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Elan School / Choas
« on: August 22, 2005, 03:12:00 PM »
Check your Private Messages

Elan School / Nothing but bitches
« on: August 21, 2005, 03:58:00 AM »
I know you think you are funny shits, and that all this crap really upsets the people you are trying to fuck with. I would give you 10 seconds face to face with Greg Cruz or Leticia. They would tear your middle class white racists asses apart. I know pussy's with no life have to vent on the internet, it makes you all so tough and scary. Give us your address and Gerg and i will pay you and whoever else you need to protect your punk asses a little visit and we can talk about all this racist vomit you spew, or you can keep spewing it onto deaf ears, coz i got no time to waste with people still living with mommy and daddy. Go head, come back with your grade school comments, when it comes time to actually back your shit up you would run like pussy's all the way home, coz we all know you have no balls. I would love to see any of you punks post pictures of yourself on lne, so we can tear apart you, but yet again, I am sure you are afraid too. Obviously you spend to much time in your parents basement trying to come up with clever rasict and rude things to say to even go out and get laid or have a life, you are all just a bunch of losers who have noting better to do, come on, speak your real name, tell me when we can meet, or just continue your pathetic lives, nothing but bitches!

Elan School / My Son Turns 1
« on: July 10, 2005, 12:12:00 AM »
Today is Austin James first birthday. I have been blessed with this child and wanted to share with Alum. It has been a very hard year. Having a child eally does change everything, and it helps put into perspective someof the thing on this board. Hello to the people I know out there, i hope all is well.

Elan history / Hey everybody
« on: January 04, 2005, 08:22:00 PM »
I hope everyone had a great holiday, mine was shacky, I am still trying to make it through it. I have had several people ask about getting into this chat thing, they were peers of mine at Elan and are really nice, I just don't kow how to get them in. Also, do you think we can change the topic name from the "cool people only". How about something that doesn't sound so stupid but gets the point across that we don't want the Anon's that spew garbage and insults all over the place. Any idea's??

Elan School / Kelley
« on: December 15, 2004, 05:09:00 PM »
Check your private messages

Elan School / Random thoughts.
« on: December 13, 2004, 08:49:00 PM »
In case nobody knows I am a single father trying to get custody of my beautiful 5 month old boy. Unfortunatly his mother is unfit at this moment. Between that and two deaths in mt immedate family it has been hard.

It got me to thinking about this board.

Jordan, you are a cruel fraud who has no empathy and the world would be a better place without you, in the big piture, you are a nothing.

Tamar, I hope you are having fun with this, I know you are a much better person than you let on so I assume this is a game to you, the fact that people say some of those cruel things about you make me sick.

Kelly and Chrysta, I hope we can have that get together soon, it would be interesting to swap stories.

Reality has been slapped in my face recently, life is to short to wast time hurting others.

Elan School / Chrysta and Kelley
« on: December 06, 2004, 07:16:00 PM »
You are both wasting your time with these fools on this board. They have never grown up and have ruined what was once a good idea. For some reason it makes them feel better about themselves degrading others and using vulgar language. If any of them had a life they wouldn't be wasting time on this board trying to look better than everyone else.

When I first came to this site i got in touch with some Alums and it was worth it. because a family tragedy I have been away from this place for awhile, it is to bad that not much has changed. Hopefully you will both connect with some nornal alums that don't act like petty 3 year olds. By the way I am the next town over from Framingham.
  Good luck - Jon

Elan School / E-7 Hater Jenny
« on: July 06, 2004, 09:25:00 PM »
Hey, when you get a chance check your email.

Elan School / Jordan
« on: February 25, 2004, 09:57:00 PM »
I have lost your number and havent been home when you called. Leave your number if i am not home. Jon

Elan School / An Elan thought....To everyone
« on: February 04, 2004, 06:03:00 PM »
I have spent many hours trolling through the internet, seeing Elan sites and reading stories and learning of survivors.

With all the intelligent and experienced Elan Alum, why not get together and do something about it. Why not atart our own program where we can actually help others who are like us when we were younger. A program that combines the discipline needed but the insight and understanding to actually help others? I recieved my degree in Psychology and have worked for several program that suck, so I changed professions. But with the right people and funding, instead of bitching about what i wrong with Elan, why not make a program that is right.

One concept I liked about Elan is that many aff had been through there own shit. Perhaps they did not have the right mentality and self dignity to help others the proper way. Maybe somewhere along the line they forgot where they had come from. Thats when a real leader lets that staff member go before a child gets hurt. Joe Ricci cold never do that, it was a cash cow for him. But what if some of us got together and actually made a difference in this world, preventing others from going through what we had to.

I will not elaborate more because I am not sure if anyone will even repond to this, but I wold love others inputes. If Joe Ricci can start a program and have it all messed up why can't we have one that really does some good?

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