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Quote from: "psy"
I hope y'all don't mind.  I split the thread and re-titled it to something neutral.  It was either that or bump one of the other old threads and have two competing threads on the same topic going at the same time.  Feel free to quote any of the other posts from other threads if you feel something has been cut off or left out.  I've been on vacation for the past few days so please excuse my lack of participation in this debate.

Quote from: "Whooter"
Drug trials are typically funded by private donors, the government or the drug companies themselves.

But pharmaceuticals are much unlike the industry in that the FDA has to verify, with years of research and mountains of evidence, that a particular drug is safe before it is sold to the public.  The industry has never been held to any comparable standard. It makes it's own rules and you're darned right that who pays for a study and whether or not it's peer reviewed matters.  It's the difference between marketing and science.  If a program controls the data and pays for the "research", there is a good chance that it's going to make the program look good.  They wouldn't very well pay for it otherwise.  Even still, they make mistakes and drugs are recalled. More often than not, programs have to be shut down by the authorities or sued out of existence before they stop doing what they've always done.

Parents should not be trusting their kids with untested techniques regardless of desperation.  The miracle cure of today very often turns out to be the quackery of tomorrow.  People once lined up, voluntarily, to get "ice-pick" trans-orbital lobotomies.  We now consider this barbaric, and those who were subjected to it, victims.  The same is true of those who went through the last generation of programs.  The Seed turned out to be harmful.  Oops.  Next one will be better.  Straight too.  Cedu as well.  Can't forget WWASP.

And now we have Aspen and so forth, all derived from the last generation of programs, and doing more or less the exact same things the previous generation used to do (See Aspen Program MBA's LifeSteps, and how they were IDENTICAL to the Propheets at CEDU/Hilltop, and in the CEDU derived program I was in, down to the french maid outfit).  Yet we're supposed to believe that they've changed, or that they're safe, or that forcing little girls to sexualize and humiliate themselves in front of an audience is somehow a good thing.

You want to tell me that's beneficial?  Well.  Perhaps it works.  In the same way that a trans-orbital lobotomy worked.  They're anxieties and depression -- everything faded away.  The results were there, but so were the scars.  Hollow people with hollow thoughts and no real feelings -- compliant and docile pet humans.  It's for this reason that even if the study is accurate, it mean nothing whatsoever to me.  If the consequence of being involuntarily "healed" is the loss of individuality, is the loss of any sort or rebellion, then that cure comes at the cost of the very thing that makes us human.

Brian has never been in a program so he doesn't know what it's like.  I do.  Data does not matter.  Even if.  Even if your data was accurate and even if the study was independent and peer reviewed.  It would still be ignoring the barbarity of the process.  I've seen the hollow people walking around.  You look into their eyes and you can tell that the spark of life is gone, and even when they leave the program and inevitably snap out of it, they're never quite the same again.  Like a lobotomy or FGM, such a permanent act should never be performed on a person, even a child, without their consent.

I get the ethical dilemma.  What do you do if a kid is shooting heroin or smoking meth or whatever.  Fine.  That's a big problem and maybe in those cases a detox and outpatient therapy are probably appropriate, but most of these kids who are in these programs are there for the "issues" the program targets in the marketing with reads like a laundry list of every behavioral problem known to man -- and they're all treated the same way!  I can't imagine that being successful. If it was, wouldn't these techniques have been adopted by mainstream mental health?  Is there a conspiracy against the techniques the programs use that legitimate therapists would never dare adopt them?  Are programs that far ahead of legitimate science?  I'm not buying it, and even if it were true it wouldn't make it right.  There are far better ways of treating kids locally, but that's another topic.

Here is the link for an article about Dr.Walter Freeman, AKA "The Showman". ... -lobotomy/

Excerpt from the article:

"He wanted to find a more efficient way to perform the procedure without drilling into a person’s head like Moniz did. So he created the 10-minute transorbital lobotomy (known as the “ice-pick” lobotomy), which was first performed at his Washington, D.C. office on January 17, 1946.

(Freeman would go on to perform about 2,500 lobotomies. Known as a showman, he once performed 25 lobotomies in one day. To shock his audiences, he also liked to insert picks in both eyes simultaneously.)

According to the NPR article, the procedure went as follows:

“As those who watched the procedure described it, a patient would be rendered unconscious by electroshock. Freeman would then take a sharp ice pick-like instrument, insert it above the patient’s eyeball through the orbit of the eye, into the frontal lobes of the brain, moving the instrument back and forth. Then he would do the same thing on the other side of the face.”

Yes, the industry is evolving and thank god but the motives never evolve. Still the same, GREED!! When money is more important than the safety of people, there is a big problem with society.

Open Free for All / Re: Into the Belly of the Beast, the Comparison
« on: May 26, 2013, 09:22:49 AM »
NoneYa just start your own thread and we will comment. Che isn't worth the effort you're putting into him. If you have noticed the only people responding to him are the admin and élan people. The élan folks are responding to him because he begged. He is a clown whose reputation proceeds him. Just ask around about him, most find him to be repulsive. I would suggest you create your own threads and bring the conversation there. People will come if the topic is interesting, plus you/we can just ignore other members.

Quote from: "none-ya"
Group therapy in the seed was a joke. When you're first brought in they pop you down in the front row and tell you not to speak or raise your hand. For the first week you only got to speak in open meetings. As a newcommer we were on 10-10's. !0am-10pm. Sunday 12pm-10pm. And nights with a foster family. It was all "raps" all the time. Everybody in a large group girls on one side, boys on the other. During the day it was repetitive. Rules rap, guy's rap,serenity prayer rap,sing songs etc...
 The staff I remember all came from the original seed in Ft. Lauderdale. John Underwood, Big black Arthur, libby were all hard core junkies. At night when the oldcommers came things got really hairy. That's when people would start snitching on each other about shit that went on in school. I think about half the kids in the seed went to Lakewood high. That's when the really nasty shit would come down. You know the scene, people screaming at complete strangers about shit they know nothing about.
They had their favorites they used. There were no licensed therapists our counselors ever.

So the Seed was the mother that birthed Straight Inc? This whole concept of still going to High School, living at night with with adopted foster care parents and being in raps all day is totally foreign to me. I can't even imagine how it could work. Shit....most of the Élan members I knew would have totally taken advantage of these requirements (criminally). They took many straight from juvenile detention centers and state hospitals. Could you imagine the liability issues? This would have brought negative attention to Élan that nobody affiliated with that hellhole ever would had wanted.
What kept all of you from just running away, during school or at night? Was there a high escape from The Seed ratio?
I bet most of you were somewhat like myself and just didn't have anywhere to go. If you did run you were threatened with an even harsher punishment from your parents and/or authorities.
My mother threatened to have me locked up in a mental facility and medicated with Thorazine if I left Maine. I didn't believe this would happen but shit you never knew with the State of Rhode Island Mental Health Dept. My mom did this all because I refused to live in the hell my household was.
NoneYa was anyone sent there from the State of Florida? How was your placement paid for through Child Welfare? I'm sure not all parents could afford the costs of placement.

NoneYa did you have any groups that were run by residents turned staff or by senior residents? What kind of group therapy did the Seed have?
At Marathon House we had an encounter group where you were confronted on why you were there and or your behavior while there. At Élan we had an encounter group also but ramped up about 100 octaves. It was a very aggressive style of communicating your displeasure with someone. This group served no "real life" purpose at all. We also had a primal scream therapy group which was supposed to allow for the excising of emotions that you denied due to fear. Ya caused more damage than good. The last form of group or confrontation was a GM or General Meeting. This is where you were placed standing in front of your peers in a room and they could charge at you and scream in your face their displeasure they had for you. Would was usually fabricated from staff and directors and fed to you as propaganda to fuel the fire inside you. We were already on edge most of the time so it didn't take much to ramp us up.
Can you identify with any of this while you were at the Seed?
I have often wondered if the Seed was much like Daytop during the 60's and 70's. I was placed at a satellite of Daytop by my mother and her cousin who worked with the Superintendent of Schools in Hartford Ct. It was like a "Scared Staright" moment they were trying to create. It didn't work...I found the older junkies to be fascinating to the point I copied their behavior. Not to smart on my account.
More to my point if the Seed was like Daytop because when I was familiar with Daytop late 60's and 70's most of the members were drug addicts and criminals trying to get clean. I don't remember Daytop offering advanced behavioral therapy was more like one junkie helping another mantra.
Where are you anyway....lets hear from ya.

Feed Your Head / Re: DSM-5: Psychiatry's Contested Bible
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:26:58 PM »
I agree we don't need more young adults being labeled alcoholics when they are clearly not even close. But we do need all the help we can get to turn the tide on this opiate epidemic hitting our youth right now.
Thanks for your comments Pys.
I'll be back later.

Open Free for All / Re: Off Topic Horseshit
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:16:53 PM »
None Ya wrote:
Don't worry if you make a valid point or ask a legitimate question, You'll get nothing. Unless of course you're whooter. Then you get your ass kissed and treated like long lost royalty. Hell they only read what goes on here in the OFFA box when they are trying to hide posts they don't like. We went through this same bullshit when "judge Joel Brown Nose" had his short lived reign of terror.

Very far.

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
The brother who you're referring to died almost a year ago Dan, so shut your stupid mouth

Next lie is the restraining order  :rofl:  no one can get a restraing order for the internet, let alone for an entire family  :rofl: :rofl:

The truth is the one that is real in case you're wondering.


Just like Maragaret Devlin died and everyone I have spoke with to punch holes in your stories. Wayne you are a cruel sick fucking dude, your brother is alive and well I just got through talking with him maybe 3 weeks ago.
Why In all that is decent in this world.....would you say such things about your own blood. Well....because you have screwed him over so many times that you devoid of all feeling of empathy about what you are doing to him. Wayne this is called sociopathic behavior.
I hate to ask this but can we have proof of your ridiculous statement? (I can see where your brother would be dead to you)
There is a restraining order against you by my family (yes individuals lodged the complaints and received the orders) I said it the way I did because there are literally 13 restraining orders against you not including Art, Larry, your publisher from Absolute Write, Lee Goldman, and the young lady from the Aspen T/C.
You are a nightmare Wayne for so many people here in the TTI it isn't something that can be overlooked anymore. You are a constant threat to many survivors peace of mind.
So like I said and have been saying, "LEAVE US ALONE AND GO AWAY". You are not one of us and never have been.

Quote from: "Troublemaker"

Wayne didn't post it Danial san, I did.  :cheers:

You are one silly boy....really. Since when can I edit another posters comment......please Wayne show us how you can do that. Try editing one of my posts.
It looks to me like Raur.....copied and pasted a post of mine that was edited three times. But since you have screwed with the link so much who the hell can tell what it is saying.
Like I have been saying to you for ever, you try to fabricate and shuffle around more shit then a pig farmer in rural Arkansas.
 :spam:  :spam:

Feed Your Head / DSM-5: Psychiatry's Contested Bible
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:55:29 PM »
DSM-5: Psychiatry's Contested Bible
The new 1,000-page psychiatrists' Big Book will redefine addiction. Critics are already demanding a boycott. The Fix guides you through the highlights. ... ective8083

Interesting is the new labels for addictions and abuse.
I found this interesting, maybe with the new labels we can keep more substance abusers from having to go to treatment.

(My Internet is out at home and my IPad is going down at the local McDonalds. I will comment further later.)

Open Free for All / Re: New Forum Rules
« on: May 19, 2013, 04:36:36 PM »
Quote from: "psy"
Quote from: "Che Gookin"
With that in mind I'd like some of you to consider what is important to you. I'm not entirely sure what is important to None-ya, but the two or three questions I've asked him about SEED makes me think he's greatly concerned about the legacy of SEED being forgotten completely.

I completely agree with you.  Discussion related to what went in in everybody's program would be a good thing.  It seems so many here are night on incapable of that.

Why don't you two (Pys and Che) worry about what is important to you and write about it here. I have seen very little from either of you in years and yet you seem to think you are these two giants of the TTI circa and you can lecture us on the morals and principles of web site etiquette. Just go about your business here and do what you came here to do, I hope it wasn't all about disciplining people, I sincerely hope you have more content then that to give here.
I am not trying to be difficult but I am sick of the rhetoric already from most of you. It seems Wayne, Che and you haven't changed a bit since you got back here Psy. You all keep trying to get your barbs in any way you can and when Irish, None Ya or myself respond it is then you want to move everything to the OFFA or threaten one of us. You haven't once issued a threat/warning to Che or Wayne for similar behavior. You would have been fine with what Che and Wayne had written if I had not got into the fray. It is so fucking obvious it stinks.
Do us all a favor leave your opinions, assumptions and comments about other posters to yourselves unless you post them in the OFFA so we can adequately address them.
As far as your comment above, "I completely agree with you.  Discussion related to what went in in everybody's program would be a good thing.  It seems so many here are night on incapable of that." maybe some of us don't feel what Che or yourself post is worth responding to and you shouldn't be so presumptuous to think so. Much of the stuff I read here I feel is not meant to really be responded to, it is a statement or a story to be read and interpreted/internalized individually.
Just some thoughts I have been thinking about that were "off topic" but really are "the topic" right now.

Wayne back on topic.
I think you love the power you get from saying this. You believe that by saying I raped you that this gives you leverage, appeal, some kind of super duper credibility in the TTI circles.
This jumped right out of your mouth right after I kicked your ass off my site you must have felt vulnerable so to infuse your self with some instant credibility again you went for the steroids (Danny raped me..... :waaaa: )
 You knew that Matt, Felice, Mark, Sharon and other Élan members were totally against you for coming on my site and co admining. They hated you for it, Matt took it out on me every chance he got. So when I told you to get off you had to do something to gain cred.....with the crew again. Yeah......I got it, Danny raped me. That's when you also started peddling the story about how I raped Yvette because I had a "thing" with her. You remember.....she went from 16 to 12 years old in a week. Ole Dougy helped you, he lied for you. I bet you can't get him to do that again, from what I hear he regrets ever being associated with you. I know Larry, KLynn, Debbie, Peter, Jocelyn etc.....they all want nothing to do with you.
You use people Wayne and when they stand up and ask you to stop you try to bully them into believing it was their fault.

Quote from: "Wayne Kernochan"
Quote from: "DannyB II"
Wayne loves the power he feels when he can call me a rapist. You should have heard him on the radio show, Susan Schofield...he put on an academy award display in drama. He even threw in the choked up voice must of had a bag of cocks handy for that demonstration.
Wayne, please do tell??

I get tired of repeating myself. People can read the truth right here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=37915

Lmao.....Are you impaired or what. You really think that intelligent people will take this post serious....really. This is what you have to prove your point. My god Wayne.....grow up.
These are ridiculous scribbling of a nutjob, created to try a defame me and all they do is backfire in your face Wayne. Read them they read like someone who is impaired, an asshat.

Wayne wrote:
Now, as far as your niece, she's a very nice person, I've never spoken to a sister-in-law. Was she the one who went into a domestic violence shelter and disappeared from the family for a while? I'll ask

You are the author of that disgusting thread and that was the one I wrote to your niece about. Which was right before you were busted calling one of your niece's kids a "Half nigger waterhead" (Your words) You can try to deny it, but your e-mail address was on the bottom of one of the pictures (Which has since been deleted)

As far as Al is concerned, this is the fifth person you've accused me of being. It gets boring listening to your lies.

Right your going to try and convince people here that I would post such disgusting images and say such racist comments about my own family. No one here or any where is buying into this. This was all you Wayne and we know it.
Art's lawyers contacted the police and they were not laughing and you were not either. How do we know this because you redacted what you posted. Do what you did again Wayne and you will be laughing all the way to jail. You now have an established history with the police dept. in your city for stalking, harassing and other assorted charges on the Internet. This is not the first time you have been warned by the police either. Absolute Write Blog and several members there called the police on you, Larry called the police on you, Lee Goldman called the police on you, I have several times called the police on you and your family just recently called the police on you. You are a tyrant and a bully when you don't get what you want. Keep pushing the envelope Wayne, your going to end up in prison again. Remember you are a arsonist and a molester, you have been convicted of both. People seem to forget this about you, you are a felon.
(If you are confused about me just do a thorough background check, you'll see I am clean as a whistle.....:). You not so much Wayne, your past is filled with charges.)

You keep imagining you are talking with my niece. (Try talking with any of my neices and you will definetly be breaking a restraining order that was put out on you just after you posted that thread, doubt what I am saying than all you have to do is try and contact one of them. This is how I know and my family knows you are not talking with anyone in my family.) You are saying this because you are so freaking jealous that your brother and sister would speak with me. So you think by saying you are talking with my niece that this exonerates you from being blamed for being the author of that disgusting thread where you posted the disgusting pics and said racist comments. Only a racist such as yourself would repeat a disgusting comment as you did in your post above.
Wayne, please my young confused sexual deviant, know this, everyone here knows you created that thread. We know you and your buddy Mark Babbitz sat up all night and giggled about your thread. It is sick behavior and goes a long way in describing your character.

I see now it is Al.....before today you wouldn't even say his name. Wayne we know, all you have to do is tell everyone here the truth. You two are one in the same and you know what I mean.

Lets also get something else out here for everyone to read. Your family Wayne is disgusted by your memoirs and the fraud you are perpetrating by acting as if you went to Élan. This is why no one in your family has supported you at all. It is also why you never put your picture on your memoirs, you couldn't this would have went way over the line.
They have also witnessed your behavior on this site and recognize it as you. It was your brother that finally convinced me that it was you and Mark that created the Bennison Bitches, he recognized you right off the bat.
You also have no proof what so ever you went to Elan and the material you are peddling around is doctored ( this came from a friend of yours who didn't want anything more to do with your fraudulent games) the progress reports came from Mark and the pic's can easily be doctored. Mark gave you pics from Élan, Wayne not hard to put a male figure in there along with you.
Guys I kid you not, this guy went to lengths I am embarrassed myself to acknowledge.
If he was at Élan then 2-3 years ago he would have offered this evidence not 6-9 months ago when he was real worried the TTI public opinion was swaying against him and was about ready to out him as a fraud. Then all of sudden Wayne pops up with all this evidence. Yeah Right!!!!!
Give it up Wayne...your act is over and the Game is played out....let me go.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: I just
« on: May 19, 2013, 02:00:51 PM »
I just hydroponic'd.......

Open Free for All / Re: New Forum Rules
« on: May 19, 2013, 12:52:27 PM »
Wayne Kernochan wrote:
I would like to know why you're attacking an ex staff member who has made amends, yet are friends with a staff member who is considered one of the worst online abusers in history. It craps on your credibility.
(Wayne, just because you don't mention me by name doesn't mean everyone here doesn't know who you are talking about, you are being disingenuous when it comes to the rules here, stop attacking me. I was not your staff member and as I have said countless times I don't consider myself ever being a staff member.)
I would appreciate if you have anything to say about me derogatory you say it in the OFFA. Your opinions of me don't amount to much in the grand scheme of life. You are not a survivor of Élan.
I would also suggest the same to you Che and if you have any more derogatory comments to make about Élan survivors please take them to the OFFA. You are doing nothing more than looking to bait people.
I personally will not stand idly by why you Che slam people from Elan for the very same behavior you have displayed on this site and other sites not once or twice but hundreds of times over the years.
 As far as None Ya goes his respectability is intact and well acknowledged. He is not coming here to have it reinforced as some of you have too.

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