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Title: re : jon
Post by: Anonymous on June 02, 2005, 01:53:00 PM
hey jon my name is isaac and you are so full of shit man..  ::both::  I was in all three programs run by Nhym and . and yes there was what i considered abuse. How about body slamming a 12 year old <75lb> child by a full grown man for not singing loudly enough in chapel? How about about being put on complete silence for
 weeks, how about the student i saw getting slammed.. forehead first into the concrete floor by a man twice his size for no other reason than the house father wanted to show the other students how he was the "big man"... ohh and repremand was given to that staff member. im not going to list all the stuff i witnessed atm..but those interested in hearing what past students are saying there is a group on with numerous first hand accounts of their experiences, 40 + in just over two months..yea jon we are all lying     ::kma::