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Hey, this is Cheryle, a parent whose child was ABUSED and TORTURED at Bethel Boys Academy aka Eagle Point Christian Academy.  Please contact me.  I tried to find you guys through the white pages with no luck.  Please e-mail me, will sub you to our closed group for victims of the brutal Fountain clan.  We also have our first lawsuit filed and court date set for May 22, 2006.  The next lawsuit is getting ready to be filed.  Would love to have you on it.  Please e-mail me [email protected]

Thayer Learning Center / My Son At Thayer
« on: April 20, 2005, 06:22:00 PM »
:scared:   Foolish parent wrote:

Our son left TLC in the Fall of last year. He enrolled in a university and was awarded an academic scholarship. How is he now:

1) He is completely changed, no drugs, no alcohol no stupidity.

2) We see him regularly and he is a completely different person.>>>

You do realize that most "stupid" teens mature and do the following WITHOUT a boot camp.
I should know.  My son is getting ready to turn 17 and has already quit most of the stupid antics he was pulling.  I did the stupid thing just like you Mr. Foolish Parent.  I placed my son at a boot camp.  Only difference?  I rescued my son after only 3.5 days after all the horror stories I read about the place my son was at.  You, Mr. Foolish Parent, read all the horror stories and did nothing but leave your poor son there.  Shame on you Foolish Parent.

Wanted to let you know we finally got our court date for the trial against Bethel Boys Academy.  Yes, we will all be dead from old age by then.  LOL

May 22, 2006.  Now that we have a trial date set on the first lawsuit, the law firm will be filing the next one.  Would be happy to send you a copy of this as soon as it is officially filed.

"A lot of things are a concern to me down there," Welford said. But while he can't rule out the possibility of abuse at the school, most of the allegations cannot be substantiated.

The Department of Human Services said via e-mail the agency is not investigating because it had not received a request>>>>

This Sheriff being quoted in the article, he said most abuse allegations cannot be substantiated.  Why doesn't he mention that he is on Bethel's Board of Directors?  A little conflict of interest there?

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Mom pulls twins from Eagle Point after riot
Saturday, April 16, 2005
LUCEDALE -- Christy Depasquale has her twin 17-year-old sons at home with her in Oklahoma after they spent more than a month at Eagle Point Christian Academy, formerly known as Bethel Boys Academy.

Depasquale was concerned for the boys' welfare after hearing of the riot that took place at Eagle Point last weekend. During the riot, windows were broken, bunks overturned and a barrack was trashed.

Seven students were transported to a hospital for treatment, and six others were taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Depasquale said she followed her instincts and, escorted by a George County sheriff's deputy, arrived at Eagle Point around 2 a.m. on Friday to retrieve her sons.

Depasquale said her sons were "very relieved to be coming home."

"It's not a good place," she said of Eagle Point.

Repeated phone calls Friday to Eagle Point director John Fountain were not returned.

Depasquale's sons reportedly had "plenty of bruises and cuts and scrapes" when she picked them up. One of the boys reportedly has a bruise on his back where an Eagle Point staff member allegedly "grabbed him and slammed his fist in his back" because he was talking.

Depasquale said Eagle Point uses "hazing-type discipline tactics." The twins reportedly have scrapes on their knees from being made to kneel on a hardwood floor for long periods of time when they got into trouble.

The boys reported that the riot was really destructive and the "kids just went berserk."

Depasquale's sons were two of four boys that ran away from the home on Sunday after the riot. They were picked up and returned to the home the same day. "They were scared. They wanted to get out of there," Depasquale said.

The twins also told their mother that the kitchen of Eagle Point was infested with roaches and rats, and that if there was trouble during mealtime, the boys either couldn't finish eating or were given 30 seconds to finish their meal.

The boys also alleged that when the kids got into fights, the staff members would just ignore it and leave the room. One of Depasquale's sons was in a fight, and the brothers said the instructors just stood by and watched.

The boys also told their mother that mace was being used frequently at Eagle Point when anybody steps out of line.

Depasquale said she felt Eagle Point was misrepresented to parents. She said they didn't provide a 100 percent safe and secure environment, there's a lack of supervision, and the education is not what it should be.

Depasquale said their family representative, Ada Gunter was a wonderful person. "I really felt she did care," she said.

An improvement plan for Eagle Point was established at a hearing in George County Youth Court on Thursday. The court adopted a plan of improvement recommended by the state and by Eagle Point.

The documents from the hearing are sealed, but one step in the plan has already been implemented by Eagle Point with the hiring of the Mississippi Security Police, a private firm, to provide security services for the academy. The Mississippi Security Police were called after the riot and have been present at the facility since last weekend.

"I hope the actions that were taken will prevent future problems," District Attorney Tony Lawrence said.

Lawrence said he had certain concerns he wanted to see addressed including kids escaping and kids being injured.

"The hiring of a security firm will certainly go a long way to alleviating a lot of problems we've seen in the past," he said.

Lawrence said he could not confirm case-by-case allegations against Eagle Point, but allegations made to him will be investigated. "Any matter alleged to be of criminal activity will be investigated and presented to a grand jury," he said.

George County Youth Court Prosecutor Mark Maples said the recommendation of the court were to "ensure the safety and security of the students as well as the community."

Officials agreed that the issue of security needed reconsidered, Maples said.

George County Sheriff Garry Welford said he felt the plan "would be good for the security of the kids and for the community."

Reporter Mollie Reeves can be reached at [email protected] or 9601)947-9933.

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? Couple arrested, charged in local burglaries

? Crime

? Dang pleads guilty in son's slaying

More Stories

2005 The Mississippi Press. Used with permission

Scares the hell out of me to think that a young boy can be murdered at one of these places and no one cares.
I always wondered under my breath what would have happened had one of the victims died at Bethel Boys Academy where my son was brutalized.  Now I know.  The same thing as before, NOTHING!!!!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Antigen is on the SIBS payroll
« on: April 14, 2005, 11:30:00 PM »
:flame:   Anonymous Troll, go away.  Not a single soul here would believe that crap.  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

This would be the very same Anthony Lawrence whom we had to beg for over a year to press charges.  We were finally given a court date to appear before the grand jury this past October, 2004.  Each victim had approx. 10 minutes to speak.  We were still waiting for a verdict (weeks later) when I get a call from the Editor, Laura with the Clarion Ledger News out of Jackson, Miss.  She stated she had just spoke with John Fountain and he stated "there is no abuse, never has been.  There was just a group of former students down here whinning to the grand jury - nothing ever came of it".  Hmmmm, we are all still waiting for a verdict and john Fountain already knows it?  

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 Posted on Thu, Apr. 14, 2005

DA to hear concerns on Eagle Point riot
PASCAGOULA - District Attorney Tony Lawrence is examining concerns over the recent riot at Eagle Point Christian Academy in Lucedale.

"I have been contacted with concerns over the continued incidents that have occurred at the academy, and I am collecting information to determine what the law would allow me to do to correct those problems if those problems are found to exist," Lawrence said.

Since the riot Friday, nine cadets have been sent to Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center for disorderly conduct or being uncooperative. Seven cadets were treated and released from the local hospital with minor injuries.

George County Sheriff's officials said the riot may have been instigated by several cadets in an attempt make the school, which operates under a Chancery Court decree and is monitored, look bad during a state inspection.

School officials have said they plan to send 20 to 30 boys home and are taking measures to improve security

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Boys Academy (Miss) Investigated
« on: April 12, 2005, 02:23:00 PM »
One of the sons told someone that the only reason these kids come to them is because the parents did not want them - I am sure most of you parents on this site were not aware that it was being told you did not care for your son or daughter. I just pray that God can forgive me for the hate I have in my heart for them.>>>

When we placed our son at Bethel Boys aka Eagle Point Christian Academy, we told our son where he was going, what services and such he would receive, showed him all the information, etc.  Once my son arrived (and his Dad left the compound) he was beaten by four drill instructors.The abuse and torture continued.  My son told me that the following day, Monday, he got into the medication line during lunch so he could talk to the nurse.  He told the nurse that he thought there must be some kind of mistake as his parents told him he would attend school, receive therapy, activities, etc.  The nurse told him that all came later and to get out of the line.  The drill instructors told our son that we had tricked him and that we knew full well what was happening to him.  LIES!!!!!!

I find it interesting that the owner is not pressing any charges. I interpret that to mean that he doesn't dare let this get aired in court, where he and his employees and all the other kids can be subpoenaed>>>>

I thought the same thing.  Those boys would have a chance to say they weren't rioting, they were simply doing what the girl's compound had done.  Brought media and law enforcement attention to the abuse they were suffering.  I am sure those boys notice every Sunday in church that the half where the girl victims used to sit is now empty.

I thought the biggest cry for help was that those boys continued to riot all weekend even after the police got there.  I assume because the police were just going to quite things down and leave them there.  Those boys did NOT stop until they were arrested.  If that was the only way to safety then that was the route they took.  My son would have done the same thing.  Take me to jail, at least I will get an unmonitored phone call to my parents then.  They will also be given a Public Defender.  These are NOT violent boys down there.  I have talked to so many victims from there.  Back talking, smoking a little pot or ciggs, sex with the girlfriend/boyfriend.  Really and truly, typical teen stuff.

April 11, 2005
Riot rocks Lucedale academy

1 cadet missing, 9 arrested, 7 hurt after violent weekend

By Camille C. Spencer
[email protected]

A manhunt for a missing student continued late Sunday in the wake of a weekend melee that left a dormitory building ravaged, seven cadets injured and nine cadets arrested at Eagle Point Christian Academy, a private school for troubled teen boys in Lucedale.

Four students, or cadets, ran away from the school Sunday afternoon. Three were caught less than a mile from the rural campus, but a fourth remained at large, George County Sheriff Garry Welford said Sunday night.

The sheriff said it's unknown if the school, directed by John Fountain of Lucedale, will be in session today.
The situation began at 10:57 p.m. Friday, when the Sheriff's Department received a 911 call from the school, formerly known as the Bethel Boys Academy, Welford said.

Deputies found a dormitory with shattered windows and overturned beds. Students told Welford that a rumor had been circulating that state investigators might arrive at the school over the weekend.

Students told him that caused some cadets to riot, Welford said.

The dormitory has been shut down because it's so badly damaged, Welford said, and until cleanup is completed, the school building is being used as sleeping quarters.

Efforts to reach Fountain on Sunday were unsuccessful. He took over Bethel Boys Academy from his father, Herman Fountain, nearly two years ago.

All 122 cadets were back in bed by 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, Welford said. "They (students) wanted to make it seem like there was a real problem there," he said. "None of those kids like it down there."

But the chaos continued throughout the weekend, he said. Students did additional damage to the school Saturday afternoon.

The school hired a private firm, Mississippi Security Police, that was on duty at the academy Saturday, Welford said. Deputies remained on campus over the weekend, he said.

Welford said he notified the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health of the situation over the weekend. On Sunday, Jacob Ray, spokesman for the state attorney general's office, said he could not verify whether his office is investigating.

The nine cadets were charged with disorderly conduct because they refused to comply with orders Friday and are being held at the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center, Welford said. Of the cadets taken to George County Hospital, six were treated and released and one was hospitalized. Welford was unsure if the hospitalized cadet had returned to school on Sunday.

Bethel Boys Academy has a history of abuse allegations and state investigations dating to 1988, when 72 children were removed by state welfare officials. In 1990, a judge closed the school, then owned by Herman Fountain Sr. In 1994, Fountain reopened it as Bethel Boys Academy.

Early this year, the school changed its name to Eagle Point Christian Academy. John Fountain said the name change is an effort to disassociate the school from the past allegations.

Hattiesburg American reporter Robert Malone contributed to this report.
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The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: April 07, 2005, 06:16:00 PM »
Yep, they are suing.  Last time I checked beating and torturing a child is a felony.  It is my hope and belief that a Federal Judge and jury will see this also.
  John Fountain was last quoted in the paper as saying that all the recent victims are making up lies.  Their parents read via the internet about all the abuse and torture and rescue their child unannounced and then claim "ABUSE".  What I want to know is how are these parents obtaining all the medical evidence, photographs, etc.
   There was a Dad a few months ago that had read all the horror stories on the internet so he showed up at Bethel unannounced to see his boy firsthand.  The Fountain's then were forced to tell this Dad that his son was at the hospital.  Honestly, did John Fountain think that Dad was simply going to reply "oh, okay, well I hope everything is fine with him.  I am going back home to the state I live in now".  WRONG!!!!!!!!!!  Of course John Fountain's story as to what happened to this boy are quite different from what this boy claims happened to him.  SURPRISE!!!!!

The Troubled Teen Industry / Bethel Girls Academy - CLOSED
« on: March 17, 2005, 08:19:00 AM »
Controversial Girls Home for Sale
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The director of the troubled Bethel Girls Academy says he may move his operation somewhere else.

Herman Fountain Jr. has put the Bethel facility up for sale. He says because the school no longer has any residents it can't afford to stay open.

But Fountain says the academy may relocate to Hattiesburg or Lucedale.

Last month 11 girls fled the school, claiming they were victims of abuse by Fountain and other staff members. Bethel was temporarily shut down by the Department of Human Services pending the outcome of a state investigation.

The facility, along with 120 acres of land, has an asking price of $1.5 million.  

On Wednesday News Seven filed a public records request with the Mississippi Department of Health to learn the status or results of its investigation

The Troubled Teen Industry / Eagle Point Christian Academy ABUSE
« on: March 10, 2005, 11:58:00 PM »
March 8, 2005
Reforms don't stem allegations

Boys academy struggles to change image

By Julie Goodman
[email protected]


Greg Jenson/The Clarion-Ledger

Cadets at Eagle Point Christian Academy, formerly known as Bethel Boys Academy, fall into formation Thursday at lunch time. Fountain said Eagle Point is moving away from a military approach in favor of a boarding school environment by replacing uniforms and dropping the 'drill instructor' title for employees.

LUCEDALE ? Unhappy parents, troubled teens, torture allegations and lawsuits have all become an unenviable part of John Fountain's life since he took over Bethel Boys Academy from his father nearly two years ago.

The school for troubled teenagers ? now called Eagle Point Christian Academy ? has on one side assertive parents who continue to report abuse, explaining in graphic detail the wounds they detected on their children once they were removed from the school.

On the other side are Fountain's equally adamant denials. He points to what he says are litigious parents and children who were brought to the school ? sometimes against their will ? in part because of deception problems.
It's not clear exactly what happens at the academy when spectators are gone.

But the school's court-appointed monitor and the county sheriff's office have both made room for the possibility that some of the children making recent allegations could be lying.

"A lot of those kids have problems, and they'll make allegations just so they can get out of there," said Bill East, a former prosecutor who now inspects the school quarterly as the academy's monitor.

East's inspections are part of a 2003 Chancery Court consent decree that required the school to institute a range of changes from allowing restroom and water breaks during exercise to forbidding the use of electrical devices for discipline. The decree was issued while the school was directed by Fountain's father, Herman Fountain, and abuse allegations drew the attention of state officials who sought to close the academy.

John Fountain's father was forced to relinquish all interests and control in the school, which admits about 100 students from all over the country. He says he has worked to reform the academy, parting with the ways of his father.

He fired three employees on the spot for what appeared to be abusive behavior.

Fountain has tried to press charges against the former staffers. George County sheriff's office said there is only one open case against a former employee.

East said he does not know of any pervasive abuse at the school and said the academy ? which has problems like any other school ? is trying to improve. "John Fountain is trying," he said. "He's got a zero tolerance of abuse now."

The school's residential adviser is implementing a reward and sanction system, which no longer uses exercise to punish all students for the bad behavior of one child.

Fountain said he is trying to arrange with the Boys and Girls Club so students can serve as companions for younger children, or be paired with mentors. He said he hopes to build a gym and a larger schoolhouse, while gravitating away from a military approach and toward a boarding school environment.

There are 38 cameras installed over the campus, except in the bathrooms.

In addition to shedding the school's name, Fountain also is dropping the "drill instructor" title for employees, calling them "team leaders" or "dorm leaders" instead. He has ordered khaki pants and colored tops for the boys to replace military fatigues. But the abuse allegations keep coming.

Parents say the cameras have been tampered with, and that John Fountain is inextricably linked to the problem that brought on the abuse in the first place: his father.

"John Fountain is, as far as I'm concerned, as bad as his dad," said Oscar Stilley of Fort Smith, Ark., attorney for parents of former cadets suing the academy in federal court.

Stilley said his office has taken steps to weed out plaintiffs making false allegations, including running criminal background checks and comparing accounts of the abuse for inconsistencies. He said the pattern of reports shows the students are telling the truth. "If everybody is saying there's terrible abuse going on, there's terrible abuse going on in my mind," he said.

But Stilley, whose suit names about two dozen plaintiffs, does not rule out the possibility that some of the plaintiffs could be lying.

Ruben Villa, 15, who was at the school on and off for more than a year until he ran away in November, said he was underfed, overworked, and once had his head slammed against a wall.

Students sleep on mattresses with urine stains and broken springs, and are forced to endure long hours of physical labor helping to build cabins on Herman Fountain's property, with little focus on schoolwork, said Villa, who lives outside Los Angeles. He and a group of friends finally ran away.

Parents say that children who have been removed from the school have no reason to lie about abuse, and that the Fountains manipulate parents by calling their children "bad." "I feel like they were playing on the parents' emotions," said Villa's mother, Alice Stroud, who is joining a lawsuit.

Fountain said if Ruben Villa's head had been slammed against the wall, it would have been caught on tape. He also accused the teen of stealing a car from the property, saying his credibility is in question.

Other students currently at the school dismissed allegations of abuse.

The school's staff said the students, some of whom have been in the juvenile detention system, are savvy and know how to bring heat on to the school. Fountain said he doesn't want to invalidate the concerns of families, but said by and large, he has been the victim of parents trying to make a buck.

"I've had parents come in there, drop their kids off, find out that there has been allegations against Bethel Academy, come pick up their kid and say, 'Oh my kid's been abused,' " he said.

"And then want their money."

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The Troubled Teen Industry / NY Times Story and a Question
« on: March 10, 2005, 11:55:00 PM »
Seems our most recent victims coming out of Bethel Boys Academy aka Eagle Point Christian Academy are doing the free labor also.  In October when the hurricane hit Mississippi the boys were hired out to help with clean up around the town.  Also, they spend their days doing repair work and improvements on the Fountain family members personal residences.  One Fountain is having his whole basement redone, refurbished with his free labor.  Makes me sick!!!!!

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