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Surviving AARC
I just wanted to advertise my new EZ board for those who have been through the Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre! Hope you can all come and check it out, and maybe bring some survivors with you!

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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Growing Together of Lake Worth, Florida
« on: December 01, 2001, 03:13:20 PM »
Re: Alternative solution
I've probably said this before here, but talking to your kid, loving him and supporting him is the best solution in the long run. You want to force your son to change right now dramatically because you're scared for him. That's understandable, but wanting and actually trying to force him to do it are two different things. If he died out there, you would miss him but know that you were the best parents you could be. If he doesn't die in a straight based program, you will live with the knowledge that you exposed him to torture and pretended that you didn't.

Once again, as myself and many others have said, I was not beaten, I was not belt looped, I was not sleep deprived or starved. I was humiliated, insulted, manipulted, and denied the right to be myself. Going through an experience like that during your youth is much harder to recover from becuase you are still emotionally developing, than it is for adults who also are torn over cults like this.

I once started my own program that helped youth who were far into addiction. It was non confrontational, you could come and go as you  pleased, there wasn't even any counseling, kids could just talk to kids. The only real rule is that the kids had all the power and anyone who judged or broke confedientiality would be dismissed. The result was an extremely succesful program where most kids changed quickly and were able to move on to better things. My point is that tough love doesn't work. Actual unconditional love does.

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