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Title: RCS in CYA Mode following Report
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This clearly proves that AdvancED (SACS) has no credibility. Why would they reaccredit RCS for 5 years with the record they have? Do they check with ORCC for violations? Did anyone at AdvancED watch the report? They need to receive a barrage of calls asking why they continue to accredit RC. What did AdvancED recommend for the violence and suicide attempts? How many violations/acts of violence before they refuse to accredit them?

RCS is admitting that they currently do not have “interdepartmental meetings”? A college prep school doesn’t have a “curriculum map to assist with guiding instruction”?  RC doesn’t “monitor the effectiveness of the ed program”? “Staff/student retention”? LOL I thought they had a plan, bonuses for doing whatever is necessary to retain students, even lying to parents? There's more, but that’s enough. They should already be doing all this stuff. They’re admitting they aren’t, but then go on to praise their effectiveness.

“This sense of ownership results in the students holding one another accountable.”  
Indeed they apparently do, with Fisticuffs.

Not one mention of DJJ kids? Does RCS speak to their parents or deal with DJJ? Certainly they do know these kids issues, and records. Or is RCS claiming that DJJ (parent) withholds information from RCS?

The report was biased??? How the hell do they figure that? They interviewed RCSs attorney, and no one wanted to go on the record, that was their prerogative, but they were given the opportunity. Why didn’t they come on and tell how wonderful the program is?  Easier to lie in print.

Hell of a lot of money for peer control with fisticuffs and community service.
They continue to mislead the public. Scumbags, all of them.