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Is this therapeutic boarding school PROVO CANYON SCHOOL.  It is known as a therapeutic boarding school - The female facility is in Orem Utah and the male facility is in Provo Utah.  It is the Mother of all abusive programs.  I have personal experience with this place.  It is extremely punitive and many have been damaged pysically, emotionally and psychologically.  In addition to PCS the WWASPS organization is also located in St. George Utah.  The state does nothing to protect the kids in these facilities. Yes, some of the people working in these places are Mormon - but that doesn't make them saints - many are on power trips and feel they have a moral duty to change and improve behavior and values at all cost.  The motto is, "whatever works"  that includes torture.  There are over 70 of these youth torture facilities in the state of Utah.  The authorities have done little to nothing to protect children from abuse at these programs because they help the Utah economy by providing jobs to thousands of utahans. The owners of these lucrative facilities are also big donors to the republican party.  Take Robert Lichfield - he has donated nearly $300,000 - more that Bill Gates and Donald Trump combined and more than 90% of the ambassadors. It's no wonder the government isn't doing anything to protect teens who are tortured daily in these horrid places.  
I made a report of abuse to the authorities - here's what I was told, " Parents should do their homework before sending their children to facilities in Utah." It's a buyer beware thing in Utah - accept these are human beings and not automobiles.  DANGER, DANGER, DANGER - get them the hell out of that right wing state with private for profit teen prisons.   :skull:  :skull:  :skull:  :eek:

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