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Lawmakers Aim To Regulate Abusive Youth Camps

Bills are being proposed in California and Congress with the hope of stopping the beatings, sexually predatory behavior, and hard labor that David Wernsman and Rebecca Lopez, who are both gay, faced at privately-run treatment facilities for “troubled” teens. “I was 17, and sent away because I was gay.”

CEDU (and derivatives) / Re: Bankruptcy and Acquisitions
« on: February 21, 2015, 04:26:34 AM »
I don't know. 'seems like they took everything when I was there. The brown binders meant you were covered for a year and hoing to stay there that long. I had a blue one. Everyone told me "two months" as soon as I got there, and they were right. They color coded the folders to match your coverage, and coverage dictated the time frame.

Did you go to RMA in Bonners Ferry Idaho?

So I saw a part of Celeb Rehab last night b/c ex Cedu-ite Rachel was on. There is one part where the family joins and her mother sent a letter to be read aloud. It talked about the shiny ball that was once clean and pure and then got dinged and dirtied - STRAIGHT out of the Truth propheet.  This story was harmless out of context, but really sent chills down my spine knowing the context we imposed on us at CEDU. Creepy. Obviously, her family still buys in all that BS to take a scenario straight out of the propheet... It was a bit unnerving for some reason.  CEDU on Celeb Rehab. How appropriate.

Caroline Wolf ran my truth propheet and can shove that chrome ball exercise up her ass.   She was one of the most manipulative and  sadistic staff at RMA.

Caroline Wolf: - This video hit the nail on the head

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