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just to sum it up, i told the story many times,  

1. got to benchmark school
2. played their game
3. bad xmas break
4. work ethic
5. tramatic experience with staff and students
6. cut myself
7. thinking of commiting suicide
8. got External time out
9. cut myself more alone in a cockroach motel
10. went to a much better treatment center
11. found out i had PTSD
12. found out I had cronic situational induced depression
13. found out I had a panic/anxiety distorder.
14. never forget those days + flashbacks occur often

I love this school! its a blanking dream :)

I was there 2002-2003. maybe i was the one psy was talking about in his webpage. I recently sent a letter to the to  city of Loma Linda administration, and the sheriff department for convincing them to investigate the bench mark program

hope it goes through tho

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