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The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 24, 2005, 02:17:00 PM »
Lynn- You speak of free will yet Im surprised youre even aware of the concept, as all your job really entails is to make sure no student has it correct?

>>>>>i do not believe that you have proven me a liar or wrong,

You may not want to believe it but I did, on both counts. You claimed the statement about students being carted away during visits and inspections was a lie. I proved you wrong, accept that rehashing it only makes you look worse in the eyes of your bosses who Im sure are already displeased with your preformance on here.

>>>>>i admit when i am wrong and as far as holding not salt, robertbruce, sir, you have been so bitter for so long that you can not see past your hatred

Hatred? Bitter? Again you make assumptions about me without basis, you seem to be unable to seperate yourself from your work where you can perscribe an emotion, thought, or attribute to a child and force the child to agree with your assesement whether it is based in reality or not. I keep telling you though, you have no power here, you cant punish me for anything and cant stop me from telling the truth. That truth being your scared, you and all the staff memebers of HLA, lawsuits and threats of lawsuits are becoming more and more of a reality, the walls are closing in and youre afraid youre all going to get caught. Well your fear is well placed, the time to pay the piper is fast approaching, you and your superiors need to accept the consequences of your actions and stop trying to manipulate your way out of the situation.

Let me also give you a better perspective from which you can see where Im coming from. Lets say you were raped by a man who was a serial rapist and had raped several women before you and after you. Several years had passed since your attack and in that time you had forgiven the man (as I have forgiven HLA for the crimes they committed against me) and had long since gotten your life back on track and were now happy. But the oppurtunity presented itself to not only catch this man in the act but have him put away for life so he could never harm another woman again. Even though youd forgiven him, wouldnt you still seek to see that he was punished for his crimes? To make sure he never harmed anyone again and that justice was served? Even if he claimed to be reformed he would still need to be held accountable for his previous actions wouldnt he? I think if youre honest youll admit that you would in fact seek that justice. Dont assume Im after you all because Im angry or bitter, Im after you to ensure you dont harm anyone else and that you are held accountable for your actions, and Im not alone as you already know. Youve burned to many people and now theyve come to collect. The school is going to soon face several law suits and perhaps a class action suit, we will bring everything to the light and you will be exposed for what you are, and if we have our way you will be closed down.

>>>>>>but as for my statements being lies or me trying to manipulate, that is just you trying to justify your malice towards anyone who is at all for the program which has seemed to have brought you so much misery. my advise for you, and take this as whatever you want, open you mind to other points of view as i am open to yours.

This part is going to be hysterical

but as far as my statements stemming from my anger or bitterness, that is just you trying to justify your fear and narcisism towards anyone who is at all against the program which has fed your ego and powertrips. My advice for you, and take this as whatever you want, open your mind to other points of view as I am open to yours.

>>>>>just because someone's opinion is not the same as your does not automatically make it wrong.

You know whats funny I used to say this to the counsolers all the time during my stay at HLA, they never agreed. Its interesting how the requirement to be an absolute hypocrit is a neccsitiy to be an employee there.

As far as the turnover, you dont know why so many of your coworkers disappeared? Thats strange I would have thought you were a little closer then that.

>>>>>oh, and when i am wrong, to the kids there or my own, i am the first to admit it. sorry if that bursts the bubble that you have created about me.

Oh it doenst, afterall youre only repeating what was said to me several years ago, nothings changed.

>>>>again, you are using 4 year old information, things change when they are found not to work or that they are not productive. i know when something doens't work with my family i change it, same goes for any business, school, industry

4 year old information? I see, have your bosses instructed you to try and guess my identity? Again your manipulations dont work on here remember?

>>>>but again i don't think you can see that through the veil of hatred and bitterness you hold on to. and the reason i can make that last statement (even though "i don't know you") is because of what you have allowed me to see in your statements.
take care, i have to go to work now...and am grateful for that opportunity!

Again silly assumptions made by you as a result of your fear, coupled with your inability to admitt being wrong due to your narcissim, raging ego, and your bosses greed.

See you in court soon.  :wave:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 23, 2005, 01:10:00 PM »
Shhh do you make your son try and feel guilty for all the time youre having to take away from your attempted propoganda campaign in order to take care of him?

I mean that would be the normal reaction of any staff member former or otherwise of HLA.

Try not to, that might constitute as emotional abuse.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 23, 2005, 10:29:00 AM »
Oh when can we expect you to respod to those earlier comments I made?

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 23, 2005, 10:24:00 AM »
Shhh your manipulations dont work here remember? No I was not sent away with the others due to a space issue, I was sent away for the reasons I already posted, I know this because I was told in no uncertian terms as much by my counsolers. As far as me always being right and everyone else always being wrong, I wouldnt agree. Its just Im telling the truth and youre always full of it.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 23, 2005, 12:14:00 AM »
Just as a addition to a comment made by Lynn in which she claimed that restriction students were never hide away during visits or tours.

Shes lying. During my time there the school invited a group of Education Consultants to visit the school. I was not on restriction at the time however because I was exstremly vocal about my dissatisfaction with HLA I was taken away with the ones who were on restriction. As I recall leading up to the event work assingnments were given to all the students (punishment or not) to clean up the place, and the cafeteria suddenly served much better food for the one day that the Ed. Cons were present, after that it was back to the normal crap.

Just wanted to clear up one of Lynns lies.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Hidden Lake Academy
« on: February 22, 2005, 12:06:00 AM »
Lets take some time to clear up a few of the manipulations Shh has tride.

1. But I also witnessed kids making up stuff about counselors that I knew were lies personally to try to get out of the school

She makes mention of this yet fails to mention wittnessing any counsolers lying to parents in order to keep their child in the school.

2. But overall, I never saw abuse, or harassment, or neglect.

She must have had her eyes closed for 4-7 years.

3. They werent even allowed to restrain the kids if they ran away off campus.

True the policy was not to restrain kids off campus, on campus however was fair game.

4.ded with my children and the students down the big hill when it snowed

The students had no sleds, they could have been used as weapons, along with toilet paper.

5. ...I had never heard of a child being on restriction for months...thats ridiculous...the longest restriction I heard was a week or two.

She claims to have never heard of this, perhaps she simply chooses not to acknowledge it. I personally had a roommate who was on restriction for seven months without a break.

6. As far as restriction diets, the kids eat what the other kids are eating in the food line, and have been for several years.

This is a lie. Students on restriction get two travel boxes of cereal and a carton of milk. For lunch and dinner they get a single cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup. Fruit and seconds are handed out at the drill srgnts. discretion to whom they deem worthy of food.

7.Maybe they already have addressed whatever concerns you guys might have had in the past. Maybe whatever was going wrong has been fixed. Wouldnt that be enough for you guys? Or would you rather slander the whole school and its employees based on old policies, disgruntled ex employees, and exagerations? I stand by my PERSONAL experiences at the school. It was my home after all.

If this was true why are more and more people coming out stating the same things people were complaining about when the place first opened? I stand by my PERSONAL experiences at the school. It was my prison after all.

8.You guys are just upset that I can come up with positive things about the school. I am posting my opinion of things, just like you guys are...and youre slamming me for it.

Perhaps we picked up this habit from HLA. You know attacking a person for not going along with our status qou? Or having a differing opinion, or God forbid complaining about anything ever, and stating how you feel.

9. I am not saying ALL of this on here is lies or anything, but since I KNOW some of it be, you guys dont have much credibility with ME either....alls fair in....etc etc...

I didnt hear anything through any grape vine, Im basing my opinion on my own experiences. So we both cant be right.

10. I never saw or heard about kids being abused, or malnourished, or neglected. Its like you cant imagine anything good about the school.

Theres nothing to imagien. Again though if you never saw or heard about kids being abused, I would say youre propogating your own self delusions to abate your own guilt.

11. I dont remember who or specifically when but I do remember SEVERAL circumstances where Students would accuse staff of doing this or that when it was later found out that the staff werent even on duty that particular time, etc. OMG teenagers lying! What a concept! LOL Remember I have one....he will be 16 in August, so I know all about teenagers and their behavior patterns...and most of it is to be expected of that age group really.No big shock there.

What is a shock is that you and many others there claimed to be there working towards the best interest of children when all you were actualy interested in was our parents money and keeping us there as long as possible. Now that is shocking, but hey, hell was made for somebody right?

11.I didnt see neglect or abuse or harassment, and I still dont feel that sandwiches, soup, fruit, juice and milk constitute neglect...they were fed and nobody starved to death or were malnourished. As far as why they changed it I dont know I wasnt privy to that information. But I do know they changed and the kids get the food off the foodline but I think they still go outside..but not sure about that.

Would sexual abuse. or physical abuse count in your book?

12.They were not allowed to restrain the kids it is a hands off facility...anybody restraining kids was reprimanded or fired....the ONLY time I ever heard about it being the policy..was if a child was maybe trying to hurt themselves with a sharp object or getting ready to hit another child. It is a hands off facility and it is in their policy. Runaways could only be followed in a car and once they got off campus it was REQUIRED that they call the sheriffs office. They werent doing it to be mean to the was for their own safety. Any kook out there could pick up the kids on the main road and if they ran away at night there were bears and bobcats and coyotes that would make walking down a dark mountain road quite dangerous. I know all about the critters there was a bear that used to sit on my garbage can on my back deck and eat his midnight snack! But he eventually left for greener pastures.

Yet they force children to sleep in this wilderness you speak of? As to your claim that any employee who touched a child was fired. Given your time frame im sure you around when Jimsir attacked a student named Blake simply because he made a smart comment to him? Jim is still an employee there is he not? There are other examples if you need them.

13.No I dont know FIRST hand what is happening yes its second hand...but so is what you are talking about...and the people that I talk to dont LIE. I am telling you what I know..and what I dont know....some things i know..and some I dont...I am not telling you anything that I dont know to be the truth.

Well we dont lie either? So how can both be telling the truth? Obviously us since its been shown already youve made several statements which are in fact lies.

14. Slander is when you post "heresay" and things you arent sure about and detrimentally hurt someones reputation..and yes...slander is what I have seen some of you its not a harsh word..its what I am seeing.

Im sure about all my statements, what would you call it then? Oh yeah facts.

15.And by the way if I dont answer as FAST as you would like...its not because I am AFRAID to is because I take care of 2 children, a disabled husband, a disabled father, a 101 yr old grandfather, and I also work fulltime, and I dont have alot of FREE time.

Disabled husband? Didnt you just get divorced? My that was quick. Are you having a promiscuity issue? Perhaps we should talk about it further.

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