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The Troubled Teen Industry / Provo Canyon -- Educated Commentary
« on: September 13, 2004, 11:35:00 AM »
On 2004-09-07 19:07:00, Antigen wrote:


On 2004-08-16 20:26:00, Anonymous wrote:

I heard dial nine in my sleep for years after leaving there

What's dial nine? does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds..

--Samuel Adams


Diall 9 is a radio code that staff use, it is a call for all available staff to come to the area taht they need assistance because the student is out of control, hurting themselves or others. Most times though, a dial 9 is called because a student is yelling back at a staff, refuses to take another chair, or refuses to sit chair structure, I was dial 9'd once because I refused to eat teh peas in my salad cause they make me barf and the staff was power trippin'

The Troubled Teen Industry / Provo Canyon -- Educated Commentary
« on: September 13, 2004, 11:32:00 AM »
Is Robert Linchfield at all linked to Provo, if so please explain here, I need to know for a report thing.

Okay, so those of you who really know me, know that I am passionate about the Provo subject. Well on 10 news today I saw that 3 borading schools in Mexico were shut down. One of them is called Casa by the Sea, which is run by Dr. Robert Linchfield. Robert Linchield and Dr. Robert H. Crist founded PCS together back in the day till it was shut down in the 80's for child abuse, it was then reopened later on, but Linchfield went in another direction and opened RTC's all over the world because then he could do almost anything to the children and parents really almost cannot get their children back. Anyways, I have been trying for years to get the medias attention and I was likeholly shit! This is the time, this is the time for change. So I called 10 news and told them that I have loads of information for them and lots of dirt, and they were at my house in like 40 min. So I did a interview with them and it will air tonight at 11 and loop until 5am, and that's good cause then I don't really have to worry about campers, cause that was a HUGE worry for me. But this is SSOOOOOOO important to me. And I have so much more information for them, so he told me to e-mail him and I did. And I literally almost started to cry in front of the camera, cause he just hit some really sad spots of mine, and I had to really stop and suck it back and be like come on don't do this not now, cause I hate crying in front of people and then all of San Diego, you know, not good, not for me anyways. But I'm so happy and excitied, because it's like finally! Maybe a change has come, maybe something will really happen, and it was just the best feeling in the world, I mean I haven't felt that gleeful in such a long time, it was just a damn good feeling.

On 2004-06-28 10:51:00, Nihilanthic wrote:

"When I told about this I was desperately trying to get votes and people to comment on this. I had no idea it would actually go this far. I really, really, really hope they can finally blow the lid on this bullcrap and end the abuse out there!

Maybe now the authorities will reform this and protect the kids insid who might have been abused.

:cry: Maybe I'll be able to sleep one night without having to think about everyone in those camps. I can only hope. "

Good luck with that man, I've been a survivor from these shit holes and I have nightmares and flash backs every singlefucken day of my life and its not like there is really anything you can do aboiut it, this is just one of those shit holes that is so big and so deep that it will take so much to close them down that it is fucken unbelievable, i am now up at my summer job and have a binder of info. on proovo for all to read and i have a copy of the petition in there for all too sign to, so i guess we shall see how far that goes, but everyday i always meet somone new who is amazed by the shit that went onthere, and i hate laptops i cant type on them!!!

How do we get a copy of this published article?

On 2004-06-17 12:19:00, Anonymous wrote:

"CW - Does the state require these hospitals to have video cameras turned on 24/7 recording the way kdis are treated by staff?  Especially those who are in isolation and/or being restrained?  I realize video taping kids could be viewed as a breach of their rights to privacy, but I'm not talking about filming kids using the bathroom, showering, sleeping, etc, I'm talking about using video taping as a deterrent to routine neglect and abuse.  Just a thought, I know they have cameras in Juvenile detention centers, youth jails and adult prisons and yet abuse still occurs, but at least parents would have access to documentation and the authorities would have something to go on."

No, unfortunatley, there is no such thing in most of these places. They probably use the small excuse that we could access them and use them as a weapon or soemthing lame like that.

On 2004-06-16 12:27:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Back to the petition. How is an online petition submitted?  Has anyone ever seen anything happen as a result?"

They got the "Angel" tevelision show back on the tube for the final 5 episodes after an online petition, so yea, anything can happen, just depends on who you get it to and whether they take you seriously or not. Good question.

On 2004-06-16 10:31:00, Deborah wrote:

Many who own programs are Mormon.

The folks who license the programs are Mormon.

Some of the most powerful political officials are Mormon.

A; we should all know that politics is made up of lying and corrupt individuals.
B; Of course many who own prgrams in Utah are Mormon, Utah has the largest community of Mormons! Duh! Common sense, please, I mean you could say that most programs in california are owned by Christians, but California has such a wide culture of different religions and such that this would not be true. To where Utah is almost all Mormons. So with anything to do with Utha, of course a whole lot of the people are going to be Mormon. Just use common sense. Just because someone is Mormon does not make them bad people or make them make the wrong decision. Everyone has to make every decision in life for themselves. I don't care what religion or whatever, everyone makes they're own choices.

END :exclaim:  :exclaim:  :exclaim:

Ponit being, it does not matter ones religion or what not, it is the simple, basic and bottom line, that these children are being abused by adults that know better than to do this, parents will not believe the'yre children and more suffer for it, and a vast majority of America turns a blind eye to what is going on in they're own backyard across the states.

On 2004-06-15 15:39:00, cherish wisdom wrote:

"Regarding Mormons:  First of all - there are facilities in Utah that are owned by Mormons because that faith is prevalent in Utah. Just because someone is a particular faith means nothing. I've heard of children being abused in Catholic and Christian schools. The Mormon Church does not affiliate itself with any youth program or hospital. They were once affiliated with Primary Children's hospital and LDS hospital (both in SLC) but are no longer owners of those facilities.  They do not promote sending children off to residential programs - so there is no connection. None of these programs in Utah claim to be affiliated with the Mormon church.

You know, if Mama Cass Elliot would have shared that damn sandwich
with Karen Carpenter, they would both still be alive today!!!!!!!



THNAK YOU C.W. :exclaim:  :exclaim:  :exclaim:

On 2004-06-14 16:48:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Mormons have a history of looking the other way when fellow Saints screw up.  If CW is Mormon, she should be spending her time and energy enlightening the Mormon leaders about the way children are being maltreated in MORMON owned and run facilities.  Mormons are fine people, very family oriented and nothing in their religion condones nor sanctions child abuse in the name of therapy or God.  Yet, the state is a haven for abusive treatment facilities!!!  If change is to happen, it must come from the LDS leaders.  That's how things get done in Utah -- not filing reports with DHS or asking the AG to intervene.



So another words, Mormonism is a type of political thing for Utah. Considering that most of California is made up of Republicans and then varying religions but Utah is made up of a large amount pf Mormons and they're beliefs run into they're jobs and they blend to make the law fit around they're belief system. Which to me sounds like a lot of politics. Fine, okay, that makes sense. You want something done you gotta convince the Mormon priest etc... before anyting gets done. However, the reason why Utah has so many of these damn treatment places, if you would look at a map, Utah's geography is mainly vast mountains, valleys and deserts, the only way out is to cross the deserts for the most part, so it makes it a ideal state for these places because it makes it harder for anyone to run, that and because the nights are always so damn cold, with only the clothes on your back and being surrounded by a mountainis, valley, desert region, makes it hard for anyone to run and survive without being caught, if they have no clue where they are going, what they are doing, and how to live off of the land without injury or death. And that is that, C.W. has nothing to prove with her church and it's members, she's no reason to bring up trouble with them and make it hard on herself. It is not only utah and the majority of those in it who turn a blind eye to this, it is the world, people dont like to see things like this or admit it, whether it is happening in another country or what not. But when it is happening in your own backyard to the children of your country, hell you think it's hard to look at stuff like that before, try realizing that it is on your own turf. THAT, a lot of people really do not want to see and or admit, and it is hard to get them to turn they're blind eye to what is going on and make them see it, it is up to them, not us, we cannot make them look. We can only make the information avaliable for them and fight for what we believe in.

On 2004-06-14 11:40:00, Anonymous wrote:


On 2004-06-14 10:31:00, Anonymous wrote:

"CW - do you live in Utah or another state? "

Also, didn't I read somewhere that you are Mormon?"

Why does it matter if one is Mormon???

Yes, it is true that Utah has a very large Mormon population, however there are other religional beliefs in Utah. And one being Mormon means nothing. Yes, most staff in Provo, teachers at schools, clerks at stores and just about anywhere else are Mormon. Again though, that is because Utah has a very large population of Mormons. Utah was settled by Mormons, hence the BYU college and the Seagulls for the state bird, etc.. Religion does not matter when it comes to the abuse of children. It is the person, what they are doing, and putting a end to the abuse that they are issuing to so many that deserve respect and kindness. I know many Mormons, and they are really nice people, kinda scary actually, cause there are not that many people around like that anymore. And no, I am not Mormon, in fact I believe in no God at all. Only myself and the power that I hold as a indivual along life's paths to make changes. So, now that that is all cleared up. Let me ask you a question.

Are you Mormon? :lol:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Reports of Abuse at Provo Canyon School
« on: June 09, 2004, 06:42:00 PM »
please, you need to back down from Alvin and let him be, it is much for me to say this since I like and approve of so few. But Alvin is a good man and I respect him, he works very hard at what he does, and he is a caring staff member. With all of the staff there and so many with cruel intentions, we need to let the good reside and haunt the rest until they learn, for if they leave it only leaves room for worse to come. Thanks you.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Reports of Abuse at Provo Canyon School
« on: June 08, 2004, 03:25:00 PM »
On 2004-06-08 11:07:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Recently returned home from a private prison. I just wanted to share with those who think this is a wonderful place. I was there during flu season on orientation and investment (where I stayed most of the time) A nurse told our group that we had to take our medication and that we could not refuse. "If you refuse the medication - you will be given a shot by force if need be!" That's what we were told. Oh - and for those thinking of coming to PCS for therapy - FORGET IT - unless you consider isolation and seclusion theray. Oh - and then we had this person with an infrared machine. The nurse - or whoever - said "you wont get to go to the doctor if you get sick - so wash your hands well." Then our hands were examined. Many people were sick - and no one could go to an outside doctor.

If one isn't insane when they go to PCS - they will be. Most of the staff are power-tripping sadists who enjoy tormenting certain people (some people are treated Ok - if they kiss ass. Well - that's all for now - I'll write more as the horrors that linger in my brain subside. How long will it take to stop having nighmares and breaking out in cold sweats? It's 2 am - dare I try to sleep?

Broken Doll"

Hmmm... I find you interesting. The whole hand washing with a chemical then putting your hands under a black light was used to show you where you missed when washing 'bacteria' away off of your hands. This was done during the 'medical intake' thingy that all the kids there go through, I went through it too, it was just to show you whats what and to keep you aware for the sickness season there.

And yea you are forced to take meds, even though you really do have a chocie, they just don't tell you that and let you exercise that right, course when I exercised that right with them I was thrown into observation until I was willing to take my meds.

And when you are sick there they never take you to a Dr. you could be making RUN PLANS< dun dun DUN> Stupid people, so you had to be like really sick and then maybe you could see Cathy Black and then she would decide but you had to have a temp. over 100 to be put on bed rest and if you got out of your bed then you would be given a class two and possibly sent back to school, cause you couldn't read, crochet or do homework to pass the boredom of the day, yea that was always fun.

Oh. And I have never seen a student thrown over a table, I think that's a bit extreme, course I have seen a kid dropped down the stairs on her head. Hmm...

Oh, and the only kids there that are treated well are those that do as staff say and sacrifice they're spirit and all that they are and bend to they're every need and heed they're every word, those like me that remained true to themselves and wouldn't fold and would not let them break they're spirit, well, let's just say it was rough for those like me.

Spouses of Survivors / Thank You
« on: May 28, 2004, 12:59:00 AM »
Thank you. I just wanted to come in here and thank each and everyone of you that love and support survivors of various things in life. I myself am a survivor of Provo Canyon School in Provo, Utah, and I am only 18. However, even though I am only 18, it has never been harder for me to love someone or trust someone, and I imagine it is only going to either be the same or get harder as life moves on. I have nightmares each night and punch the headboard. I stay over at my girlfriends house and I sleep on the couch or the floor even though she wants me to sleep in the bed with her. I am afraid of injuring her in my sleep without knowing it because of a nightmare. And I know that it is harder to love someone and trust them if the person they are with cannot do the same and that it is hard to be there and watch the one you love be in pain, or have crazy nightmares and attack 'people', punching the headboard on the bed or the wall, breaking a window in they're sleep without knowing by putting they're fist through it. So I know it is not easy, on either sides. So I am here to thank you all for loving us survivors, and even if you don't really, I won't tell :wink: But thanks for trying.

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