marriage. She gets no help from us now.She has to live on $602 SSI , while i drive 2 luxury vans and live in a half a milion dollar house. If my daughter goes through with her wishes to date this Jew boy, she will meet the same fate. Please let me know of any other ways I clud deal with this problem that is disrupting our once happy family. I there any program out there that would very specifically deal wih her wrong choices she is making?"

you're a bigger moron than i had previously thought.  you can't even SPELL "catholic" much less BE one.

have you ever considered that you are the etiology of your daughter's problems...?

On 2005-02-14 21:05:00, Anonymous wrote:

"It never ends. You all continue to mock my dire situation with my daughter. GET THIS THROUGH YOUR THICK , EMPTY SKULLS: I WILL NOT JUST STAND BUY AND ALLOW MY DAUGHTER TO DESTROY OUR LIFE AS WELL AS THE INTEGRITY OF MY FAMILY! I will drag her myself to a program if need be!I am going to save my daughter's life!"

you just hit it on the head you dope.  you are not at all concerned with your daughter, but rather only the difficulties she creates in your life.

hopefully your kid is wise enough to know what a completely self-centered phony you are.  i bet she does.  you're transparent as hell.

On 2005-03-04 15:49:00, BSarro wrote:

"After doing extensive research, I have discovered that my daughter snuck one of her friends in to our home and her friend  posted using my info, which my daughter knew because she was with me when I signed up. She and her friend both had a medical appointment today and she snuck her in while I was going over our Visa Credit Statement. I have added her to my daughter's banned friends list. I never expected this from ths girl, as she also comes rom a high class Roman Cathlic family. I will talk to her parents about her possibly needing intervention. I apologize for accusing you all of hacking into my username, as I was too stressed out to remember that all of you Anti-Program people do not have the required intellect to do so. Please accept my sincere apology.

wait a minute, asshole.  you are on some ego trip accusing thoughtful people of not having any intellect.  

i happen to hold a master's degree.  what degree do you hold?  

apparently you cannot even secure your own computer or user name.  you are an idiot.  or should i say "dolt"?  shouldn't make much difference to a brain-dead asswipe who can be outsmarted by a (uncontrolled, badly parented) teenage girl.  

you need to send yourself to a TC to get some tx for your rampant egomaniacism.

You worked there?  Me too.  I was there in '94 and '95.  You sound like you could be one of a couple of people.  maybe john?  deanna?

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