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Aspen Education Group / Re: Bromley Brook
« on: September 30, 2011, 03:18:14 PM »
I went to bbs 07-late09. It is not as bad as everyone is posting. Granted it was hell there but it was because it was all girls and all the drama. They did read your mail to an extent. The phones we not wired. Some of the staff had no idea what they were doing to be honest. But their were staff their that I still think of and all the good times. I had the time of my life at BBS. Best experience of my life, honestly. Yes, one of the coaches, Steve was charged... God honest truth, Steve would NEVER do that, someone must of made a rumor or maybe it was a student who didnt like Steve, i have no clue but Steve was one of the best, influential  coaches there. It was a beautiful school inside and out. The rooms were decent, the fireplace room was really nice. All of the school was amazing. I feel that most of these posts are from ex-students who hated it there. As you all know, it got shut down for lack of admissions but regardless of that, I loved it there.

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