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The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / What Happened?
« on: April 22, 2009, 03:19:52 PM »
I had some down time at work today, and was looking back through some old info posted on here. Things like the Clarke Poole emails, the fire, the things that led up to the lawsuit... How could this have just died? I understand they settled. That is dissapointing to me. I'm probably just naive, and unknowing about how these things work... But how did this just go away? What changed? Who was held accountable? As a former student, has anything been done that would give me the least bit of satisfaction? Where did everyone go? Deb, DJ, RB, and all the other regulars that I used to get on an read and FEEL their outrage... Again, as a former student, it used to be so validating to follow their arguments, and their research and know someone was out there fighting for us. I can't help but feel a little abandoned. Maybe there were things that took place that I just don't know about. My parents chose not to be part of the lawsuit (yet again, them just wanting evidence of their terrible decision-making to go away) so I was for the most part left out of the loop. Please someone explain this to me...

Quote from: ""Ursus""
Does this guy look a tad familiar?  :o
I am guessing this is Sam Tanner...

Mountain Brook Academy, Academics page

Yes, that is Sam Tanner. That picture was taken probably between 2002-2004, because the girl in that picture, if I'm not mistaken was in my peer group.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Johnny Ringo
« on: July 13, 2007, 12:32:42 PM »
Why is anyone wasting time even acknowledging this mans presence? He is the personification of the HLA program and all of its staff. Twisting our words and experiences, telling us ex-students that what we went through there never happened. The subtle but persistant mind-fuck that dominated nearly 2 years or more of our lives.

He has successfully derailed every topic that has been presented in the last few weeks to become a mudslinging match of he said she said bullshit until finally it just becomes overlooked. Possibly by future HLA parents who we could have helped spare their children from people like him.

Lets do ourselves a favor and eliminate this parasite. Do not respond or give one moments thought to his lies and superflous "additions" to this site.

I welcome disagreement and the view of the other side, but not blatant lies and HLA propaganda designed to hoodwink and distract. And that is all that he is full of.

The Troubled Teen Industry / 17 yr old Killed When Restrained By Staff
« on: January 29, 2007, 11:16:32 AM »
Witnesses Say Teen Was 'Held Down' In School Death
(AP) CARROLL COUNTY, Md. At least four youths at a private residential school for juvenile offenders have independently told their lawyers that they watched as Isaiah Simmons suffered an excruciating death at the Carroll County facility, Maryland's chief public defender said.

Simmons, 17, died Tuesday during a struggle with staff at the Bowling Brook Preparatory School.

According to chief public defender Nancy Forster, youths at Bowling Brook watched as staffers sat on Simmons for three hours until he passed out and died. One youth, Ronnell Williams, confirmed that account to The (Baltimore) Sun Friday evening.

"Four or five guys" held Simmons to the ground for more than two hours, and Simmons cried out several times that he couldn't breathe, Williams told The Sun. "We watched a guy die."

Baltimore Circuit Judge Edward R.K. Hargadon ordered Williams released into his mother's custody late Friday. Two other youths were also ordered removed from Bowling Brook in response to an emergency request by public defenders.

The emergency hearings will continue next week across the state, said Foster, who wants all of her office's clients at the school to have their cases reviewed in juvenile court. "We want our children out of there," she said.

The death of Simmons, 17, remains under investigation by the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. According to the office, staff at Bowling Brook said Simmons collapsed Tuesday evening while being restrained after an outburst. It was the first death of a youth in the custody of juvenile services since 2001.

Maryland's Department of Juvenile Services has a contract with Bowling Brook to educate juveniles in trouble with the law. Of the 170 students at the school on Tuesday, 74 were sent there by the department, said Edward Hopkins, a juvenile services spokesman.

Department of Juvenile Services staffers are providing indefinite 24-hour supervision inside the school, Hopkins said.

Simmons was in the department's custody after a juvenile court effectively found him guilty of armed robbery. He had entered Bowling Brook two weeks before his death.

Williams told The Sun that Simmons was having a hard time adjusting to the program. On Tuesday afternoon, Simmons said, "I'm going to spaz out," and had a disobedient outburst before school counselors, according to Williams. "He couldn't deal with the pressure," Williams said.

Bowling Brook has been in operation for decades and has drawn few complaints from youth advocates, who expressed surprise at Simmons' death. "My experience with Bowling Brook had always been that it's a great program," said Susan B. Leviton, who directs the juvenile law clinic at the University of Maryland. "When you (visited) Bowling Brook, every kid was involved in sports, they were going to school, they were keeping facilities clean. It was a very active and engaged place."

Looked up on Bowling Brook's website about the school. Says it  "provides care, education, behavior modification and supervision in a structured staff-secure environment. Services are designed to develop a positive learning image within each student, providing opportunities for competency development and holds students accountable through reparative activities with victims and the community."

I live about 15 minutes from this school. I didn't even know there were any kid of BM schools in the area...

I'm so tired of seeing this happen to kids in treatment. Its inexcusable.

The Ridge Creek School / Hidden Lake Academy / Curious...
« on: May 15, 2006, 09:53:00 AM » ... =100144848

At the myspace board, this Sanna person (4th post down) came in to "clarify". The face look familiar to anyone? I'm just confused as to why this 40 year old is reading over the message board of HLA kids.

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