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Open Free for All / Re: Royce Gracie vs Akebono
« on: July 07, 2011, 02:26:04 PM »
Quote from: "Wh??ter"
That big guy looks like RobertBruce Ha,Ha,Ha.  The little guy must be an HLA staff setting Bruce straight.  No wonder he ran from HLA after only a couple of weeks!

Yikes. Whootie could you do me a favor and tone down your raging man crush towards me. I've explained to you on several occasions that I'm simply not interested. I realize that you're upset over the fact that you've lost literally every argument you've ever had with me, but I'm sure everyone would appreciate if you could cut out all the lies. Its a sad sign when you realize you can't beat me based on facts, so instead you attempt to insult or discredit me with your mad up stories. Try harder sport.

Thanks for the informative post. It's sad to know after all these years the same weak willed little people at the state still refuse to do their jobs.

I did want to touch on this:

According to parents and the ORS/ORCC, "Recreation staff"/"Night staff" continue to hand out psychotropic medication; an LPN or RPN is not a requirement for a licensed Child Caring Institution(CCI) as RCS. The only requirement is that the person needs to be trained in dispensing meds, age-21 or over. There have been seizures, med mix-ups; 245-255 med refusals over several months (ORS/ORCC reports), the list goes on ... been there, done that, continue to do it. Obviously, this regulation needs to be changed.

This is nothing new. The same situation was in place more than ten years ago when I was there. The state regulation is that while meds can be dispensed by a non medical staff, that person must still be supervised by either a nurse or a doctor. No such supervision occurs. Kids are routinely placed in dangerous situations and we can only hope the situation gets remedied before a kid actually ends up getting killed out there.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: The Whooter Show - Cancelled
« on: January 21, 2011, 05:07:28 PM »
The thing that's gotta burn Whooter John the most is that in all the years he was wasting everyone's time here, he never one a single argument. He never won anyone over or convinced anyone of anything he was saying. He never even came close to proving a single one of his lies.

He just never could.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: The Whooter Show - Cancelled
« on: January 21, 2011, 04:51:05 PM »
So long John. Maybe you could use this extra time to focus on the kid you haven't yet murdered.

People keep in mind Whooter doesn't understand basic math.

See if you have 1 apple and then give that apple away you're left with 0 apples, but if the next day you get one apple you're left with 1 apple again.


Basic math, yet Whooter insist this is growth.

Of course this is coming from the same guy who claims that despite the fact that incidents of abuse aren't being reported in the DHS reports, everything is on the level.

There isn't much that he says worth listening to.

If the DHS want to speak to a child they will insist that the child be present or ask that he/she be brought back from wilderness to be interviewed. The DHS does not care about people schedules or the inconvenience they impose upon people or schools. They are there to focus on the children.

If the DHS agent doesn't know an incident occured to begin with, why would they demand to speak with the child?

Exactly, if the kids say they have been abused then it would be in DHS's reports. So far DHS has not reported any abuse occurring at RCS so we have to conclude that non occurs there.

Not at all. We've already seen evidence that incidents are occuring and never making in into the reports. Furthermore mental and emotional abuse may not fall within their scope of reportable offenses.

If you read here on fornits about all the problems that HLA had. lawsuits etc. and compare that with the detail we are now seeing coming out of the ORS Reports from the oversight provided by DHS it is easy to see that RCS is not anything like its former self.

The DHS is visiting and speaking with the students and there is no evidence of abuse by any staff members or brainwashing, torture or thought control. We are seeing the normal problems that at-risk teens bring to a residential program (atleast that seems to be the view of DHS since the school is growing under their supervision).

HLA operated for almost 12 years before things really started to hit the fan. Also keeping in mind that RC still employs the same tactic off sending kids out into the woods whenever a major incident occurs. A kid who isn't around can't talk to DHS. Furthermore there is nothing in the reports that detail the mental and emotional abuse these kids go through.

Whooter wrote:

Its forced on everyone, Bruce. How many schools/programs walk into the DHS office and ask for oversight for their business? lol

Good point Whooter. As we all know all of these programs are abusive, so none of them want regulation or oversite. As we all know it only makes it harder for them to get away with things. Hence why they all seek to self regulate through organizations like NATSAP.

It is called "Ridge Creek School" and is recognized under that name by the state of Georgia. I will need to go with that, if the state makes them drop the school off of their name then I think we can all call it something different, but for now we need to call it what it is. Even DJ calls it "Ridge Creek School" in his thread headers

Keeping in mind that Buchi played this same game with the state for years with HLA. He swore up and down that HLA was a 'traditional boarding school', yet he advertised and told ed cons it was a 'theraputic boarding school'. He did this as a way of avoiding oversite and regulation.

With that having been cleared up, Whooter why don't you share for us the definition of 'unwanted sexual activity'?

HLA eventually was subject to the same inspections and oversight. Of course this was only after we forced it on to Buchi.

I think what you are describing occurred at HLA. I think the improvements have been difficult for the school as they grow but the transparency has benefited the children and the school alike.

So then what are you basing this on Whooter? How could you possibly know?

I think it is good that they are working with DHS and that they are involved in their growth and success.

Working with? No, no, no Whooter. Buchi fought tooth and nail to keep DHS off the property and avoid any and all inspections. Swore up and down (lied) to the state that he was operating a traditional boarding school, and thus was exempt from ORS oversite. He even went so far as to threaten to fire any staff member who allowed inspectors onto the property. Make no mistake about it, Buchi is livid about having to answer to anyone.

No one in the world keeps 100% proper records. Pick any random company and a good inspection team can find a dozen problems in a day, while the company supplies them with offices, donuts and lunch lol.

They are inspectors and they will find problems even if it takes them all day. This is what keeps places like Ridge Creek School on their toes. The DHS will just keep coming back until they get it right. Its a win/win for everyone. The staff get interviewed, the kids get interviewed. The DHS will know every nook and cranny of RCS within no time.

One of the puppets from HLA tried this a few years back. He was given multiple instances of companies from the ORS website who had no violations listed. It is possible to run a business without breaking the law or putting people in danger.

Look at their web site, Robert. These are new positions. These job positions were never listed on the RCS web site from day one. They have not had these people for the last year or so since they started up.

You're attempting to spin this Whooter. Ridge Creek has been around for several years. They didn't 'start up' a year ago, they expanded on existing infrastructure after we closed HLA down.

Despite these facts are you still attempting to claim that RC has been operating all this time without a head master, admissions director, or addictions counselor?

Straight, Inc. and Derivatives / Re: WAITING FOR REPARATIONS
« on: January 09, 2011, 01:11:15 PM »
That's a great tune to sing on our way to the bank, while we count our reparations, earned from filing class suits.

If you started a business (or restarted an old business, it would be foolish to go out and hire expensive heads for all of your departments until you knew what the present demand was for your product. The owner(s) typically stand in as heads of all the departments until the business gets established. Once the business takes off and begins to grow the owner starts to take a step back and he/she hires people to take on his previous roles.

As these new people are hired in 2011 Len will be able to take a back seat to the day to day operations and focus more on growing his business from a more global perspective.

And what you keep carefully avoiding is the fact that these positions were already filled. RC has been around for years, simply because it was expanded due to the closure of HLA does not mean the positions simply disappeared. The positions and people filling them were already in place.

Once again, refilling other people's old positions is not a sign of growth.

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