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:eek:   Is that clear enough.  Everyone has a right to not take medication.  This would include children.
That is the only option they gave you?  Drug your son or we take him away?
Might be time for you to seek out a Child Advocate who is more up to date on laws concerning children and their right to an education.

The Troubled Teen Industry / OPINIONS...
« on: March 10, 2005, 11:46:00 PM »
I do believe that there are good schools out there.  Yet, you will never find them coming to a board such as this.  They don't need to.  They don't need to advertise.  They are usually regulated by many entities.  No abuse and horror stories when the children leave.  
  The summer of 2003 I started looking for a school for my son.  I did what so many parents of today do.  Started my search on the internet.  After many hours of discussion on the phone we decided on Bethel Boys Academy aka Eagle Point Christian Academy, Lucedale, MS.  We had spoke with the owner, Pastor Herman Fountain.  Our son was to get one on one schooling, therapy, activities, daily Bible studies and church twice a week.  It was a private christian military academy.  In actuality, our son was severely beaten, tortured, starved and deprived of sleep, water and bathroom privileges.
I, in my small upper middle class world, NEVER even knew these child abuse homes existed!!!!

March 8, 2005
Reforms don't stem allegations

Boys academy struggles to change image

By Julie Goodman
[email protected]


Greg Jenson/The Clarion-Ledger

Cadets at Eagle Point Christian Academy, formerly known as Bethel Boys Academy, fall into formation Thursday at lunch time. Fountain said Eagle Point is moving away from a military approach in favor of a boarding school environment by replacing uniforms and dropping the 'drill instructor' title for employees.

LUCEDALE ? Unhappy parents, troubled teens, torture allegations and lawsuits have all become an unenviable part of John Fountain's life since he took over Bethel Boys Academy from his father nearly two years ago.

The school for troubled teenagers ? now called Eagle Point Christian Academy ? has on one side assertive parents who continue to report abuse, explaining in graphic detail the wounds they detected on their children once they were removed from the school.

On the other side are Fountain's equally adamant denials. He points to what he says are litigious parents and children who were brought to the school ? sometimes against their will ? in part because of deception problems.
It's not clear exactly what happens at the academy when spectators are gone.

But the school's court-appointed monitor and the county sheriff's office have both made room for the possibility that some of the children making recent allegations could be lying.

"A lot of those kids have problems, and they'll make allegations just so they can get out of there," said Bill East, a former prosecutor who now inspects the school quarterly as the academy's monitor.

East's inspections are part of a 2003 Chancery Court consent decree that required the school to institute a range of changes from allowing restroom and water breaks during exercise to forbidding the use of electrical devices for discipline. The decree was issued while the school was directed by Fountain's father, Herman Fountain, and abuse allegations drew the attention of state officials who sought to close the academy.

John Fountain's father was forced to relinquish all interests and control in the school, which admits about 100 students from all over the country. He says he has worked to reform the academy, parting with the ways of his father.

He fired three employees on the spot for what appeared to be abusive behavior.

Fountain has tried to press charges against the former staffers. George County sheriff's office said there is only one open case against a former employee.

East said he does not know of any pervasive abuse at the school and said the academy ? which has problems like any other school ? is trying to improve. "John Fountain is trying," he said. "He's got a zero tolerance of abuse now."

The school's residential adviser is implementing a reward and sanction system, which no longer uses exercise to punish all students for the bad behavior of one child.

Fountain said he is trying to arrange with the Boys and Girls Club so students can serve as companions for younger children, or be paired with mentors. He said he hopes to build a gym and a larger schoolhouse, while gravitating away from a military approach and toward a boarding school environment.

There are 38 cameras installed over the campus, except in the bathrooms.

In addition to shedding the school's name, Fountain also is dropping the "drill instructor" title for employees, calling them "team leaders" or "dorm leaders" instead. He has ordered khaki pants and colored tops for the boys to replace military fatigues. But the abuse allegations keep coming.

Parents say the cameras have been tampered with, and that John Fountain is inextricably linked to the problem that brought on the abuse in the first place: his father.

"John Fountain is, as far as I'm concerned, as bad as his dad," said Oscar Stilley of Fort Smith, Ark., attorney for parents of former cadets suing the academy in federal court.

Stilley said his office has taken steps to weed out plaintiffs making false allegations, including running criminal background checks and comparing accounts of the abuse for inconsistencies. He said the pattern of reports shows the students are telling the truth. "If everybody is saying there's terrible abuse going on, there's terrible abuse going on in my mind," he said.

But Stilley, whose suit names about two dozen plaintiffs, does not rule out the possibility that some of the plaintiffs could be lying.

Ruben Villa, 15, who was at the school on and off for more than a year until he ran away in November, said he was underfed, overworked, and once had his head slammed against a wall.

Students sleep on mattresses with urine stains and broken springs, and are forced to endure long hours of physical labor helping to build cabins on Herman Fountain's property, with little focus on schoolwork, said Villa, who lives outside Los Angeles. He and a group of friends finally ran away.

Parents say that children who have been removed from the school have no reason to lie about abuse, and that the Fountains manipulate parents by calling their children "bad." "I feel like they were playing on the parents' emotions," said Villa's mother, Alice Stroud, who is joining a lawsuit.

Fountain said if Ruben Villa's head had been slammed against the wall, it would have been caught on tape. He also accused the teen of stealing a car from the property, saying his credibility is in question.

Other students currently at the school dismissed allegations of abuse.

The school's staff said the students, some of whom have been in the juvenile detention system, are savvy and know how to bring heat on to the school. Fountain said he doesn't want to invalidate the concerns of families, but said by and large, he has been the victim of parents trying to make a buck.

"I've had parents come in there, drop their kids off, find out that there has been allegations against Bethel Academy, come pick up their kid and say, 'Oh my kid's been abused,' " he said.

"And then want their money."

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The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: March 08, 2005, 02:10:00 PM »
Related Articles:

Reforms don't stem allegations

Academy has no mental health care professional
By Julie Goodman
[email protected]

LUCEDALE ? Students arriving at Eagle Point Christian Academy go through a two-week evaluation intended to sort out those who may need more help than the school is equipped to give.

But sometimes a child with serious psychological issues slips through.

The problem is, while the school has hired a number of staffers with some training dealing with troubled teens, it has no psychologist or mental health care professional to help with the more serious issues.

Other students at the school, usually admitted after their parents detected problems with truancy, drug use or other criminal behavior, are left to resolve their problems with a staff with no professional training in the mental health field. Some students are coming from abusive homes.

Academy Director John Fountain said he has been searching for a psychologist to hire on, and has even placed an ad in the newspaper, but has not been able to recruit one to the facility.

About 10 percent of the students who come to the school are ultimately referred elsewhere because they are deemed to have more problems than the school can handle, he said.

David Elkin, a child psychologist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said it's possible to function without a psychologist in these environments, but it's always better to have one around.

"Most facilities like this have input from a psychologist or a mental health care professional because you are dealing with very troubled youth," he said.

Fountain, 30, who said he had a strained relationship with his father, considered himself a troubled teen. He took over the school after battling a six-year drug and alcohol abuse problem.

Fountain, who studied air conditioning repair at a community college and worked offshore on oil rigs, said it's his experience that makes him most qualified to work with the young men.

The teenagers who come to the academy are often there because they have been rejected by a parent, a sentiment he can relate to, he said.

His parents provided well for him, but his father was always very tough.

"I had everything I wanted but that's not what I needed," he said.

His father, Herman Fountain, said the changes being made at the school are "none of my business."

And as for his son's characterization of their relationship, Herman Fountain had little to add.

"If that's what he feels, that's what he feels," he said.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 28, 2005, 07:25:00 PM »
I know about "M".  I tried to find a way so that she did NOT have to return to that hell hole.  There were some female Bethel supporters that tried to state that "M" loved it there and changed into a nice religious robot girl.  WRONG.  Any teen that is troubled - abuse and torture will not and cannot help.
Also, realize that the real world is not that way.  Had we left our son at Bethel Boys, I am sure he could have complied to every "yes Sir".  Forced to exercise for hours and hours.  Yet, out in the real world if he decided he wasn't going to school, as parents we couldn't have electrocuted him so he would go.  We would be in prison.  Yet, the Fountain family allowed the boys to be electrocuted.  The state of Miss. just wanted them to sign a piece of paper saying that they wouldn't do that anymore.  Oh, and take down the electric fence.  @@

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 28, 2005, 06:57:00 PM »
I know of a girl that had to do this.  Her name started with an "M".  Yet, when the last raid happened her goofy parents were one of the first to send her back.  Why are they willing to listen to her now?  Tell them to e-mail me, I will fill them in on what they need to do to join one of the many lawsuits against Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS., Eagle Point Christian Academy, Lucedale, MS. or Bethel Girls Academy, Petal, MS.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 27, 2005, 11:39:00 PM »
Honest question.  Did you tell your parents about your treatment?  What was their response?  When DHS interviewed you, did you tell them everything?  Did they listen?
There is a victim from Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS. who just recently told me that a month or two ago DHS came in and interviewed those boys.  He told DHS what was happening and DHS took down this boys' parents phone numbers (home, cell, work).  Yet, in talking with this Mom, she never rec'd any phone calls from DHS.

The Troubled Teen Industry / TeenAdvocatesUSA?????
« on: February 24, 2005, 11:33:00 PM »
:grin:   THANKS, I guess my link was bad or old.  Thanks for the update.

The Troubled Teen Industry / TeenAdvocatesUSA?????
« on: February 24, 2005, 06:56:00 PM »
Anyone know what happened to TeenAdvocatesUSA website?  Barbe Stamps I believe ran it.  It has been gone for a few days now.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 22, 2005, 10:27:00 PM »
Hey, I believe you!!!!  When we rescued my son from the Bethel Boys Academy, Lucedale, MS. (also owned and operated by the Fountain family) they were beating those boys until they were black and blue.  Electrocuting them, starving them, not allowing them to use the bathroom (many then urinated on themselves), etc.  Yet, there were a few boys claiming Bethel was wonderful, they never were abused, nor witnessed any abuse.  When the state went in they had no trouble finding 13 victims with obvious physical abuse.  Yet those faithful Bethel supporters seen nothing during their sentence there.  The ones that they did witness getting beat - "well, they deserved it".

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 19, 2005, 11:37:00 AM »
It will now be time to watch corruption at it's finest.  Of course Bethel Girls will reopen.  That is the Fountain's cash cow.  Think about it.  They were raided in May, 2004.  All the girls removed.  They were closed for a few days I believe.  Then it was business as usual.  Taking new victims.  Only months later, they had over 40 girl victims.  Raided again when the 11 victims fled from that place.  They will be closed a few days.  All claims of abuse will be unsubstantiated.  Business as usual.  According to their website, the girls compound isn't supposed to change names until June, 2005.  It will become Parent Hope Ministries.  Maybe, with this last round of abused kids, they will change their name faster.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 18, 2005, 10:39:00 PM »
I just have this copy saved to an e-mail in my filing cabinet.  Anymore, those on-line papers their stories disappear fast.  I read about how those two girls just loved it and can't wait to go back.  Yeah right.
Worse part about it is they will get their chance to.  It is time to watch the state level corruption unfold.  This place will be back open soon, same owners, same name.  They are in the process of doing a name change on the girls compound also to run from the past abuse allegations.
Over on the NYRA site, there is already this Mom of supposedly one of the 11 run aways.  Her daughter loved it there and was NEVER abused.  Great, then why in the hell did she run away?  Oh, and she had to add that her daughter even explained why all 11 of them "made up" abuse stories.  Oh brother.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: February 18, 2005, 12:13:00 AM »
Bethel Shuts Down After Girls Flee
Feb 17, 2005, 02:59 PM MST  Email to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    

The director of the Bethel Girls Academy says he voluntarily shut down his school after allegations of abuse on Wednesday.

Herman Fountain Jr. says he's released the school's 50 residents into the custody of the Department of Human Services while the academy remains temporarily closed.

On Wednesday 11 girls ran away from the school, claiming they'd been abused.

Sources say all 50 girls spent last night in sleeping bags at the Forrest County DHS office. DHS will not confirm that a state investigation is underway, saying only that the department does respond to all complaints about state-inspected facilities.

Officials say when there are allegations of abuse, the state health department, DHS, the attorney general's office, and local law enforcement are required to work together.

Sources say the 11 girls who ran away have gone back to their homes, while the remaining residents wait at the DHS office to be picked up by their parents.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Sexual Abuse @ Bethel Girls Academy
« on: February 16, 2005, 08:01:00 PM »
Very reliable sources have told me the girls are being sexually abused at Bethel Girls Academy, Petal, Miss. ... ll/article?

Students flee Bethel school; allege abuse

Law enforcement officers were at a Petal school for troubled
teenagers Wednesday morning investigating allegations of abuse and
reports that several of the girls there had run away.

According to Forrest County Sheriff's Department deputies, 11 girls
fled the Bethel Girls Academy, although the school's director, Herman
Fountain Jr., said only seven girls were missing. He couldn't
immediately explain the discrepancy.

Four girls were being sought by authorities this morning. Others had
returned to the school. It was unclear how many staff members were on
duty at the time the girls ran away.

"Some of the girls had an uprising and sort of took over the place,"
Fountain said. "They just ran away."

One of the girls, Angenika McNeil, 16, said her arm was broken after
she was restrained. Fountain said she may have injured her arm when
she punched a wall.

Another girls was treated in an ambulance for a cut to the head this
morning. Fountain said she fell.

Fountain said he was not at the school at the time of the incident.
The school has had a history of problems with state authorities. The
Department of Human Services removed 38 girls from the facility last
spring after receiving complaints of mistreatment from the girls
about physical and verbal abuse.

No charges were filed in connection with the incident, and the school
continued to accept students.

The school mixes Biblical teaching with military-style discipline. It
takes in girls with behavioral problems from around the country.

Nikki Rich, hired about a month ago as a drill instructor, said she
was quitting.

"This is ridiculous, I'm not going to stay here," she said.

Rich said the girls were providing notes outlining their issues with
the school to employees. Rich said she had several of the notes and
planned to give them to DHS officials.

Deputies said DHS has been called. The agency has not arrived as of 1

Originally published February 16, 2005

The Troubled Teen Industry / More ABUSE @ Bethel Girls Academy
« on: February 15, 2005, 08:25:00 PM »
News 7
New Abuse Claim Against Bethel
 Email to a Friend  Printer Friendly Version    

Another allegation of physical abuse at Bethel Girls Academy has an angry parent taking action.

"I got a call at 11:30 at night telling me they're taking my child to the emergency room because my child's wrist is swollen and they think it's broken, so when I get a call back they're telling me it's broken," says Angela Roberts.

Last Saturday, Roberts says, she received some shocking news. Officials at Bethel told her that her 16-year-old daughter Angenika injured herself after she slammed her fingers in a door and punched a wall. But Roberts says she's not buying it. She claims the school's director Herman Fountain is responsible.

"My daughter says Mr. Fountain grabbed her and took his knees and put it in my daughter's pelvis area and grabbed her wrist and pushed it all the way back until it popped," she says. "That is ridiculous."

Angenika McNeil, the alleged victim, says: "He just jacked me up and he slung me into the door and that's how I got this cut on my eye and when I got into his office he put his knee into my stomach and started bending my hand back and then I jerked it away from him."

Roberts has filed a complaint with the Forrest County Sheriff's Office against Bethel Academy.

But Fountain gives a different account of what happened. He says it was last Thursday, and he tried to restrain Angenika after she lashed out.

"She bit my arm right here. I've got a bruise right here," he says. "She kicked me in the chest and in the legs and I just held her down until she calmed down."

Fountain says Angenika was not injured during Thursday's incident, but instead had to be taken to the e-room Saturday after she injured herself.

"Mr. Fountain needs to pay for his actions," Roberts insists. "He needs to be put in jail for his actions. It makes no sense for a man to do those types of things to these children. I don't care what type of children they are."

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