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Title: The War on Consciousness, mostly
Post by: starry-eyed pirate on January 11, 2013, 11:12:54 AM
There is a war on consciousness.  There is a whole history of the federal government's intention to own it's citizens and American taxpayers have funded many a foreign coup and military occupation in order to force their economic values into position around the world.  People are sold out and powerless to help themselves now.  The capitalists have made everyone dependent on their system.  The people are unconscious and cannot make the right decisions because they are cut off from nature and themselves and have no way to understand or even see the reality of their relationship to the universe, or at least the Earth, or even each other.  The mere complication of the system fosters and nurtures exploitation and injustice.  The indirectness of it is what allows the exploitation.  

Now Jello Biafra's alright, but I never yet heard him talk about the War on Consciousness .  I was in some big city lately and was fuelin up at the pump when I noticed a t.v. screen on top of the gas pump runnin the national news at me while I got gas.  Remember in Straight how you weren't allowed any privacy ??  Remember how invasive it all was ??  What an assault on the most inner sacred aspects of your consciousness !!  Thing is the whole society is that way.  I mean thats where Straight came from.  Straight existed as a manifestation of American values.  We were the ones who somehow escaped and we ended up in Straight's re-acculturation center.  

I think maybe a long time ago education was aimed at conscious awareness, but nowadays it's more likely to be about social conditioning and popular homogenization than any kind of conscious awareness or personal or social responsibility, which is not even possible without conscious awareness.  I mean, how can people be responsible for their actions when they aren't even aware of their effect on others or the Earth in general ??  When you live so indirectly, as in a modern capitalist society, you don't see the fullness of the natural relationship that the individual has to the environment, and in addition to being the entry point for criminal exploitation within the system it also inherently disempowers the individual by causing him to rely on some outside authority for his well-being.  Without an awareness of nature the people are slaves to a synthetic world.

I think capitalism's over-rated...   ... I think it's at least a significant part of the main problem, but that's a whole nother thread somewhere... not that I'm a communist, more of a socio-anarchist...I think people should be able to own some private property and be able to run a homestead or workshop, etc and have communitarian values, instead of government... or in place of social authority.  I think that'd be a lot better than what we got, but, I know that there are other considerations and I've over-simplified my position, in deference to time and space... direct living is best.

Anyway, the trouble is that the people are just being manipulated and used by powerful capitalists, who only care about money.  Capitalists are running the government, I mean they own it.  The capitalists own just about everything, and the last frontier of ownership for them is the intentional consciousness of the individual citizen.  What good is any of it without the freedom to be consciously aware, of the truth of Earthly reality, or even the other sentient beings around ??  People are dependent on the economy instead of themselves.  Dependent on televisions and cell phones and oil and external authorities.

Commercial capitalism is the program.  The commercial manipulation comes through the light and the song and triggers your unconscious mind to behave submissively toward authority.  Without some sense of intentional consciousness, and by that I mean some interior space for human intuition to develop freely people are easily exploited by insidious commercial forces who have no respect for humanity.  Intentional consciousness is transcendental awareness.  Awareness of the transcendental nature of Intentional consciousness is freedom and responsibility.  The capitalists dont want you to have any so they are constantly assaulting you with commercials and propaganda.  Everywhere you go there is a television to watch and a camera taking your picture.
Title: Re: The War on Consciousness, mostly
Post by: Tampa survivor on June 18, 2013, 07:46:50 PM
Bang:  hit about 40 spots in my beady lil brain.
Unfettered capitalism is an agressive monster rewarding the ruthless.
A balance, bound by honor and decency is the ideal.
An honorable percentage in a bank profit, a broker selling securities because he believes it is good advice, for that investor, not his commission check.
Government is NOT the answer.
Obviously, Goldman Sachs is not either.
Title: Re: The War on Consciousness, mostly
Post by: Woof-a-Doof on August 27, 2013, 08:06:47 PM
Firstly, thank gawd for text readers!
Secondly, I miss Starry Eyed Pirate!
Thirdly, I shouldn't drink beer, smoke weed and expect to think clearly!

This angst against the machine, the capitalists, the man, and maybe because my text reader has an english accent, the 1984 feel to the post. As a society, we have experienced an explosive growth in the last 100 years. Compare that growth to the bronze age to the iron age. A profound amount of growth in a relatively short time. Technology has progressed at a rate, where as the human has yet to catch up. Now, consider the explosive growth of our time, with certains aspects of our kind. Namely greed, power etc. These are facets of us that swell with any given opportunity. But, the remaining facets have yet to appreciate the growth at hand. And so, we are left to feel as if someone amped up the treadmill, increased it's upward angle and did so without our knowledge or to be us.

Although I am not gifted with any answers, I am convinced there is a balance for mankind. Question becomes, will it be in my lifetime, or yours. I suspect not. Yet, rather than grumble and complain about the overall unfairness of our state of being....can I find balance...can I find a simple way to live in this complex world of ours? Without accepting the out and out war on this we call consciousness?

Cannabis seems to help!
Title: Re: The War on Consciousness, mostly
Post by: Tampa survivor on August 27, 2013, 10:37:01 PM
As I read the last paragraph of Starry's thoughts, I was oddly reminded of the Dead Kennedy's Drug ME.  Drug Me is so similar, in how it is all the drug, the maker of our dependency.  News and TV and American Idiot an all...
Or as Jello wrote it:

I don't want to think
Don't make me care
I wanna melt in with the group
I need the balls
To leap out of my shell
And let go with my friends

Can't come up with anything I want to do
I need a project I can finish
My brain needs some stimulation

I'm so fucking tired
I gotta stay awake
I'm runnin' late
I gotta make it thru the day
And make my time go by

TV and the stereo and girls are lots of fun
I want the max
I relate better loaded
'Gotta see that movie stoned'

Drug me with natural vitamin C
Drug me with pharmaceutical speed
Drug me with your sleeping pills
Drug me with your crossword puzzles
Drug me with your magazines
Drug me with your fuck machines
With a fountain of fads
More rock and roll ads

Finally off of work
Unwind and watch the ball game at the bar
Another potato chip weekend
Is here at last

Go away Go away Go away Go away Go away
Leave me alone
So I can't see myself

Title: Re: The War on Consciousness, mostly
Post by: Tampa survivor on August 27, 2013, 10:39:56 PM
Woof, the beer and weed together always damns me straight to couch lock too.  Bad for me.   But a nice weee all the way home.