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My first question is Why is it legal. This is parental rights abuse at it's worst. If a parent can not hire someone to rape and kill their children, than what makes hired kidnapping different? I asked people about this and they said that it's not kidnapping because of the parents consent to have these thugs remove their children. That is kidnapping in my book because the kid is taken by surprise by strangers and has no idea where they're being taken. Is there a SCOTUS ruling regarding this?

Sorry but I blame weak child protection laws in this country and state governments labeling kids as their parents property.

The Seed Discussion Forum / Re: Operation Reentry
« on: January 25, 2013, 05:06:03 PM »
This begs a question I've been waiting to be answered for so long.
Why is it that ONLY youth residential treatment Centers adopt this behavior modification approach with level systems and not the adult treatment facilities? Who puts the gaping hole in the quality of care to this age group?
It just makes me wish I was a bit older because then I wouldn't have gone through this and have this mental scar. Only convicts should be confined at behavior modification facilities, a.k.a real prisons.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: Educational Consultants
« on: December 22, 2012, 04:10:10 AM »
A lot of consultants sell out on for-profit boarding schools (most of which are therapeutic scams) to families fed up with their current school. They do this just to make a quick buck. Aspen Education Group and WWASPS use this as a legal bribe. There really is no official definition as a "troubled teen" so what would be yours?

Quote from: "AnonymousOne11"
To any who may still be interested:
I was here for over a month in 2007 and remember witnessing a very large (240+ lb) staff member grabbing a small wiry 16 or 17 yearold resident by the neck and slamming him headfirst into the gymnasium floor, fracturing his skull. Essentially this was caused by the staff member feeling disrespected when the resident walked away from him and stood against a wall when asked to do something. I remember there being a lot of commotion and worry over this on the part of the staff member and staff members in general as  obviously something unacceptable had happened. But the paperwork was fudged and the man got away with it and later bragged t o our class about similar past incidents of getting away with assaulting residents.
Wow that's an all time low, was this kid alright? It seems that this staff member and many others are mentally ill. Was this guy with CSO? Because there usually the ones that would so something like this.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: The Brown Schools
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:51:37 PM »
Quote from: "Che Gookin"
Quote from: "damanamanit"
Damn small indeed.

I'm still confused by the Brown School angle. Where did they ever come from and how did they get involved with CEDU? Did they buy some of the old CEDU programs or something to that effect?
Brown Schools purchased CEDU and adopted the same module of so-called therapy. The main Brown Schools facility is the one in San Marcos it's the oldest and the road that leads up to the place is named after Bert Brown himself. Brown Schools just sold the facilities to Universal Health Services and ran. Texas along with Utah and Montana have some of the weakest regulations on how these places are run.

Even the media is lying about the "fake" football team at Diamond Ranch Academy in the 2012 season preview ... eview.html

After reading about the horror stories from people who were in DRA, it's all a lie. Is the Utah news stations even aware of the lies they put out? Or are they being bribed to wright a false news article by those sicko's who run the place? If anyone can contact the author or Desert News that one kid died in the program that would be great.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: New Haven Home For Girls
« on: July 23, 2012, 11:39:32 PM »
I'm sooooo lucky that I didn't go there for boarding school. This was one of the places we toured when we were searching for a normal boarding school that helps kids with academic needs, and we were NOT searching for therapeutic options. Fact of the matter is that I didn't need such placement anymore as they were just miss leading us by their type of "one size fits all" marketing practice which is what these programs are well known for. After we toured the place, I saw all the warning signs that this was not a real school. And then several years later I heard that this was the place we looked at in Utah and I heard several abuse stories coming from Utah programs.

I would like to contact several education consultants that they don't recommend ANY for-profit therapeutic school especially in Utah! They are even recommending these schools to parents even if their LD and ADHD kid is not even troubled. If I went there, I would NOT be at the University I am at right now because the rest of my High School years would have been ruined! If this happened I would probably bee dead right now.

I'm so thankful I turned away from it when I had the chance because it was like a mirror image of another therapeutic school that lied to me and my family.

This may be a dream come true for survivors because they don't have to risk being in jail for burning the place down. The wildfires are already doing that for them ... ntial.html

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: The Brown Schools
« on: July 02, 2012, 02:55:11 AM »
Quote from: "never"
Quote from: ""singsadsong""
Does anyone have any comments on either the oaks treatment center in austin texas or the san marcos treatment center in san marcos texas. both are still in operation but under new management. I was at both LOCKUP facilities and it was hellishly awful. help a jigga out...

I was also at san marcos treatment center. I was there the same time you were. I hated that place. The thing i hated the most was those score cards.

I agree! I remember they would take points off for the most ridiculous crap imaginable. The worst part was the scores only took effect the next day. If you scored below a certain number, you lost all your privileges for the entire day. If they're going to keep score, make it count for graduation instead. Punishments should never last this long unless it's for something extreme, you should really just move on. I remember staff constantly forcing me to stop what I was doing because I didn't make my score yesterday. BULLSHIT! What pissed me off the most was the structures I remember I wanted to wear a necktie, scarf, or necklace but they said it was strictly forbidden. They just assume your trying to hurt yourself. I saw this one girl have a scarf on and imediatly put her on "self abuse watch" and she wasn't suicidal at all. And I saw students who just walked only 10 feet away from staff just to cool off and was put on "major elopement risk".

Feed Your Head / Re: Innercept Treatment Runaway Found
« on: June 11, 2012, 12:08:20 AM »
Quote from: "cmack"

Local TV news report of the story. Includes interview with neighbors of Innercept who report problems with the residents. The report also says that there have been other runaways from the facility and that Jacob Lee, the boy in this story, had previously tried to run away from the facility. Representatives from Innercept refused to go on camera.
I can clearly understand why he wanted to run away. The program wasn't letting him go home for Christmas and he wanted to be with his family. They have an absurd policy holding them against their will with little or no contact with family, especially when it comes to holidays. I bet for anyone who stayed at the Innercept House during Christmas was probably their worst Christmas they've ever had! It's nothing more than a place to make kids feel they've been abandoned which a lot of the times they have.

And the people from this program not wanting to be on camera is classic for the troubled teen programs. They want to cover-up abuse and legal rights violations to avoid lawsuits. I want to contact Kootenai law enforcement to issue a search warrant to both inspect and interview residents.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: AA Abundant Life Academy
« on: May 02, 2012, 07:08:24 PM »
Quote from: "Guest"
This is evil. ... ition.html

Agreed, they just flat out violate students First Amendment Rights and ONLY allow them to have/listen to Christian music. The worst part is their sports page which even has a cheerleading squad (based on the facts and strict rules exposed by survivors, these uniforms and jerseys would not be allowed) Which means that they are having posers for their fictitious sports teams. Were they even sued for false marketing?

Even me and my parents fell for it when we were looking for boarding schools, and I was LUCKY enough not to even go there. We later went on a nation wide search for schools that were not lying. Truth be told, a therapeutic environment (as they claim to be) cannot have all these things that a traditional high school has, it's just not going to work out. The main purpose of these propose of the concept is pacifying and using therapies approved by the American Psychological Association. And continue using them before being sent back to a traditional high school, public or private.

Quote from: "Aether"
From what I saw, everything looks concise and only one error needs to be corrected-- Kootenai Behavioral Health Center is no longer NIBH (it gives both names though, which perhaps is helpful for individuals who were sent there before the name changed) and the "type of program" should be listed as a "Psychiatric Hospital" instead of an "RTC" (or maybe both, depending on one's own interpretation).

Incredibly glad that Mr. Lombrowski and his team could have put together such a list!

NIBH offers different program types, including rtc, academy, and psychiatric hospital. The hospital unit is the "acute care" program (which I was never in, so i don't know how it operates) I went to the RTC/academy, didn't do jack, I was threatened to be hospitalized in NIBH Acute. Which I didn't understand cause I wasn't a threat to anyone or myself, but I ended up staying in the RTC.

Yet http:// a sight solely dedicated to traditional boarding schools, really recommends these therapeutic schools/programs for troubled teens instead of college preparatory schools. Haven't they realized that they CAN change, and this is NOT the way to do it. We need to get the message about the truth about what these programs really do. They are instead owned by companies and not educators. And these companies own chains of these schools and programs who all they care about is the money.

Quote from: "Reddit TroubledTeens"
"I wanted to Skype to see her," Dunning says. San Marcos rejected her request, citing privacy laws. "I said I can waive that because she's my child. Nope, they wouldn't do it."
Privacy laws my @$$! They're just doing what they do best, cover-ups. I don't know of any so I'm betting they just pulled that right out of their ass. I know people who've skyped from their hospital beds, NO EXCUSE!

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Re: Synanon
« on: March 24, 2012, 02:14:38 AM »
Is there a picture of this fucker from synanon? If so, how about making dart boards of of it and we can have survivors throw darts at his evil face! I bet those Mel Wasserman (I think that's how you spell it) dart boards would sell like hotcakes on Ebay. Or even better, a pinata to wack at.

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