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Title: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Oscar on January 21, 2015, 12:51:49 AM
Someone high in the system held their hands over Elan.

Here is a thread on Reddit:

Quote from: gutfinski
Elan School (

I retired in 2013 after over 34 years as a Probation and Parole Officer for the State of Maine. Since I am now a "free man" and can speak the truth, I will make a few comments about Elan. During my first five years as a PPO, I supervised juveniles as well as adults and I worked with a few young people who were "students" at Elan. I found the Elan administration provided very little communication concerning any of my clients at that facility. One time I wanted to visit a boy on my caseload who was at Elan and was told they needed time to "prepare" for my visit. After a couple of years on the job I had learned of several incidents of abuse at Elan against my clients and others. When I went to my supervisor to report the abuse, I was told that Elan was a "sacred cow" and that officials in my department (Mental Health and Corrections) as well as Human Services and Education were "in tight" with Joe Ricci and the Elan School and that if I reported a problem with Elan I would become the problem. I was told by one official in my department that anyone causing problems to Elan could "disappear like Jimmy Hoffa." After "mandated reporting" of child abuse became law in Maine, there were several incidents of abuse at Elan reported to Child Protective (Department of Human Services) but they were "buried" and never given the proper investigation and follow up due to Mr. Ricci's political connections in Augusta. Frankly, I am relieved that Elan has finally closed its doors and that more and more former Elan residents are having the courage to come forward. Although Joe Ricci himself passed away in 2001, there are other former Elan administrators still around. Bill Diamond, Maine state legislator, was Elan's "Director of Government Relations" and was instrumental in defending Elan from scrutiny. Mr. Diamond claims today to be an advocate for abused children but his former association with Elan makes one wonder.
Title: Re: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on January 21, 2015, 05:42:32 AM
Actually Oscar / H - it was posted by Mr. Gutfinski on Felice Eliscu's video found on You  entitled "Elan School ".  That is where the original post/comment  came from as a matter of fact - Mr. Gutfinski posted this about 21 hours ago on  Felice Eliscu's You -tube video . Here is the link for Felice's video (

It is funny in a sense because it is what Elan survivors have known for a long time about Bill Diamond - and the Elan cabal - Oscar you can find comments pertaining to  Bill Diamond and Elan concerning this very topic - going back in the early days of this very forum -  Dec 15th  2001.

Now maybe you will get around to posting this in the Elan forum on this site  -where  this actually  belongs. And please start giving accurate information - as to where this quote originally came from  - it does a  disservice to Elan survivors who have worked so very hard to expose and thus close that hell -hole down.

Survivors of Elan did close Elan  down -no doubt about that .

And now we work to seek justice for the survivors of Elan - as we seek to put the elan cabal in prison - those are the people that not only ran Elan - those are also the people  that aided, abetted and protected Elan as it ran in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for close to forty years .

No worries Oscar/H  just keeping it real as to where the comment you posted -originally came from -  You know Oscar you might find if you really look that there is a lot of information posted about Elan on this very subject - right on this very site -

Of course Elan was protected - how do you think it survived as it ran in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for close to forty years - what do you think survivors have been saying since 2001 and still say to this very day.

I am an Elan survivor, 74 to 76,  and believe me when I say it - we pay attention- and it is important to us that we  keep the facts straight- as how it pertains to Elan  - you give the impression that it was posted by Mr. Gutfinski on another web site by him  - which is just not true- as you well now know.

Thank you for allowing me to clarify this matter - one question about Mr Gutfinski  for you Oscar ( love the mans name- Gutfinski )  are you really surprised by this person's  comment?  I mean it is not like Elan survivors haven't been saying this for years - What is ironic is that cult expert Paul Morantz stated that if " Charles Dederich (the founder and creator of the cult Synanon ) had the same protection as Joe Ricci - that Dederich would have died a king"

link provided  below for the Paul Morantz quote (
Title: Re: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Che Gookin on January 29, 2015, 08:13:26 PM

I don't think oscar is trying to be misleading.

He links to the post you are talking about that turned up on reddit.

see here: (

It looks to me like one of the Elanites reposted it from our good friend felice's youtube channel to reddit.
Title: Re: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on January 29, 2015, 10:24:44 PM
Apparently- I have  made a mistake in assuming that Oscar was being " misleading" as to where Mr. Gutfinski's comment came from - I believe you Aaron, and I will take you at your word because I don't read or post on reddit anymore  -sorry it is what it is.

Therefore Oscar I am sorry for implying that you were being misleading as to where that comment originally came from, I hope you can over look my assumption -  and that we all know it  was posted on Felice's video.

Mr. Gutfinski,  I might add also posted it on Bill Diamond's amazon book page , the review section comments  of  Bill Diamond's book called " the evil and the innocent "

He has also posted it on  the NBC  reports Video about Elan  called " For the Childs Own Good"  in the comment section of the  video on you tube, and other places like the Bangor Daily News web site. 

It is a serious comment considering its implications and it is very validating for Elan survivors.

I apologize again to  Oscar.


Title: Re: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Oscar on January 31, 2015, 02:34:41 AM

When we see a comment somewhere we repost it here hoping to kick this message board into action. We don't mind criticism. Sometime the source turns out not to be as we assumed it to be but shit happens. We are not a million dollars firm with a lot of resources to check up on everything. People can sue us if they can find us.
Title: Re: Elan was protected by state officials
Post by: Matt C. Hoffman on January 31, 2015, 09:54:53 AM
I am glad - this quote was posted here Oscar because it certainly backs up what Elan survivors have known and talked about for years-  Mr. Gutfinski's  ( he is who he says he is ) comment short , sweet and to the point and the enormity of his words are a damming indictment  against those in power that aided and abetted Joe Ricci and the other adult Elan administrators that ran Elan in my opinion as a continuing criminal enterprise that lasted for close to forty years.

(The adult elan administrators I speak of are Sharon Terry , Martin Kruglik , Jeffery Gottlieb ,  Bill Diamond,  there are other adult Elan  administrators, that elan survivors know all too well, and I imagine their names will be forthcoming  ) 

And to make this even sweeter  Oscar - Mr. Gutfinski has  also posted this on Mister Bill Diamond's amazon book page- as a review of his book,  here is that link- (

Now if only the Federal justice department is paying as close attention as we are Oscar then - in my opinion - this grotesque  Elan saga could be remedied thru an investigation and indictments using the Rico act .

Elan survivors have also known for years that due to the "corruption "  that protected this fraudulent criminal enterprise - in the State of Maine -that quite frankly the State of Maine is incapable of investigating itself in this matter.

Mr. Gutfinski's comment validates Elan survivors  thoughts  as we have wondered for years how this sadistic fraudulent criminal enterprise of a "scam" was  allowed to exist for close to forty years in the State of Maine. It appears that the monies generated by Elan for Joe Ricci and his cronies , the tens of millions of dollars Ricci made and the tax revenues generated by Elan was worth far  more than children's lives - and that is simply sick and downright  disgusting .

Thank you Oscar for accepting my apology for my knee jerk reaction concerning this comment and its  origins -  by Mr. Gutfinski-  and please Add Phil Williams to the data base of deaths due to these abhorrent programs - as it relates to  Elan.