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Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Brian Dodd is a jackass
« on: September 04, 2011, 03:57:31 AM »
I just had to get that off of my chest!!!

Teen Challenge / This guy was in Str8 St.Pete and later Teen Challenge
« on: December 19, 2010, 10:52:23 AM »
His name is Dan Loerzel.Pulled out of Straight(Milton Roy) and sent to Teen Challenge.He went to Largo High.Teen Challenge was another "tough love"(abuse factory)started by late spiritual author Hal Lindsey.All I know.

Pura Vida
Sam from Costa Rica

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / It's Xmas time again
« on: December 10, 2010, 12:13:39 AM »
Having spent two Decembers,1977 on Second Phase,and,1978 on Fourth Phase,as a member of the lost warehoused tribe of adolescents then known as Straight Incorporated,like many of us,CHRISTMAS CAROLS MEAN NOTHING MORE TO ME THAN A BUNCH OF FLASHBACKS!!!!
This December,I decided to take a positive,therapeutic step to resolve this twisted episode of PTSD and the Fornits board is going to help.I hope I don't bore the shit out of anyone so they consider suicide or anything like that.Please consider that I will use this thread to help cope with some not so pleasant memories.
I have decided that every time I hear a Christmas song that reminds me of the warehouse,I will rewrite that song and post it on this thread.This isn't for humor.This is to get stuff out.Right now,Winter Wonderland and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen have sent me off into a time warp far enough to give Rocky Horror's Riff Raff an erection so those will be the first two on the hit parade.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WOOF!!!
« on: October 28, 2010, 01:00:13 PM »
Check your Yahoo!!

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Son of former client arrested
« on: August 06, 2010, 07:38:27 PM » ... r=10116195

Nephew of early Str8 grad Cindy Waller.Son of Ed Waller(withdrew at 18).Nephew of the late Lenny Waller(another former client deceased before 50)

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Straight Inc. with a Latin twist
« on: November 09, 2009, 02:52:35 PM »
Check this link

These poor people in Costa Rica don't sell much door to door from what I see.They stand on street corners wearing T-shirts with large letters HOGARES CREA and underneath which center they're in.They wave cans at traffic lights as a form to pay for their own recovery(whatever that is).Most of these people are either close to/or living on the street before they check in,so some kind of intervention is called for.What irks me is this program either reduces them to live as beggars or makes them to continue to do so if that's how they were living before they checked themselves in.I always thought that a benevolent treatment facility would seek to harbor and instill dignity rather that humilliate and degrade a resident to begging for change from drivers at traffic lights.Another possible coincidence.....The Sembler Companies have an office in Puerto Rico.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / 32 Years Ago I sat on Front Row
« on: September 22, 2009, 12:36:13 AM »
All Right Now,you organized malcontents!It's Grandpa's turn to talk!

September 21,1977,my odyssey of brain salad surgery began.Miller Newton was,I believe selling junk bonds or doing whatever twisted crooks like him did for a living during the Carter years.William Rollins was over a year away from his intake.Woof and me were yet to meet for another four months.We were in the Rahall warehouse,across the parking lot from the Milton Roy warehouse.I feel sort of alone,because nobody reading this was there when I was "the deer caught in the headlights".The monster was only 385 days old and for all of my rage,I can only sigh and exhale thinking it could have been worse.
Day 30(1 month str8 LOL)began the clinic comedowns ,three days of Seedlike fun and games brought to light by Wes Fager.That weekend,non participants,then known as jerks were taken in the back and roughed up until breaking to tears.Jerry Vancil was one of those and this was the story taken to the St.Pete Times when Jerry escaped.The first day of this picnic began on a Friday.Some genius in staff decided it would be good therapy for Newcomers and Second Phasers to go a whole day without using the rest rooms,including the open meeting.I gathered some parents,learning of this,were seriously pissed off,no pun intended.To this day,I still remember that torture.What twisted mind considered urination a privilege?I keep wondering if Helen was the culprit.
I think a couple of threats of being reporting the program to HRS after that just straightened the 2 live crew(Staff Office at that time)right out.I never saw an incident like that again.Means that something happened.
I still pause to reflect on that day often standing over a commode.Even convicts on death row get to use the bathroom.I still refuse to eat bologna sandwiches today,the standard fare at that time.
And I'll go find something else to do or find a tree before standing in line behind a urinal again.
Mind Control and Discipline through renal abuse,What a concept!!

The Seed Discussion Forum / When Governor Crist was in group
« on: April 25, 2009, 05:13:11 AM »
I've only heard rumors.I know that either Steve or Brent Sembler was in St.Pete.I would like an actual confirmation on Governor Charlie Crist.It's time to stop the smack and uncover some facts.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Helen Petermann
« on: April 09, 2009, 09:59:22 PM »
I always thought that Helen Petermann was a misplaced soul.Born in New York of Lithuanian descent,if her family never migrated,what would have she done.My thoughts are she would have joined the Waffen SS and guarded naked prisoners as they marched to their deaths during the Second World War.Horrible thought,but to those who knew her,they would have to agree.That would have been her calling.

Bring up this url.
Look up comments.
Look at Number 5
Helen"The old bitch herself"Petermann announcing that "her" drug rehab was featured on a Real People episode.She made this post on May 8,2007.
Somebody should make her feel as her profile shouldn't be so high with so much to answer for.

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / WHAT EVER BECAME OF JIM HARTZ?
« on: March 18, 2009, 01:09:55 AM »
He was Str8's first director.I've become curious because I'm beginning to think that his exit marked the beginning of the unbridled insanity caused by Newton.His presence may have saved me(and others)from the flagrant torture machine Str8 became.Not that he loved us.He just wanted to cover his ass.

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