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This, Janov says; the therapy of Primal Scream, is directly subjecting the patient to a subconscious pool of complete hysteria. Physically this method of bringing up so much pain all at one time could easily kill a person or at least render them insane.

I seriously doubt it! Unless they burst a blood vessel or something. That sounds more like Janov's ego touting the "power" of his discovered therapy.

Even traditional primal scream, from this description, doesn't sound very useful. Sounds like typical self-indulgent regression therapy to me.

Okay, one, that's uh... slightly weird. Two, it's impossible to have or portray an ubiased view of that school and that experience if you went there. You can't exactly remove yourself from that kind of experience and be objective about it. (I'm not sure plays are the best medium for being "unbiased" anyway.) Three, why should more people know what a propheet is?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / oi oi oi skinheads
« on: October 22, 2005, 02:25:00 AM »
Uh... just so you know, if your parents are wealthy enough to send you to a behavior modification school, you aren't a skinhead. You're just a bald guy with doc martens.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / all the hurt
« on: October 20, 2005, 11:20:00 PM »
On 2005-10-20 16:18:00, Anonymous wrote:


How about the penultimate word?

Of course, now that I've responded, I've ruined the possibility of that, since there are now two responses after you, not one.

Respond again, and then I'll respond to you, and then you can have the penultimate word.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Caroline the Wolf
« on: October 20, 2005, 10:22:00 PM »
On 2005-10-20 19:11:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Too bad she got fat. She was super athletic with a big rack when I knew her."

No no. She was fat in the 80s. You probably knew her after she lost that weight. Unless you are from CEDU in the 70s.

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2661 ... 8&forum=11

Also, get yourself aquainted with this list, and the rest of the site, too.

King George is on there.

Another good page out of ISAC:

with yet another mention of the CEDU schools.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / all the hurt
« on: October 18, 2005, 10:24:00 PM »
On 2005-10-18 08:25:00, Anonymous wrote:

"Ha Ha! See! Someone else thinks the same way I do. I like your style man. Let's bag on these fags together. God damn hippe faggots, go smoke a joint or something and do a circle jerk. "

How insulting! I'll have you know that I am NOT a hippie!

Fuckin' hippies...  damn those patchouli wearin' bastards.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Caroline the Wolf
« on: October 18, 2005, 10:17:00 PM »
I remember hearing about that "underground". It was apparently because she was so disheartened by the changes that were being made to the school. The only thing I heard about was that she would hold contests with her student clique to see who could get the most "dirty" on their home visits. I don't know any of the other details.

re: the jeans. She must have lost some weight. When I was there, she was quite um... zaftig. well... she was fat. I think I remember seeing a rocky mountain times that the school sent me with a pic of caroline and randy and caroline was totally skinny and I was like WTF? Holy shit.

But I'll always remember her as fat.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / notes
« on: October 18, 2005, 10:09:00 PM »
That's kind of how I feel about the place. It was fucked up, sure, but I could have been in worse places: Provo, WWASPS, Elan, a mental hospital, etc. Having perspective is important.

I've never really held it against my parents. They just didn't want me to try to kill myself again, and were trying desperately to find a place other than a hospital, where I could be in the woods, since I liked the woods, so they figured RMA would be perfect. They had no idea the kind of weird stuff that went on in terms of therapy. Sure, they had those parent workshops, but that never showed the fucked up shit. All they knew was that I wrote them letters that said I was fine, since I had bought into the program, and honestly didn't want to leave by that point, anyway.

When are you going to Iraq, and what branch of the service are you in? You're in your thirties, like me, so I'm assuming you've been in the service for a while, yes?

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / notes
« on: October 18, 2005, 01:01:00 AM »
Good to see another alum from around my time.

I liked Wendy. I didn't spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, as I hated pots or having to work in there on Challenge crews, so I didn't really talk with her much, but I think she was a pretty cool person. I remember she beat some of the buffest guys in the school at arm wrestling, too.

I think she actually went through all the propheets and workshops. (I remember  hearing something to that effect.) Probably thought they were full of shit, though. I can't imagine that woman buying into that crap.

I think she and Lou went through them together. Lou was another guy who seemed to have his shit together. Kind of a sea of calm amidst all of the insanity. (Especially when it came to the craziness of my peer group working on the farm.)

I remember Pat, too. I especially remember when he broke R's arm. oops.

Somebody in another thread had the BCA/NWA google map up. (Since RMA was in Naples by the time it closed, so the campus you are looking for would be BCA/NWA. i.e. the cow creek property at route 1.) But I can't remember which thread it was.

The Troubled Teen Industry / Reasons for Parents to Steer Clear of RTCs
« on: October 15, 2005, 11:24:00 PM »
Wow. Dobbs Ferry. That's right near where I used to go to school when I lived at a children's home in Yonkers.

(That's right. I was put in placement twice. First in Yonkers, then at  RMA/CEDU.)

But actually, the place in Yonkers was decent. No brainwashing bullshit to speak of, and I actually have some fond memories from there. Especially all of the trouble my friends and I would get into.

I can't remember if I'd heard of the Dobbs Ferry place before or not. There were quite a few places of varying degrees of security in Westchester county. (For instance, the place I went to was pretty ok, but there was a place across the street that we heard awful things about.) This Dobbs Ferry place sounds pretty awful, too.

What's the difference between a Residential Treatment Center and a Behavior Mod school? Is an RTC like a group home or more like a lock up? (We called lock ups the places where they would restrain you and they had "quiet rooms" and stuff like that.)

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / all the hurt
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:23:00 PM »
On 2005-10-15 19:06:00, If u want to know..then ask wrote:

"I doubt it!  He is like a roach!  You crush it, or so you think, and that little fucker just keeps coming back for more!"

Well, at least for 10 days. That's how long they can live without their head.[ This Message was edited by: sorry... try another castle on 2005-10-15 20:31 ]

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / oh, the scandals
« on: October 15, 2005, 10:21:00 PM »
On 2005-10-15 11:20:00, NivekOgre wrote:

"I hate Metallica for that whole Napster thing. Skinny Puppy rules."

So do I. But they hadn't done that yet when I was into them, since I liked them in the 80s. I think it's funny that they attributed their lagging CD sales to piracy when in reality it was most likely because their music just plain sucked. (I think they lost their edge when Burton died.)

I abandoned heavy metal for industrial in my college years, so I too, got very much into Skinny Puppy. I'm not sure which album of theirs is my favorite, though. Rabies is pretty sweet. So is Too Dark Park. But I'm also a big fan of that "Stairs and Flowers (too far gone)" song. (I think that was from Mind, the Perpetual Intercourse.)

"I keep falling down these damn stairs."  or something like that.

CEDU / Brown Schools and derivatives / clones / Caroline the Wolf
« on: October 15, 2005, 09:57:00 PM »
bleah... the thought of that kind of nauseates me. But then again, I never thought Caroline was all that attractive.

What's this illegal stuff that she did that people in this thread have been talking about?

Let It Bleed / My neighbor is a fucking snitch
« on: October 15, 2005, 09:49:00 PM »
As for the searches, well, that's always a catch 22. They can mess up your house for certain, but sometimes if you call their challenge and they are actually able to convince a judge to issue a warrant, they will fuck up your place even MORE, because you've inconvenienced them to go get a warrant. That's what's always bothered me.

Now, if you need to buy time to go and hide/get rid of something, then of course, I agree to deny the search, but for me, who has nothing to hide, do I call the bluff and risk the chance of getting my house fucked up even more than if I had just let them in initially? I can never figure that one out.

Of course, I know someone on the force, so I can always just say "Hey, how's officer _________ doing?" (But it's been ages since he's seen me, and might not remember me, and he also might not be liked by everyone, for all I know.)

Does a towel under the door frame work in terms of the smell? (You could also just go and toke up in the bathroom with the vent on.)

Too bad you don't live where I do. My friend has had cops come over for other reasons, (i.e. because he has needed their assistance.) and the cop saw pot and a bong right there on the coffee table, and didn't do a damn thing. He just nodded and waved in acknowledgement and smiled. Cops in this town just have more important things to worry about. They only care if you are dealing, and in huge amounts, and only if you don't have a license for medicinal distribution.

Gotta love California.

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