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Program parents never get it.

The Troubled Teen Industry / flashback
« on: May 04, 2007, 11:55:30 AM »
I been caught..

The Troubled Teen Industry / Parents
« on: May 04, 2007, 11:42:48 AM »
Who said kids are supposed to get along with arents. Fuck em.

Open Free for All / We know the problem but is there a solution
« on: May 04, 2007, 12:07:10 AM »

Publish Date: 5/1/2007

Hinton OK’d to leave state

Vic Vela
The Daily Record
The Royal Gorge Academy co-director accused of assault and false imprisonment of several students can move out of state if he wishes to, while returning for court proceedings, a judge ruled Monday.

In addition, Randall Hinton, 32, pleaded not guilty to the charges he faces in Norman Cooling’s Fremont County courtroom as a trial date also was set.

The defense motion to relocate out of state was not met with objection by the prosecution nor the alleged victims in the case, who were not present for Monday’s hearing.

Meanwhile, several Academy administrators appeared in the courtroom to support Hinton, including school co-director Brian Lemons.

When asked by Cooling if it was the defendant’s desire to move to Utah, where he had lived prior to opening the school, Hinton responded, “Yes, I’d just like to have that option.”

The defendant faces seven counts of third-degree assault and two false imprisonment charges, all misdemeanors. Hinton was arrested in January following a Canon City Police Department investigation into charges that he was abusive toward students at the private boarding school.

A trial date was set for Aug. 27-31. His next court appearance, a motions hearing, is scheduled for 10 a.m. June 28.

Hinton was represented by his attorney, Michael Gillick; the prosecution by Deputy District Attorney Thom LeDoux.

Vic Vela can be reached at ... sp?ID=6843

The Troubled Teen Industry / I need advise
« on: April 09, 2007, 08:29:37 PM »
Well you are just setting your kids up to be laughed at when they smoke out with their buddies and ask"yo man, this shit isn't laced with PCP is it?!" and they are dead serious.  :wink:

The Troubled Teen Industry / Re: I need advise
« on: April 09, 2007, 08:22:24 PM »
Quote from: ""exhausted""
Smoking out of a bong at their ages is a bit heavy dontcha think?

No it really isn't.. TSW gave some good advice. Minus the propaganda of course.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Resignation from the referral industry.
« on: April 09, 2007, 08:21:09 PM »
I feel honored to have been mentioned in this glorious apology.

JudgeRoyBean deserves all the "belittled and badmouthed" the internet can throw at him. This guy is a professional teenage paddler, fuck him.

Quote from: ""Guest""
Exit Plan, Theologists could answer your questions, but you dont care to seem to want them answered. The basic answer to your question is its your own fault. Humanity did this, but you dont want that to be the answer, so you belittle God and call him a invisable sky god and try to make him go away

 Ill give that some thought....  :smokin:


Hitting teenagers with a paddle in the name of anything is ineffective and stupid.

for those who don't know.... what is "fish bowled"?

Fish bowl is A TERM jANIE USED
it is when a sudtent/peer is put in the middle of his peer or we would make a semi circle around them and
tell them how we felt about the what they did
Often it was done when they had broken a rule andthe staff wanted to make an example out of them so other kids would not do whatever they did

were students encouraged to be as harsh as possible? was this encouraged (justified as being "real".. or "calling" someone on their "shit"?

sad to say but yes

in other words, was being harsh equated with being helpful?

i guess so, do i belive that way? no i do not.
i even told staff i don't agree with the way we gave "feed back" and was told i was a softy

Same thing at SCL they called it feedback.  and likewise, the harsher and more 'real' they seemed , the 'better' it was. I guess hurting your peers is proof to staff that you are programized.

I agree. I want to clarify my earlier post too, that it is true that no program survivors posting on Cafety help refer kids to Magnolia, or even support refering of kids to that program. I should of made that more clear. Kevin does support it, obviously, he maintains a website that promotes the program solely, and jUdge bean has insinuated to us that someone helped him get 2 kids. This is why I assumed there were people at cafety helping him, because he thanked them for helping bring in two kids. It appears he could of only been refering to Kevin? I don't realy know.

What I do know is that JudgeBean has admitted to his program using a wooden paddle in an abusive manner as a ways of coercing the teens to follow the rules. They also use forced physical exercise. The paddling of teenagers, in my opinion, is 100% completely unacceptable and should be illegal in all states. Right now its illegal 29 states, but its still legal in Miss. where the program is. The law even grants staff immunity from prosecution, almost seemingly to promote this kind of behavior.. its very disturbing.

I think it is UNETHICAL to send kids from states where paddling is illegal, to a state where it is legal, to a place where this will be specifically enforced. It might not be illegal, I think it should be, it's skirting existing child abuse laws by outsourcing it to other states, but I don't know if it is or not.

It makes me sad to see a felow scl survivor using his experience to support such similar abuse to what we both encountered ourselves. Theres no other way to put it, it just hurts right in my chest, like someone punched me with a bat or something. I don't know why. I guess it's because I am realizing to fight my own battle of truth or whatever, it might mean having to criticize and take strong stances against other survivors. Me being as naive as I am about politics assumed survivors at least had a united front. I just hope he is mistaken and will figure it out and remove Magnolia from his site being sold as a 'safe alternative to wwasp'. Because that just isnt true. Neither of us were paddled at SCL. So I dont know how you can claim that it is better?

I am really curiou why judge was thanking the cafety board for helping bring in two new kids though. Maybe I misread that quote, but that is when I kind of lost it and got really angry and upset about all this.

Just because you are against wwasps does not mean you have to be for another program. This is the biggest fallacy in this debate, and many survivors fall into the trap..

Thats weird they reacted like that when you made those random allegations. It makes you wonder if the are true, and were just trying to get rid of you, like you knew too much? That's really strange! If you ever feel like writing out your story, there are many people who would like to read it, and many parents thinking about sending their kids away who could use a sober look at to what actually goes on in these programs. I was at SCL in 2000-2001 and I went through four facilities before that and a couple afterward, and it was definitely the strangest place I was at. I felt compelled after a couple years to delve into my memories and write about in detail. If for no other reason, so that I wouldn't forget as I got older. Then for a couple years I wanted to forget about it and stopped writing. But then I started having dreams where the program topic would come up and all the shithole weird places I was at and when I started writing about it again those dreams went away.

Anyways, hope you are doing well.. as I imagine you are, because you are out of those shit hole gulags! Stay well, hopefully one day we will hear from you again.

In my signature is a couple blogs I am doing about SCL and wwasps in general. Blogspot is really cool, its free and easy to setup and it even looks more professional than most of WWASPS websites and so its a quick and easy way to take a serious jab at them just by a few strokes of the to speak.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Siblings who commit suicide after program
« on: April 01, 2007, 01:56:54 PM »
Quote from: ""exhausted""
The only argument against that Psy, is would this kid have comitted suicide anyway?

There were 5 suicides among my family & friends in the space of 3 years a few years back, not one of them went to any program/care etc, they all came from well balanced loving & pretty much wealthy homes

It needs to be asked if suicide is something that some people are just going to do at some stage in their lives no matter what - sort of along the lines of "what has he/she got to be depressed about?" You don't need a reason for depression, it just gets you no matter who you are or what your circumstances.

i agree with this point. i don't have program friends who committed suicide, but known a few people who lived seemingly "normal" lives... so it's a subject that has always perplexed me.

i think a tragedy is that these private programs suggest that they are "help" and so parents with suicidal kids or depressed kids send them to a facility where they will only get punished and ridiculed and institutionalized over a long period of time. if you are already suicidal, this will just make it worse. i see this as a form of negligent homicide, programs purposely lie and parents bypass other treatments that might have been more effective. also, in programs, when kids show signs of suicidal ideation, they dismiss it as "manipulation" where as in normal society the kid might have gotten the help the so desperately needed. that is a tragedy I think.

i was diagnosed as suicidal and majorly depressed and sent to a program to get "help" but instead was just punished. i had been hospitalized for taking so many drugs I od'd and so they assumed I was trying to kill myself.. then when locked away I started cutting to relieve stress without the drugs anymore. So there solution is to send me to a WWASPS camp. Theres something wrong with that equation. And its not just parents either. The adolescent psychiatric advisor actually suggested I be sent to Provo Canyon School, they had brochures at the hospital and everything. THe only reason that didn't work out was because of insurance refusing to pay and my dad had to find the bargain basement version of treatment because he had to pay for it by him,self.

One kid I was friends with at SCL, his dad killed himself while in the program and instead of letting him go home they force him to go on and pretend nothing happens. He got caught for taking 1 morphine pill that he had smuggled in months earlier, obviously to dull the pain of losing his father, and they punish him severly by dropping him to level 1. THey finally let him visit the funeral at his moms request, but a staff went with. THen he got sent back. Its like they have no concept of mental health.

I have countless tales of crazy things kids did like slicing their arms wide open and writing in blood on the wall 'free me', trying to fall on sticks and die, shit like that. But hte program never saw any of this as anything more than manipulation. Suicide to them is jus tanother escape method from the program, and treat is as such.

Karlye ended up killing herslef a couple years after I got out by hanging herself in the shower. Thats really the only way you could of done it at SCL. But to do it that way, you would have to realy try hard, and it would be violent.. it just so sad. I cant even think about it, because I know the feelings and scenery to well.. its too real.

I do think programs contribute to the suicide of certain invidicuals who needed help and never got it. As well as people treated so horribly, their lives are never the same after the experience at the program, and so desperately want the pain to end see no other solution than to end it all. I know because its hard to escape your subconcious thoughts they come out whether you want it or not.

One kid killed himself before being sent back to a program in Jamaica. I have to wonder if this was a contributing factor?

BUt its not like psychiatric hospitals are some heavenly life saving experience either. But my stays were at least somewhat better than SCL, but that ain't sying much. Suicide sucks.

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