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The Troubled Teen Industry / anyone know about the Vince Smith Ctr
« on: March 08, 2006, 08:53:00 PM »
A friend of the family put their kid in the Vince Smith center in Ft. meyers, FL.

I was encouraged to not find it prominently listed on the Fornits site, as I remember her as a sweetheart, but I guess things got out of hand with the family.  

Does anyone know anything about it?

please pass along anything you might know - I have seen the PR stuff just want to get a more honest take


The Seed Discussion Forum / how do we make it betterfor our kids
« on: December 22, 2005, 11:14:00 PM »
the more I am reminded of myself before the Seed the more I want to do better for my kids, (7 and 9).  I wasn't thrilled with myself so I was pretty open to anything that would give me a second chance.  

I want the young'uns to do it right on the first chance.  

I would like to avoid the detour to some seed spin-off for my kids.

We homeschool the kids so they can learn the important book stuff without the "socialization" that we all loved so much.  

At 15 I said I would let my kids do everything I was doing, now, like any parent - I am sure my daughter can start dating anytime after she turns 30.  

SHe's 9 now and I can see the teen stuff coming and I don't want to ignore her killing herself but I also don't want to freak out over nothing, or let her and her brother go thru the same shit I did.

My wife managed to avoid it all, so there is hope - just want input from those who have been there, what were the mistakes and what should have been done?

The record of the earlier days just reared up and made me ineligible to adopt a baby from China so we need to do it right with the two we already have - no second chance.

Happy birthday to me!
JOhnny G

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