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Title: Fuck you, Michael Kelley
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September 06, 2007


I'm a professional working in the primary area of adolescent substance abuse, although I will admit to relishing working with various personality disorders and adult alcoholics. I do work closely on some cases with an educational consultant who specializes in placement. My charter, as stated to this particular educational consultant, is "to put you out of business; to ensure that you don't send one more child out of the family home." And this educational consultant supports my charter. You see, I am option A. I get a referral and my job is to work with the family to preclude placement. Alas, I am only successful about 25% of the time. When it is clear that stronger methods are necessary, I refer back (sometimes it is an initial referral) to the educational consultant. I then get out of the loop. I give them my data, they collect more and then Option B is usually enforced, which means the kid is sent generally to placement, usually via a wilderness program. At that point I recommend the parents continue counseling with me or another professional to increase their parents skills for when the kid returns. I get tons of literature from various placement organizations to visit, to call, etc. I don't because it is not my charter and I want to remain completely distinct from the placement organizations to which many of my Clients are referred. I believe in, and live with, a very distinct line so as to not bridge any ethical boundaries. This is difficult because I have become biased towards some wilderness programs and some therapeutic boarding schools because I get to witness the results when some of the kids return to me after placement. I still keep my mouth shut. My educational consultants leave me alone and don't attempt to prejudice my judgment in any way, shape or form and I attempt to give them the same courtesy. In my opinion, a distinct line between us is necessary to keep ethical standards.

In-Spirit (sometimes),

Michael Kelley, Ph.D., MFT
A Center for Hope
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TRANSLATION: My Center for Hope is nothing but a valve to send kids to shitpits.
Title: Fuck you, Michael Kelley
Post by: Anonymous on October 26, 2007, 08:15:40 PM
How funny this guy fucked me also, he helped my parents cover up years of abuse by sending me to programs.  After I got out he changed his tune and told the rest of my family that he had been against it the whole time, probably to cover against a possible law suit.  What a horrible person.