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Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 01, 2005, 11:34:00 PM
I hope for any survivors sake that if they ever come to this site they realize that most of the graduates who come here are for the re creation of Straight Incorporated. Sembler and other former inventors of Straight Incorporated are doing everything in their power to keep a new law suit from being filed against them. They will stop at nothing to keep from being in the public eye as child abusers. So, if one man who was fired from Straight, Newton, has to be put under the bus for his opening of a new institution in Philly and leaving the original folds of Straight...its really okay.

There is NO court case between Ray and Sembler, both long time friends. Ray approached Sembler after Straight shut down, and asked him what his new job was now that he could no longer shit on children for money.

Here is the bullshit and pumped up St. Pete Times article that is flagrated on Wes's front page of (

"A controversial church retreat run by the Christ at the Sea Foundation may be seized for payment of back taxes owed by the foundation's creator, Miller Newton. A 2001 bankruptcy case against Newton and his wife, the original property owners, was recently reopened by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tampa after Stephen Meininger, the bankruptcy trustee, questioned the validity of Newton's transfer of the church property to the foundation. Now, Newton has until Aug. 8 to answer a formal complaint filed by Meininger that further charges the property transfer was "fraudulent" under state law. Meininger wants the court to issue a declaratory judgment taking the property to pay off more than $100,000 in penalties levied on Newton for failure to pay federal withholding taxes. The $131,169.24 IRS tax lien included in the original bankruptcy case related to Newton's operation of Kids of North Jersey Inc., a New Jersey-based drug rehabilitation center for teenagers. Meininger, in his bankruptcy court complaint, said Newton "knew or should have known" that the withholding taxes for 1996 were owed by the rehabilitation center and that the IRS would 'demand payment." The actual tax lien was not recorded until June 1998, almost a year after Newton and his wife first transferred the church property to the foundation. As a result of that lien, as well as other debts owed by the rehabilitation center, the Newtons voluntarily filed for bankruptcy in 2001. The court discharged the case last year, but reopened it this spring at Meininger's request. Meininger is challenging the ownership of the property, alleging the foundation was not a legal entity at the time of the 1997 transfer. When the Newtons' filed a corrective quit claim deed in 2003, the Newtons' bankruptcy was still pending in court and therefore was improper and illegal, he said. "The debtors continued to possess legal interest in the property," Meininger said, arguing that the Newtons should have listed the property as among their assets. That failure was "fraudulent as to creditors," Meininger says. Meininger is asking the court to direct the Christ at the Sea Foundation to "immediately turnover the property" or pay its "equivalent value" to satisfy the Newton's IRS tax lien. Newton said Tuesday he plans to fight the action. "It's outrageous. It's totally untrue," Newton said. Newton denied that anything improper was done in transferring the property to Christ at the Sea Foundation. "In 1997 I did not know that the rehabilitation center's debts would be transferred to me, nor did I know that I would be filing for bankruptcy," Newton said. He said the foundation has paid the mortgage and expenses for the property since 1997 and has properly filed all forms with the IRS. The church property, located at 13289 Fourth St. E, is no stranger to controversy. Last year, it became the focus of a city investigation when neighbors protested the erection of a roof cupola with a cross. The foundation uses the building as a temporary residence and prayer center for members of the Orthodox Church of Antioch. The building was expanded with city permitting in 1998 to include a recreation structure. That structure later became a private chapel, a use the city said violated city zoning codes. In an attempt to resolve the dispute, Newton applied for a special exception to officially allow the property to be used as a church. City-issued zoning code violations were upheld by a special master who ruled the church could continue to operate only if the foundation agreed to reduce the visibility of its operations. After several hearings, Newton agreed to the conditions. Newton says "people involved in the zoning problem" pushed for the bankruptcy court to reopen his case. "They bragged about it to me," Newton said Tuesday. At least one longtime Newton critic - Richard Bradbury - confirmed his involvement in getting the bankruptcy case reopened. "Yes, I and others turned him in," said Bradbury, who is active among a group of self-described "Straight survivors". Newton first came under fire locally for his involvement in the 1980s drug rehabilitation program. Several successful lawsuits were filed in 1983 against the Straight program, charging that former clients were abused or held against their will.

The funny thing is that during all of his so called "Conventions" and attorney/client meetings - Ray Bradbury and other former graduates and staff from Straight Incorporated have done everything in THEIR power to get as much information on any survivor who begins to remember what happened to them. That shouldn't be surprising. Many victims dont' remember what their attackers, in this case: many attackers, did to them, until several years, many times ten years or more, later. Sembler and Ray are on the money; its been about ten or fifteen years since the last Straight building's hand was forced to close.

Ray, you ever come in my 'hood - I, too - like one person said a few weeks ago, would bust your head open with a fucking crowbar. You are a child abuser Ray. You can go back to closing down more child buildings all by yourself now. You And Marti. Wow, I wish I could do all that by myself. Oh, wait. You didn't. And neither did she. The creators of Straight reached a business decision to close. If you or anyone else had really done their homework you would have seen that little bit of public information.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 05:41:00 AM
Truer words have never been spoken about a forum. Rock on!
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
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I think that they made this "business decision", in both VA and Ohio, coincidentally on the same day or the day just prior to the day that they were to appear in court. thereby avoiding a trial! i'm sure it's just a coincidence though.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 12:18:00 PM
Yep. Another fact that Ray and the rest of the graduate staff refuse to reveal when extracting information and prancing around with their non existant penis pumps and telling people how they personally closed down Straight buildings all by themselves.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence though, and aside from the fact that you have no proof to back what you just wrote up at all. More words from an anonymous pussy who probably graduated from Straight Incorporated and misses it. I have to save my cursing for someone who is even worth wasting time on, your words aren't even in need of slandering they're so stupid and without any merit. And I'll tell you what I told Ray B., you come around here and you'll get the good end of a rusted jack.

Hi, my name is Wes/Ray/Marti/Cayo/Nicole/Ginger/MikeSherman/Sammie

I closed down a Straight building ALL


Myself. You wish you could be me. Now give me your name and address and phone number and date of birth and social security number and driver's license number.

Like you honestly believe we live in a day and age where any real survivor would have or will give you that kind of information (any real name or information) when you've proven yourself to be liars.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 02:59:00 PM
This sounds like Animals is back!

Even if I'm wrong, whomever it is, you've got some reality problems. You don't know who this is, but I'm not on the list you mentioned in the last post. You have created some warped version of reality. You don't personally know any of the above mentioned. You have no first hand knowledge as to how hard each and everyone of them has worked to tell the truth to the world. You haven't seen the amounts of there personal money they have spent on this cause. And as far as information at the conferences, I was there. It was very clear, if you want to help build a case against Sembler then let's all work together to provide our stories. If you want to remain anon then fine. Everyone was working for a common cause. It's time you stop this deluded fantasy that you have created. You don't know what your talking about. Perhaps you can pursue something that is positive and constructive in whatever field you choose, but the incessant conspiracy stories are getting really old and odd.

Kudos to all that have at least tried to tell the truth to the public. You know who you are,
Thanks a million,



viva san pawl
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
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Your right about that! (conspiracy stories getting old and odd)
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
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Actually, none of this would have happened to Virgil if it hadn't been for the aid of these folks....... ... &forum=7&8 (
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
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Hello Houston, Texas. Perhaps you should try your name and not anon when making big and bad. It just makes the whole I hate you thing more crediable.
BTW what is wrong with you?
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 09:06:00 PM
Not sure who you think I am. But alright...I'll bite:

Let's say for a minute that I don't personally know anyone. but I do know from having read ALL the posts on here that none of the people that I have been discussing have developed any sort of final action against Straight Incorporated.

Let's pretend for a second that not one postor on here has not vascillated from truth to fiction, including myself as you say, and that none of this shit ever happened. Let's pretend that Straight was not what it was, that it was NOT the icon that we know it as today. It Is, you know, the icon of all child abuse concentrated, at least to you and I most likely.

Like concentrated, not watered down, orange juice that is all the time too hard to drink, very sour.  So let's say that I AM being delusional, I agree with you for the moment.

Let's say I didn't read the posts about Bradbury and Wes and Sherman (and in some ways Monroe) did NOT lie about dates and events. Let's say that I haven't read all posts where some people have claimed one important fact, and then not claimed otherwise. You already know of several of these posts, just like me, and may be guilty of a few yourself. I never did read any of those, let's pretend.

Take all that away, but for now DO NOT take away all the hard work you claim some of these survivors have done. We'll look at that in just a second. Read on only if you agree with all of the above, if not then stop reading here and know I wish for you the good of all fuckness.

And so, we're still left with child abuse. That is what we're left with. No matter where it is, its going to spring up in the wrong place and under some hidden law that prevents mass child poking and prodding from being cultized, it will be legal until headlines start to speak about it. Happens in churches every day, happens in child daycare.  

But for now, none of any straight survivors were every in Straight. Instead one of you was in a Catholic Church, another of you got abused in a mix up online, you met with some predator and it turned nasty.  The rest were abused randomly, take your pick, in other places.

The only common thread that you DID have, it no longer exists for us here. That common thread - that the same incidents happened to everyone at Straight - suddenly has never happened.

But somehow you have still gotten together to discuss this non iconistic challenge of child abuse. It is still prevalent right now. And as someone said it before...this is a much bigger picture than just nationally accredited child hurting. It's not about a former nationalized syndicate for fucking your child anymore. Its merely about the prevention of and the intervention of child molesting and child abuse. That's it.

Alright. So for the moment there is no Icon of Straight. There is no icon right now of delusional therapy, no icon of meanseeded therapy and behaviour modification therapies, none of that from the Republican party. There is no insulting between us right now either because we have agreed, if you have read this far, that Straight and ALL its doings never existed - except for the hard work that is in question here.

To wrap all this up; I am, you are, we are still left with child abuse. And for all these people you say I don't know personally, which they don't know me just like I don't know them by your rule; I am looking at them from a very non personal agenda. I could care less in fact that they have spent wads of cash to strike out at their trespassors. There are non profit organizations that don't spend a dime. More on that in a minute.

What, and this is my whole point, are we left with?  Well we didn't deduct two things from the thought of my being delusional here, nor did I ask you to do away with the actions these survivors did. We are left with the hard work, we are left with the meeting and agreements that something should be done about child abuse (even perhaps in institutions that have arisen, though not named Straight Inc.), and we are left with the child abuse as a factor that must be dealt with.

Have the efforts that all of the survivors, that I have, until this post, intentionally fucked with and slandered really done anything.

The efforts in question have nothing to do with Straight. I got hold of one of the information packets, as provided by a local newsstation in St. Petersburg, that tells of a survivors convention.  You, if you, read it you would see what a wonderfully organized piece of material these documents are. I think they had alot of speakers there, speakers and testimonials against child abuse. They were offering scholarships or whatnot. I imagine alot of people got in for free. The same newscaster who did the story, but it did not air because of more important stories, told me that the advocates, survivors, against child abuse - were taking names and information.

The intention of the convention was to organize, much the same way I.S.A.C, a promptu band of people, advocates, who would be able to counsel and see children when they are at a high risk of being abused.

Mind you, nothing ever came of this information and noone actually ever did help to pass legislation on child advocacy in institutions as any result of these conventions. Hey, serious kudos to whoever footed the bill for those, no doubt there.

Bit by tiny bit the world may or may not become aware of prevalent issues in our world like child abuse, but there are other statistics that support children not being abused in good homes don't trust churches and daycare centers. These people are not aware of child abuse. Their families are somehow more aware?

So, we have child abuse, we have the hard work, and we have the agreement that child abuse is an issue.  

The hard work no longer is valid simply because:

1. Nothing has come, substantially, of the work done. You can calculate that work however you like. For example, say ten years of hard work since the 70s or 90s or whenever. If no legislation is eventually passed then those works are rendered nil and deserve no credit if the intention is not realized in all that time.

2. Secondly, regarding the work done, you've got a bunch of abuse victims taking, like seagulls, whatever kudos they can get. "I closed that building by myself, I made his bankruptcy reopen all by myself". These exxagerated claims, by your words and rule, sound VERY delusional. But for now there is still no delusional, we are pretending that I have not read anything about Straight Inc. for right now, or its doings @ everything.

Now, we still have the child abuse, and the agreement that it is an issue to be handled severely with conventions and gatherings and protests and the like.

But because none of the work done has provided any meaningful relationship to the victim from their attackers, meaning that no victim as yet has had any real and true passing of significant legislation or the finding of pure guilt resulting in jail time to any of the attackers, then not even the issue is clear anymore. It would be like working toward a common goal and then not getting paid at the end of the week, or getting fired suddenly for no cause whatsoever. The intention was not clear enough, the agreements that child abuse is a present and life threatening issue is not clear enough to have one person give their life for. There are very few who do this. That is, agree with themself or with others that child abuse is a LIFE THREATENING issue. Those who do, they wind up actually opening non profit organizations, they really do get involved. It is never with their own money. They let the world in, anonymous or not without the need for information. The mayor stops in to their office of organization, other non profits get involved and begin rapport with each other. No money is spent from the pocket of the creator who is wise in decisions on community issues like child abuse. Therefore, the agreement that child abuse is no longer an issue that is resolved until IT IS resolved, it becomes merely controversy. And controversy is a realm of talk and conversation that does little but pass time. I am sure you will agree. Controversy breeds humor in an obtuse way when discussing controversial issues. Words and verbal assaults are bound to find their way in to a conversation, or any communication, when an intention is not clear. "You are delusional." "He said, she said." "They did this." "You are that." It becomes a situation where the empty victim who has no apparent motivation will take whatever compliment or deed as their very own. Gossip is part of all this. Perhaps some of the workers who used to agree were abused themselves, raped, or some other horrid thing that prevents them from actualizing and acting upon one unified goal. This is usually seen in a room full of neurotics and otherwise crazy, abused people. Nothing gets done because one agreement is never reached...or if is acted upon....nothing is seen to through fruition. People get tired. There is a political term for this, about how the mind has a hard time really keep a full visual on the goal, so the personal intent is changed and so is the final goal. Either way, nothing is ever agree upon now about the child abuse because not enough people care, or not enough wise decisions have been made.

Since the agreement that child abuse is no longer anything we can hold on to, then we are only left with the actual child abuse. But there wasn't any person out of the ones we have named, who claim superior tactics who actually and solely did work on their own beyond, getting lucky in the timing of a phone call that would have proved nothing by itself or a document trace or what have you; who could actually trace a proposed agreement on a plan of action and seen its way to the end. How many people want fame and are willing to exxagerate a story just to get one second of T.V. time, how many people will lie just to be heard? How many children will tell you that they were raped, beaten, starved, defecated on ...just to get attention/ Hey, its not an issue really. Its sad enough, but not sad enough to stop and think about what you are doing and make a dent in the progress to rape and killing of children. Abuse is not a gateway action? Child abuse does not exist but only in the mind of the communicator who does little more than spend money, waive a flag for attention, and takes claims on things they didn't really do or act upon in the overall scheme of things. Again, child abuse becomes mere controversy when not fully agreed upon.

So, lets go back and recap all this shit, and recap before you decide to write this off and start to judge me again with your hoodwinking and banter about delusion.

There is no child abuse because there were no agreements fulfilled or legislation passed as a result of any work regarding 'child abuse'. There is no 'hard work' beyond useless, thoughtless, and deceit filled words and money with a need for attention, because what was done did not include a full gameplan perhaps other than revenge.

Now let's say that the posts, Straight Incorporated, and my delusion of conspiracy or w/e do actually exist. They exist on top of the situation I have just described. Let's say that the backbiting, the strange method of communicating with other survivors, and the ways in which we offer up information through stories about child abuse and what we mostly intend to do about it beyond dreamy revenge. Let's say that Bradbury and Sembler are good buds, that Sammie and the rest of the bunch do steal information from real survivors as it happens, and that this site is bollocks. We are saying that for a purpose I will speak at the end.

Is it delusional of me to think that there are absolutely NO former Straight staff and graduates who do not wish to see any 'Day In Court' for any survivor of child abuse?

Since, for now, the child abuse at Straight does exist, we can say that there will be more work to do until we see our motherfucking trespassors forgiven in hell. Straight Up! I am willing to forego that any of the actual work you are describing that has been done is more than just mere communication of ego.

I believe that there are some legitimate survivors out there, but I have yet to see them here. And I find it funny, not funny in the sense of laughable - but more in the sense of not being very opaque, that you all defend one another so well those you don't really know. "He is real, they are my friends". Remember, and remember especially now that Straight and child abuse DO exist in this new scenario, these are people who would just assume spit on you, fuck you up, beat you down, belittle and completely and totally humiliate you in front of your friends, relatives, Straight friends, in public, and elsewhere. And oddly enough, again, they will do it for attention. Their parents put them in there so it must be right, staff told them to kick your ass. Fame and attention.

These are the people who you defend, who you claim to have done some substantial work that can, for some 'coincidental' reason, NEVER be quantified although extenuating effort has been made timelessly.

And what I mean by that is simply this. Wes, for example, has all these documents and pages of things that can NOT be tested. Ray claims to have found a penis pump that can not be found. Marti claims to have opened up an old bankruptcy, pppffffftt - no need to rebuttle that one.

But wait a second, I am being delusion or making this scenario up. I almost, not quite, forgot about that part. I am not telling the truth, I am being delusional like others have been you mentioned, I don't know them, I don't know what I am talking about. Ray actually did close down a whole therapy group by himself. He actually has real proof that he stole a penis pump. Sherman really does want to help others. And there really is some underlying organized them to whatever is going on with the work regarding actual child abuse. Plus the fact that advocates have to live their lives. Alright, I concede to this scenario for the minute.

The movie that was promised, StraightKIDS Inc., in the Summer, is in movie theatres right now. And soon it will be on DVD for me to copy and rip. Many law firms, firms that these survivors in question have approaced and taken other survivors personal and private information, have taken the case and are we will all be seen in court very soon. Which by the way, the survivors are the ones who wound up with those statements after MCG got through with them, not the actual people who wrote them. Oh, wait...I'm making that up and didn't actually speak to Dennis from MCG on behalf of one of the survivors who came to that meeting and bothered to lie and give out some fake name and information for your 'cause'. I'm being delusional again here, there was never anyone named Dennis who heard of Straight INc. from MCG.

And from the conventions; the conventions that produced a change in legislation allowing I.S.A.C. to have some of their staff actually sit in private with the children; we have seen a ripe and full turn about in the way chidren are really treated in institutions that are spin offs of old ones.

From all the UNexxagerated testimonies on public channels, and from all the hoopla there has been alot change. Change that did not take alot of time to exact, no 'little by little' effort that causes WAY too much money to be spent on such a prevalent issue.

All that hard work done for something, again, and I am the one delusional here. Okay, I understand where you are coming from now.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 09:27:00 PM
Animals are you and that delusional dude from the seed that thinks everyone here is a mason related by any chance?????? Dude this post is way too much.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 02, 2005, 09:59:00 PM
Let me reply like this.

The survivors that have chosen to TRY and make a difference was a personal choice. Many have done all they can to tell the story to the American Public. And big success was the People Magazine article showing the children being let free from Casa by the Sea. I was not directly involved in this but the actions I took a year earlier eventually through others effort became true. I had a dream about trying to make a difference and in a small way it happened. ISAC continued to do much and still today it makes a difference. If one child does not have to endure what we did it worked. So your premise of nothing has been done is invalid. And although a not for profit, the money came from the people themselves for the most part.

To your point that child abuse still exist, yes your right, and it has since the beginning of time. Also human abuse adults that is, goes on daily around the world. So one must ask ones self, what can I do? Or fuck that and just turn on the TV and zone out. It's really just a personal choice. You see the act of victory is not nearly as important as the act of trying. Sure the world will be a better place without evil however if people don't take it upon themselves to try and correct it, then there is no chance. It may take 1000 people trying for the 1 to be successful.
History shows over and over again that the perseverance of a "FEW" is what changes the world.
I completely understand where your coming from and sympathize with your frustration. But just remember some of us out here want one thing only, and that is the truth to get out, and for people to be held accountable. If that happens then good.

If it doesn't then at least some tried.

On to something just a bit worse.
I sincerely believe that we are in the beginnings of a terrible conflict. I believe that our government in complicit. Just like they were in Straight. If you think what happened to us in Straight was bad, just wait for what is about to happen.  I fear monumental changes are on the horizon. We won't be able to worry about the past, we will be worrying about tomorrow.
I have been doing quite a bit of research about 911 and terrorism. I'm quite troubled by what I see. Straigt was a field trip compared to what's on the horizon.

It's time for us to stop attacking eachother, we are not the enemy.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 03, 2005, 10:12:00 AM
I agree with the last statement near the end of the last post. It's time we stop attacking one another. If you ARE part of the solution to child abuse, let's just make sure that when setting out to accomplish a goal that it's not the goal of 'fame' or 'fortune' in the name of ending child abuse. We have seen, through many examples of Sherman, Monroe and many more, what the need for the minute spotlight can really against truer intentions.

That's not to say they are not deserving of some sort of spotlight, sure everyone deserves their five seconds of fame.

But child abuse IS NOT the place to look for recognition and newspaper reports, and t.v. spots and films. It's tough work and your sponsors and enemies and friends will be watching on such a sensitive topic as children. You don't have your shit in one sock on this issue, hands down you look like a fucking quack.

Everything, even chid abuse because people like to hear about anything that subjugates humans and hurts them and/or a story about human suffering and the triumph of one or more facets of human existence, will get its coverage and media to cover it. To solely look for controversy and propaganda as the only means to an end to child abuse seems very shady at best.

Let's next time strive to be better than to allow ourselves to get ahead of ourselves with the excitement of attorneys, television, final revenge (unless you are REALLY going to get some actual and LASTING revenge and not just snipe at your attacker by telling others or telling the papers, a war and some blood would certainly let your detractors know you mean business; papers and reports and shifty actions do little but make people think you are silly).

I'm not offering the advice of not offering up lies like, "I shut this place down all by myself, The Internet finally shut down Sembler." and these sorts of exxagerations. But these do give a picture that some headway is being made when the goal was never clear to begin. If the goal is just to strike out at your enemy in any way possible, then do so in a way that is clear and direct and not in some way that causes myself or others, especially the survivors you are attempting to find or help you, to dislike you. If you have to, lay out a plan before you proceed with actions that are involved in child abuse. One of those great plans I'm talking about was at one of those conventions. I have the notebook right here. I view it sometimes, its got a more or less laid out plan about what some of the 'survivors' and other conventionists would like to see happen with child abuse. It goes way beyond protests, reports, and other such nonsense like nonexistent films or movies and upcoming news media for propaganda.

Men must always have some higher truth and something larger between themselves to trust - or they must dissent to hurting one another. This is a semiquote from a famous dead political theorist and it is very true.

And because that theorist's maxim is true here it is easy to see why, when people start distrusting and wanting to send nasty letters and exxagerated statements to papers and wherever and tell the media more was done to them than actually happened, we see so much pain all around us ...people trying to 'get even and equal' with one another because there was no gameplan or vested intention to begin with.

Next time there is any convention I may actually show up and give up a real name depending on who shows. I've never been but I've heard that nothing ever really came of them as far as goals being realized. I would even sit down with someone to hear your goals about I.S.A.C. Honestly I don't see that they have really done much except gather information that is readily available in many areas. This could be wrong, perhaps they are more of an information nonprofit.  

And sure, I understand that these survivors who have made themselves a little niche in time for themselves have probably done alot, but it just seems very unplanned and very un organized and non secretive. I would certainly not want anyone to know what I was doing if I was genuinely planning, with a band of close survivors or people who truly  believe in the cause against child abuse and putting away pedophiles and criminals, to make a dent in some issue. If I did want others to get involved and make my issues and child abuse problems convoluted, the easiest way to do this might be to get the papers involved and to let everyone who can read and potentially take from my pool of resources. People like me who are so good at heckling, like the rest of the human race when we get tired and run out of progressive and interesting things to say we turn to smut and garbage because sometimes its better than the truth, can do so because child abuse has become, again, merely controversy when we aren't really doing something about it.

So, yes, we don't have to hurt one another. Let's make sure there is some Very common ground between us. Names remain anonymous and other information because these are not necessary to file a suit or to make a movie or start making real progress against our enemies and child abuse. We can still agree that child abuse is nothing to play with. We can agree on many things as long as their is a common bond that we agree on to begin with. Otherwise it becomes simply a pissing match.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 03, 2005, 10:45:00 AM
Look, sometimes survivors, and to be accurate, I am referring to myself being a survivor of not just Straight but of some other stuff too -- sometimes they walk around their house crying for half an hour because they can't find their debit card or their driver's license. 45 minutes. But don't worry. I'm smart enough to get the various messages you are trying to convey to me. So at least you have that.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 03, 2005, 04:15:00 PM
On 2005-08-03 07:12:00, Anonymous wrote:

 We can agree on many things as long as their is a common bond that we agree on to begin with.

Good post and good topics. Common ground for a common cause. Perhaps it's time for a different approach.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 04:16:00 PM
That's all I've been saying the whole fucking time I've been coming here. I don't dissaprove of some of the methods here or other places, I think the core of all the writing and fucking around is apparent with what it intends - at least for the most part. I am a hard and tuff worker. I am predisposed to slander and garbage and aggression just like you or anyone and its because I had extensive training in a cult that did those things. Hey, I'm a tainted person here. That is why it is also important to make sure we have a clear vision as to where we are proceeding. I love humor and I really enjoy turnabout as fair play where people insult one another or play tricks and pranks on each other. And when it comes to child abuse and family matters, it is Real easy to make people feel small.

So, that is not what all this is about. I don't like being told I'm delusional or get a life or grow up like I've seen other posts tell others to do. It just doesn't seem like there really Exists a more common thread here other than this one:

You and I were abused as children and we want to find a solution to the problems that may happen to other children now, and we may want some punishment for our attackers. Also, we are not going to be pushed around by anyone else like we were as children.

I think that sums up what we can thus far agree on. But its not coming from me, I'm just shooting it out there for discussion and open dialogical conversation where all is put on the freaking table.

Like I said, I am a hard worker. If I know, if we know, what the game plan is, and I mean any vision that anyone here comes up with, and it is laid out from start to finish - there is nothing we cannot accomplish. NOTHING.

Let me spell that out so that it is understood completely. See, Americans in general are not the same as Orientals. The difference I am speaking about here is vision, or having a common bond so that noone who wants to resort to ending child abuse and getting revenge sets about destroying any plan and each other, and that is a vision that requires alot of conversation, more than one or two 'weekend conventions', a tight nit group who really want to discuss the issues at hand and do not strive for any sort of glamour or fame.

Like I said a few posts ago, and this is the part that I find Absolutely revolting and makes me want to puke; people like Ray and Wes and Sammie who do whatever they can and say whatever they can for their five or six minutes of fame. That IS NOT to say that they may not be decent people who really have a heart to change how society views children as inequals. But when I see these folks in the papers I feel slimey inside for them, I think of people who can't afford a better life for themselves. Me personally, I just would not want that kind of fame or ten seconds of film time to let others know I am a victim and that I wanted my picture in the paper surrounding child abuse. Indeed, that is a very selfless approach.

But one would think that with all that fame and notoriety they are trying to accomplish, they would have written some books right now. You said before that I do not know them and you are correct as far as their time After Straight Inc. There are things that I do definitely know about Ray, and Mike, and Sammie. These things that I know about them come regardless of whether or not I believe they are trying to do good for survivors or for children on the whole. I have read Sammie's posts, seen her on Television, I have looked in some of these more popularized Straightlings. And I KNOW them. I see that they are survivors of cults. I always try to contact those survivors who are right now in prison, and believe me - there are more out there than you know. So, the reason why Sammie hasn't written a book, the reason why there haven't been any more conventions, the reason why we may never see a movie - is because we are fucking tired.

Let me discuss that for a second, the part about being tired. I don't mean tired in the sense of yawning, obviously. I mean that when I perceive the actions of someone like Sammie or Wes, I see someone who is so tired in the sense that they have no direction. Hold your judgement for just another moment please, I'm comparing them to myself here. Okay?

See, I am tired, too. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about wanting to hurt other people. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about other survivors. There isn't a Week that goes by that I don't speak to a survivor or try to reach to them. And I always get the same response. They Never know where to turn next. They desperately want punishment and revenge to be exacted upon their attackers, but we are not murderers or rapists like our detractors are. That is horribly unfortunate here because some of us, the ones I have named in this post, might make good espionage snipers working for a larger pittance. When I see people like Ray I think of slime, not that it is not part of me, but because when I see him I know he is grasping for air every time he wakes up. He realizes he may never see the legal manifestation of his dreams either because he lacks the supportive methods or the vision to do those sorts of things. And again, its because the motherfucker was in a fucking cult. Its' not because Ray is not a good person in general, but the motherfucker was in a cult. It really doesn't matter if he does work for Sembler or not, the bitch was still in a cult - just like me just like you and the other survivors who know deep down inside that the revenge and punishment must come forth.

I spoke to one survivor female, I cannot offer her name here, and she is a firm believe in god: I mean she is firm church goer of a very largely accepted religion. Her approach to me about how these pedophiles were going to pay is that she believed, and when she said this she started crying, she believe they are going to pay for what they did in the next lifetime. My heart sank when she said this. I really don't want to wait a hundred or two hundred years. Especially not since we are waiting for a cure to old age now (see De Grey and 'futurists' and some of their theories), heh heh.

When I see money that is spent or impromptu lies that are thrown about for the sake of some stupid gain like popularity - I really then get more of a feeling of these people are Really slimey.

don't have time to finish this post right now............ more soon.............
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 05:16:00 PM
Okay, I'm back for the moment.

Basically I am trying to find a common ground so that I might be able to stay sane and maybe, no promises, stop slandering these people eventually. No promises.

You're saying that they never intentionally meant to misrepresent that they are sincerely trying to help those who have been abused, and that they, Ray and the rest of the nuts around here, are trying to spread the news about what goes on in institutions - especially Straight Incorporated and what went on in there.

I still have serious doubts about their intentions but I am willing to concede for the monent perhaps they are just tired (see prior post on what I mean by tired, it does not mean just being tired of doing advocate work). Doubts would be that Melvin Sembler has alot, alot of money invested in The Saint Petersburg times. Sammie has already said on the television she is aware that her statute of limitations have run their course. I've seen at least three large posts where survivors are warned only less than one day in advance.

I've met with Ray under a pseudonym, spoke on the phone ...he is all Very from the hip. There is not alot of planning, and so this in itself makes them sort of seem disingenuous. Perhaps I should look deeper if at all. Maybe they are tired. What did really happen to the several survivors who had given out paper testimonies at the MCG meeting? I know from sources that these papers either went to Marti or Ray. But, I know you have seen where I am coming from.

I would like to see where you are coming from and perhaps read some of what you have to say, this goes for anyone who wants to fully realize a gameplan regarding the continuation of a more concerted effort to end child abuse. That is the only intent here, end child abuse. Who knows, perhaps we might even be able to get some donation money from the DFAF members - keep the money and get them in court. You see what I'm saying.

We're all going to die someday, like it or not, but to make way for peace we must first prepare for war. The nice thing about this is that most of us have already been through years of a mental war, we can appreciate the starting of another one, and we would like to see our enemies face the same hell they put us through and called it treatment therapy.

Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 06:34:00 PM
Yes. I am open to any proposals you have for conversations and game plans or forums for such. I email you, so you know how to get in touch with me.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 06:54:00 PM
I believe that you think you know who I am. I have not given out any information prior, I don't yet have an email. Some have mentioned that I might an Animals. No. I choose to remain anonymous simply because there is no need for you or I to exchange that information. I suppose you could call me Jack Tripper if you wanted, I used to watch the show Three's Company a long time ago. For now you can refer to me as Jack.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 07:20:00 PM
quoted by animals:
"Let's pretend for a second that not one postor on here has not vascillated from truth to fiction, including myself as you say, and that none of this shit ever happened. Let's pretend that Straight was not what it was, that it was NOT the icon that we know it as today. It Is, you know, the icon of all child abuse concentrated, at least to you and I most likely.

Like concentrated, not watered down, orange juice that is all the time too hard to drink, very sour. So let's say that I AM being delusional,"

Okay, if you insist.


Feel better?  Very nice. Now run along.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 07:38:00 PM
Okay, Jack. You can email me at gumball summer of 86 at ya hoo. No spaces in the name. I don't do great with housemates, so maybe I'm some friend of Janet & Chrissy's that stops by for a while, turns up the music, and dances on the furniture. And lets a bunch of neighborhood cats in, and really gets ol what's his name to pop a vein.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
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On 2005-08-04 16:20:00, Anonymous wrote:


quoted by animals:

"Let's pretend for a second that not one postor on here has not vascillated from truth to fiction, including myself as you say, and that none of this shit ever happened. Let's pretend that Straight was not what it was, that it was NOT the icon that we know it as today. It Is, you know, the icon of all child abuse concentrated, at least to you and I most likely.

Like concentrated, not watered down, orange juice that is all the time too hard to drink, very sour. So let's say that I AM being delusional,"


Okay, if you insist.


Feel better?  Very nice. Now run along."

LOL. Since I am the one who created the original post for all to read, I think that the quote I made here brings home my writing perfectly! Thank you for that. By taking my pretentions out of context you have managed to secure what you already know to be true, whoever you are. In saying that I am delusional and actually reading the whole post that your quote came from, you managed to agree that there are some VERY sick inconsistencies with what you are doing against your attackers, mine, and against child abuse.

So, in calling me delusional you have said that you realize that Ray and Wes and some of the other more televised and media ridden blokes are being very perfunctory about their public, bane motives.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 08:28:00 PM
OK, here is the deal

You got it all wrong with the principles you mention. Each and every one has tried to do their best. And you know what? If you do something loud, then you get a camera or microphone in your face. Loud actions result in pictures and sound clips.  This was not wanted, but is a reality. What is wanted is public notice. So to that end, people are very happy to show the links. In other words it has worked. The public knows more now then without their actions.

So you say they are slimy? I say they are the most Nobel people I know!!  You completely miss the point.

What drives the people you mention is a profound feeling of hurt and pain. They just want the world to know what happened. They just want the next generation to be better protected against the wicked.

They are true people and their quest is Nobel.

Now on to something different.

A New direction?

A solid coalition?

How about an event?

I believe that the best bang for the buck in public awareness would be very simple to accomplish.

It has to be visual!

With a simple explanation.

A very visual scene that captures the essence we are talking about?

Here is an example.....

Perhaps a coffin in front of the Holocaust museum. And all of us in black. the coffin will have the names of the people that committed suicide because of Straight.

Our protest is that one of your own founders is guilty of the same crime that the museum was founded to prevent.


After all his name is on the glass inside the building on a wall.


Perhaps we should move into the world of images? Remember a picture says a thousand words!

It could be a number of different ideas or events! But loud public images that could be picked up by major media would be simple to accomplish. And it's legal.

Enough rambling for now,

Take care everyone,

Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 04, 2005, 11:41:00 PM
You smoke out, sister?
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 05, 2005, 12:51:00 AM
If you're talking to me, then yes, I do smoke out, brother. If you're talking to Viva San Pawl, that's not me.
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 27, 2005, 11:24:00 PM
bumpitty bump, just for the title of the thread :lol:
Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: Anonymous on August 28, 2005, 10:24:00 AM
I must be too fucked up from being brainwashed, I could not at all figure out what your point is, which is strange since you seemed to make it over and over and over.

I did notice that you wrote a really long post, whenever I do that, my computer looses it's connection and I loose my longer writings.

Did you do the copy/paste thing when you wrote that really long post just now? If so how does that work? I still don't know much about computers.

Title: Oooops: Ray closes down another Institution, and ALL by hims
Post by: gregg ritter on August 28, 2005, 07:03:00 PM
It seemes they went after the priest after all these years. What's the difference??