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Title: 12 Step Gang Stalking in NA & AA
Post by: AACameToBe on July 26, 2012, 02:42:06 PM
This is JR Harris (from Stinkin Thinkin)....lmao. People this can only come from his brain.

12 Step Gang Stalking in NA & AA
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12 Step Gang Stalking in NA & AA

Postby JR Harris » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:56 pm
This is a very good post describing 12 Step Gang Stalking in NA & AA entitled "Psychological Violence. Example: 12 Step Meetings/Recovery."

Highly recommended and very true.....

    Psychological Violence. Example: 12 Step Meetings/Recovery

    November 12, 2006 in Alcoholics Anonymous, crime, Gang Stalking, psychology, recovery, Street Harassment | 23 comments

    Terror stalking is done at AA meetings, targeting individuals who are innocent people and victims of either cult revenge or a wider phenomena known as multistalking. Through a carefully worked out scheme that involves seating arrangements, and crafted posturing by AA/NA memebers, and stalking, along with carefully directed discussion or monologues, the individual who is the target of this psychological violence is led into feelings of unease, unsettleness, and anxiety. This is usually done after a target has been slandered, and a senitization of the slander theme has been done to the target.

    The criminals involved in this psychological violence will have debilitated the victims self confidence und undermined the victims psychology, prior to the meeting by using senitizations related to themes of a slandering campaign, subtle disrespects and an array of covert harassment techniques that may include taste alterations of drinks served at the meeting, or directed converstaions with the victim before the meeting. Overall, the victim will have been conditioned to feel a heightened level of self-conscious and unease, thus laying the ground work for the person to appear unsettled when certain planned topics or words are said in the meeting during the open disscussion monologues.

    All this is done to discredit the victim of this crime, in a carefully planned and executed psychological assault.

    The person will typically have been labeled, through slander, as having hidden dark secrets, or as having committed some heinous crime, to members of the meeting who are not part of the psychological harassment activity, and have no knowledge of it . These members of the meeting, who may include members of a neighborhood watch, will be asked by those perpetrating the harassment , to observe the target when a monologue uses certain words, or when it goes into or touches on certain topics that are associated with the the content of the slander.

    All that is told to these people, the on lookers and recipients of the slander, is that certain topics will be brought up on purpose to see whether the person, the victim, has some reaction. The victim, being senitized to these topics related to the slander, through an array of psychological harassments, in a on going campaing over a long period of time, is utterly defenseless.

    After such a well crafted psychological staging, the victim appears, in the eyes of these, perhaps invited on lookers, in the meeting, to have commited some crime, for the victim will appear to have some sensitivity to the topics chosen, thus leading people to believe the slander. Typically, the victims in these assults are innocent people, who’s lives are being trashed and wrecked by criminals, memeber of AA/NA, or fellow clients within recovery facilities.

    The recovery industry, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other 12 Step Groups seem to be arenas where the phenomena of terror stalking is able to be orchestrated with precision. The moral health of many people in recovery has been battered through years of lying, cheating, stealing, and other criminal activity. They can easily be led into the activities of terror stalking, cult revenge, and covert harassment. The victims of these crimes commited in 12 Step Groups, AA, and the recovery industry are usually helpless. Having no way to defend themselves from the slander, and victims of the covert psychological harassments that are done to substantiate the slander, over a long period of time, they become the weak, preyed upon by vicious criminally inclined people, who by acting as a group, are not only veiled from any possible acknowledgement of the terrible wrong commited against an innocent defenseless person, but are vindicated from any guilt that may derive from taking pleasures in such a dirty crime.

    The substantiations of the slander that result from the craft of psychological sensitization and staged assults in a structured environment, are shallow and weak. None the less people are suffering and their lives are being destroyed by a groups of people who validate some false moral reformation that they seemingly have been brought through the groups ethos of AA/NA, by stalking, harassing and partaking in psychological violence directed at defenseless innocent people, who become targets of hate.

    This hate serves to galvanize the groups as a whole, creating the impression of having great power and total control. In addictions, as admitted in the 12 steps of AA, these people are powerless over a substance, or some may interpret it as a powerlessness over the addiction, and that they have no control within their lives. Seems to be that these people have issues with control and power.

    Unity in the destructive hate crime of terror stalking, covertly done, gives them a sense of total control, and great power, in that the victim is turely at their mercy, defenseless. AA unity also creates a shared element where all have seemingly come out of a past life that was founded on deficiencies in moral character, and now share the glory of sobriety, which to many of these people means their moral character is mystically revamped. The hidden aspect of the exercises of terror stalking lend greatly to such a people.

    Through heinous psychological violence perpetrated on an innocent person, these memebrs achieve a sense of moral uprightness that could not be achieved in the world outside of AA, or the recovery industry. AA/NA and the recovery community is a safe haven for people who have long sorted pasts, and are morally corrupt. The facilities of the recovery community and meetings of AA/NA are all places where terror stalking can be carefully planned and done, to innocent people with little defense. Is this not a kind of rape, a violent act in which power is used to do great harm, injury and injustice, to the defenseless.

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Re: 12 Step Gang Stalking in NA & AA

Postby mfc66 » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:28 pm
Thanks for this post, quite a lot to think about here. I do feel that many are empowered in a groups and will often go to great lengths to manipulate hoers to follow the 12 steps in a very strange way so that it completely dominates their life. they believe it is always the right thing to do but it often will cause problems for the more sensitive newcomer who may go and relapse. (